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Found 30 results

  1. Hi I want to turn my old GasGas (txt 280 '02) into an electric one can you suggest a site or special motors, batteries I could buy??
  2. pat22043

    Beta evo included parts?

    I just picked up my 2018 Beta Evo 200. The dealer included a few things in the box, such as the owners manual CD, a liter of premix oil, the rest of a liter of tranny oil, and a horn and a speedometer. Why in the world do they included the horn and speedo? The horn looks to be barely worthy of a kid's toy car, and the speedo might work on a bicycle. Why not skip those two valuable parts and lower the price of the bike by a huge amount, say $5? Does anyone have a use for them?
  3. I have a '13 Beta Evo 4T trials bike that likes to backfire on deceleration, it's pretty annoying. Looking at the parts book, there is no gasket, o-ring or anything else that goes between the exhaust port and the headpipe. The headpipe isnt deformed or damaged, nor is the sleeve at the exhaust port that the headpipe fits over. Does anyone else have the same problem? What did you do to fix it?
  4. I just picked up a 1994 Fantic K-ROO in good working order, but the bike did not include a shop manual or any technical information. I've looked around the web a bit, and found virtually nothing. Anyone have a pdf of the manual? Anyone have a hard-copy for sale? The bike is in good shape, but I think there are some Fantics that use brake fluid in the clutch system, and others that use mineral oil. I'm not sure how much fork oil is correct, and the radiator fan doesn't seem to be running, so a wiring diagram would help, too. Thanks!
  5. Trials competition on Sunday 6/4 in Metamora (north of Rochester). Here's the link to the event. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Come check it out. Come spectate and learn more about observed trials or bring whatever bike you have (mx, enduro, trail or play bike) and ride the beginner or novice line. https://www.motatrials.com/mota-clubs/great-lakes/ We've got a pretty decent trials scene here in Michigan. There are 6 clubs under the MOTA umbrella. Each club hosts two competitions per year. If you've ever had an interest in checking out observed trials, stop by and check it out. Spectators are welcome. Beginner riders are also very welcome. Bring out your mx, enduro, trail or play bike and try out some beginner or novice lines. The beginner lines are easily ridden by anyone who can ride a motorcycle. The novice lines are a little trickier but might be more enjoyable for someone with a lot of experience on dirt bikes. You can pick and choose your line at each section depending on your experience level and the difficulty of that section. The concept is simple, get through the observed sections without putting your feet down. Unlike other competitive events, the people are amazingly friendly. It's not uncommon to see two guys in the same cloass who are directly competing with each other giving each other tips about a section they just cleared. If you show up and just want more information or you want to ride your first event on whatever bike you have, just ask for help. There will be a ton of people that will jump to tell you everything you need to know. This sport is all about having fun whatever your experience level is. Even if you just learned to operate a clutch, there is a line for you. If you struggle with something, you'll have multiple people helping you and encouraging you. It's not like motocross. You won't be embarrassed if you fail and you won't have to worry about being in the way when you just start out. We love new riders. Age and gender are not a factor. We have female and male riders from 4 years old to 80 years old. I get soundly beaten by an older female in my class at every event. There are always youth sections for the very young children and the slightly older kids do great riding their little trail bikes on the beginner lines. If you plan to ride, you will need an AMA membership which you can get here http://www.amajoin.com/MIONTA. You'll also need basic safety equipment including a helmet, gloves and boots. Obviously motorcycle boots are best but if you are just starting out any boot that covers your ankles will do. Here are some pictures I grabbed off the MOTA website. Don't let some of the larger obstacle in these pictures worry you. They are from the higher level lines (sportsman, advanced, expert). The beginner lines are generally fairly flat and focus on basic turns, balance, coordination of controls etc. Novice lines add in some smaller obstacles like logs generally lower than the skid plate, very tight and sometimes off camber turns and some steeper climbs and descents. Doc
  6. Hi people, I know very little on how to do what I want to do regards to putting together a 2nd hand ec 300 I'm making videos to entertain others and myself during the build Any help would be great in the weeks to come Here is the link to my 1st episode of the Gas Gas Ec 300 Build Series Enjoy https://youtu.be/aMTOXVhyikI
  7. Wow, trials is hard to get started in. Impossible to find a good, solid used trials bike unless you are in the secret club of folks who already have a trials bike. Most dealers can't spell trials. So I bought a used Beta Rev-3. Its impossible to ride. It takes a Superman™ kick to turn the bike over. I can ride maybe 5 minutes and my legs are screaming. I get completely worn out, heart racing and sweat pouring off my head and body. It looks like a small and light enduro bike. I can ride enduro bikes. I can ride street bikes. I've raced bikes. But I can't ride my trials bike. And after 40 years, I have to buy a 3/4 helmet? I got one of the first Bell Star helmets in town, and every helmet I've bought since has been full face. I was told: "that enduro helmet will melt your brain" when I tried at a vintage trials event. I brought along my old enduro boots, they are so worn that they have no support. Just what you need for trials, right? Nope, the hard sole has zero traction on rocks, roots and mud, I kept falling down while walking the sections. How do you get started? Will it ever be easier? How can I ride enough to go from impossibly terrible to just really bad if I can't manage to ride the bike more than 5 minutes at a time? Are all you guys just born as Toni Bou?
  8. Jason Miller

    pitbike trials

    i got bored with doing typical trails on my pitbike so I started trying others things like trial bike things lol been fun but not working like I want so looking to do lots of mods to make it work, mostly wondering has anyone else tried to turn a pitbike into a trials bike if so what all was done? I'm thinking removing plastics an making a cage around engine, cutting rear part of frame where engine doesn't mount to, would like to upgrade engine but that's to come later engine now has been heavy modified is a 70cc but runs like a 110cc is a semi auto 4spd with sprocket swaps. what do you all think of this?
  9. M.Roman

    Trials Crosstraining

    There isn't many forums talking about trials, and how it is related to offroad riding so I decided to start this thread. When it comes to offroad riding a trials bike (IMO) is pivotal to advancing your skills past the average level and yet there isn't a lot of media expressing this. If you look at the top world riders you'll find over and over that they come from a trials background. I've ridden trials for over 3 years and have seen every bit of the skills transfer over, and most noticeably when I ride trials the day before enduro. Probably the most important skill I've honed is balance. You can spend 30 minutes at the end of your work day riding in your yard, or driveway just to get some training in. I can't even count the amount of times I got on to ride for a short bit, then notice an hours gone flying by! Since then I've noticed the trials riding consistently prepares me mentally for bigger hits on my enduro bike; straight rock faces, gnarly drop ins, mossy stream/rock gardens, all stuff that people consider hard enduro. On top of all that, the trials bike allows me to scope out new areas to make trails in remote spots that some people won't even hike, let alone take a full size bike through. And who doesn't like brand new single track??!
  10. pat22043

    SE Pennsylvania Trials stuff

    I just bought a trials bike to go with my two KTM enduro/trails bikes. Looking for clubs, lessons, coaching, riding buddies, etc. So hints, links, etc greatly appreciated.
  11. smithjNW

    Gas Gas TXT 300 FS

    Hi All, I'm selling my 2012 Gas Gas TXT 300 Pro. The bike is in great shape. Has the usual scuffs found on a trials bike but has been in no way abused. Very well maintained, ready to ride.d Please PM or respond through the craigslist ad. The bike is located in Corvallis, Oregon. Asking $4200. https://corvallis.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2012-gas-gas-txt-300-pro/6589642539.html Thanks!
  12. Dan Williams

    NETA rules changes

    Two rules changes we're trying to get out to all in New England just so there are no nasty surprises when you show up. Tether type motor killing devices are now mandatory and yes you have to wear them. Yes vintage guys too. To encourage early sign up the full year membership price goes up after April 15th from $30 to $50. All details are on the web page www.newenglandtrials.com Membership forms are on-line and you can even pay on-line.
  13. rrefugee

    Beta rev 80 fork problem

    I have an 06 Beta rev 80 with leaking fork seals. When I try to take out the Allen bolt at the underside of the fork lowers, it seems that they just twirl. Is there a trick to getting that bolt out?
  14. New Enduro and Trials club in Birmingham Alabama. Skytoucher Enduro and Trials Www.Enduroearth.com I am the land owner and trail builder. You guys can contact me by phone if you're interested. We will also be available for camping for Barber Vintage festival this year (october). if anyone wants to ride in from out of town. Thanks. Ride forever.
  15. Chach25

    Any NE Trials riders?

    Does anyone in the Northeast ride trials? I'm in NYC and looking for some trials buddies. I'm new and looking to learn as much as possible. They seem nonexistent near the city.
  16. antonia1979


    Hi to all, I just wanted to let you know there is a nice trial holiday family business in Greece. I had lots of fun and adventure. http://trialsacademygr.wixsite.com/holidays
  17. pat22043

    Pointer to SE PA Trials clubs?

    After riding enduro bikes, I picked up a used Beta two stroke trials bike today. Clearly I need lessons. Pointers and links to trials clubs in PA, or nearby states would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that the 2017 Freeride E-XC has officially arrived at Elite Motorsports! I was able to do a quick test ride after setting one up and it is really cool! Let me know if you have any questions or would like to get one. We have a limited supply still available. Scott Elite Motorsports 970-461-1022 scott@elitektm.com
  19. So I picked up a pretty beat up 2013 gas gas txt 300 raga replica on Craigslist. It had a lot broken on it but ran, although very rich. It has a Keihin carb. I confused the idle screw and the air fuel screw, and turned the idle screw a few times counter clockwise to try and lean it up. I realized the error, but lost track of how many times I turned the idle screw when I tried to put it back where it was. The air fuel mix was at half turn, so I turned it to 1.5 out which is the default, but the idle is still hanging really high and the idle screw doesn’t seem to have much effect. I don’t really know what to do, is there a default idle rpm or position for the idle adjust? Could something have gotten stuck when I turned the idle adjust? Any help would be great!
  20. Hey fans of trials! September 1&2, 2018 in the sunny Northern California Sierra Nevada mountain range marks the date for the 2018 Trial Store AMA-NATC MotoTrials National Series Finale. If you ride trials and want to ride in one the premier trials riding areas in the nation, or if you just want to come out and watch the best trials riders in the nation, then don’t miss this event! It also happens to be rounds 1&2 of the FIM North American Championship Trials followed up by rounds 3&4 in British Columbia. For more information, check out sactopits.org/national as well as mototrials.com For the Canadian round, please see trialsbc.com as well as motorcyclingcanada.ca
  21. My wife has had a year of riding now on her KLX140L and has become a good rider. The only problem is she's watched too many Graham Jarvis videos and wants a Gas Gas contact or a Beta Evo Sport. She's leaning heavy towards the Gas Gas with electric start. She's 5'3 so full size enduro bikes are out. Been there and done that, it didn't work. We ride single track and mostly slower technical stuff. She isn't a fast rider already so going slower would be hard to imagine. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Ridden by novice rider, excellent condition for the year, normal scratches, new rear tire, good front tire, fresh oil, new fork seals and oil, plush suspension front and rear, easy to start and runs great, new grips, tethered kill-switch, can ship or meet somewhere, 3000 USD, Email: neta160@hotmail.com, 401 256-6381, Tim, Rhode Island


    Cumberland, Rhode Island - US

  23. The Smage brothers are other worldly. Video does them no justice. Phil came out to one of our trials competitions, it was a treat getting to see him ride.
  24. I was watching the Erzberg race a few weeks ago and it occurred to me: why doesn't anyone use a trials bike? It would need to have enough power/top end to get up the crazy hills. I think knobbies would be the best choice for tires. The low seat height and light weight of the trials bikes would seem to be a big advantage in the crazy rock/hill sections. Any thoughts?
  25. March 26, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Are you ready to meet the Yamaha TY-E trial bike concept motorcycle? This advanced electric bike is packed with features and ready for action during this summer’s 2018 FIM Trial-E-Cup. If you’re in Tokyo, you can get a first look at this innovative machine – right now! Live at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show!