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Found 26 results

  1. Is it possible to swap the working 110 taotao autoshift electric start from 4 wheeler into a manual shift kickstart taotao pitbike?? Looks like it has all the same mounting points.
  2. Hi Folks! I decided that I am tired of my 06 WR250F having horrible damping (i.e. none at all) and so am going to upgrade the suspension. My questions for you are, 1. Is it worth it, given the age of the bike and cost of the parts, to find old 06-07 YZ250F SSS twin chamber forks and shock and rebuild/upgrade them, or just install a gold valve or similar in my single chamber WR forks? I like the idea of bolting on YZ TC forks and shock, but the cost at this point for them both runs about $500-$600 and they are guaranteed to be clapped out and need a full rebuild/upgrade, just like my WR forks/shock. 2. Race Tech offers a compression gold valve available, but not a rebound gold valve. Can you tell me why this is? I would like both, of course. 3. Will YZ450F components work as well? If so, what year range? 4. Ohlins drop in cartridges look awesome, but front and rear would cost the worth of the bike ;-) Thank you for the help!
  3. i’ve got a 2007 rmz450 and i was wondering if anyone has put the 2019 or 2020 front fender a plate on one of the 07 and down rmz450’s some how. and if so how much modding does it take? i’ve seen people use the 08-17 fender and plate but not the 18 or 19-20. also has anyone put a new style back fender on an 07 and down rmz450? all help is appreciated!
  4. Could any body tell me what would be necessary to swap 2019 yz 250 KYB SSS forks to a 2001 yz250. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi all, I am new to the board and this is my first post. I have found a lot of info on the earlier model YZ/WR gear swaps fo get a taller and wider gear ratio in a Yz450. I just bought a 2017 YZ450F and I am converting to a supermoto. I will be riding mainly on the street and would like to get a wider gear ratio. Can you swap gears front he later model (2017ish) WR450’s to the Yz450’s? Or would I have swap the entire transmission? I would like to swap 1st, 4th & 5th ideally. Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi guys, I have a 2012 rmz250 that I’ve owned since new. Ever since I got the bike it’s always had a rubber transmission. I’ve done the detent spring, upgraded clutch springs, ext. only to have the false neutrals come back. I seen someweres someone saying to swap the transmission out with a 2013 transmission. From what I have read they will swap right out with each other but u have to change the counter shaft bearing out bc the 2013 shaft is bigger that the 12. My question is, is the countershaft bearing the only thing I would have to change out to make the 13 transmission work, and by transmission I mean the gear stacks, shift forks,shift drum,shift start and the shift mechanism on the clutch side. Thanks for the help
  7. I’m wondering if the CRF150RB (16 inch rear) will fit on the CR250 swingarm. I’m not worried about if I should since the CR250 swingarm will be on a different bike. I’m not sure if things like the axles and bearings are the same so any info on that would help.
  8. Hey guys, currently rebuilding my 1998 KTM 250 that was sitting in my barn for 18 years, got it running beautifully as is but i found yesterday a 2008/2010 SX 250 frame dirt cheap and bought it so im gonna do the swap (I will also do a 2015 plastics conversion, i have subframe/tank and everything to convert it but that's a different topic). Now my question is, is the exhaust frame dependable or exhaust flange dependable? Should i get a PC Platinum 2 pipe for a 98 bike or for a 2008/2010 bike? Attached a photo of the bike as of today. Thanks in advance guys. edit: Nevermind totally different flanges, maybe i can retrofit a newer style flange somehow.
  9. Hey guys, i need help. I have a 2001 426 i bought as a project for $50. Only thing missing is the motor. What motor can i fit in the frame? Please help. Thanks.
  10. I've got a 2001 YZ 250 I just picked up cheap. It wouldnt kick over so I took the gamble and got it for next to nothing. I knew it was bad when I pulled the pipe and it was full of metal. I'm convinced an actual grenade went off inside the engine. Piston in 672 pieces, cylinder of course scored like no other, pieces locked in crank... you get it. I was about to split the cases and order a full rebuild and send off my cylinder to get welded and plated when I realized the bottom of my cylinder is snapped off. So here is my dilemma, I've searched the web, parts sites, search functions on the forum to no avail. When I look for a aftermarket cylinder kit I cant find anything for the 01-02. The ones I can find say send in my cylinder. I only have a half of one haha. So my big question, will the 03 and up kit fit if i swap the cylinder, crank, piston, and head? Or am I better off searching for 01 parts and piecing it back together? Thanks in advance, new member but have been lurking on here for years it seems. Normally a search on here gets me all my answers.
  11. XR400EX


    Alright guys, so I am new here so before I get started I just wanted to make a few opening remarks... *If this post is in the wrong section I apologize and if it's possible to move please do so and I know this topic has been brought up before somewhere but I can not find it so here it is again...and hopefully gives more information on this build. Also if anyone has questions about this ongoing project I should be able to answer them. The reason I have decided to finally make this post is because I have finally got it all buttoned up (engine wise) and seems to be running well...aside from a few complications which maybe some of you can help out with. Lastly, my apologies for the long post I felt that I should include most things I did because in my own research, this project is not talked about much at all it seems. So here it is, I have been working on this project for around 5-6 months now and, mind you, it started as a basket case so it doesn't look great cosmetically by any means and most of the plastics are either gone or damaged but mechanically, all parts appear to be there and it working condition. What I have done is exactly what the title says, placed a 400EX engine into an XR400 frame. Now, most people that do this start with the XR400 and find a 400EX engine to put in, but I was given a frame and engine with a buck of extra bolts, nuts and clamps. After two years of sitting in my basement I decided to test if the engine turned over, great news, it did. SO, that motivated me to put it in the frame and it DOES fit, but the bottom frame mount is too far up to be used, but with three other mounts tightened down, it was fine. BAD IDEA, turns out the engine had ZERO compression and needed a new top end because whoever had it last put the piston in backwards and bent the intake valves. After a couple weeks I found the time to get the engine bored out 1mm over and changed the valves. *REBUILD* Got the 400EX taken apart and slowly starting to find the issues associated to ZERO compression According to the piston, two intake valves were coming in contact with the piston itself, luckily this appeared to be a fresh rebuild...otherwise it may have detonated and caused many other issues.. And just as expected...bent intake valves...which mean possible cracked or damaged valve stems... Clearly, these are the culprit for no compression...to the left is the PVC pipe valve spring compressor I used to get the valves out, but not in I will show that tool later on. Further investigation revealed build up of some sort on the piston wall, so after attempting to hone this away I quit and took it to get it bored out. Knowing that I had bent the valves, I decided it was best to check the timing chain and low and behold...it was slapping all over the place inside the case when it "started" for the first time I assume... Removed both inner and out clutch baskets, oil pump gear and drive gear to get to chain and found out that the oil pump does not need to be removed to get to the chain(rookie mistake) and also discovered that the springs behind the outer clutch basket move freely which is not what they are supposed to do I am guessing...so that will be replaced. New chain in and clutch baskets are torqued back down with a new piston on top...another rookie mistake...make sure to put the piston on BEFORE putting the jug back on...yeah felt like an idiot after I did that... Very hard to tell but from my measurements...the original chain(left) was stretched by half a link I believe Also found out that at some point the crank was replaced....just hope that whoever put the piston in backwards didn't do anything wrong here... Seated new valves(ended up going back through a few more times after I took this picture) Valves and springs put back in the head and retaining clips in...I'd like to think I saved myself some money by making a compressor tool in the upper right corner Used a clamp and I duct taped a copper crush washer on the other end to help protect the head....the thinking was that the copper would dent before anything else would And finally all back together...but keep in mind this motor still hasn't been started in 4 years at the least.... **Starting** 1/15/17 Bike officially started today, but it is really cold here so it was running lean with a high idle and slight back fire when revving...will try again when weather warms up... 2/19/17 Had a nice 50 degree day and decided to take it out and try to start it again and she still comes to life...but the idle was still high in this video...I was able to get it adjusted to a nice even idle....the only problem was that it had to be at full choke...vacuum leak? I figured since I am running an XR400 carb right now it probably won't run the best anyway...but full choke shouldn't be necessary regardless...if anyone has any tips or suggests feel free to let me know...willing to try out other carbs without the insane price tags.. Of the four available engine mounting locations on the XR400 frame(I think) I only used three but have plans to move the bottom one down to put that to use.. Closing remarks This is my first post and I did learn a significant amount in the process but keep in mind this is by no means complete so I will still be figuring more things out as I go...and as I said I have not many posts...(one really) about this project being done and the details of fitment. The most I saw were people guessing that it would not be possible to fit this machine, but I believe that I can say it is "fitted" now but a few more kinks just need to be straightened out...other than that I am looking forward to finishing it up and going for a ride...one day!
  12. Picked up a great looking pile of sh*t 2000 CR125 on craigslist the other day for $500. The original owner attempted to convert the plastics to 2009 plastics but did a horrid job. I Was originally planning on fixing it up just to the point were I could ride it comfortably without the plastics flying off. Then unfortunately I stumbled across a gen 3 CR125 that had gold wheels, red frame, red plastics, and a blue seat. The bike looked so good it inspired me to do a similar build but on a tighter budget. So here I begin with my CR125 build.
  13. I am doing a stunt build on a 2015 DR200s I don’t wanna use the drum brake tbh I don’t trust it and it’s not working to well when at balance point (I tighten it and it just locks up or won’t go where it needs too plus I’m doing a handbrake in the future for seat standers.) I need to know what swing arm will fit the dr200, I think the dr250 swing arm will fit and it also allocates for disc brake because the 250 uses disc, If I am right this conversion will cost me 650, ( not including hand brake. ) I wanna do this because I’ve never seen a stunted DR200s and I wanna be unique. I have the cash to do this I just don’t wanna buy the parts and then be out 650, I wanna buy it all at one time. (Handbrake after I get good with the foot brake after conversion) please and thank you all for the help. I just need to make sure before I buy, if not what will fit?
  14. Hello i am in search of a 1990- 1997 cr125 main shaft, countershaft, shift drum, and shift forks please message me if you have them or get to me with you contact information thank you
  15. Asking if anyone has done foot peg swap and rear brake master cylinder swap? I was wondering if anyone has tried using a 2002 or newer foot peg mounts on a 2000 or 2001 frame? I have not found any mfg of aluminum foot pegs for the 2000-2001 frames. Also I like the integrated brake fluid reservoir in the later model CR's, not sure if the mounting holes are spaced the same or not.
  16. Hey all, just finished up a CRF450 fork swap on my 95 xr600 and wanted to share my results and build with everybody in case anybody is looking to do this and needs some inspiration. This is my second xr600 in my 23 years and I love these pigs. Project started when I traded an xr120 build of mine for a project 02 crf450 kx500 swap that was complete but needed a frame repair. Sent it to a conversion specialist and after 5 months of waiting and 500 bucks he told me he couldn't fix the frame and I was frustrated so I cancelled the build. Had no luck liquidating the chassis so decided I wanted those forks on the 600 rather then let them lay. Not wanting to pay almost 200 bucks for a conversion stem, I disassembled both front ends and hit the crf triples and XR steering stem with a micrometer and ordered myself some bushings to fit the XR stem in crf triples. It was really as simple as that. Pressed bushings into both crf triples and "machined" lower bushing to retain press fit of the steering stem. I also took a 9/16 tap and threaded the existing hole in the stem on the bottom end, that way I could throw a retainer bolt with a large flat washer in to hold the stem in the lower triple in case my press fit were loosen up and fail. Finished that with new stem bearings and races and turned out pretty nice! Less the crf forks, I only have about 25 bucks in the swap as I ordered 4 of both bushings in case I had to use some trial and error. This method required to modifications to OEM parts on either bike it can all be switched right back. I am sure there are better ways to go about swap, but I'm just a young snot nosed punk and I'm pleased with my results and wished share. If anybody would like the bushing diameters or wishes to critique my method please feel free.
  17. I found a complete BW80 roller for 150 bucks. I've always been interested in these fat tire bikes, so I began thinking of a way to fit a built 212 Predator engine in it. After a couple days I began the project. I will be posting images as the project progresses. Feel free to throw some ideas my way, or ask questions. Here we go! So I began with drilling out the tabs behind the original shock mount just to give the shock a little more stiffness. I weight 170, and by doing this it kept me from bottoming out. I do plan on figuring out what size rear shock I can buy that will lift the bike a little more, you'll see why soon enough.
  18. Another thread about the infamous fork swap. I've done quite a bit of research and am still trying to figure out the "best" way to go about doing this. some background: I own a 2000 Drz400 (kickstart only, similar to the E), and want "newer/better" looking forks. I plan on painting the frame, plastics, wheels, etc. and sumoing it out, and I don't want the gaiters and stuff on the forks. I know I could take them off, but they are there for a reason and don't want to deal with whatever comes with removing them. The next best thing I believe is swapping forks (feel free to lmk if you have any other ideas). I am looking for definitive answers. Assuming we are using RM parts for the swap(cheaper than drzSM), my questions are: 1. What effect will this have on handling and are there any downsides in doing this? 2. All I need is forks and triples correct? Any rear suspension parts? 3. What is the exact year fork/triple combination that is best for this? 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05+? 4. If this is done, what all needs to actually be done? Swap the triple and forks out, then what? Change the oil and seals, springs, etc? 5. This is safe for the most part... right? Safety always comes 1st for me, then fun, and money + looks is tied for third. If there is any walk through for this exact process, please link it. If not, I will make one step by step with pics, vids, and review. Here are the links that I have read, and found helpful:
  19. I purchased a 2002 yz250f throttle housing with Hope's to install it on my 2006 ttr 230 so I can use lock on grips with the yz250f throttle cam. My question is am i going to half to change cables or should my stock throttle cables work for this?
  20. Alright gentlemen, Last night I picked up a CLEEEEEAAAAANNNNN 2003 CR250 for $1500. I've read that the forks were stiff on this model and the suspension liked heavier people. I am 5'10 165 lbs with gear. My question is, I have a set of forks from a bike I had in the past, 2008 CRF450r. Is there a difference in these forks? Would it be worth it to swap the forks around? For all I know, its the same forks. That's why I am here. Any help is appreciated, I can answer anything I didn't provide.
  21. Hi, does anyone know where I could get dual sport or supermoto tires for a crf80? I have looked absolutely everywhere and can't find them! Is it possible to put 100 wheels on an 80 without doing any extensive suspension work? I can find wheels for the 100 for days!
  22. The PJ carb is mediocre and has a mind of its own. It has some funky tendencies and only runs decent 1/2 throttle or more. #1 problem being the idle speed is hooked to the choke circuit (It will idle fine for 5 minutes, then slowly bog down), I have tried to go richer one pilot jet size, but then becomes too rich to kick-off. So, is it possible to swap from a 34mm keihin pj to a keihin 38mm PWK airstriker? I've read a bunch about 2000+ cr125's making the swap, but what are the limitations and challenges with the 99 PWK airstriker swap? Thanks, Chad
  23. I have damage of inner coating of upper tubes, but cant find replacement, so I decide to buy used complete forks, but there are only expensive for me offers (ebay, etc), which exactly fits my bike. However, there enough offers of forks from another brand bikes - RMZ, CRF. Which fork have maximum compatibility? I have access to lathe, milling and other metal-works, so can make some adaptation. May be anybody have did same thing?
  24. Hello everyone, my 1994 KLX650 stopped working a week ago: the alternator broke, no spark. I was calling some scrapyards, and one of them said one from a KLR650 from the same era should fit. Does anyone know whether this is true? Thanks in advance! Added a picture of it, absolutely in love with it! Hope I can get it back on the road soon.
  25. hey guys, i am new to bikes and have been searching in the shadows but would like to become a member of the community. right now i have a cr125, both 1993 and 1999. they both are in bad shape and to know nothing about bikes, i know, i am in over my head but what better way to learn. the 1993 has all parts to get it running but im pretty sure when i put it back together i didnt get something right w the carb. i say that cause i see tube like hoses(pink in color) connected to a lot of you guys carbs and only thing connected to my carb is the tank and cord that goes to the clutch lever(i think thats where that cord goes) the 1999 is only a shell and suspension . no motor, carb, nothing! just mane/sub frame, suspension, arm, tires, tank, radiator, plastics. i got the 1993 for $300, and the 1999 for $100 so i dont mind putting money in it. i just need guidance on the technical stuff. i dont even know how to mix gas. a 4stroke may b better for me but hey.... long story longer, will my 93 motor fit in my 99? i read 99 motors are popular in the shifter community so they may b hard to come by. ebay mainly sells you cases separately and thats sketchy on matching up since idk wat im doing really. what motors will fit in easiest? i dont plan on racing, just learning moreso. i rode when i was in my teens(now 31) so i know the basics. just bought a house with a large wooded area behind my house and figured wth. I'll pose pics if u guys need. BTW- i live in Maryland so if anyone wanna stop pass and help me out....lol THANKS!
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