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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, Picked up this motard from auction and given that SA is a relatively small place bike wise. I was hoping someone might recognize this bike. Would like to get some history on it if possible. Cheers
  2. I just picked up a 2016 TE 125 and although the 2.9 gal tank is big, it is not big enough. I have found a lot of 3.1 gal tanks but was hoping someone has found something a little bit bigger. Brand names have never been a big deal to me so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  3. My speedo stopped working last week so i put a new battery in it, worked fine for 1 day, now its throwing code “50-1.7”. Not sure if it is related but i cant find anything about it online. Any ideas??
  4. I currently own a 2002 Kawasaki KDX 220R and I'm looking for a new bike. I've been looking at 04 - 08 Yamaha YZ 250s because I think they'd be better for me. Just tell me what bikes you'd recommend. I'm 14 years old, 6'0, 200 lbs, and have been riding for 9 years. And before you say my bike is perfectly fine, I will say this. I ride trails and the street and backyard tracks with my friends. My KDX lacks the power to do much on a track and it doesn't have the power I want for riding on the street either. Just wanted to get that out of the way. All recommendations are appreciated. I can buy anything below $3000.
  5. I am thinking of lowering my 16’ TE 125 but i have no clue on options or cost. Honestly, i am not to worried about throwing a little cash into it. At 5’5, im tired of high siding 5 times a day. Side note, I ride a mix of single trac and open woods, hare scrambles/enduros, and a tad bit of mx. Thanks for the help!
  6. C123

    Te 125 silencer

    So i bought a 2016 te 125 and i love it. I love it so much i bought a pipe and silencer for it (both factory fmf) The pipe went on with no problems but the silencer was about 2 inches short from conecting to the pipe. I have heard people say they dont make silencers specifically for the te 125. I just feel like that cant be right. Any suggestions?? Side note/question: calls for 10w40 gear oil but i was told to use 80 weight bellray gearsaver. Yay or nay?
  7. Hello all, As the title says, I am looking for steering head, crown and pin combo for the 2009 te450 and have not had much luck. I have looked on rockymountain and Motosports websites, but for whatever reason they do not list these parts for the 2009 (but they do for 2008). The 2009 has 50mm forks and from what I found here so does the 2008. Does anyone know if the parts are interchangeable? Thanks, Tony
  8. couple months back on my way home from a 2 hour ride my bike lost compression and quit. lucky I was just by my driveway. pushed it back and immediately checked the spark plug and cylinder temps with a temp gun. all seamed fine. pulled reads and pipe. everything looked fine but no compression. pulled the head and found the top of the piston trashed from metal flying around. chunk went down beside the piston and scored the cylinder. bike had 59 hours and 2048km on it. pulled the motor and took it to the dealer for them to decide what happened. chunks of metal looks like bearing cage material but no play or evidence of anything wrong. the ktm tech found a bunch more chunks of metal in the bottom end but could not find out where It came from. ktm ended up paying for a new head, cylinder, piston, crankshaft and power valve along with all the associated gaskets, bearings and oil seals. total for parts was around 2900$ Cdn. I had to pay Labour as they couldn't find the source. Labour ended up being 730$ Cdn. motor is back and running great. I was happy with the result as it was 7 months out of warranty having never been back to the dealer with over 2000 km on it. here are pictures of the top end damage
  9. Hi! I just sold a ktm 125 sx and am ready to get another bike and am wanting to get something that suits where I ride and my hieght and weight better. I am a girl I way 130 and am 5'1" I would say I'm intermediate rider and have mostly ridden on bikes that I can't really touch the ground on so I usually use trees or little hills to start and stop, before the 125 sx I was on a 250sxf. I mostly ride on trails in the woods but I do also enjoy going to the track occasionally to play around, the next bike I get I am also wanting to make it street legal just run small errands around town. There are a few bikes I am considering. The main bike I am considering is the ktm 150xc. I was also thinking about the Honda crf150r but I feel that might be a bit small to ride out on a street anywhere. And I also like the husquarvana te250. If you have any knowledge about these bikes or have any suggestions for a bike that would fit what I want to do with it that would be awesome. All that being said I do understand with turning any dirtbike street legal can be a challenge and I am also willing to work on lowering a bigger bike to fit my hieght better through a low seat and suspension adjustments but I'm not really wanting anything much bigger than a 250. Thanks for reading!!!! And any help is very appreciated!!!
  10. A few days ago, I was the happiest guy in the world. I saved up all my pennies to buy a brand new 2017 TX300-- the last one left at the dealership. I take my bike over to my friend's, that is an ex husqvarna dealer, to do some TLC (grease steering stem, linkage, wheels, etc..), and I want to get all the mods I want installed while the bike is clean, so I buy V-Force reeds because the reed block leaked from every pedal (I was somewhat expecting that anyways), and I pop the head off to check squish clearance. To my dismay the cylinder has ~5 deep marks up the cylinder-- deep enough to catch your nail on every one. I call my dealer and email them photos and husqvarna says because the person dismantling the bike isn't a husqvarna technician, they will not be warrantying the bike. This bike has 0.2 hours on the hour meter. I know this wasn't caused by me because I merely started the bike, let it warm up, and did a few pivot turns in the driveway before I shut it down. Husqvarna/KTM has no honour for their manufacturing defects.
  11. johnny125aao

    2018 ktm 250xc vs husqvarna te 250

    this is the third time posting this because the first time i didn't get any response and the second time my phone app just posted it in the wrong forum. so is appreciate hearing from you guys thanks Ok in a couple of weeks I'm going to buy one of these bikes. I was just wondering why you're guys thoughts were on these bikes for my riding style and you're experiences? I am about 160 with gear on and ride mostly trail with a little bit of track now and then. I've always owned race bikes because I've always liked the feel of them but I think it's time to get more of a trail bike with electric start ha. The xc appeals to me because it has a gearing that I'm a little mor accustomed to. But are the aer 48 air forks better for me with my wheight or would the xplor forks be better. I picked these bikes because of the linkage and that's what I'd like to stay with . Hope to hear all you have to say.