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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, Bought a 2007 WR450F a couple months ago. Electric start was working fine, and worked for a few weeks without issue. Recently the red ignition button light stopped glowing when clicking the On/Off button and readying to start. I kick started to get it home without problem, and kicked to start a few time after that without problem. When I got around to looking into it, the battery read at 11V. I replaced the battery and a blown 10A fuse on the positive (right hand) side. Also noticed that the 90 degree inlet on the carb was leaking, so I replaced the 3 O-rings (# 3TJ-14564-40-00) to stop the leak. Upon starting, the bike idled fine, and ran great for about a half mile before dying. Again, red ignition button light stopped glowing. My *assumption* is that the fuse blew again, but I cannot yet confirm. I was on my way to work, so I haven't had time to look into it yet. I'm fairly strong mechanically, but don't know much about electrical. My guess is that this is not an easy fix-- maybe a short, and I'm looking for advice on where to start. I appreciate the help guys!
  2. Kenpw

    Spark Plug Shorting

    2006 yz250 keeps blowing plugs. I typically get about an hour out of a plug. Thought it was jetting at first but was unable to resolve it. I have been doing ohm tests on the plug and have just discovered that there is a short in the plug. 53.2 ohms between positive (top tip of plug) and negative (threads). On a new plug there is no continuity between these at all. I tried replacing the coil but it has not made a difference. Any ideas?
  3. Hi I am 5'4/5'5 is and my 150r feels really small but the power is still good I'm looking for a new bike and I don't know what to get I weigh 125lbs would a 125 be good and if so wich one. I ride a lot of trails and sand riding but some local mx tracks thx
  4. I'm looking to get into the dirt bike market. I currently have a bike for the road - a Suzuki TU250X. This has quite a low seat height - 770mm or roundabouts - and this is comfortable for me. I could go an extra few centimetres particularly because dirt bikes are generally more narrow (so my legs won't be as wide apart) and I'd have thick dirt bike boots on. The dirt bike that I do get needs to be road legal as I want to ride it in national parks etc. rather then just private property. There are plenty of road registrable dirt bikes out there but the seat heights are insane. Most being around 870mm - 940mm which is way to high for me. I'm 5'2" with an inseam of about 63cm (I think). So, as you can imagine it's hard finding something that fits - with most bikes leaving my feet dangling. I have been looking at the Honda CRF250L, as its stock seat height is smaller then most. It looks like something that is marketed at the weekend trail rider rather than hard core enduro or motocross rider and that's fine by me - I just want something easy to ride. Its stock seat height is 875mm and I want to know what the best ways of lowering it - I don't weigh too much so lowering the suspension is okay (I know it affects the ride). Does anyone have suggestions? I also see the Suzuki DR200S - with a seat height of 845mm (which is lower) but I have to say I'm not keen on the way it looks... Silly I know. Suggestions on lowering this one? Otherwise, are there any other suggestions of bike model and their lowering techniques.? I'd rather not have a bike less than 200cc's. 250cc-300cc's is ideal. Any help would be amazing. I have been looking for some time but I am striking out. Thanks in advance!
  5. Dirtsketcher

    Odd electrical situation

    So I was riding yesterday and saw my dash flickering/resetting. After I turned off the ignition, then back on, the bike would not start with the button for a second, just nothing on dash or neutral light on. Wiggled ignition key, then everything came back to life long enough to start it, which sounded normal, not slow. Coincidence? The bike ran fine all the way home, but dash kept flickering/resetting. Came out to start again, nothing. checked battery, 10V. Charged battery 3 hours, enough to use for diag I thought, but still tested at 10V from the charger. Put back in, nothing. Started pulling connectors, found that with key on, the dash and indicator lights came on when headlight bulb was disconnected. Simply touching headlight connector to bulb killed power to the dash. Would still not start, battery too low apparently. Curiously, the battery voltage went up to 11.5V after all my testing, engine was never started. Pulled connector to stator, tested all three phases, none continuity to ground, about 1.5ohms between the phases. Connecting my jumper pack to main terminals brought bike to life, dash, headlight, everything. My question is this: Could the battery be internally shorting? It is only about 3 months old, gel, and of a generic brand (TMS). Would this cause the dash of the bike to reset while running, and also keep it from powering the headlight now even when it is at 11.5V? I am guessing it is pushing out so little amps it is unable to power much of anything, but the 11.5 volts to me should be enough in a healthy battery to at least run a 9003 bulb. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everyone! I am totally new to riding but have been encouraged by numerous friends and coworkers to look into getting a dual-sport motorcycle. I've loved motorcycles since I was little so I'm very excited about this! However, since I am such a newb I need as much advice as I can get so I came here. I would like a smaller bike (around 250cc) since I am 5'4" and 120 lbs and I feel that with the research I've done so far that size would fit me best. I would also need a shorter bike since I am obviously on the shorter side. I would mainly be using the bike off-road and would like to be able to carry some gear with me for camping. However, I would also like to be able to use it on occasional commutes to work (about 20 miles one-way). In other words, I want a bike that can handle off-roading well but also one that can get me at least to 55 mph for highway commuting. Obviously I'd like to stay on the cheaper end of things so I don't freak out over dropping it or crashing but I'm willing to spend a little extra to get the right bike. A coworker suggested the Yamaha TW200 but it seems like more of a dirt bike than a dual sport (not that I mind, it just doesn't seem to have everything I want). Any advice is greatly appreciated!