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Found 246 results

  1. Brendanator55

    suzuki 1991 Suzuki DS80 problems

    Ive got a 1991 Suzuki DS80 and i dont know much about bikes, we had a problem that the bike would rev high rpms when idling but i fixed that by messing with the pilot air screw. but now my bike seems to be losing rpms when riding in first or just shuts of completely, i would like to know how to fix this the cheapest and or the easiest way
  2. Hi gang, I'm new here, my name is Jim. We live in Florida and ride at Croom motorcycle park. We have 3 chinese pit bikes, two kawasaki atv's, and this suzuki 2 stroke I am asking about. I bought this 2001 suzuki jr80 dirt bike for my grandkids. It was missing the carb and when I got it home, I also found it had no compression. My 12 year old grandson diasassembled it under my guidance and the piston rings were missing and the piston is beat up. The head and cylinder look good. I am ordering a suzuki brand piston with gasket set for $95. The carb is $150 for a suzuki brand. I measured the rubber boot on the cylinder that the carb slips into and its 25 mm. I also have 3 chinese pit bikes the kids ride and I have had good luck with them. I bought this bike because they wanted to try a 2 stroke. I found a 28 mm chinese carb for a rm 80 for $25. It is 3 mm bigger though. Do you think I can fit it in the 25 mm boot? Or should I just go with the suzuki $150 carb?
  3. Hello guys,so i have Suzuki RMZ 250 2008 year,the problem start 2 weeks ago,when i start the its getting hot fast,can't idle,and backfires,so i clean the carb,adjust few air jet,and problem was gone,i went to ride and the bike suddenly stop running,nothing works,kicking,pulling,nothing cant start this bike,so i found the problem was that it can't make spark on spark plug,and the problem its in electrical system,so my question is: can i get another electrical system from bike that is same year and to put it on mine?
  4. KTM_rider_EK_17

    YZ125 or RM125

    Hi guys, should I buy a YZ125 or an RM125? (between these two below) https://tucson.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2003-rm125-price-drop/6289703087.html (this is the link to the RM) https://tucson.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2002-yz-125/6333183710.html (this is the link to the YZ) I need more opinions.. Anything would hep and go a long way!
  5. Hey there, I recently bought a 1979 Suzuki PE250 in pretty good condition for its age I'd say.However the fork seals are leaking and after struggling for a few days to get the fork caps open(they were seized) I have now come to a new problem. The Dust seal Holder seems to be stuck, in the shop manual it mentions some sort of special tool for removing the fork seal but I'm not sure what exactly it would do.The thing seems like it should just unscrew. I've tried whacking it with a screw driver and a hammer and I had some minor progress but its painfully slow so I was wondering if any of you vintage motorcycle wizards would be able to enlighten me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. mud_alaska

    93' dr350 idle issue's

    Hi all from Alaska and thank you for an awesome site!! I'm a new member but a long time lurker. I have a 1993 dr350 dirt model that I'm working on fixing sence I wrecked it as a kid. The issue I'm having is the carb sence I rebuilt it I can't get the bike to idle after warmed. I'm looking for any advice you all have. I also took the bike for a ride tonight very short but in gear I can't rev the bike at all and it stumbles but in nutral it revs fine. The idle is very high and I can't get it down. Thanks in advance mud.
  7. Hi Guys! I hope I can find someone here who could help me, I've looked everywhere and can't find my problem. I recently bought a Suzuki rmz250 2017, I've done 13 hours on it on track with stock setup and stock mapping. My yoshimura rs4 full system just arrived, installed it, everything is awesome about the pipe. The only problem is I am running lean. I installed the rich mapping plug, but the bike is always backfiring as soon as i let go of the throttle. I thought I could buy a power commander or yoshimura efi tuner, but I can't find any company who makes one. So here I am, racing this weekend, my dealer doesn't know what to do about it, and the last thing I want is to have my bike running lean the whole weekend. Anyone has had the same issue or know what is going on? Thank you so much!
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me for sure what grade of aluminium is the Suzuki RMZ 450 frame/chassis made from? e.g. 6061, 7020. Been Googling but can't find a definitive answer. Thanks!
  9. VintageMoto

    1985 RM125 HELP

    Hey guys, I overheated my bike and blew a head gasket and flooded the cylinder with coolant I was wondering where to go from here. I was told its an easy fix but where do i start? what parts do I get? Thanks!
  10. SmashingTrees


    I have had this Dr350 for a few months wasn't running cleaned the carb it was running for a few days then it stopped. I need help!!!
  11. Not sure if its been asked here or not, can't find anything that has a definite answer. I currently have an 09 RMZ 450 that I was able to pick up cheap. I want to uprage to a newer model (don't wanna spend the money for an 18 right now) but I hate air forks. I was wondering if the 09 forks are a direct fit into a 16-17 model or not? I think the triple clamps should be the same, just worried about the bottom linking up... Ive looked into the air to spring conversion kits but I have my suspension on the 09 valved and set perfect and would love to be able to put it in a newer model.
  12. arnego2

    RM250 2018 TS

    I though it would interest you guys form the yellow 2 smoker group.
  13. https://www.gofundme.com/my-dads-brain-tumor-surgery Please do all that you can do for my friend Paul Santoro aka Syco, who's been diagnosed with a brain tumor. For those of you who know him you all have stories to tell without a doubt and for those who don't, he is one of a kind beyond his incredible talent and passion for adventure on a dirt bike let alone mountain bike and surfing he really does have a heart of gold! Paul has two boys one of which is responsible for setting up the above fund for his father and a daughter whom all are by his side supporting him in these challenging times and his girlfriend Chardel too is beyond words lovingly by his side. So again, I'm asking for your support whether it be donating to his fund and/or spreading the word/link around so people can contribute. My deepest gratitude to all that take time to read this post and for those who help in any way you are awesome! Thanks, Brian
  14. I recently bought a broken kx100 that suposedly only needed a kick start gear. So i bought a parts engine and replaced the lower unit with a working one and did a top end rebuild. It put it partially back together following all torque requirements and tried starting it. i tried kicking it but the kick start will engage but wont return back up after i kick it. So i decided to bump start it (with the original gas it came with, idk if its bad or not). After giving up on kick starting i bump started it, this after a while made it start up and run crappy a few times. But every time it would start after 1 minute it would die and come to a complete stop. The piston would not move in gear when i would pushed the bike. So i took off the flywheel housing and spun it from there, once i did that the piston freed up would move when in gear. and also would start and move for only a minute and then return to doing the same thing. It seems like the engine internals are binding up on something or something is not in there properly. Anyone had a simular problem as me? this is driving me nuts because i have alot of money in the bike and it starts bud doesnt run correctly
  15. Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble with my 2008 rmz250. I bought the bike in pieces from a guy who claimed it wouldn't go into 4th gear. During reassemling, I examined all of the gears, dogs and shift cam but saw nothing out of the ordinary for as far as wear goes. And after it was completely together, I was able to shift through all of the gears well while the bike was on the stand (not running) and it catches and stays in gear, like it would normally do. However, during the first ride, it will shift up into 3rd but when it gets to 4th, there's nothing, false neutral. I'm thinking the detent spring is weak. Which would make sense as it stays in gear while the engine is off, but will hit false neutral while running. Does anyone have any idea about this or has run into this problem before?
  16. MotoXRacer_19

    AMA Numbers

    Does anyone know how to, or if you can, change your AMA number? The race number, not the full thing.
  17. Looking to pick up a pair of Avon AV54 tires for my drz 400s, would like to go as big as possible. Which size can I get away with?? https://fortnine.ca/en/avon-av54-trailrider-rear-tire
  18. DeadLo

    Bradenton area questions

    Just picked up a 2012 rmz450. I'm just getting back into riding after a few years off. What tires are you guys running for fl track and trails, or Tampa mx? Whos the go to local suspension guy? I have had past bikes done by six12, and pro action. Any recommendations? Are there any other areas to ride around here? Seems like at least an hourish drive either way to have a place to ride.
  19. Jayblank

    1993 Suzuki DR350s


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    DR350 street legal bike. Under 8,000 miles in very good shape. Kick start only. New chain and rear sprocket. After market hand guards, exhaust, turn signals, and luggage rack. K&N air filter. Carb recently cleaned. Comes with extra parts and set of wheels. Easy to start and runs great.


  20. My son's 1983 RM80 has been giving me stress the last few days . it was performing great as it should then out of no where it has no high rpm power , will not hit power band . It starts great , it idles fine , part throttle performance is also good , it will perform as it should until it wants to start revving out , then it just lays down . The low end power feels about right , but will not open up . It acts just like a 4 barrel carb that has the secondaries locked shut ( for us old school guys !! ) Actions Taken : (In no specific order ) 1. Removed carb , disassembled and cleaned out thoroughly , checked all related components , checked float height / drop . all checks out good imo . no debris was found in any passages etc . 2. Cleaned and re-oiled the air filter . 3. Replaced spark plug with new NGK , played with plug gap as a test . regapped plug to OEM spec then reinstalled . 4.The spark plug always seemed to come out looking dry (lack of fuel) Removed fuel tank petcock and checked for a plugged line , but checks out good . Good fuel flow ! 5. Fuel was drained out of tank and carb , replaced with new Premium Shell fuel and proper mix at 25:1 using good quality 2 stroke oil . 6. Removed cylinder , installed new Wiseco piston & rings , fresh gaskets , honed pot . Piston to skirt clearance was a tad out of spec , but still runs and has good compression .Checked the reed valve while apart , looked fine too , no problems that i could see . 7. Checked for bad / leaking crank seals . No indication of leaks were found . Engine idles smooth , when warmed up is very responsive when you blip the throttle . And , so my problem still exits . I'm by no means a 2 stoke tuning wizard , so i'm here to ask for some help . Thanks in advance for any help / input .
  21. I have a 1997 RM250 with a Keihin pwk38 37E1 carburetor. The seat is bad and is no longer available for rebuild. I was looking for an after market that would be more reliable than a used or even new of the pw38 model. This is last year before they added the power jet model Keihin. Any advice is much appreciated...
  22. hi all, i had recently had purchased a 1975 ts 125 and its been sitting for a pretty long time, we put gas in the tank after cleaning the tank and carb and put new oil in the oil pump and it started right up and ran fine, we let it sit for not even an hour and now it won't start, it only backsfires with a loud pop sounds like a timing issue to me but unsure how to adjust the timing on this bike does anyone else know how? the spark is nice and blue also if that helps haha
  23. Disgruntled Fun

    graphics RM250 Graphics kit. Help!

    I have found a picture of this Rm250 that was for sale in the uk probably 2 years ago but what I am more interested in is the graphics kit (Pictured). I have searched across the interweb but with no results. Does anyone know of what this kit is and if it is still available? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  24. jhess212

    FS: WARP9 Supermoto Wheels

    I have a set of Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels I will be selling with in the next month or two. Just testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in buying them. I just bought a 2015 Honda CRF450X and am going to set it up for dual sport / enduro riding rather than supermoto riding. They have the black rim, silver spokes, and red hubs. They are in great condition, not scratched up or anything. Depending on what shipping cost and everything I'll prob ask around $750 for them. Brand new they run $900-950. The wheels have dual sport knobby tires on them now and can potentially be sold with them included. I don't have pictures of them right now but can upload some on here soon. DM me if you're interested.
  25. I can't find any electrical for my 94 rm 250 is it possible to just swap out the entire electrical system and put one in that's off a 97 will everything fit and work properly?