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Found 26 results

  1. Hey all, just got a DRZ-400 yesterday and absolutely love it. Today I took it out for a ride and when I got back I noticed the tire was leaking from the valve. I looked on the other posts here about leaking valve stems but all of their leaks are coming from the top. The leak on mine is coming from where the stem meets the rim right under the nut. Can I put sealant there to patch the leak? Or what can I do to fix it? Thanks!
  2. Hello, i see many factors can make wheelies easier such as tire pressure, bald tire or maybe the positioning of ( handle-bar, brake pedal or shifting lever ). Anyone has any setup to make wheelie On a dirtbike easier plz share it here. this is not how to wheelie thread!! This is about achieving the best setup for a better control on a wheelie. For example, i just bought a yz450f 2016 and i am struggling with side to side balance past balance point. Got better when lowered the tire pressure but still struggling a bit!
  3. Hi all, I am in need of some tires for my ttr-230, and just curios if anyone has a brand the have good experiences with. Ill mostly be riding in dirt and mud, occasionally Ill be on the road but not for long distances, any recommendations for this type of riding? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Hey everyone, so I had a spoke poke through my tube in the rear tire, got a new tube and tightened the spokes, lasted about 2 to 3 days and then went flat again. Airs coming out of the valve core now. Replaced the valve core tightened it all the way and it’s still shooting out. What could be the issue?? It’s a 2019 drz400sm. Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, so I had a spoke poke through my tube in the rear tire, got a new tube and tightened the spokes, lasted about 2 to 3 days and then went flat again. Airs coming out of the valve core now. Replaced the valve core tightened it all the way and it’s still shooting out. What could be the issue?? It’s a 2019 drz400sm. Thanks!
  6. Interested in getting some mousses for enduro riding. Whats you choice of mousses? Michelin? Nitromousse? What about those euro mousses? Also, how long can I used them before needing to replace them? any other suggestion? Thanks
  7. I thought about using a 90/90/18 rear tire on the CRF230F to reduce unsprung weight, rotating mass and ground contact in order to optimize motorcycle performance. I use the crf230f for motocross. Do you think it would be a good change?
  8. I'm up for a new rear tire for my 250 XC-F. Stock is a 110/100-18 Dunlop AT81. Ive got 23 hours on it and it's not chunking just slight rounding of the center section. The front is a 90/90-21 and it's holding up extremely well. I don't know if I should throw another AT81 on or try something else. I've been riding a mix of hardpack motocross tracks and Red River sandy off-road trails. My closest tracks/trails are hardpack. Here in Texas when the black dirt dries it becomes concrete and sometimes loose dirt settles on the surface and becomes very slick. On the other hand my favorite trails are very sandy but I drive an hour or so to ride them. What would your suggestion be for a new rear tire? Soft-medium? Medium-hard? Intermediate? I ran a couple Michelin Starcross MH3's and Dunlop 756's and liked them but that was several years ago. I'm leaning towards the Bridgestone X30 but I hear it's not as good as the 404 was.
  9. i have a 2007 kx250f and I need a new front tyre. it says i need a 80/90 21 and I have a spare 90/100 21 laying around and was wondering if it would fit. (don't know much about how tyre sizing works). thanks
  10. Down here in mexico, land of the miracle and home of the weird, ive seen people use the same mousse for over 2 years. They claim that though it has become softer, it remains in place and performs well. How long have you used the same mousse for? Rubber side down my guys, Saludos,
  11. Looking to get 17" front and rear Supermoto rims for my 2005 CR85RB. I was just going to get the rims and spokes and lace them up to the stock hubs, does anyone know what width and where I could buy the rims/spokes. Thanks
  12. So i have been needing a new tire for some time now and cant make up my mind i need a tire that does good on wet terrain like mud and wet rocks as well as wet logs and hill climbing something that wont kick me sideways or get me stuck for getting over big logs thanks
  13. Got a new rear tire, super knobby. Having issues when riding after putting it on. At no point did I feel I was in control of the bike, it was absolutely no fun to ride yesterday. Is this normal when putting on a new really knobby tire? Thanks in advance.
  14. Got a 2013 KTM 250 XC-W need some tire suggestions, I ride in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. Yes I know those are very different areas to ride, but trying to find the best all around tires. Ride for fun, Muti-Day Enduros, single track, fire roads, gravel roads and some asphalt when going from trail to trail. Let me know what you like! I weigh about 200 pounds and am a senior rider and am an intermediate rider. Give me your suggestions... (Asking for my pops) Thank you...
  15. So I just did my first ever dirt bike tire change because I had punctured my rear wheel and tube. However, when I put the new tire on I notice some parts of the tire come out past the rim and cover it while in other parts the rim comes out more and I don’t know if that’s a problem and I should redo the tire or if it’s okay. Also, the hole where the valve stem goes is a lot bigger than the valve stem and there is a gap between the hole and the valve stem and I do not know if this is a problem as well. I have pictures of the parts of the tire I’m talking about attached and thanks for any help.
  16. I have a Honda 06 CRF450X and I want a tire for 75%Street 25% dirt ride it. Just in case! I want it look good with meaty badass tires on it, but still give me a safe ride on the street and a little grip on the dirt. What is the biggest, fattest bad ass tire I can throw on the back with a stock swing arm! And what should go on the front, I'll be keeping the same rims. 18 and 21. Radial? non radial? tube? tubeless? I still have a CR500, so if I'm going to rip up the dirt, that's the ride for me to use! The X just seems just a little boring on the dirt after my CR! Just saying!!
  17. (At this point my front brake is strong, could do endos) So my front tire pops, I take the wheel off. Take it to a shop, they fix it, I bring it back, put it on the bike, disc slides in without issues, but now my front brake is so weak, and it comes to the handle bar quite easily. So I try to bleed them out, but can’t get them any better than what they were already at when I put the wheel back on. But they were perfect before? So why? It can’t be my pads, this is pissing me off. 06 rmz450
  18. Hey everyone I was just wondering I know everyone has different preferences on tire pressure but can someone help me on what pressure to start out on I have no clue I have the Bridgestone trail wings on my 2004 Yamaha xt225 with extreme duty tubes it says on the firewall of the tire 33 pounds some people say I should run around 18-20 this is my first time with these tires and tubes and been a long while since I’ve rode the bike on the road and can’t remember what tire pressure I should have but I’m going to be riding it to work and it’s all asphalt so I’m not trying to wear the tires out with too low of pressure but also not trying to slide off the road either thank y’all for yalls answers and comments
  19. So I've been debating about a rear tire and actually ordered one (wanted something good in clay, rocky, lose rocks, etc; I bought Starcross 5 medium). I haven't put it on and started reading about hardness, gummy tires, etc. I purchased a durometer and decided to check out the tires I purchased and some existing tires on a couple of our bikes, including Bridgestone 404 tire. The 404 came in about 70 (durometer may be off and not calibrated exactly, but the relative differences should be accurate). Starcross medium came in at 80...I was a bit surprised it was so hard. So, my question is, should one look at hardness? I'm thinking at 80 that won't do too well at gripping rocks, etc.
  20. i was changing my tire (the one i put on was raced a few times and given to me free) and i couldnt get it to seat in a small section. I got the tire on, pumped it with air (tube holds) but there is a 5-8inch section that wont sit properly, instead it is staying tucked into the rim. I tried pumping it up pretty high and deflating it, also bouncing it around. Long story short, I couldnt get that section to pop out and seat correctly after about 30-40 minutes toying with it. What can i do to fix it quickly/easily at possible? do i just have to start over from the tire being half popped off like it would be to take the tube out? Thanks in advance!
  21. Hi fellow riders. So i have to decide what size tires to get for my stock 2014 kxf250. At the moment i am running a 110 size tire on the back. i am pretty sold on getting a 100 sized tire due to less drag. What tire will get me quicker out of corners? what tire size do u recomend for the front and back. cheers
  22. Hi, was hoping to get some help with choosing new tires for my DRZ400SM 2005, I have a some on my mind, but there are a few problems. So my bike has Excel rims, front 3.5"(RK EXCEL J17 M/C X MT3.50 DOT 181 JAPAN 1 05), rear 4.5"(RK EXCEL J17 M/C X MT4.50 DOT 181 JAPAN 12 04). I was hoping to get some suggestions for some 90/10 asphalt/dirt tires for mostly riding around, some twisties, but no track or very hardcore riding, so longer lasting might be better than super sticky. I already have a set of S wheels for real dirt riding, but still need the SM ones to not be completely awful on dirt as there are occasional times I have to go on dirt with them(For example a kilometer every time I go front or to my house) I was looking at the Michelin Pilot Power 3, but the only choice for the rear is 160/60, which I have heard is too wide. Another one I was looking at was Michelin Pilot Road 4, any experience with it? Thanks for your help, have been surfing the forums for a decent time and seen how helpful people are.
  23. I have a 2001 Honda Cr125R that i just had the whole clutch replaced because my old one was shot do to a bad bearing that caused all types of problems. Anyway, i was happy with the work that got done on it right after because my bike started on 1 kick every time until i stalled it in the street due to a failed burnout attempt (lol). I had my bike in gear and just naturally held in the clutch and went to kick it over expecting it to start right up with no issues. But it did not start, it kind of jerked me forward a little bit and just didnt feel right when i was kicking it over. So i put the bike in neutral and kicked it over 1 kick, no problems. This just seemed very odd to me because I've never come across this problem before. With some further investigation on the bike, I put it up on the stand where the back tire does not touch the ground, started it up in neutral, put it in first gear just to stall it out but the bike DID NOT STALL! I let go of the clutch completely and the back tire just spun. Can anybody help with this? My first suspicion was something with the clutch cable possibly being too tight???
  24. Hi everyone I have a 2015 CRF250L with 13/42 gearing, FMFQ4, EJK, and airbox mod, and stock suspension. I'm 5'10" about 165 lbs. and I mostly ride dirt. I bought the 250L new and have put about 9K miles of mostly dirt riding. I consider myself intermediate skilled rider. When I bought the bike new, first thing I did was throw the original tires away and spooned on (myself) some HD inner tubes and Pirelli MT21 front and back. I ran a few sets of MT21 for the first 3 years or so. Great tires. Night and day difference compared to stock tires. Then just recently I needed a rear tire asap while out camping and traveling and ended up getting a dunlop D606 on the rear only. Now I need a new front tire because my MT21 in the front is worn out. I have a D606 front tire that I picked up when it was on sale but I have not put it on yet. I usually ride with a friend that has a drz400 and he just put on some goldentyre 216aa Fatty in a 90/100/21 and goldentyre 333gt in the back. I rode his drz and it seems to grip very well in the sand and loose stuff and my friends riding has improved greatly as well. He used to run MT21 before the goldentyre. Nothing wrong with the MT21. I have been very happy with them but I feel my skills have improved greatly and the speed and difficulty of the trails I ride has increased as well. I'm thinking about not using the D606 for the front and saving that tire for emergency and I want to order myself a goldentyre 216aa Fatty for the front. I know it will wear out faster than the MT21 but I don't mind that. I want a soft grippy DOT approved front tire and it seems like the goldentyre is liked by many. Oh by the way, I have stock rims with no rim locks. I have been running my tires around 16-17 PSI in the dirt and I will probably keep it that way. In more than 5 years and 9K miles of riding all types of terrain, I have never gotten a flat. So now my question is what do you guys think? The goldentyre comes in 80/100, 90/90, and 90/100 for the front. The main question is which size do I go with? I'm leaning towards the 90/90. Also, is the 90/90 the same thread pattern as the 90/100? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and input. Art
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