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Found 34 results

  1. im looking to uncork my 2017 ttr 230 and I need to know if it has a rev limiter stock or if i have to buy an aftermarket one. Thanks.
  2. Recently my TTR230 upon starting sometimes never catches with flywheel and makes a grinding clank noise, and aswell as my bike when idling makes a clanging noise. What is the starting problem, and is the idle problem related to it?
  3. So we took our friend dirt biking for his first time, he's an excellent street rider, but has never been in the dirt before. He did quite well. Here's a little clip I made to highlight his day, hope you enjoy! Link: Abe's First Enduro Ride
  4. Hi all, I am in need of some tires for my ttr-230, and just curios if anyone has a brand the have good experiences with. Ill mostly be riding in dirt and mud, occasionally Ill be on the road but not for long distances, any recommendations for this type of riding? Thanks in advance :)
  5. Hello everyone I am new to the forum but decided this would be a good resource. I am building a list of upgrades for my newly purchased 2005 TTR 230. This is my first bike and it's already converted to street legal. I plan on using the bike for dual purpose riding. I need some recommendations on a few parts that I'm looking to upgrade. Please only include parts that are compatible with this bike because I am still learning about everything. Sprocket. Chain. Tachometer. Any other recommendations for this bike would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I have a small ttr 230 Yamaha trail bike and live and ride at 8000 ft and above. I want to add all the free mods to the bike by taking out the baffle, drilling holes in the air box and re jetting. Stock the bike has a 36 pilot and a 125 main jet, what should I change the jets to for better performance and high altitude? I have been told to change it to a 38 130 combo but i do not know how the altitude would affect it.
  7. After two full and intense days of trail riding on the Paiute Trail System in Utah, my buddy and I rode out bikes into the bed of the Ram 1500 and headed back to the hotel for some R&R.
  8. Hey, I’m looking at getting my almost 15 year old son a bike. He’d be riding it almost all the time on trails, not very much if at all on tracks. I really like the ttr, and I’m looking at the ttr230. What do you guys think about that bike. Or something similar that you like more. Thanks!
  9. Dglowe

    09 TTR 230 Plastics

    Recently purchased a used 09 TTR 230 and it was pretty rough cosmetically from previous rider. I have searched high and low for a complete plastics kit and can’t find anything the fits other than OEM. OEM is pricey so i wanted to see if anyone has ever replaced the plastics and could help. Mostly front/rear fender, side covers, and plastic around the fuel tank. Can anyone help me find a less expensive way to do this?
  10. I found very few good reviews on the net of the TTR230 before I bought one, so I decided to make my own. I ride lots of endure and incorporated the challenging terrain and shenanigans into this video. Watch the "beginner" dirt bike climb rocky hills, ride through swamps, get stuck in mud, and ever get submerged in water... and it can handle all of it like a champ! Extreme Enduro 2016 TTR230 Review
  11. Hey guys I am long-time lurker on here as I was getting info on dirt bikes and finally I got a TTR-230 this year for trail riding. Starting to outgrow it but it's been a great bike to learn on. Anyhow, I've done my share of shenanigans with it, and made a few vids I'd like to share with you. The pic I attached gives you a bit of an idea... 🙂 Video #1: EPIC FAIL - Friends dared me to use dirt bike as a jet-ski! Video #2: About a Saw - An Enduro Adventure by Romanian Tractor Video #3: Insane TTR-230 crashes Impossible Hillclimb, gets crazy speed-wobble keeping up to KTM 350 Hope you've enjoyed, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as there will plenty more such videos coming!
  12. I recently have purchased a 2013 ttr230 so I can ride in the summer. The few problems I am having are the valve cover closest to the exhaust is leaking on start up and run, it doesn't look like it is seated properly, its seems to be over to much on one side so I don't think the o-ring is seated properly allowing it to seal and I don't even now if there is an o-ring there as I am the fourth owner (also wondering what the torque specs are for those three bolts on the valve cover). The front master cylinder has a slushy white substance in the bottom (too much water in the brake fluid?) also am wondering how I should clean it out with out it getting in the brake lines. The master cylinder also has a thin layer of liquid around the cap and lid after around 12 hours it seems like its either water or brake fluid but neither is good and the diaphragm is in good shape. I'm not sure if I put the cap back on to tight and pinched the diaphragm not allowing it to seal properly, also I have went around the master cylinder point where it seals with the lid with 500 grit sand paper and cleaned up the gunk on that too, making sure not to scratch the surface too deep (which i didn't). The spokes on the front wheel are loose beyond belief and was wondering a good way to tighten them and being able to keep the rim true because not all of them are loose just the majority. The rear rim also has a broken and a few loose spokes was wondering if I went to a dealership if they would just sell me 1 spoke. None of the spokes are seized.
  13. Hello, I have a yamaha ttr-230 and can't figure out what year it is...help please? Here is the vin# 9g6cg28y7b0006095
  14. Hey! I'm currently in the misft of "rebuilding" the top end of my bike after hearing a tick. Clearances were fine, needed Tappets or Cam Rockers and valves. So I was stupid enough to take off the Cam chain tensioner before I took off the cam gear. So with the tensioner off I need to take off the Cam Gear. Well, my buddy didn't hold the socket tight enough and the whole chain skipped notches. Now I have a piston that is maybe 1/10 away from tdc and the valves 1/10 to tdc. I need help on timing the engine correctly. Aswell putting in the Camshaft in correctly. Do I turn the Piston to TDC and close the valves shut? Than put the Cam Gear on, than put the chain on, than the tensioner. Getting the piston it-self to tdc wont be hard, but I NEED help putting the valves to tdc and the cam in correctly? Is there a manual for this? Is there marking for this?
  15. Hello friends, Nearly one month ago my riding buddy and I spent two days in the Paiute Trail System in Utah. One of the most challenging portions of the ride was this section of switchbacks up and over Circleville Mountain. It was very fun, and knowing you have a steep drop-off next to you for 6 straight minutes of climbing always bumps up the adrenaline.
  16. Hello friends, My friend and I rode some of the Paiute Trail System in Utah last month. We loved it. At one point we found this little jump and spent a few minutes goofing around on it. This video is of my buddy jumping his Yamaha TT-R230.
  17. My buddy in Utah just put some 30mm handlebar risers on his TT-R230. He's happy with the results. https://www.google.com/url?hl=en&q=https://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a%3Dss5egUMOE2wstCaZ%26u%3D/watch%3Fv%3D0Il-U11x6ac%26feature%3Dem-uploademail&source=gmail&ust=1524790132971000&usg=AFQjCNFNpFFoPkEfml1Kggj362yVFjESAQ
  18. Guest

    2017 YAMAHA TR230 Headlight install

    Hi I have a 2017 ttr230 and I ordered a headlight and switch but I need a wire harness unless if anyone knows how to wire it a Different way. https://m.ebay.ca/itm/Universal-Dirt-Bike-Motorcycle-Vision-Headlight-Head-Light-Street-Fighter-Lamp-/332143818141?txnId=1501555486014 https://m.ebay.ca/itm/7-8-39-39-22mm-Motorcycle-Handlebar-Horn-Turn-Signals-High-Low-Beam-Headlight-Switch-/142470679622?txnId=1497984268004
  19. So I’m trying to convert my 06 TTR 230 into as much of a rat bike as possible without permanently altering it (so I can still sell it) I’m thinking about removing all the plastics, I’m wondering if removing fenders is dangerous. I ride gravel roads and open fields a lot, I’m just wondering if I’m going to: A: get coated in mud and dust B: get rocks and chunks of mud thrown at my face C: any other way that I would permanently damage my bike or any backpack or helmet I’m wearing also wondering if there’s a place to get replacement plastics that won’t cost me an arm and a leg, also is there any way to make it sound as awful as possible, like removing parts of the exhaust. thanks, just trying to stay safe
  20. I have been riding dirt bikes my entire life but I neither I nor my family has had the money to afford any bigger race bikes and Iv'e always stuck to my reliable, cheap trail bikes. As of right now I have a ttr 230 that I have been riding for about 4 years and I'm going to be entering college soon and wondering whether or not to buy a new dual sport motorcycle. I love the idea of being able to ride to the trail and go on some camping trips out on my bike but I can't decide between buying a purpose built dual sport like a drz 400 or klr 650 or simply taking my small 230, street legalize it and up the gear by 2 on the front sprocket. I have heard that the bike can cruise at 55-60 stock and im a lighter rider but I simply don't know if it will be worth it. I do not have a lot of money for a expensive dual sport so that is also a pretty big factor for me especially with college right around the corner.
  21. Hi everyone, I am a 5'5 150lb 16 year old. I have ridden 4 wheelers all my life and just recently sold my 400ex and am looking to get into dirt bike riding as thats what most of my friends ride. I cannot decide a good bike to get as a beginner because of my height. Two of friends have WR250f and two of them have CRF150R. We ride mostly trails and some Motocross. I like the size of the 150r's as I can easily touch, but do not want the high strung high maintenance motor. The problem with the WR is I can hardly touch the ground which scares me everytime I go to stop. I would like a CRF250X, but do not know if it will be too much to start on or if it will be too tall, I am not afraid to buy lowering links, shave seat foam, and slide forks up until i get more comfortable on the bike. I have considered 230's but think i want better suspension for hitting jumps. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  22. So my wife has an 06 TTR230 that she absolutely loves, she started on a 03 KLX 125. I think its pretty awesome but not quite the same as my WR's i have had. it is the perfect height, has a low HP number to keep her feeling comfortable. she even likes the electric start, Who doesn't? She has been riding for exactly a year and has gotten comfortable on some single track, wheelies and small jumps. We felt that it was time to upgrade, all bikes seem to tall and lowering them tot he same height is possible but she really wants to stick with the TTR. One of the things i hated on this bike was the ridiculous suspension, It rides like an old Cadillac cruising and floats everywhere. I have searched high and low for USD forks that would be easy to fit with some modification, Lets just say i had no luck with that. Next step was look for the same diameter conventional for that would fit and maybe swap the clamps out, once again didn't come up with anything. Called a few local suspension shops and they politely told me to buy her a new bike, already established we were not going that route. This now had brought me to do research on my own, i have read thicker weight oils & coil spacers but they seemed kinda like band aids to me. I stumble across a post here in the forum that Cannon race craft can get their hands on custom fork springs for the 230 and we ordered a set of .44 spring rate with possibility of as stiff as a .46, The top spring is the original and lower is the cannon spring. They are identical in length. The Rear suspension has started leaking and we wanted to rebuild it and re spring since now we had a supplier, Yamaha and other parts suppliers informed me that it is a throw away item. I have found that Works Performance has a serviceable and upgrades from the factory. Of the 3 options we chose the mid grade that comes with an external reservoir, as it seems it will be more consistent over long bumpy trails we frequent. I'm currently waiting on some fork bushings before i reassemble them and I will try to take some pictures along the way. I usually only end up taking pics of the end result. We have a lot of snow here still and probably wont get out for a test ride until April to give a proper review of the mods. We added a lot of other small things like jets, uncorking, quick throttle and gearing, all of which we have not been able to test. I have a video of the TTR230 bashing behind our normal camping spot on this thing when my clutch cable snapped on my WR. I have to say this bike thoroughly impressed myself and my friend i was with. The bike is stock other than lights and bars. and i drop the f bomb a few times.
  23. Hello! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I have an 04 TTR225. I am looking for a more modern looking fender, and I don't like the yz or wr fenders. Does anyone know if the fender from a 2005 TTR230 would fit the 2004 TTR225, and if the bolt holes will line up?
  24. Hi guys. I just purchased a used 2015 TTr230 and the previous owner had taken out the spark arrestor. He gave me the spark arrestor when I purchased the bike but I don't have the bolt that holds it into the pipe. Does anyone know the size or part number of that bolt, or happen to have one? I'd like to put the arrestor back on the bike. Thanks for your help.
  25. Click here to see my review of the Yamaha TTR230 which I uncorked to make it more usable and more fun. Power mods come from de-restricting intake/exhaust and re-jetting the carb with 130 main & 38 pilot. Gearing mods are a lightweight rear sprocket (same size as stock, 49 teeth) and a 15-tooth front sprocket (stock it has 13). Not only were these mods only $100 or so, but they were simple to install, made a huge difference, and the bike now sounds a lot meaner.
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