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Found 27 results

  1. Bryan Bosch

    Hard Enduro in Peru

    Checkout the latest HD video riding adventure from TT's own @scottiedawg of MotoMission Peru! If you want to be inspired about riding, tap the "follow" link on his blog to be notified when he posts new videos. Trust me, he posts good stuff! Take me to the video!
  2. RoostinSquidTv


    Hey, recently put up a new video, I know part of it has a slower bitrate than other parts, but I overall think its a good video. Check it out!!
  3. Hey guys, Recently got a Gopro hero 7 and the only mounts it came with for my helmet were the adhesives to stick to the helmet, which don’t work at all and fell off my helmet after 2 minutes. I bought a chest mount in the mean time, but i’d prefer to be able to mount the gopro to my helmet. How do you guys mount your gopros and get it to stay secure on your helmet and not fall off?
  4. The Smage brothers are other worldly. Video does them no justice. Phil came out to one of our trials competitions, it was a treat getting to see him ride.
  5. Hey Guys and Gals! I went on a really cool ride at Corral Canyon OHV park in SoCal. The conditions were epic since we've been getting all this rain recently. I also got a new camera mount so let me know what you think!!
  6. Hey everyone! I went out to the desert last weekend and decided to record it. We rode mostly tight sand washes. Check it out! PS Turn up the resolution and the cameras were faced too far down but I tried to make it work
  7. Hey, feel free to leave some feed back!
  8. Pictures are great, but I figured it could be fun to have a thread that is strictly dedicated to riding footage of our almighty girly bikes. There's been several people posting footage lately, so if this takes off and stays near the top of the forum for people to keep watching when we're bored, awesome. If not, then I guess it was worth a shot. I have quite a bit of footage, and some of my videos are rather long, so I'll just post 3 videos for now of 3 different areas that I went to last year with my new favorite trail bike. Nothing nearly as extreme as some of the riding others here are doing on their 230's, but still plenty of smiles to be had. This first video is from August and was basically my first week on the bike since buying. I had spent the previous months slowly getting the suspension and engine set-up, along with other trail-worthy mods. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, it felt fairly comfortable to ride from the get-go. This second video is from a trail riding event in southern Minnesota. They are actually horse trails but they hold this event on two weekends out of the year (1 in Spring, 1 in Fall) for us dirt bikers. Most of the trails are beginner/intermediate, but still very fun when the conditions are good. The third video is from some state trails that are more towards the northern end of the state. It was another trail ride event put on by our local district. Thankfully it wasn't a week later because we got dumped on with white stuff that is still here in April with more on its way...
  9. Hey everyone! I made a quick clip of my last ride to Mikes Sky Ranch in BAJA! A full video will be coming out soon so please SUBSCRIBE!
  10. Check out my latest DJ Spark drone powered moto video from riding at Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington earlier this month. I implore you to at least watch the first 20 seconds, the drone intro is badass!
  11. Hi i'm huntsman, i want to edit videos for free and post them on a you tube channel. I don't live in an area that i can ride anymore and its upsetting.
  12. Hey! I went on an awesome ride this past weekend. The conditions were great and everything was green from the rain. Check it out!
  13. So the bike had the camshafts taken out to adjust the tight valve clearances and at the same time a used FCR 39mx was swapped into the project. The camchain was left sitting at the bottom of the engine one night, after a few too many shots... long story short the engine was turned over through a couple strokes and the cam chain bundled up at the bottom. Cam chain was recovered and bike was put back together with new shims, clearances were triple checked and new (used) FCR 39mx was installed. Bike struggle like hell to run, had to turn up idle adjustment screw quite a bit. Only jet that is different from the standard DRZ FCR jetting happens to be a potentially lean size 42 pilot jet. Gaskets in fcr are all new, midbody wasn't touched. Anyways there is a gnarly clanging sound coming from the bike, especially at the end of the video when the revs slow down before it dies. Could that be from the carb, or could it be that the cam chain or valves have an issue? I tore it down and rechecked the clearances after running it for about 5 minutes, everything was right in the middle of the range. I went ahead and rebuild the mikuni paperweight, so I can always test and see how the bike runs with that. First I would like to see if anyone has an opinion based on the sound of this video, i'm tired of taking the fcr out and putting it back in so many times with all the bikes I maintain for my family. You'd think I would get faster at it, and sure that's true but my eczema skinned hands hate it the most! Does it sound like the noise is from the top end of the motor?? Thanks for any input.
  14. hey guys just picked up a new project bike. Its a 2008 Yz450f with a big bore kit and a stroker crank. The total cc of the engine is now 499. It runs on race gas and will be an absolute monster when shes ready to rip. I will continue to make more videos on the bike so stay tuned Link to the video:
  15. Goon Rides

    YZ 125 Build Video

    Hey TT members... I haven't been here in a long time. But a lot has happened... I sold my two personal bikes (2001 YZ 125 and 2001 YZ 250F). With the money I bought three YZ 125's. One for me to keep, and two to clean up and sell. I made a YouTube video for those who want to see a 15 year old kid clean up a YZ 125. Also if you were thinking I was some 50 year old dude, you're wrong Here!
  16. Nothing wild, just fun trail riding 🙂
  17. As the Skipper, I have the honor and duty to name the Georgetown/Rock Creek trails, from the world famous Rock Lobster, to the Goat Trail, Collarbone Alley, Oh no not you again trail, the Great White Buffalo, Rincon and Trestles, and the awesome View Trail........ So here today, a new trail name is born.. "Malibu". This is the trail 1.1 mid way in Darling Ridge. It's a cross over trail between 1 and 2. It is the sweetest almost single track trail out there. Today the whole system was sweet, but this run was the best. If you ever wondered what it's is like to surf perfect Malibu. Take a look here. I give you Malibu
  18. JoJo da Idiot Circus Clown

    Stuttery video on Youtube?!?!

    I have a problem. Every video I upload winds up a bit stuttery and choppy. You notice it especially when I'm riding at speed. I'm using a gopro session 5 camera set to 1080p, 60fps, superview, stabilization off, and exporting the videos using the following settings: Video settings: Format: H.264 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 FPS: 60 Bit rate: 15000kbps Sound settings: Format: AAC Channels: 6 44100 128 kbs Here's an example:
  19. So I decided to join my buddy Thomas and head for Karlstad MX & Enduro and I don't regret that. Perfect conditions, wet sand underneath and dry on top. Cold in the start but just perfect when the sun came out. Wicked track! Please like and subscribe, and hit that bell
  20. Here is a link to short video i quickly edited as a 250 east coast title favorites preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AAYpowcW64 Hope you enjoy it