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Found 46 results

  1. Time for a new bike. Could the FE350 be right for me? Background: I am "graduating" from my '08 Honda CRF250X (original owner) - mod'd with full exhaust, jet, de-emissnioned, etc. -so my 16yr old can take it (up from his 230). I've loved the bike but am interested in trying something new. My riding is primarily trail in northern CA. Love fairly technical single tracks. I don't want a red sticker bike so my only choice for Husky (or KTM) in CA would be an FE. But, I don't ride street and don't want to compromise off-road ability. What would it take, if anything, beyond dirt tires and removing mirrors, etc, to make this a great trail bike? I want it to be a bit better - faster and better handling -than my mod'd CRF250X, but don't need anything crazy. I am now 50 after all... Would it need a re-map? Is that even possible for a street legal Husky? Interested in others' thoughts. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Im new to riding and planning to buy my first bike (a 125 2 stroke) and ride it in the mountains (image below) now i was wondering how long a piston will last in these conditions. i have no experience riding bikes so i thought someone here might have an idea, thanks for taking the time to read this
  3. Hey guys, I'm new to thumper, but I was hoping I could find someone who could help me. HERES THE DEAL! I've been riding 4 strokes for about 7 years now, but the 2T world has recently gotten my attention! I currently ride a 2006 YZ250F. (Fully rebuilt by myself;). I ride the piss out of it and I feel like it's missing something. I've tried shaking things up like riding different terrain(sand dunes,Rocks,etc.) I thought maybe I would try a 450, I got to ride my buddies CRF450X. lol that bike humbled me. It was way to high and It felt a LOT heavier. I crossed out the 450 bc I think it would be a waste and I wouldn't be able to push the bike to its limits. With that being said I'm trying to decide between (2017 Ktm 150 sx, 2017 Ktm 250sx, and 2017 YZ250 and/or the X model). Here's me.. I'm roughly 5'8" 175-185lbs. I lift 5-6 days a week. I enjoy riding anything and everything as long as I get to ride.
  4. Hi, I'm interested in buying a new woods and trail bike for around $2,000-$3500. I'm 15, 5'8, and 120 lbs. I ride anything from high speed trails to tight technical single track with lots of rocks and hill climbs. I've been thinking about getting a ktm 200 or 150 but I also saw a pretty nice yz144 for sale. Here are some I've been looking at: https://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2006-ktm-200-xc/6348743941.html https://omaha.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2009-ktm-150sx/6376769988.html https://lincoln.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2006-yamaha-yz125-dirtbike/6364177669.html Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have a 1989 RM250 that I just finished rebuilding and I have some questions about the gearing and torque. First off, I am 6'2 and 225lbs if that makes a difference. Right now it has a very good top speed and decent acceleration with the 50/13 or 3.84/1 gearing ratio it has right now. As a track bike it feels OK but because I do a lot of trail and enduro riding and need to be able to pick up the front end a bit easier to get it over logs and such. I prefer to stay away from clutch wheelies if I can so even if I crack the throttle in 1st the front wheel only likes to raise a few inches off the ground and I cant sustain a wheelie like I can on my 83 KDX175. I was planning to re-gear the bike with a 54 tooth on the back. I am hoping this can be changed with the gearing ratios and its not a power valve or carb problem. I am hoping that this would up the torque a bit but I am new to re-gearing and I don't know If it would be a big enough difference on the trail. If anyone knows anything about the topic I would appreciate any information.
  6. Hello, All, Just joined the forum after reading for some time. Appreciate the good information here. I'll be escaping New England's late winter to spend the month of April in the Pinehurst, NC area. Been reading here and elsewhere about the riding available in the general vicinity, including some of the pluses and minuses: Closest are Badin Lake and Uwharrie. These seem to be the same place, but can't quite tell; people seem to speak of them differently sometimes. Next closest is Outback, but I don't see much talk about this from the 2-wheeled crowd. Brown and Brushy seem to be the places that people gravitate to -- about 3 hours to the west of where I'll be. But here is the catch: I am brand new to trail riding! Been riding motorcycles for 20+ years, street riding, then to road racing and track days (raced for quite a while -- in fact at the end of this trip I'll be on track at VIR on the race bike), with a smattering of flat-track type training as well (so appreciate some of the ways that that dirt riding, neutral spine/push the bike down, is different than road course), but I am pure novice off-road and will be treating myself as such. The question: do you think I would be able to find a day or two of riding appropriate for me to start my dirt/trail career (like, start on the bunny slope and progress only when I'm ready) or should I leave the new dirt bike at home in New England? Thanks, Dustin
  7. I will use this post to share experiences of bike adventure travel in various Patagonian areas. This time a trip from the desert to the mountain range within the province of Chubut. Honda XR Tornado with 5,8 gallon tank. BMW 650 X. and another honda XR tornado. the trip starts from the central desert zone, traveling west, towards the mountain range, forests and lakes.
  8. Just thought I'd write up this report from a trailride a couple weeks ago since it was a first for me. I was riding alone on a trail I know very well but haven't ridden in a year. It was California singletrack on a side of a canyon and the past winter was a wet one so the grass had grown pretty high. I was somewhere between second and third gearish and coming up to a left bend in the trail. I didn't have the best line and saw I was coming up on a rock about a foot tall hidden in the grass and braced for impact presumably to roll over top of it. Well, turned out the rock was 90 degree wall type and the a little too tall and so the back end of the bike pitched me off. When I came off it felt a little weird like it was too soft. The bike fell off the trail and down the slop about 4 feet with the front pointing downhill. After gathering myself up and trying to lift the bike, the right handlebar (throttle) had snapped off. My bars are twinwalls with the crossbar and just to the right of the right side bracket that holds the cross bar was where the bar cleanly snapped. Wow is it hard to maneuver a bike with half a handlebar, try it. At the time I wasn't sure but it turned out the be easier to roll the bike downhill another 10 feet to a flattish ledge, that looked like it had a more gentle angle back up to the trail by careful off camber sidehilling and some luck. What I learned meanwhile was the electric starter button wires were broken. I took the seat off to disconnect the battery because the wires kept touching and turning the starter while I was trying to fix and fumble with the bike. The only idea I had was to disassemble the crossbar and use the right side bracket to clamp the broken bar back together as a kind of bandaid. Fortunately I ride with tools and it was easy to use a 5 mm hex to get that done. The bar broke in such a was that there as no ragged edge or burrs and so the two broken ends fit back together snugly and the knuckle bracket slid over the top of them and then I tightened that down like all heck. This turned out to work like a charm. I had to use the kickstarter to get the bike started and then I was able to sidehill it up and back onto the trail as hoped. I rode back to the truck and those 14 miles were very gentle and easy but there were no more problems along the way. My bike is an '05 450X and the bars were probably what originally came on the bike so they were nearly 15 years old. And probably dropping the bike a thousand times the bars had gradually fatigued. If the bars were oversized protapers and they snapped, I think I would have had to walk out without the bike. I didn't take the time to photoshoot the incident but took one pic as a 'there is a god' and then a couple pics when I got back home of the breakage and the fix. I put another pair of twinwalls onto the bike just because I was able to do this with them!
  9. I have a 2008 YZ450F with a stock header pipe and Pro Circuit T-4 Slip-On Exhaust. I'm 99% sure the slip on is shot because its loud as hell and when I take it off and shake it it rattles. I would repack it but the screws are all stripped ect. Anyways I've gone over the carb multiple times and I've got it running pretty well. The only issue I have with the bike is that it sputters and pops around 1/2 throttle when I hold it there. When I give it full throttle from any RPM it runs great or when I give it about 3/4 throttle it spins up like a top to redline. Initially the popping and sputtering was way worse I made the situation better by moving the pilot jet up in a few sizes from a 45 (stock) to a 62. The issue has gotten way better since then but I'm not super sure what to do from here. Should I keep moving my pilot jet up in size because that's a pretty large jump right? I tried changing my needle clip position but that didn't help much if anything it just made starting it worse and little to no impact on the ride. Any input on this would be helpful. I don't want to buy other slip on. Also as for the rest of the carb I'm very sure everything else in it is what it needs to be at. I've replaced all the gaskets and O-rings cleaned all the jets, valve holes ect. fixed the accelerator pump timing. I just thinks its strange that my pilot jet size is going so far from the stock 45, but all symptoms point to the bike running lean.
  10. I got into a small heated discussion with one of my coworkers the other day and i am still bugged by the conversation. Id like a little insight on the subject so feel free to share your opinion, concerns, comments or rambles. So i live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I just recently got into motorized riding and have been riding mountain biking for a few years now. I am outdoors as much as time allows. I care about the environment around me and do my best to clean up trails and keep nature as natural as possible. That said......My coworker is an intense Mountain biker. The discussion came about because i asked if she knew how to access a trail system near her house. She then attacked me verbally saying that us motorized riders don't respect trails, or we widen them, or we are just &%$#@!.(granted, we can all be &%$#@! or bitches if we want) I was a bit taken back by her accusations when all i did was ask a simple question. Now to her point if the trails were or are muddy and wet then i would indeed be destroying trails. But i wasn't planning on riding the trails, just wanted to figure out how to access them for when they do open in a week or so. Okay, all that being said my response to her was "I pay taxes, registration fees, my bike is insured, i have health insurance and i have to pay to use the trails on my bike. You however ride the same trails, motor ways and do damage to trails just like i do but do not pay ANY fees." SOOOO i guess my post is to ask a question to the community: Should mountain bikers be required to have a sticker to ride trails? Should they have to register their bike if riding on the road? Should us dirt bikers be allowed to ride mountain bike trails since we actually pay to use trails and roads?(I know, not very realistic) Have you ever had any troubles with a pedal biker on your dirt bike?
  11. hi all, just wondering i've narrowed it down to these 2 ktm 450 xc f and a honda 450 rx both 2019 all i really need is low to mid power just want to know which one has more low to mid, thanks Archie
  12. Hey guys, I've researched for a while and still have no idea on what to buy. I plan on riding trails around Ottawa, Canada. No track. I have 5 years of experience on the road with a KLR650 and Z1000. My budget is about $3000. Used bikes around here are $1000-2000 for 125cc mid-2000 and $2000-$3000 for 250cc. I plan on riding a few times a year, whenever I can. I like green but I cannot find any KDX 200 around here. There's also the 2T vs 4T debate. I might buy a 2T 125cc to keep things cheap for my first trail bike. What are your thoughts on travelling the bike on a hitch platform behind a truck? Bad idea? I figure it beats buying a trailer.
  13. First post. I hope someone finds this informative. I'm using this as a build journal to document my process and the mistakes I make along the way. 2007 KX250 12T front 51T rear sprockets I'm 5'4" about 140 pounds and not as in shape as I'd like to be. Bike cost me nothing. So I'm fine spending a bit. I cut the seat down, added a lowering link, redid the suspension so I can get one foot down. Easy pull inline clutch linkage did wonders for the left hand. 13oz flywheel weight did wonders for the rideability and made climbs a bit easier. Now I want more. I'm now in the process of taking apart the head and the bore to send to Eric Gorr to get a port job done and a decompression valve installed for easier starting. I also plan to get an FMF Gnarly pipe and Turbinecore2 spark arrestor silencer. The Boyesen Rad valve just came in the mail. Lastly, an 18" rear with some Ibex shoes. What do you people think?
  14. ConnorMoto

    TTR 125 Mods?

    I'm looking to mod out my 2015 TTR 125 but I can't seem to find anything really except for like exhausts, sprockets, rims and obvious stuff like that. If anyone could help me out with some links or just names of stuff that would be great.
  15. I can't find a light weight flywheel to replace the one in my 2014 500EXC. It is going to be used strictly for hill climbing so quick shifting is very important and I need to be able to get the bike up to high RPM's as fast as possible. A flywheel weight is easy to find, but I can't find a replacement that is "lighter". Can anyone help please
  16. Hello all! My name is Miles and I need some help gauging what to expect for condition/"reliability" you could say, of my DRZ400E for cross country travel! I am looking into traveling the Trans America Trail. I'm from Rhode Island and found an alternate rout where I can start on the West border of Connecticut. Ending in Colorado, to Nevada, then California; and cruising something along the lines of RT66 back. [just for reference, don't mean to ramble] The Machine: 2003 DRZ400-E ~6k miles total - 5k lightly ridden, never seen dirt - 0.8k %100 hard off road [past year] Frequent Oil changes, Air Filter changes {I ride with the guy I purchased it from nearly daily. He was good about maintenance on the regular, but also pushe the bike in the woods just as much!} Front and Rear Suspension rebuilt, carburetor rebuilt all last year Stock everything except FMF power bomb header and exhaust muffler, and Vapor Trail Tech, lights + fork socks Expected Maintenance: Top End Rebuild, Timing, Valves adjusted [Have not done compression test, but i would expect new top to be necessary] obvious things such as Brake Pads, Fluids, Chain/Sprockets, Tries, Heavy Tubes From this information, And Any You Can Think Of To Ask, does this DRZ have potential for the Trans America Trail; a ~6'000 dirt, then ~4,000 road return trip?! Or would I be better off selling it for a newer model? Thanks! -Miles
  17. We should have a picture riding stoke post here. Pics from today’s ride including a 3’ rattlesnake.😳
  18. I have a klx 140 G and have been riding for close to two years now. I usually go out once a week after work with my husband when its not too cold or snowing out. Since we live in Michigan, our season is not super long. I am not brand spanking new, but I would not classify myself as a proficient rider yet. The most technical trails I have encountered were out in Montrose Colorado and some single tracks up in Norther Michigan. I have not mastered wheeling over logs yet so when I come to down trees that are too big to just blurp over, I end up going around them. We are thinking about going out to Idaho with my father in law to ride trails out there. Does anyone know of any good trails for beginner riders?
  19. When standing up on the dirt bike, trail riding and mx riding, are you supposed to lean forward to accommodate acceleration so that you’re not really pulling on the handle bars with your hands? I assume so, but it’s not made clear in the videos that I’ve watched to learn from. I’ve ridden my friends dirt bike at the track, holding a strict standing position no matter what level acceleration, forcing me to hold onto the bars pretty hard, and it just felt totally unnatural.
  20. Heres a video edit of the adventures I had riding by the Rio Puerco this last Sunday 7-16-2017
  21. Hello, For this summer, I was looking for a project. As a desert/trial, and occasionally single track rider from Southern California, any time of the year works for a build like this. I grew up riding two-stroke and after a couple years on four strokes, I want to return to the enduro king. However, KTM and Husky sell their bikes for quite a high price tag. So, I have decided I want to take an older two stroke motocross bike i.e. cr250, yz250, etc., and make it the ultimate desert bike for significantly less than a new KTM. I am not loyal to one brand, but I have always loved Honda and spent a grand a month ago on all new gear with Honda's name plastered all over it. I know all the mods I want to do the bikes to make them enduro/desert ready: heavy flywheel, 18 inch rear wheel, new exhaust, steering stabilizer, etc. What I need help in is I don't know what bikes I can install a wide ratio transmission in. I know yz250 can take a 400 or 426 transmission, but can any other brand? I would like to see a cr250 with the gears of a 450x rippin through the desert. I like the steel frame for off road use, and I just need some advice on the best bike for this conversion. Thanks
  22. I'm looking into buying a used bike to ride on trails, which bike between the two would be better to go on long distance trail rides and be the most reliable. Oh and I'm 5'10 175 pounds if that makes anything different.
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