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Found 99 results

  1. taking my transmission apart of my 2013 kx450... bike has about 40 hours on it. started grinding and jumping out of gear when shifting from 4th to 5th under load. after splitting cases and inspecting gears, i was surprised to see they all looked like they were in nearly new condition. the only wear i can find on any of the components is on the 5th gear gear dogs. they arent a perfect 90 degree angle anymore, but i wouldnt say they are anywhere near "excessive" wear. i guess my question is.. how much wear is too much? i know these are incredible precise parts, but it's just hard to imagine this is what was causing the jumping out of gear. but on the same note, there is NOTHING else wrong that i can find so it almost has to be this?? ive provided some pictures hoping someone with more knowledge and experience with these transmissions could set me straight. sorry if this posting is in the wrong place, but this is the first time ive ever joined a forum to ask a question. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help. James
  2. I have a 2003 yz125, it’s excessively dripping oil out of the silencer and where it meets the exhaust, there’s a lot of oil, it’s throwing out huge amounts of smoke and starting to foul out plugs. I’ve already replaced the clutch side seal (I’m almost positive it’s coming from the transmission oil) and repacked the exhaust. After that it seemed to stop or at least slowed down. After sitting for a couple months I changed the transmission oil once again and started it up, I let it warm up and didn’t feel like it had the normal amount of power and kinda bogged down, we revved the hell out of it and it cleared up and felt normal. We loaded up and drove out the the desert and I started it with the choke on and let it idle, after about a minute it died and wouldn’t turn over at all. We came back home and took out the spark plug and it was fouled replaced it and it ran again. The next day the same thing happened. Any thoughts on what I should do? The engine was recently rebuilt and I only use it for trail riding and run about a 40:1 ratio. Thanks
  3. These are pictures of a 2006 honda crf 250 right side case half. In the kick starter mechanism housing, there is a small piece of aluminum that bridges across a hole in the case. It broke off, and im wondering if anybody else has seen this before, and will it be an issue? I dont think it serves a purpose, but i would like a second opinion. Thanks!
  4. I’ve read the manual, it says warm the bike up for 3 minutes and then let it sit for 3 minutes and check to see if oil comes out from the check bolt. When the bikes been sitting for a while and hasn’t been running oil just drips out of the check bolt. I’ve heard that as long as it drips out when the bike is cold it should be fine. If I do what the manual says and warm the bike up for 3 minutes and let it cool down for 3 minutes no oil will come out of the check bolt. If I top it up until it comes out as the manual says when I let the bike sit overnight the oil will come out of the bolt real fast. Does this mean it’s too full? If someone knows anything about this or have a similar bike let me know. Thanks :)
  5. Preparing my 2011 KTM 250XC to convert to 300 XC-W, big bore kit... but more difficult is the transmission. Looking at the catalog it seems to me that to change the gearbox from XC to XC-W wide-ratio is about the changing: 1. Main shaft T=14, 54833201000 2. Idler gear 1st T=32, 54833211100 3. Idler gear 2nd T16, 54833202100 4. Idler gear 2nd T=26, 54833212100 Is there anyone who has done this successfully?
  6. My 2001 yz426f has a missing 5th gear, what i mean is whenever i shift into 5th the bike revs out like a false neutral and goes nowhere. I still have all the other gears 1st-4th but 5th won’t go, I like to use my bike for wide open runs through everything, but randomly without any noise or jerk or anything it just wouldn’t go into 5th . I was wondering if their was anyone that could help or point me in the right direction. I know theirs not many of these bikes left but i thought i’d give it a shot to put it out their and see if anyone could help?
  7. i recently bought a 2002 ktm 520sx the crank was gone so i had to split the motor. while its split i would like to add the 5th and 6th gears in there just the wide ratio for top speed.i have seen the parts list for about 250 but when i called someone just quoted me 700 for parts. not sure why such the big difference. looking for any help with this. also if anyone has directions for this would be amazing. thanks again for the help
  8. Was wondering if anyone knows of a diagram that shows the thickness and inner diameter size for each washer. I think I have it right but I want to be sure. And does it matter what direction the washers face? I'd imagine it does being that each thrust washer has a smooth edge and a sharper edge. I face the smooth edge of the thrust washers outwards if you know what I mean because if they are the other way around it wouldn't seem right. If anyone that has experience with this stuff can chime in that would be awesome
  9. Hi all, I am new to the board and this is my first post. I have found a lot of info on the earlier model YZ/WR gear swaps fo get a taller and wider gear ratio in a Yz450. I just bought a 2017 YZ450F and I am converting to a supermoto. I will be riding mainly on the street and would like to get a wider gear ratio. Can you swap gears front he later model (2017ish) WR450’s to the Yz450’s? Or would I have swap the entire transmission? I would like to swap 1st, 4th & 5th ideally. Any info or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Was out for a short ride today to try out my new proshotcam gopro mount and on the way back, close to home luckily, the bike (2015 yz250f) acted like I accidentally clicked it into neutral. Thinking this was the case I pulled in the clutch and clicked down to first, and went to start going again and it revved with out moving, or barely moving if that, hard to tell I was in sand. So I shut off the bike and while there I tried to click it into a different gear or neutral which didn't work the first couple tries then it did but felt different than normal. When the bike was in gear it could be rolled without the clutch in but made a funny noise coming from the tranny area. The bike seemed fine in neutral so I started it. It idled fine and revved fine, all normal noises. Then upon clicking it into gear it started to make a funny noise in the tranny area again so I just shut it off right away. So it shifts into gears fine but will not engage the engine and the wheel, so it won't drive. I'm going to split the cases and see what the problem is, but was just wondering if anyone had any idea. Something wrong with the gears, shift fork, shift cam, or did the tranny bearings go? Thanks
  11. Please this post is not asking what I should use(that is beaten to death!) but can I use the stuff in the pic for my tranny. I use Belray 80w Gear saver and perfectly happy with it. I uploaded this pic to a fb Yamaha page and almost got my head ripped off when I asked if I could run this in my YZ250X Transmission. "Different additives" "not designed for it" you stupid fk" Use what the manual says...….my manual says 10-40 soooo is there a difference between 10-40 for my tranny and the 10-40 in the pic??? I bought this oil for my RMZ250 that the X is replacing and wanted to use this if I can as opposed to give it away...some say yes and some no. I get better advice and less attacks at TT than FB...jeesh Ill never ask another tech thing again on FB...
  12. I replaced the transmission on an '05 kx85, and ive put the cases back together and everything spins freely, it shifts through all the gears, but once you put that tensioner thing that presses on the shift drum (dont know what the part's called) you cant shift into 3rd, itll get stuck halfway between second and 3rd, but once you take off that tensioner thing you can spin the drum and shift through all the gears just fine, whats going on?
  13. I’m looking for some opinions on a noise my bike is making. When shifting into first from nuetral my bike slams into gear which is accompanied by a “ping” noise that sounds like 2 swords hitting each other. I can faintly hear the “ping” noise ringing out while rolling around in first gear. Upshifts are all smooth however downshifts seem to slam pretty hard from 3rd to 1st. I have also found that while shifting to nuetral while stopped with the bike running, my gears will grind and not allow me to shift to nuetral. This is only on occasions. Any ideas? All new clutch last year with forged clutch basket. I did notice my chain was pretty loose on this last ride, which I have head can cause noises and hard shifts. However that “ping” noise sounds like it’s coming from inside. Any advice is appreciated.
  14. Hello all! thanks for the awesome recurse that this site is and all of the help this place already has been before this...my first post! So, I am as the title states, rebuilding the lower end of my 2008 xr650l. Now that I have installed the 2nd and 5th gear mod as well as replaced another worn gear, and center shift fork I now have the shift drum installed and am beginning to wonder if there is indeed a way to install that(shift drum) backwards? I have tested and all seems to shift smoothly through the gear, however it would seem to me that if i were on the bike I would be pushing the pedal down to shift through the top four gears. Is this possible, or am I just second guessing myself? THanks for the help!! -Jdoo
  15. Hi all, Recently bought a 2005 525 EXC with 88 hours/1900 miles. Rode for about an hour just fine until I was on a slow climb, lost all pressure in clutch lever and rear wheel wouldn't release (roll in gear) with clutch pulled in. The bike acted like I didn't have the clutch pulled in. I rolled it down the hill and got it going, but the clutch lever was very hard to pull and shifting was notchy like I was shifting without clutch/rev-matching. Got back to truck and lever pull feels good again. Got the bike going like normal for a couple takeoffs, now when I try to take off in first it just dies because the rear wheel wont free up. Can shift into neutral and it rolls around fine. So far I bled the system and refilled with 5W fork oil. Master was full so don't think slave is leaking. Going to pull the clutch cover tonight and see if i notice anything abnormal. Any advice on things to look for/test? This is my first time working on the clutch. Any chance this could be a transmission issue? Thanks!! Cant wait to get back on the trail.
  16. Hi, Folks. I am new to the forum, and I have a question about my kid's 2004 Yamaha TTR125. His clutch cable broke, and he got impatient while waiting for it to arrive. He rode it around the yard a bit while I was at work, and it suddenly locked up and dumped him. The engine is fine, and it will roll for a certain distance before locking up again. It locks up with our without the clutch lever pulled. We took off the clutch side cover and everything looks fine (no metal shavings, broken or worn teeth, etc.). If you have any insight, I would appreciate it.
  17. Hi All, I have recently put a new crank in my yz 125, I have stuffed up and can’t remember where the washers go. I have a manual but more after the thickness of the washers as for some reason I have 3 left over. One is the same as the clutch basket washer, one is a very skinny one only around 0.4mm and also one that about 1.4mm. I have added a photo of washers please help, I put back together and it was slipping in 2nd
  18. Hello I currently own a 2002 cr 125 and I believe i have a seized tranny. I have come across a 2000 cr transmission for sale near me. I am wondering if anyone knows if they are interchangeable. Thanks for any help
  19. Pulling into work today my bike stopped being able to downshift. I tried to downshift from third to second and the shifter didn't come back up (it stuck down) so I tried up shifting instead and it worked. It shifted flawlessly all the way up into 5th, but now won't downshift. Things that might help speed the conversation along... - The bike is running fine otherwise and not making any strange noises. - Rolling forward and back doesn't change anything - Pushing in and out on the lever while trying to downshift does nothing. - The lever swings down freely, all the way to the frame, and is returning to its rest position. There is just not the usual click of the gears changing. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  20. dropped the bike doing a dirt donut, Pretty sure I broke a pin on the change drum /gear holder star thing (and 1 week from my Friday the 13th DMV test that I need this bike for) but found a pin in the oil pan when I was trying removing the gear changer face plate. couldn't remove the plate because I realized you need to get the chain and sprocket out of the way since I don't have tools for either of those things I was wondering if I could get away with EITHER removing the sprocket OR the chain ...to save money. if not I guess ill just have to buy $400 impact wrench + a $200 master link revet tool.
  21. All; Ran into some problems today and I'm hoping for some good pointers. I was out riding for only 10 minutes or so today on my kx450f that had previously been, dare I say it, reliable, and I had some strange issues culminating in some stranger ones. The first problem was a whining noise and reduced power, even though the engine was still running fine. I stopped and looked at it for a bit when nothing seemed to be wrong I kept going, it was fine under light power, but it soon did it again. This time, while I was looking for the culprit in neutral it jumped into a semi-gear, whining and pulling forward some, but not fully engaged yet. I knew something was wrong and rode it home, trying to keep it under light power. In the shop, I let it idle for a minute without finding the false gear and then goosed it once and it snapped into second with no input. As of now, after some experimenting, I have learned that the shifter feels fine, you can feel out 1st-4th including neutral. 1st-4th are all engaged, but so is neutral (I believe it is second gear, but I wasn't going to ride it to confirm and, as I will explain, it cannot just be in second gear) when shifting to second from "neutral" it makes the same noise/feel I'm used to. The odd bit is that the clutch no longer works as it should, when the clutch is out the tranny is hooked to the engine in every gear including neutral (again, I believe that is second) and when the clutch is squeezed the transmission is still hooked up in the gears, only releasing in neutral (so neutral cannot just be second gear). After removing the clutch basket I confirmed that the rear tire is engaged with the motor in the transmission somewhere which seems to me like it shouldn't be possible, I was previously under the impression that the only way for the transmission and the motor to be hooked up was through the clutch. While I had the clutch basket out testing this I had a look around at the gears and shift linkages visible from that side and all looked well, but I can upload a picture if you think the problem could be there. So, to reiterate, the problem began with some whining and then graduated into a full lock together. When the clutch is open (as it would be while sitting still in gear with the motor running) all of the gears remain hooked from the motor to the tire as it would be if it were functioning normally with the clutch closed. With the clutch closed, all gears and neutral result in the motor being hooked to the back tire. I am new here, but I hope you won't judge me too hard for that, I'm not a pro, but I have some experience working on various cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes and four-wheelers and I have a brother who is a Polaris mechanic who was similarly stumped. I really appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!!
  22. Hello I want to order a 2016 gearbox but I have a question. Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a rmz 250 2015 engine ? because I have always have problems with the 15 gearbox and the 16 gearbox is much better i have ask 6 local dealers but they think it fits but nowone nows it for sure do anybody can help my ? Greetings Rens
  23. I am rebuilding a 2002 CR250. I may or may not have gotten the gear on the end of the tranny mixed up. 50/50. I need a diagram for a 2002 CR 250. Someone have a manual they can scan that page out of? When I look around I cannot find the exact one online
  24. 2006 YZ 250.. The manual calls for 10w30 (yamalube 4 stroke oil), can I use 10w50 (Motul semi sythetic 4 stroke oil) ?? I bought the bike, want to change the gear oil before I ride tomorrow but all I have at the moment is the Motul 10w50 semi synth. Is that oil going to be too thick compared to the 10w30 or will it be fine.. Thanks
  25. I recently bought a 2005 yz250 on the first ride about 5 minutes into the ride my bike would not shift anymore nothing I did would make it shift engine still ran fine it is just stuck in 5th any help or suggestions would greatly appreciated
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