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Found 20 results

  1. Hello fellow 2020 KTM 150 XC-W TPI owners! I am debating on whether I should purchase this bike over something else in the price bracket such as a YZ250FX. I am currently more interested in the 150 since it is lighter, potentially more fun/engaging, and the fact that I have never had a two-stroke before and would like to indulge in owning one. My main concerns though are maintenance and reliability. Since the TPI system is new for the 150, I don't know if it's financially applicable to purchase a bike with since it may be prone to failure. What I would helpful is if you could post your personal experience with KTM's TPI (specifically on the 150 XC-W if possible). Also, how does this system affect general two-maintenance such as top-end builds (how many hours I can put on a single top end with normal riding for a small bore two-stroke) and what kind of extra work is required to maintain the components that the TPI consists of? In addition to this, does the fuel injection system increase the wear of specific engine parts such as the piston or cylinder? Responses to these questions would be great! Thank you.
  2. I have a 2020 KTM 300 XC and I just got back from a 30+ mile ride in the mountains. Mostly single and double track. Low rpm stuff with occasional braps. Just cruising. When I got back I noticed a ton of blow off oil from my header/ expansion pipe. Is this possibly the result of the low rpm riding and the oil not burning off? Or do I have a a more serious leak at the pipe connection? Possible an easy fix with new rings and some silicone? Let me know what you guys think. And since I know you're going to ask, all stock bike minus spark arrestor insert from EE and running manufacturer recommend 2T oil.
  3. Hi guys, new here and would love any ideas or feedback. The bike is throwing a blinking FI Light at 4x long 1x short blink code which according to the 2021 manual says it’s a “41 malfunction. Fuel pump - short circuit to ground/open circuit” below that line it says “fuel pump - open circuit/short circuit to plus” A couple other pieces of data: 1. 67 hard riding hours, but pretty good about maintaince - lots of crashing. 2020 Xc 250 TPI 2. When I hit the start button I don’t always hear the fuel pump kick on. Even if I relieve pressure from the line. At one point the other day it wouldn’t start at all and I banged on the tank (where the fuel pump is) and it started working. 3. The FI light isn’t always on, seems like it comes and goes but definitely kicks on when I’m pushing the bike 4. I’ve check the positive and ground to the battery and they seem tight and solid Does this seem like an electrical short/problem somewhere or does this sound like a fuel pump giving out? I’m at a loss and have no idea where to start if it’s an electrical short of some kind. thanks for any input!!
  4. I’m looking at buying a new ktm but have read a lot of horror stories about the new tpi’s what some thoughts on both bikes if I’m going to get a carb I’ll get the 2016,2017 model or I’m looking at a 2019, the 2019 has already been back to ktm as the barrel was checked early and the guy found scoring all over the barrel and it was replaced under warranty. what’s some ideas and recommendations on both bikes cheers
  5. The other day I rode my friends 2021 150 xcw tpi. It was super fun and light but I could not help but feel that at high rpm the power drops off. I’ve done research but I can’t find out why is it just a thing about tpi.
  6. With Ktm's new TPI in their 2 stroke, I was curious if it was safe to engine brake on them. I would think that they would still be getting oil without the throttle, so engine braking may not hurt it. TPI is really starting to make me consider a KTM or Husky bike.
  7. Considering ECU and Head upgrade in combo to 2021 KTM 300 XC. What approaches make most sense? I am leaning toward Silber Turbos ECU flash/reflash (@$279) combined with reshaping OEM head (either RK Tek (@$150) or Slavens (@$60)) OR perhaps aftermarket head (RK Tek @ $325). I ride desert, enduro and mtn trails. My focus is low to mid range performance, smoothness, and long-term reliability. I am attracted by claims of increasing the oil injection map. Thanks! John Hughes
  8. So, I just picked up my new TPI on Friday. It's is dual sported and plated, but the stock exhaust is melting my rear right turn signal. Will changing to a different can like the FMF shorty fix this problem? On another note, bike takes 2-3 minutes to start even over 80 degrees out, but will be dropped off today at dealer hopefully for a fix. Thanks.
  9. Hi Guys, Hoping someone could give me a hand. Couldn’t find a form on it. I bent my pipe up front last riding season and removed it to straighten it. I noticed that the gasket from the cylinder to the crank case was wet and behind the pipe on the right side of the cylinder head. The bike has around 36 hours on it. Should i be checking if theres some sort of vent tube blocked? First ktm. Not too impressed.
  10. Not an oil thread! Simple question. We just bought a 2021 TE 150 with 5 hours on it and it seems like its burning way too much oil. Excessive wet spooge bubbling at tailpipe and use of 2/3 of an oil reservoir in 2 tanks of gas. Also has a wicked 1/8th to 1/4 throttle bog. My 20 300 has none of these issues. It's been to the dealer and checked out but of course they say nothing is wrong and it just needs to be "cleared out" I rode it yesterday and put the hammer to it for 3.5 hours. Single track and WOT. Any input here would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Just purchased a new 22 300EXC after a couple of years off an enduro bike. What do I need to know, modifications etc and a bit on suspension. Im 85kg (187 lb) without gear. ride hard enduro and single trail. Anyone heard about the mapping issues as well?? Appreciate your input!
  12. New 2020 TX300I under 10 hours. First ride was pretty mellow, nothing over 3/4 throttle in 1-3 gear most of the time. Second ride was similar with some small hill climbs. On a longer sandy hill, its started to over heat towards the top. In retrospect it would have been better to have riden it faster. But in attempt to "keep it mellow" I rode it slower and ended up having to work the bike harder to get it up. It got hot, and I noticed the discoloration. Other than a tale sign it got hot, anything worth considering seeing the pipe discoloration? Looking at getting a fan soon since a lot of its riding will be slower technical stuff, and seeing how it can overheat on its second ride. Any other riders see this kind of discoloration on their pipes after their bikes overheating? Should I pull pipe off and look for anything in particular?
  13. Photo: KTM 300 EXC TPI - Six Days ISDE Edition Two-strokes are still a hot button when it comes to talking about dirt bikes these days. The old "two-stroke vs. four-stroke" debate has been beat to death and many of us are sick of it, but it rages on regardless. OK!! So four-strokes won, the Japanese factories, AMA and EPA got what they wanted and it's over...two-strokes, once the powerhouses of motocross, have now been relegated to the shed, gone out of fashion and not used by any top racing team in MX or SX. But the two-stroke is still gasping for air thanks to KTM and maybe even Honda... who officially stated they'd converted to a four-stroke company years ago, so that's a surprise! Why is it still here? Because it's awesome that's why...two-stroke engines pack more horsepower per pound than four-stroke engines, and even if that statistic was equal, the number of complicated, fragile and expensive parts in a modern four-stroke will always cost more to replace. Granted the replacement interval for four-stroke motorcycle engines has gotten longer and longer but you'll always have the complication and expense factors to think about...and that's good for the manufacturers...a nice balance between reliability and the need to replace worn parts makes for a good bottom line, but that's another discussion. Obviously less moving parts and making more HP/lb are excellent attributes that appeal to motorcyclists and maybe not so much to the manufacturers at large. Three years ago, I wrote an article that talked about advances in two-stroke technologies and the possibility that these technologies (EFI, DFI, TPI) could help the two-stroke gain more market share. One of the conclusions was that EFI using DFI was too expensive, bulky and heavy to be a reality on off-road motorcycles and that has turned out to be the case when looking at how the technology is presenting itself in production form. KTM have been the leaders in two-stroke motorcycle engine design and accompanying technologies so it was only natural that KTM would be the first major motorcycle manufacturer to provide a viable cleaner-burning technology to the two-stroke arena. The first bikes to display this technology are the KTM 250 EXC TPI and the KTM 300 EXC TPI. Honda also has filed a similar patent but has not put any examples into production and looking at the patent drawings, it appears to be an industrial design featuring a pushrod, not suited for high-performance applications. What does this advancement mean, and is this the saving grace technology that two-stroke fans have been waiting for? No. But OK, it's a great advancement in terms of the accomplishment - but how does it impact the market as a whole? It's great if you ride enduro bikes in the EU...but will TPI bring two-strokes back to off-road bikes? Maybe, but motocross only bikes won't be included. Why not? Because the Japanese factories have a lot of time and effort invested in four-stroke technology and it's not going away. They influenced the sanctioning bodies and promoters to implement unfair displacement rules that favor four-strokes. So why did KTM do it? Because a lot of folks ride two-stroke enduro bikes and KTM sells a lot of them both in Europe and here in the USA! Although KTM doesn't make two-stroke streetbikes per se, they do have two-stroke enduros with plates and lights and these enduro models are homologated for use on EU public roads, which means they have to adhere to tough new Euro4 emissions limits, as well as be prepared for the upcoming Euro5 restrictions. I've spent a lot of time in the EU and small bikes matter...in fact small motorcycles are the norm not the exception. You see lots of small two-stroke bikes and scooters...but the EU impose restrictions on emissions so these bikes need to have some kind of emissions/clean air technology if they are to survive and prosper. Photo: New for 2018 KTM TPI Unit KTM has come to the conclusion that Transfer Port Injection (TPI) is the EFI delivery system that has won the war against its Direct Fuel Injection (DFI) rival which was the technology explored earlier by KTM. Why? DFI seemed good and had been proven on the street in a few smaller two-stroke applications and a bunch of four-strokes but when all the support hardware and electronics were installed on an off-road machine, things didn't play as well. Weight, expense and complexity all played into KTM abandoning the DFI technology. But they didn't stop looking for a cleaner burning two-stroke solution. TPI wins that war until something better comes along. TPI wins for now because of its unique new design which according to KTM features "two lateral domes, holding the fuel injectors supplying fuel into the rear transfer ports. Thus the loss of unburnt fuel is reduced for less emissions, a more efficient combustion and reduced fuel consumption. A little tube in the back of the cylinder is connected with an intake pressure sensor, which supplies pressure data to the control unit." KTM continued: "The TPI engine is fitted with a newly developed throttle body made by Dell`Orto. It features a diameter of 39mm. The airflow is regulated by a butterfly connected with a twin-cable throttle cam, which is operated by a new handlebar throttle assembly. A throttle position sensor provides airflow data to the control unit, while a bypass screw allows the regulation of the idle speed. The cold start device also opens a bypass supplying more air. Via an oil intake tube oil supplied from the oil pump is mixed with the incoming air to lubricate crankshaft bearings and cylinder/piston etc." Another great advantage is no more pre-mixing the fuel with oil, there is now an oil tank and metering system controlled by the ECU and this allows a very precise, variable and minimal mixture of oil to be burnt resulting in lower emissions. Photo: KTM 2-Stroke TPI Engine for 2018 Smaller niche companies that make two-stroke off-road machines in the same niche could be expected to follow this trend, possibly by licensing the technology from KTM or creating their own variants. This could include brands like Sherco, Ossa, Beta, TM, Gas Gas and the KTM-owned Husqvarna brand. So more cool bikes in Europe but what does it mean for riders in the USA? It could mean a little or a lot. Could this mean that KTM will be able to certify two-strokes with an emissions label indicating for "on-highway use"? This would be the hurdle to cross...once they've passed emission in places like Californis, the whole pie is up for grabs – here is what the California regulation says now: "Off-highway motorcycles must have an emission label affixed to the vehicle indicating certification by the manufacturer for on-highway use when converting to on-highway or dual registration. Registration guidelines for off-highway motorcycles converting to on-highway or dual registration require verification of the emission label." For KTM two-stroke riders, this technology would make sense to scale to the whole two-stroke lineup from EXC to SX. Imagine a version of the 250 EXC with lights that's legal for the streets here...and you ride it to work like the ultimate hooligan, or just be able to get a street plate to ride to your favorite riding destination. In conclusion, most people thought two-stroke was dead but maybe, just maybe, technology like TPI will make it feasable for KTM to expand their offerings using this technology. The first step it seems would be the ability to pass emissions both in the EU and USA, then maybe apply it to US market machines. If that happens we'll be first in line to try them. __________________________ ThumperTalk wants Your Comments On This Article: Is this a stopgap or a technological step forward? Would you ride a two-stroke street bike? Aren't those Six Day graphics awesome? Tell us what you think below!!
  14. Ok fella's here's the story. Bought a 2018 250 XCW TPI in December of 2017 had for 2 weeks and had 3 hours on it, took it back to the dealer with a hard start, no start problem. They had it for a week and couldn't find any problems, even though I had video of the problem. Then they charged me $150 because they couldn't find anything wrong with it. So KTM warranty ain't worth a crap. This problem is now intermittent and getting more frequent. The bike has now produced a new problem. (25 hours) The bike now never gets on the pipe/power band and feels as to be loading up, never cleans out. Called KTM again and all they say is take it to the dealer, yeah right! LOL Over the past two nights I've completely torn the bike apart, EVERYTHING! (just shy of splitting the cases) I have checked and confirmed every sensor, plug, wire, spark plug,connector, timing, crankshaft key, reeds, Air filter, powervalve, fuel pressure, ground, power, battery, piston, rings, filter, injectors, fuel, oil pump, etc..... Has anyone had any of these problems with their TPI? If there is anyone from KTM on here please contact me.
  15. There is a big misconception out there that the TPI's can not handle any performance mods without an ECU reflash or GET system.. This is simply not true. The TPI bike's performance can be greatly enhanced with simple bolt on mods like the carb bike. You just have to be careful that you are bolting on products that actually work from companies that fully understand FI. This recent video from Tokyo Offroad (highly respected shop and tuner) shows this to be the case. He has Reeds, Pipe, and RK Tek Head and has NOT changed the ECU in any way.. His bike/engine is performing MUCH better than before. Guys, do not get "sucked in" to this "ECU Re-Flash is required" nonsense..You can enhance your power with a much more linear delivery on the TPI engine just like the carb engine.. WHY? Because it is the SAME ENGINE!! Again, check out the video here: VIDEO
  16. Enduro 21 has the story. They are calling it "tpi". Supposed to be in states in the fall. Personally I'm excited now can compare apples to apples as I am shopping for a new two stroke and had it narrowed down between beta ktm and husky 300's. The beta is still appealing to me because of my 30 inch inseam. Short legs sick in this market.
  17. Hello, I have a 2021 ktm 300 xc tpi and right at 7 hours it started making a new clanking sound when at half throttle right before the bike starts to make power. Is it possible that the power valve is opening and shutting really fast and could make the noise? Possible piston slap? I hope not since the bike only has 10 hours on it now. It’s not the chain since it has the correct amount of slack so I’m kind of at a loss and hoping one of you have heard a similar noise.
  18. Hu guys i have a 2021 250EXC TPI with 37 hrs on it. It ran flawlessly for all 30 hrs. Then one day i went to start it at altitude and it fowled a plug. moving from an older carby bike i replaced the plug and went on my way. Then it did it again the next morning, I have been starting it the way the Bike is supposed to be started. So i bought it to my local KTM dealership and they said the fuel was bad and it needed a new spark plug. They also put the bike on the computer and said it was all good. Then i started it the next day and it fowled again. Then once i replaced the spark plug and warmed it up it wouldn't idle at all. So i have taken it back and they have adjusted the air bypass screw which i am convinced wont solve it as i already tried before i took it to the dealership... Do you guys have any idea what this is linked to? Maybe a sensor or some sort of electrical issue. It is very unusual and not many dealers have heard of the problem here in Australia.\ Also worth noting that the bike is ridden on the pipe and it doesn't idle all day! Cheers
  19. An excellent listen with a ton of great insights about the TPI bikes. Also a special deal of $125 dollars for a ECU tune (good till end of May) if you mention the podcast. https://2wrpodcast.com/podcast-episodes/2wr-033-ktm-tpi-john-ross/
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