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  1. I live in Michigan where the trails are largely loam with occasional stretches of pure deep sugar sand, as well as hard packed dirt (and the loam or dirt may have some rocks in it, and of course the dirt can get muddy, and the trails often have roots and in the fall leaves, sometimes wet leaves, all over the trail). My bike came from factory with Pirelli MT 320s which are, as near as I can tell, an all terrain intermediate tire that I've been pretty happy with except for one thing - when, on a loamy or dirt trail, I have to transition to pure, deep sand. Now the Pirellis are supposed to be inflated to about 16 psi but as near as I can tell most riders in Michigan, including me, ride with the rear tires at about 12 psi and the fronts around 8 psi. We reduce the air pressure as then the softer, flattened tires gives more traction in the sandy sections of Michigan trails. Now in reality, I may even deflate my front down to as little 6 or 4 psi, and rear to 10 or 8. Why? Because traction in Michigan sand is variable depending on climate. If it is wet and cool, even deep sand gives reasonable traction. If it is hot and dry the sand is highly unstable providing minimum stability. Of course, the problem with letting out so much air is that most of the time I (we) in Michigan are on loam or hard dirt, with roots and rocks interspersed, so it's unwise to ride with too little air in the tires. Now, no matter how experienced one is with sand, if is possible after riding a long stretch in dirt or loam to make a possibly serious mistake when one encounters the sand. Almost invariably my most serious mistakes happen in sand. It's usually a function of the front tire digging in to hot, dry sand or washing out. I want to emphasize how dangerous this is. If you don't often encounter hot, dry sand in your riding then you may not be able to appreciate the challenge that sand can be, especially when riding in proximity to trees (we have lots of trees and sand in Michigan). I was watching the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross race held at Southwick (on my computer) in 2017 and I was surprised to see how many (not all) of the top riders were uncomfortable with the sand at Southwick, and there were a lot of crashes. Aaron Plessinger took a bad spill on a fairly flat straightaway when his front tire washed out and then dug into the sand. It was then that it dawned on me that if the pros struggle with sand, then I need to be proactive and perhaps more aggressively seek solutions. I'm starting with tires, but my research raises more questions than provides answers so far - 1.) Pure sand tires, aka. "paddle tires" are too extreme for typical Michigan trails, which are mostly loam. 2.) So called "sand and mud" tires like the Dunlop Geomax MX12 are purported to be of a firmer rubber compound than a standard off road or MX tire, because the manufacturer wants a "firm" tire to to "dig in" and get traction in sand and mud. Conversely, they use a soft rubber compound in bikes that frequent hard surfaces like rock. The soft rubber is supposed to grip the hard surface better. However, here I (we) in Michigan are DEFLATING tires to get them flatter and softer, so why would I want buy a tire with an even stiffer rubber compound (here in Michigan, when riding in sand, if you can't depress the knobbies on your front tire with your fingers you have too much air in the tire - they have to squish, or you're risking the tire will dig in, or wash out, and throw you off bike). 3.) Sand and Mud tires don't have the regular knobby configuration, as they are designed to push sand mud and the self-clean, but then the problem becomes, if one puts "sand and mud" tires on a dirt bike and 80% of the trail is loam or hard packed dirt, is the cure worse than the disease? What's it like riding a sand and mud tire on loam or firm dirt? In short, while I could stick with a general purpose tire, and continue to deflate, it's those hair raising episodes in sand that compel me to seek a better solution. Any words to the wise out there?
  2. Hey guys I like to ride out in the desert and it’s my first time buying new tires for my bike just wondering what type or brand of tire I should buy that’s best for riding out there. Thanks
  3. I am in the process of street legalizing my yz250f and am currently looking around for tires either street or dual sport tires, I was hoping someone could help me find stick sized tires that are mainly for the street but if know of any dual sport tires that would work too! Thankyou!
  4. So, as fall approaches and winter is looming, I might be able to extract my sons crf50 from his grip... I have a couple maintenance and cosmetic items to do over the winter. Mainly, tires. The front tire is fine, but the rim is a little cockeyed. I picked up a true used one to swap in. The rear tire is pretty much bald. I didn't bother changing it this summer because he's 4 and just learning and I decided to let my lawn have 1 last summer before full on abuse. That being said, I bought the OEM tire because the Dunlop the dealer tried to sell me would have him shooting rooster tails all over and I'd have no lawn left. My question is just how difficult is it to change these tiny little tires? The previous owner told me it was impossible, but I'm not real confident I'd trust him anyway. The dealer says they are tricky and offered to change them for me for a fee. I have changed many car tires and bicycle tires in my experience and know what I'm doing, but are these little ones that much of a pain that I should just bring them in?
  5. I am hoping to pay for a banner ad on thumper talk and was hoping someone would be familiar with how to do this? I appreciate any help.
  6. Anyone hear of some lets say, 60/40 off/on road use tires? I'm looking for some for my DRZ 125 the tires are 17" 70/100 and 14" 90/100. I've found slicks, and knobbies obviously but knobbies on the road gets expensive and dangerous then the slicks are like bicycle tire's. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. DrzKC


    I had a gsx-s750 and got rid of it and picked up a 2015 drz400sm this week. It's used and the last guy put knobbies on it. I'm switching back to Michelin power 2ct. stock tire size is 140/70. The current tires are 150/70. I was looking at running 160/60. Anyone know if this would be a problem? I'm just getting into the supermoto life so any other general suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone run a 130/80 18 on the rear in Michelin AC10? I have been running the S12 in that size for a couple years, but the shop owner says the AC10 may be too big and I should use the 100/100 18. The shop owner says the tire will fit but the weight may cause a loss of power. He suggests the 100/100. I'm a big guy and like the extra meat on the rear. I'm moving to the AC10 just for a change. Several guys I ride with have moved to that tire and really like it.
  9. *Mods please Delete this thread. I posted another one in the dirt/sumo forum Hey All, A while back a racer buddy explained to me that the best combo for tire size with lean angle in mind (for supermotos) is to have the front and rear tire as close to each other in terms of size and profile as possible for best and smoothest results in learning. I tried to find more info about it but found many contradictions. Some said 150 better, some said 140. And at that, they were talking about different tire models/mfgs and combinations. I tend to believe that the thinner rear tire gets you better/quicker/smoother lean and is also lighter weight so better response. But I'd like some more opinions or some stats if you have any. My Question: Is a setup of 120/70/17 and 140/70/17 on 4.25" rims, going to get you smoother and more stable results than a 160 or 150 rear? My current setup is Conti Attack SM's 120/140 (1.5K miles on them and loving it) Thanks for any help!
  10. *Moved from sportbike forum Hey All, A while back a racer buddy explained to me that the best combo for tire size with lean angle in mind (for supermotos) is to have the front and rear tire as close to each other in terms of size and profile as possible for best and smoothest results in learning. I tried to find more info about it but found many contradictions. Some said 150 better, some said 140. And at that, they were talking about different tire models/mfgs and combinations. I tend to believe that the thinner rear tire gets you better/quicker/smoother lean and is also lighter weight so better response. But I'd like some more opinions or some stats if you have any. My Question: Is a setup of 120/70/17 and 140/70/17 on 4.25" rims, going to get you smoother and more stable results than a 160 or 150 rear? My current setup is Conti Attack SM's 120/140 (1.5K miles on them and loving it) Thanks for any help!
  11. How do you guys like the TKC 80 TWINDURO DUAL SPORT tires on the new EXC's? Just picked up a 2015 500exc and thinking of using them for 50/50 road/offroad
  12. I have a 2016 Honda CRF450R, and I’m looking buy a set of warp 9 rims off of a 2005 CRF450R.... I was wondering if anyone knows if theyd fit? And If anyone kinda knows like a compatability chart for the year models
  13. Background About 1 year and 7.5k miles ago, I bought new tires for my DRZ SM: Pilot Power on the front, Pilot Street on the back. Would have put Pilot Street on both, but they were out of the front so they gave me a PP. The front tire is doing great, but the rear tire is fairly square although there's plenty of tread on the sides. There's also some cracking showing inside the treads. So I've decided to replace it. Riding Style 70% highway, 15% city, 15% offroad (fire-roads, gravel, mild singletrack, some mud) Options I would love a dual sport tire, but due to regulations where I live I must have tires the exact size listed on the vehicle registration, which for SM is 140/70/17 on the rear. That severely limits my options. I was quoted the Michelin Pilot Street and Pirelli Diablo Rosso II at around the same price. In theory the Rosso is a "better" tire, so it's a "better" deal, but given my riding patterns and the fact that I squared off my last tire I'm not sure it would actually be better for me. What would you do? Would love to get some opinions.
  14. I'm wondering what tires these are cuz I want some like them for my klx 110.
  15. So I am planning on ordering a set of Warp9 SM rims. I don't know what size tires to buy. The rims are- Front: 17x3.50 Rear: 17x4.25 Tire recommendations are great and much appreciated but a size of tire is just as helpful. (e.g. - 150/70-17)
  16. My current bike is a 2004 kx250f and I have a set of 2010 kx450f wheels. There aftermarket and look amazing and I would like to put them on my 250f? I will will they fit? I dont mind swapping axles as well as brake rotors.
  17. I just picked up my bike and the shop ordered the tires to my bike. I didnt know exactly what tires they got, I thought they were getting the stock size at least for the bike. Looks there is a taller tire on the back and the front tire looks regular size. Will this cause any issues performance wise or mess with the way the bike runs? View pic below. Thanks for any help in advance. Tire purchased: Shinko 705 Rear Size: 140/80/17 Front Size:120/70/17 (stock size?)
  18. I recently bought a 2017 DRZ400S and one of the first orders of business is to change out the stock tires. Is anyone running the MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR ENDURO IT or DESERT HT tire? I would love to know how you like it. My riding will be very short commute to work (10 min.) and off road (forest service roads, wooded trails, dirt track) on weekends. Thank you!
  19. Anyone running one? I'm a longtime fan of both front and rear but have not tried the new front yet. Any feedback appreciated.
  20. Hi everyone. I was wondering if any of you changed wheels for Flat Track purposes. Front wheel should be no problem, but I don't know if the swingarm would fit a 19" rim and tire. I own a 2010 DRZ 400 SM running 17" supermoto wheels.
  21. howdy folks, i've been running kenda Millville 2's mounted in the intermediate direction, working great to my knowledge but i'm no expert as its only my second pair of tires. I need a new pair, especially the rear, and i'm wondering if i can do better. I ride single track, trails, fire/logging roads, and general woods/mountain stuff. terrain includes gravel, soft dirt, creek beds, dry desert-like hardpack, and lots of rocks and roots. not much mud and no sand. I ride an enduro kitted Honda XR400R and there's a little bit of pavement to get to where i want to ride. Pavement performance is not very important i just dont wanna get squirrely at 70mph on the way to the mountain. any and all suggestions welcome!
  22. Was thinking about the technology of mountain bike tubeless systems and was wondering if it's possible, when getting a pinch flat or a tear in a Dirtbike inner tube, to pull the valve stem core and then pour some tire sealant into the tube. will the sealant stop the air leak?
  23. Not in love with the Bridgestones, has anyone tried something else? Love the Pirelli 32 pros on the KTM350sxf. Also if you have sized up from the 100 90 19 on the back to a 110 or 120? Effect on power? Problem I have now is keepng the rear hooked up when slick and under throttle. The back will break loose anytime you want, or dont want. I Dont want tire opinions unless you have tried them on an Alta please. West coast moto tracks, mostly NW.
  24. As the title says, looking for any local input on tire recommendations for northern Idaho trails. Specifically of the steeper, rockier, rootier, greasier variety. Currently a fan of the Shinko 505 Cheater for the rear set up tubeless, Pirelli MX 32 Soft for the front with a bib - anyone got anything better?
  25. I'm looking for a front tire for my 200XC, I ride mostly sand, soft loamy dirt, and a little bit of that tacky red carolina clay. Like most 15 year olds I don't have a whole lot of extra money lying around as my only income is during summer and fall when I'm cutting grass and raking leaves so I can't be spending 80 dollars on a tire. My bike still has the original front tire and it's been patched so many times I believe there is more patch than actual tire, the thing is awfully dry and missing a lot of sideknobs and is probably too sketchy to continue riding on. What front tire will last a fair amount of time, perform well on the mentioned terrain, and not kill my wallet? thanks.
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