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Found 31 results

  1. I’m a DIY’fer all the way. But I’m wondering if I can change my Factory Connection springs (front: from .48 to .50, rear: from 6 to 6.7) on my 2012 YZ250 without changing other parts (other than obviously the seals for the forks) and if so what parts and where to buy them? There’s only a few parts available in the FC site that I could find. I already ordered my springs. What other type DIY service can be done? Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated! #yz250 #factoryconnection #doityourself #suspension #onabudget #frontforks #rearshock #spring #kyb
  2. I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but I have not found any options available for the new 2018 bikes. I live and work for a new Beta Dealer (Auburn Extreme Powersports) in California, and we are having a difficult time mapping the RR-S bikes for full FMF exhausts. We have tried contacting Beta Support several times for this issue to no avail, and we typically are given the runaround when transferring to techs and secretaries. From what we can gather, the FMF flash is designed for the RR bikes, but not the street-legal counterparts. Every time we try to install the FMF map onto an RR-S errors occur, and the programmer screen goes virtually blank. We have heard through the grapevine that some are using the RR maps on the RR-S with success, but we have yet to try it, even on our own bikes for fear that it will permanently erase or damage the CDI. Any and all help or suggestions regarding this topic would surely be appreciated! Thanks, Ben.
  3. Looking to put newer shrouds on my 06 rmz 250. Will 07 shrouds work? Boly holes look almost identical
  4. Hi Folks! I decided that I am tired of my 06 WR250F having horrible damping (i.e. none at all) and so am going to upgrade the suspension. My questions for you are, 1. Is it worth it, given the age of the bike and cost of the parts, to find old 06-07 YZ250F SSS twin chamber forks and shock and rebuild/upgrade them, or just install a gold valve or similar in my single chamber WR forks? I like the idea of bolting on YZ TC forks and shock, but the cost at this point for them both runs about $500-$600 and they are guaranteed to be clapped out and need a full rebuild/upgrade, just like my WR forks/shock. 2. Race Tech offers a compression gold valve available, but not a rebound gold valve. Can you tell me why this is? I would like both, of course. 3. Will YZ450F components work as well? If so, what year range? 4. Ohlins drop in cartridges look awesome, but front and rear would cost the worth of the bike ;-) Thank you for the help!
  5. This topic has likely been covered before but I figure my situation is a little different. Im 25 and weight 155lbs. Currently I've got about a years worth of consistent motocross experience under my belt on a 2008 CRF250r. In addition to that I have about 3+ years of street riding experience on various 450cc supermotos'. My question is, when would it be appropriate for me to bump from my 250cc up to a 450cc for motocross? Obviously a years worth of experience on a 250 means I haven't squeezed that bike of its full potential yet but recently I rode a friends yzf450 for a few laps at the mx track and was blown away how much more planted it felt compared to my 250. I'm guessing it was the increase of torque and possibly the small weight difference that made it feel that way. I felt very comfortable on the 450 but at the same time I was taking it easy and could also feel how much of a monster it really was on the mx track and would not be as forgiving as my 250. It may sound stupid but I almost felt safer being able to get over jumps not having to wind the bike out for all it had like some jumps on my 250. Right now im recovering from a broken foot after a pretty bad crash at the beginning of the month so it's going to be a while before I ride again anyways. The other reason I feel inclined to get a 450 is because in addition to riding mx, I would really like another supermoto. You just don't supermoto 250cc bikes its just not worth it. So at the end of the day, should the 450 on the mx track best be left to the much more experienced, or would a rider like me with a year under my belt get along well with a 450. I haven't ridden any of the newer models but I think there is a button to switch fuel maps to tame the bike down a bit. That would probably help the transition some. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hello! I am removing an old enduro/street legal kit for my 1997 XR400 and upgrading to LED blinkers and an LED front light - i want to keep the stock rear fender with the brake light/two filament bulb because it works. I am doing this with a Baja Designs Squadron Pro MC LED Race headlight, the Baja designs REC/REG and fuse, Tusk LED/Harness/blinker kit, and a 12V AGM battery. Here is my modified wiring diagram - with the Stock diagram for reference. Was hoping some of you wiring gurus (or XR guys) would look over my drawing and see if you can find any issues or have suggestions before I start cutting things up. :) Thanks!
  7. Anyone upgraded the headlight on a dr350 and if so, what did you use?
  8. I cant find a forum on this. These new fenders look so sick I was wondering if anyone has heard of these 2017 -2019 fenders fitted on a cr250. ive only seen people put the 2009 type fender on.
  9. So i just recently bought a 2017 CRF 250R and as you all know it comes with dual exhaust. I would really like to get the benefits of more horsepower through aftermarket exhaust but am wondering about replacing it with a single side system? Has anyone done this? Ive seen it done before but have no input on whats best for the bike and what exhaust options are really good for my model. if anyone could give me some input on the direction i should go ,it would be appreciated. single side? dual? and what manufacturer would you go with for my particular model? obviously i would like to not spend 2000 bucks on dual exhaust from top manufacturer of aftermarket. ....help please.
  10. Hello u guys I have to do a full service on my 2006 250 exc, it’s an eu model. I have a big big scratch on the cylinder, and I don’t want to reuse it. i’ve seen some things that I can do with it One of my wishlists it’s a 300 upgrade, and I need to know what do I need to change to a 300 convertion, and if you can tell me which other upgrades I can do with it, from newer models, like an electric starter, mapping, and other stuff, just because I don’t know if the parts of the newer models like a 2011/12/13 cylinder fits my engine. please let me know if you can help
  11. So I am thinking about getting a 250cc enduro bike and then putting a small street legal kit on it when I get my license. I honestly don't know where to start. I live everything about Honda except for the looks, but then again I've only ever ridden Honda. Basically what I want is something good for casual woods riding and trail riding, that can go fast enough to not be in high rpms on the highway (in top gear), has decent handing, and has good looks (I really like the looks of ktm). Most of all I want something reliable like my current Honda crf 150. I swear that thing is bullet proof. I'm not sure if I'm asking too much out of a bike, but if you guys have any suggestions please let me know.
  12. So I am thinking about getting a 250cc enduro bike and then putting a small street legal kit on it when I get my license. I honestly don't know where to start. I live everything about Honda except for the looks, but then again I've only ever ridden Honda. Basically what I is a four stroke, Iwant is something good for casual woods riding and trail riding, that can go fast enough to not be in high rpms on the highway (in top gear), has decent handing, and has good looks (I really like the looks of ktm). Most of all I want something reliable like my current Honda crf 150. I swear that thing is bullet proof. I'm not sure if I'm asking too much out of a bike, but if you guys have any suggestions please let me know.
  13. So i have a crf head yx160, 26mm copy mikuni round slide carb and was curious about what other people would recommend for a upgrade carburetor wise? I have modified my mikuni to the point i seem to be at the most performance capable of the carb. polished,rejetted with real mikuni jets, slide modifications to improve air flow,even tried removing choke plate for better flow. So what would you guys/gals recommend? 28mm flatslide? Carb with a powerjet? Would love to hear your opinions
  14. I have a 1996 wr250 with a Mikuni round slide carb. I rebuilt it and jetted it for my altitude, then tuned the air screw and idle. It is supposed to run 1:24 Yamalube. I made 1:24 and it hardly ran. I leaned it out to 1:30 and it ran decent just didnt want to idle. The leaner I get it, the better it runs but i dont want to run it without enough lubrication. Essentially, what I am hearing on forums is that a Kehin PWK 38mm Airstryker be a good replacement and I would get better power across the board (its only good power in the midrange). Then supposedly if I add in a 1998 yz250 throttle cable and a larger intake hose clamp and it will work well. Any thoughts? https://www.motosport.com/jd-jetting-keihin-pwk-carburetor
  15. Hey guys, Im looking to upgrade to a from a 100cc to a 250cc, im really confident and comfortable riding the 100cc and have gotten my skills up for trail riding and want a bigger bike that has more power and faster because I was at full speed on the 100cc so im really used to it and i was wondering whats a good upgrade is going up to a 450cc too big of a different or will a 250 be just fine?
  16. I recently purchased a 2009 Yz450f. It has a few mods done to it that me nor the previous owner knew about. It has a QS2, Yoshimura full exhaust(leaks at the head how do I fix) looks to be new timing chain, k and n air filter, airbox mod, and rejetted carb. How would I know if this bike has a zip-ty racing carb mod done to it? I love on the northwest corner of Arkansas, elevation is about 1200 feet. I would like to know what size jets and needle to get for this carb for my elevation. I have ordered a tusk adjustable fuel screw, r and d power bowl, carb rebuild kit,and a shim kit. What else should I purchase while it is torn apart? I did the o ring mod on the carb as well and that seemed to help it when I first got it. Should I purchase a jetting kit or just buy individual jets of one particular size and call it good haha. Ide like to not waste any money and if I can get close to if not perfect jet sizing and needle sizing for cheaper than a whole kit that would be nice.
  17. Whats up guys. I am wondering if I should upgrade my Drz400, or just sell ot and get a Wr450? Some background: I have a 2000 Drz400 (kickstart ONLY) that I street legaled. The updrades it needs are: > New clutch pack = ..?(want oem so prob. An arm&leg) > Clutch cable = 14.00 > Steel braided brake line = 43.00 > Rear caliper rebuild kit = 19.00 > Rear brake pads = 16.00 > Carb rebuild kit = 50.00 > Upgraded headlight = ..? (Any suggestions?) > Possibly sumo wheels $145.00 without the clutch pack, headlight, or wheels. I will also need to upgrade or refurb. the rear shock at some point. I am wondering if it is worth going all out with the Drz, or switching to a wr or yz? I like that my bike has the updraded cams and carb already and the reliability factor. I also like the weight and extra power of the wr/yz. I just don't know how long they will last before rebuild and general maintenance vs the Drz. So, what do y'all think? Thanks
  18. Hi, I have a 2002 Honda XR250R and I love the bike but the gas tank but, let's be honest, it is quite bland. The seat also dips quite low in comparison to the top of the gas tanks so cornering is more difficult compared to other bikes. I was wondering if there is any street bikes (such as the newer xr250 or the cr230) who's gas tank and seat is interchangeable with my older XR. I have looked at aloop kits and such but they are just too expensive. Not the older XR has a single beam to the handle bars while the newer Hondas have a "double wishbown" frame style. Thanks so much
  19. So I'm currently 15 will be 16 in September and have been riding for about a year and a half now. Im 5'9 175 lbs and wanna upgrade from my 06 yz125 to a same year or newer yz250 2 stroke. Would this be a good idea. Also 2 strokes 4lyfe.
  20. I´ve read some pretty good stuff about bladders over regular piston. Likewise, I have also read many people complain that the bladder doesn´t achieve a proper seal and ultimately causes the nitrogen to contaminate the oil. Any body have experience with these? I´m looking into the Factory Connection Kit or the SDI kit, however, im also open to any recommendations you may have for a KTM 300 xc-w 2015. Thanks my g´s
  21. I am looking to upgrade bikes but don’t can’t decide between a 125 or 250 4 stroke. I currently have an 85 big wheel and it’s getting too small. I don’t have an issue with power and I’ve been told that power doesn’t matter so much but it’s more if the bike is too heavy. I mainly do trail/track riding probably once a month. I’m around 5”9 and around 60kg. Just looking for any advice? Thanks
  22. G'day Guys, I have a 2004 WR450F and I have been given a 2009 WR450 digital speedo and wiring harness and I would like to fit the digital speedo to the 04 model. Has anyone successfully achieved this and may have any tips etc you could share? I have tried searching the forum with no success Cheers
  23. Starting this topic to help a few guys out as I was having a hell of a time finding a starting point and learning how to jet the carb in with genuine Mikuni VM24, that I picked up from Fortnine. yes there is lots on Ebay for cheap but ther are some that are not genuine Mikuni carbs and are very hard to find jets to fit as the threads do not match to genuine Mikuni jets. First off I started off with the OEM carb on the bike and it sat for a few months and the choke plunger seized in the carb and the cable was fine. I had to rip it off the bike and I thought the best way to heat up the carb with out messing it up will be to rip the choke cable and carb off the bike and get a pot and boil water and put the carb in there to let the carb expand to remove the plunger which did work, I convinced my girlfriend to put the money up to upgrade the carb as it's her bike and it would give it a bit more power. A few weeks later we got it and there are other posts on how to install the carb and the stock cable in there. here is the link for install https://motocrosshideout.com/ttr125-mikuni-vm24-carb-swap-best-bang-for-your-buck/ but i found a kit that you can get from a company that pre jets it to your ttr125 and they tell you what one they start with http://www.nichecycle.com/ncs/mikuni/carburetors/mikuni-vm24-round-slide-24mm-carburetor-150205.html I wanted to make this post for what I found for jetting on my bike I live up in Canada on Vancouver island and after messing around with jetting I noticed it was to fat up top (rich) so I jetted down from 150 main from a 140 to 130 and then to a 120. I think 120 is the sweet spot, might need to do a few rips and WOT and see what the plug looks like. I think its gonna be a fight with 120 and 130. Stayed with a 40 pilot with the air screw 1 turn out. I was running a 30 pilot but the air screw was 1/4 turn out and would hesitate 1/8 throttle off idle with load. Needle is at second from the top. If anyone needs more help, as I did not go much into how to tune it and what to look for, I will try and respond to everyone. If you are new to reading plugs and how to determine if you need to go up and down on the air screw or jets and how to ID if it's an air screw or fuel screw, I will try and respond. yes it has a bit more power off the line and more over rev. stock exhaust and removed snorkel out of the air box did not drill holes
  24. Just picked up a 2021 Pitster Pro 125. What are some mods for the bike to really make it a beast! Was thinking about mikuni carb but what size? Also does anyone know which jap bike the Pitster is cloned after? I read somewhere that KTM 50 plastics fit, but what about general parts? Like engine stuff, suspension, etc.?
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