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Found 39 results

  1. Matthew Formicola[BHS]

    ttr Help! TTR 110 wont shift past 2nd gear

    I just picked up a 2008 ttr110. It had no battery, no key, no starter, anything that was extra and wasnt needed, stripping it bare. I was popping wheelies, slipped and the bike fell. Not a bad fall, but when i got up and drove off, only neutral, first, and second gear were available. When your in second and go to shift it feels like your in forth, where you cant shift up. The bike is semi, And i need help ASAP before i overpay to get it fixed (only place near me charges 89$ an hour) or what i need to fix it. If i have to, i will open up the engine.
  2. wpp1000

    Some modding suggestions for ttr230?

    What's up, I just got my used ( but like new ) TTR 230 2011 for one heck of a deal (1300 with 400$ worth of equipment). Me and my friend have been riding mine and his bike past couple days like crazy, but his crf230f has got alot some acceleration on it. I'm not trying to make mine better than his I just want to explore the world of modding on a dirt bike. Also when starting cold it can take up to like 30 seconds to get it going. What are some mods you guys would suggest trying? I hear people say rejetting will help a whole lot out, if so can you link me to where you bought the jets and how I should install them? I don't want to be doing anything too pricey at the moment because I just bought it.
  3. Rage232

    2008 ttr 110

    Hi everyone. Looking at a first bike for my daughter. Ran across this 110, looking to get a very good deal due to the issues. I can wrench most anything myself. How do you feel about the comments? For Sale: i have a 2008 ttr-110 for sale. has electric start, decent tires, pro taper high bars, and a two brothers exhaust. just finished up a rebuild on it. everything in the bottom end was in spec. bored .50 over, new piston and rings, gaskets. valves were adjusted. the bad it shifts into neutral and first gear and runs perfect, but for some reason it wont hit 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. if i adjust the clutch a different way it will go into 1st and 2nd but not neutral. im not sure what the issue is exactly. The guy states he was just in the bottom end.. I would say he's sounds capable of fixing the issue himself, but found out many problems. Just figure'd I would post and get your thoughts on this. Thanks!!
  4. SlowDirt03

    TTR 225 Suspension

    Hey all, I am new to the forums and dirt in general. (street rider) I am looking at getting a TTR-225 this week. I know that this has a few threads already but I was unable to find links to products with an exact fit. I was wondering what the best suspension would be for this bike. I am new to upgrading suspension so would I just need stiffer fork springs, what exactly do I need to change? And what difference if any do RaceTech gold valves make? I won't be jumping the bike, I would just like to have something that has stiffer suspension than a stock TTR-225. I will be doing trail riding in Georgia, with mud crossing, mostly decently packed dirt/clay what would work best for my application? And who makes a good skid plate for the bike? Please provide links to all things mentioned. Thanks! Nick
  5. YungCharmander

    Best Trail Bike

    I was wondering what trail bike I should buy, ive been looking at the ttr230 and the crf230f but they seem a bit small as I'm 6'1 and most people will say they are too small, what other options do I have for bikes that are reliable and that don't need a lot of maintinence like these two?
  6. My buddy in Utah just put some 30mm handlebar risers on his TT-R230. He's happy with the results. https://www.google.com/url?hl=en&q=https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a%3Dss5egUMOE2wstCaZ%26u%3D/watch%3Fv%3D0Il-U11x6ac%26feature%3Dem-uploademail&source=gmail&ust=1524790132971000&usg=AFQjCNFNpFFoPkEfml1Kggj362yVFjESAQ
  7. Hello friends, Nearly one month ago my riding buddy and I spent two days in the Paiute Trail System in Utah. One of the most challenging portions of the ride was this section of switchbacks up and over Circleville Mountain. It was very fun, and knowing you have a steep drop-off next to you for 6 straight minutes of climbing always bumps up the adrenaline.
  8. Im rejetting with 130 main and 38 pilot and im wondering what I turn the fuel mixture to. I have heard people say one full turn and others two full turns (from it being screwed all the way in). I dont know which one it is. Thanks!
  9. Hi I got my son PW50 and he loves it, now it's time to get myself a bike. I'm a beginner, 5'9" 200lbs. My use would be basically trial riding with my son. I was considering a crf230 or ttr230 but have heard it may be too small etc... I definitely want a 4 stroke low maintenance bike- advice? Must appreciated
  10. I have a 2006 Yamaha TT-R 230. For the past year or 2 I have had to clean the carb a lot. Recently, after cleaning the carb, it still would not idle without the choke and sometimes even with the choke on and would backfire on deceleration. Very hard to start. I have done the air box mods and removed exhaust baffle. I have the 130 main jet and 38 pilot jet along with the mixture screw turned out 1 full turn. I have checked valves and they seem good. My float bowl O-ring is done for but I don't think that would make that big of a problem. Gas should not be the problem. Just want advice before I start buying a bunch of stuff to repair.
  11. Wescrf

    Crf80 stalling

    I was going down the path on my 2004 crf80 and all of a sudden the bike acted like it was out of gas so i put it on reserve and that didnt help so i came home and put gas in it and still did the same thing. So i cleaned carb, cleaned the spark plug, cleaned the air filter, adusted the valves and cam chain and none of it helped. When its sitting there idling it runs fine but when i put it in gear and ride it and give it throttle it has no power. It acts like its out of gas when its not and i know for a fact that its getting gas cause i made sure. Maybe someone up here has had the same problem and can help me figure this out.
  12. JrFish

    07-08ish TTR90 vs. CRF79

    Need to pick up a used starter bike for my 8 Y.O's birthday next month. Craigslist has plenty of CRF70s around, but TTR90s are not as plentiful (none local). Does anyone have any opinions on which of these 2 models is superior? Looks like TTR only weighs 4-5 lbs more and has electric start, as well just slightly more travel on both ends. The electric start is really what is making me think I'm going to go the extra mile(s) for a TTR. Riding will be cruising around the ranch. Thanks!
  13. eastexas

    bbr rear spring upgrade on ttr125

    About to attempt a to replace the stock rear shock spring with a BBR spring. As far as I have researched all I need to do is remove the top an bottom shock bolts to get the whole shock out. Then loosen the preload and pop the collar out. Swap the springs and reverse the process. But what I am unclear on is when I reattach the top and bottom bolt do I need to grease these bolt and use some loc-tight? Also, does anyone know what the spec torque for these bolts should be? If anyone who has done this could clear this up for me or has any tip I would appreciate the insight. Thanks This is on a 2005 ttr125l
  14. kadkme1

    rocker stripped?

    hey guys. got a 04 ttr 225 here and alot of ticking in the head. went to adjust valves and intake checked out ok. exhaust on the other had is messed up. the little adjuster bolt thing with a square head wont thread in the rocker arm any more. it threads so far untill it just starts to stick out the bottom of the rocker then stops like it wont go any farther. almost like stripped or wrong bolt or something. very frustrating. it will run but with the most god awful head noise in the world!
  15. jwimberley

    '96 TTR-230 no go (clutch issue)

    Hi everyone! I've been reading posts for several years and normally I can find the answer to the current issue or modification I'm digging into with the wealth of knowledge here. That is until now. Here's my issue. At the end of last riding season my chain broke going up a hill. The chain then got wedged in the front sprocket (my fault for running a bigger sprocket to get a more usable 1st I'm sure). I let the bike sit over the winter and recently got the itch to get back on the trail so I put on a new chain, rear sprocket and changed the oil. Got ready for a quick little test ride around the block and when I let the clutch out.................nothing, bike won't move. Starts and runs normal, no noises, clanks, etc. I can feel it go into gear, but when you release the clutch there's no movement. I can get it to move a little on it's own if I'm off the bike and on a flat surface. Here's what I've done so far: - verified the clutch cable is working (ie, moving the leaver on the top of the engine) - adjusted the cable just about as far as it would go. - pulled the disks out and they look fine with plenty of life left From here I'm not sure what to check next. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  16. Hi all, I am in need of some tires for my ttr-230, and just curios if anyone has a brand the have good experiences with. Ill mostly be riding in dirt and mud, occasionally Ill be on the road but not for long distances, any recommendations for this type of riding? Thanks in advance :)
  17. Twowheeladdiction


  18. Sage D'Amato

    2003 YZ 125 spitting oil

    I have a 2003 yz125, it’s excessively dripping oil out of the silencer and where it meets the exhaust, there’s a lot of oil, it’s throwing out huge amounts of smoke and starting to foul out plugs. I’ve already replaced the clutch side seal (I’m almost positive it’s coming from the transmission oil) and repacked the exhaust. After that it seemed to stop or at least slowed down. After sitting for a couple months I changed the transmission oil once again and started it up, I let it warm up and didn’t feel like it had the normal amount of power and kinda bogged down, we revved the hell out of it and it cleared up and felt normal. We loaded up and drove out the the desert and I started it with the choke on and let it idle, after about a minute it died and wouldn’t turn over at all. We came back home and took out the spark plug and it was fouled replaced it and it ran again. The next day the same thing happened. Any thoughts on what I should do? The engine was recently rebuilt and I only use it for trail riding and run about a 40:1 ratio. Thanks
  19. pbblueroom

    Looking for a cheap TTR90 Exhaust

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a 2000 TTR90 for my son. the previous owner had the exhaust fall off while riding and a guess left it in the desert. Anyway I want to pick one up, cheap. I'm not looking for extra power or anything. Ebay has a ton that say they fit, but I don't see how they fit the support bracket, and the exhaust pipe is 26mm, but these all seem to only go down to 38mm. here are some links so you can see what I'm talking about. If you know a good link for one please let me know. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-38-51mm-Motorcycle-Carbon-Fiber-Exhaust-Muffler-w-Removable-Silencer/332167907200?fits=Year%3A2000|Model%3ATTR90&hash=item4d56c00780:g:WSQAAOSwzgBY23oo&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/28mm-Exhaust-Muffler-For-90cc-110cc-125cc-Dirt-Pit-Bike-TTR-CRF50-SSR-Thumpstar/321988125687?hash=item4af7fce3f7:m:mtBWjDVUEnYxJPki7bidl3Q&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-38-51mm-Motorcycle-Carbon-Fiber-Exhaust-Muffler-w-Removable-Silencer/232615617126?fits=Year%3A2000|Model%3ATTR90&hash=item3628f8a266:g:WSQAAOSwzgBY23oo&vxp=mtr
  20. jamesm113

    TTR 230 Mods

    Carb Mods The recommended baseline jetting seems to a #38 pilot and a #130 main. The TTR230's come with a TK (Teikei) carb stock and jets are somewhat difficult to find. Stock jetting is a #36 pilot, a #125 main and a 5C20 needle. Pilot Jets - Yamaha Part Numbers #36 - 1C6-14342-18-00 (stock) #36 - 43F-14342-18-00 (obsolete) #38 - 43F-14342-19-00 #38 - 43F-14342-68-00 (obsolete) Main Jet Size - Yamaha Part Numbers - TK Part No #122 - 288-14343-61-00 #125 - 288-14343-63-00 (stock) #130 - 288-14343-65-00 #135 - 288-14343-68-00 #140 - 288-14343-70-00 #146 - 288-14343-73-00 #156 - 288-14343-78-00 #160 - 288-14343-80-00 Links: JetsRUs Teikei Main Jets: http://jetsrus.com/a_jets_by_carburetor_type/jets_teikei_main_hex_3T.html JetsRUs Teikei Pilot Jets: http://jetsrus.com/a_jets_by_carburetor_type/jets_teikei_slow_3U.html Yamaha Parts: http://www.partzilla.com/parts/search/Yamaha/Motorcycle/1985/TRIALS+-+TY350N/CARBURETOR/parts.html
  21. So I bought a 2004 drz110. Test drive it rode mint had a decent first gear low end bog when I really got on it but it sat for a few years so I assumed a little general maintenance(clean carb oil change new spark plug clean air filter) would fix it. First thing I did though is install the fmf pipe that I bought it with the guy never installed it. Other than that bike is 100% stock. So I cleaned the carb and did an oil and filter change used Kawasaki 10w40 oil and k&n KN-112 oil filter. So I fired it up and it is 1 kick fire up almost every time not a big problem. But I noticed at half throttle it sputters in neutral and first didn't really notice it in second. Also seemed to be smoking a little. I got rid of the low end bog it seems after cleaning the carb but this new problem came up. I adjusted the air screw and reset it to closed and opened 1 1/4 turns like the manual says because whoever messed with it before me had it at 2 1/2 turns out. I thought that would fix it but it still has the same sputter. If I open the throttle up then just flat out let it go it'll stall. I haven't replaced the spark plug yet was going to do it tonight. But after reading around the forum I'm having trouble finding an answer that'll help with my specific problem. Most things say it's jetting because of a the new exhaust but I know plenty of people who run stock klx or ttr with an fmf or aftermarket pipe with no problems. From what I'm reading it sounds like maybe it could be a main main problem like it's clogged or not the right one because it means it's running too rich. I didn't remove the main jet when I cleaned the carb so I could believe that it might still be dirty. My plan is the check the spark plug and put a new one in and if I'm still having the sputter to pile the jets and the carb and hit them with some carb cleaner and see if that works. Just wanted some opinions of if I'm going about it right or if I'm totally wrong and there's something else I'm not thinking of wrong with the bike.
  22. helloimbronson98


    so i was out riding my ttr 230 and it was running fine as usual for about 10 minutes and then i was going up a hill and it just bogged out and shut off. its electric start only so i tried to start it to go up the hill and it wouldnt turn over, i pushed it up the hill and let it sit for a few minutes and tried starting it again and it wouldnt crank over the light would blink when i pushed the starter. so i tried to bump start it and it didnt start, i tried again and it started and it would idle but when i gave it any gas it would sound terrible and want to bogg out and die. so i just put it in 4th or 5th gear idled it home. the next day or so i went out a tried to start it and the little light didnt even light up when i turned the ignition on. im pretty sure its something to do with the ignition so if anyone knows whats up ill take any advice. i rode it feb-april about 3 times a week about 30 miles a ride with no issues and it sat over summer for a few months and thats what happened my first ride out. thanks in advance
  23. nick98065

    Alternative Carburetor for TTR 225

    hi all i recently purchased a 01 ttr 225 and it didn't come with a carburetor i didn't think it was going to be expensive but come to find out their around 300-400$ for a new one! i paid less then that for the bike and was wondering if their was any alternatives that will fit that are around 100$ or less and input would help thanks
  24. desertdaves

    Kids on 50CC's

  25. mbrgee230

    ttr 230 back rim help???

    i have an 07 ttr 230 and i bought it with a bent back rim and 4 missing spokes, but runs great in amazing condition. just wanting to know is it worth getting a new back rim if the next one will do the same? and i know theyre not really for jumping but i only weigh 130 so would i still ruin a new rim? is there another compatible rim? thanks in advance