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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Has anyone mounted a P3 carbon skid plate to a 250X? Im pretty disappointed it came with NO instructions. I've removed the pipe, and I cant see how this is going to fit. Any advice/help is appreciated. There isn't a slot for the pipe mounting bracket either.
  2. I am the proud owner of a new 2018 YZ250X. (Thank you to those who helped me affirm my choice on this thread: went in to get YZ250FX, left with YZ250X) In all of my research, one thing was clear: there are a few strongly recommended modifications. I figured now -- while the bike is new, the weather is bad, and my motivation is high -- is the time to ask this question: what mods should I do right away? Here are the categories that seem to be most prevalent... Carburetor Jetting? I live in Atlanta and will be riding primarily at around 700-1,000 feet above sea level. Any suggestions? (I've worked on 2-strokes before, but not for years, so a bit more explanation than some of the jetting shorthand in posts I've seen would be much appreciated!) Hand Guards? I don't suspect to be doing much bashing through trees, but it's hard to even find a picture of a YZ250X without hand guards. Any suggestions for versions that do not require moving levers and switches? And since they are just a metal bar and a piece of plastic, any reason not to go the eBay route like these? Skid Plate? Again, not planning to bash on rocks any time soon, but maybe this is an easier addition on a new, clean bike? (and helps protect for resale?) Spark Arrestor? My sons and I (they are on TTRs) will be mostly riding Durhamtown and Highland Park to start, but maybe eventually we venture further. Will I likely need one? I ask because maybe this should be done at the same time as (if) rejetting the carburetor so that doesn't have to be done twice? (presuming done at all, this post says not near sea level) Anything else? Thank you for any suggestions, especially any specific recommendations on any of the above or anything I missed.
  3. Hello friends, Tonight I installed a "Ricochet Off Road" brand skid plate on my KLX300R. I made a video for those interested:
  4. I need to win. I have to win. It is an ever-present mindset in everything I do, but especially racing dirtbikes. In order to accomplish this I have to be constantly pushing, striving to get better. Spending most of my seat time on the ragged edge of control and out-of-control means I spend a decent amount of time in the dirt, and spent a whole lot more time there when I was learning to ride a 300 two-stroke this past year. My 2018 KTM 300 XC-W Six Days was the first new vehicle I've ever had of any sort. Because this bike meant a lot to me, and I could not afford a new pipe every ride, I went looking for protection, for armor. *A Mykel Horner Photo I came across an Emperor Racing skid plate and pipe-guard combo at a distributor and new instantly it was what I needed on my bike if I was going to keep it Ready to Race. Before I could purchase it, it was purchased at retail for me for Christmas by my girlfriend. I had no idea the history and passion behind Emperor Racing until I moved to Colorado and started racing for Emperor Racing as a fully supported rider. I already knew the products were awesome and racing under Emperor I got to work with Steve and really get to know the Canadian company. At the Helm, a Mechanical Designer by trade, rider by blood; Steve Vander Helm, proud Canadian. Talk about passion for our sport. Rider through and through, and has the professional skills to conceptualize, develop, and produce some premier dirtbike protection parts. They machine very high-grade, high tolerance type pieces to not only look killer, but perform even better. Steve started doing mechanical design for the elevator industry and later for the heavy steel industry designing dump truck boxes, low bed heavy-haul trailers and precision excavator attachments. From there he designed parts for most of the elevators you see and use today. He saw the successes of his designs and the company owning patents of his design, but never saw the value returned to him as the designer. Eventually Steve concluded that he was better off solo. But what would he design? Steve was then, and is now, an avid rider. He noticed these riders all getting new bikes but could not get guarding products for them in a timely manner. From there; the idea of Scorpion Racing is born. Steve figured he spends all his time riding and racing, saw the demand for the product at his races and knew he had the skills to bring it to life. So he decided to start a company called Scorpion Racing that made premium, rock-solid dirt bike parts because he was already making custom plates for all his buds, but custom-only was not going to be profitable at scale so he started producing the first generation light skid models in 2005. Soon after that was the 1st gen rad Rad guard. 2007 Model Lightweight Guard for WR450 Fast forward to 2008, the market needs a heavy duty model. Riders have been asking and Steve had been prototyping some models and releases the Heavy Duty Skid Guard combo, under the Scorpion Racing name, that is the root of his flagship product today. *2008 HD Skid Plate for KTM & Husky In 2012, Pirelli tires forced then Scorpion Racing off their name citing they already had that brand established. They then re-branded as Emperor Racing as it became a situation where whoever had the most money to throw at lawyers was going to win that one. Steve made the smart business decision to not take on the tire giant as he was out-gunned. Ever since Steve’s inception as Scorpion Racing back in 2005 his products have always been created through extreme testing and rider input. He takes that feedback and uses that mold his next models or improvements. That’s huge. And I think lost on a lot of companies nowadays. Most other companies are so full steam ahead with their vision they might have stopped to consider the consumer’s needs. The flagship product today, the Pipe Guard Skid Plate is a beautiful piece of machining. Start to finish, end to end, you can tell it’s something made by someone with a lot of pride in what they do. Beveled edges, high-grad Alu, all metric hardware, the list goes on. The quality and craftsmanship is very obvious with handling these plates. On the bike is even better. Being all aluminum they have a UHMW plastic "Slip Liner/ Link Guard" easily bolted to the plate that does exactly what the name suggests; help you skate over obstacles easily and protect your linkage, win-win. *These products are available for most recent & current model year 250 & 300 two-strokes, and the 250, 350, 450 model four-strokes This plate is the real deal. I can now practice here in The Rockies with confidence. Bashing rocks and logs 10 miles away from the truck down some gnarly single-track can lead to some stranded-type issues if things go sideways. I think broken clutch covers, crushed stator, mechanical DNF’s, etc. are all severely reduced, if not eliminated altogether by having this grade of protection. It mounts firmly to frame with a secondary plate/bracket that stops the force of impacts from being transferred to the exhaust. Snug-fit hardware throughout makes install super easy. No holding bolts in place while trying to find them with a bolt. Oil changes can be done without removing the plate. The rad guard of today morphed from a Scorpion two-piece design to a one-piece, brace & guard that protects the radiators very well. The biggest issues with a rad guard are the limits riders want: We do not want a width increase, height increase, want to be able to mount aftermarket fans, nothing on the back, easy mounting, light. The Emperor Rad Guard does all that. I have use it and crashed with it plenty. It does its job. A product’s warranty is a great way to gauge how the company feels about their product, especially those that make wear parts. Steve offers a 1 year warranty on his products and stands by that warranty. I know, I've tested it. I had some riding buds in town soon after moving to Colorado. We went for a ride on some trails that were new to all of us- that’s always fun- new trail. We were moving through some double-track on the lookout for a trail. I was leading and came up to a Y in the road about 35-40mph. I was slightly entering the left-hand trail when noticed we needed to go right. So I pulled across the grass ‘median’ and caught a rock hiding in the grass. The plate acted as a crumple zone and transferred the impact through my pipe and bent it at the weakest point, the joint. I was able to ride the rest of the day without limitation. I had to cover shipping both ways but Steve replaced the guard at no charge and replaced a brand new guard for the cost of shipping. I am only the 2nd person that needed a plate warrantied. It was an easy process and hope to not need to warranty another. The story here is a cool one. A very smart and production-capable rider started making great products 13 years ago. His love for the sport makes him constantly striving to innovate and stay on top of what the consumer wants in premium bike protection. I think its some of the best money spent as I would surely have cracked cases, an exhaust flange, something by now learning splat and crossing techniques for racing enduro. People often see the skid plate and rule it out for weight or frame flex reasons. It weighs 7lbs and the weight is sprung. I think you have to ride at a pro or season pro level to feel stuff like that, but perhaps not. For me it’s saved my race, my day, my bike. Until I manage to stay off the ground and clear obstacles I’ll likely be riding with Emperor Protection. If you’re interested in protecting your bike and getting that peace of mind I would encourage you to look to at EmperorRacing.com. They are in full support of our sport, put their money where their mouth is, rider founded, rider ran and they make some damn good products and I am proud to ride for them. We will be doing write up and review on the skid plate and the rad guard separately. Long ago, when installing the first skid plate on my bike I decided to write up a how-to to do the install. If you need any more help you can refer to that walk-through here.
  5. Hello friends, I installed a Ricochet Off-Road skid plate plate on my KLX300R several months ago. I've put nearly 400 miles on the bike since installing the plate. Those miles include dirt road, two-track, asphalt, gnarly single-track, sand, etc. Thus far I'm perfectly satisfied with the plate...here's the video:
  6. So I’m now in the market for a skid plate for my 17 drz anyone have some suggestions on brand ???? Looking for one specifically that is strong and gives good access to oil drain(s) -Thanks !
  7. Hello friends, If you own a CRF50F or an XR50 dirt bike you know that they are prone to smacking the case while on the trail. I installed a Ricochet Off Road skid plate on our 2007 Honda CRF50F and I'm very impressed/happy with the product. Here is a video:
  8. As expected, Most of the 2017 products can fit on the 2018 Beta 250/300RR. I ran a EE plate on my YZ250X with the linkage guard. Im thinking about going to a plastic/HDPE skiddy. Anyone have any recommendations experience? Also, I have bark busters and rad guards. I want to also get clutch slave guard, rear brake guard, and the TM Designs slide kit. Anyone have any must have's or recommendations for the Beta's protection wise? thanks! Radguards looking FRESSHHHHHHH. Put on the aluminum guard until the carbon ones came out. And here's my old stead, hopefully selling it this weekend!
  9. Megzie13

    Skid plate

    I am looking for a skid plate to fit to my 2017 FC450. Not having much success with the carbon fibre one I had, I am now looking at the two genuine options that are available. These both look like they are a great design with minimal weight being quick n easy to remove for servicing and cleaning. Has anyone tried these? if so what are your thoughts? If anyone could supply some photos that would be amazing. I am not sure If I have posted this topic correctly, please let me know If it is in the wrong area.
  10. With a long history of producing high-quality products for the adventure bike segment, the folks at Black Dog Cycle Works are now offering a solid line of performance footpegs & skid plates for most Husqvarna off-road & dual sport motorcycles. I have their skid plate on my KTM 690 Enduro R which I'll be reviewing soon and let me tell you, one of the best designed & built skid plates I've ever used. Not the cheapest option out there, but they we're going for the best and I think they hit that mark! In fact, almost too nice to beat up. Nahhhhhhhhhhh! Black Dog Cycle Works "Ultimate" Skid Plate details @ http://blackdogcw.com/store/bikes/ktm-husky-dirt-dual-sport/ Black Dog Cycle Works "Traction" Footpegs Details @ http://blackdogcw.com/store/bikes/ktm-husky-dirt-dual-sport/
  11. Beast Mode YZ400

    YZ400D Skid plate?

    Hello, Does anyone know if they mad an oem or aftermarket skid plate for the YZ400D? I understand that it was not originally equipped with one, I am wanted to ride up the hills and want to protect my engine etc from rocks and logs. My bike is a 1977 YZ400D 2 stroke, thought maybe could use the IT400 77 or 78 skid plate? However not sure if it would bolt up the same etc. Please advise. Thank you
  12. Whats everybody using for a skid plate and radiator guards? I am leaning towards this Enduro Engineering Xtreme skid plate https://shop.enduroeng.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?preadd=action&key=24-016X And either the Bullet Proof Designs radiator guards, or the trail tech radiator guards. I also want to put the trail tech fan kit on the bike as well It's a 2017 KTM 250 XC-F http://www.trailtech.net/hard-parts/radiator-guards?find=ktm-2017-250-xc-f-4-stroke-248676 http://www.bulletproofdesigns.com/KTM-RADIATOR-GUARDS-2017-ALL-MODELS-p/ktm-rg-17.htm Things are darn expensive! But I don't like to replace things if I don't have to, so I would rather spend the money on extra protection then replacing a bent radiator or fix a broken case!