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Found 41 results

  1. So.... Spring project, I got a 1972 Honda xl250 with all the bells and whistles (in a box) with a 2003 Honda CRF 230f motor. I'm about to tackle the wiring and I just want to prep myself with some help and ideas before doing so. so here's the deal, I have the main wiring harness for the crf230f motor and I'm going to have to make the space to run a 12v battery. Any tips or ideas on how to run a new circuit to include all the lights horns etc that came with the og 72 xl250 ?? I also have the og wiring harness but I'm not using it to run the new motor.
  2. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mcy/6134584879.html I'm looking at picking this bike up and wanted to see what y'all think considering the price and condition. It is an original owner w/ the title and has just under 2k miles. I should be able to snag it for 700. It needs nothing as is. Runs fine with a little tick he said (valve adjustment). It was wrecked which is why the gas tank is beat up but it has been sealed and painted over, no leaks. This will be a fixer upper as time and money flow in but just wanted to get something cheap and reliable to beat around on when I'm up in Boone at my cabin.
  3. AMA vintage hare scramble insight? The rules use terminology of "(and like design)" and define as " Like Design: frames, swing arms, forks, engine mounting points and suspension mounting points must be of period design and materials. Cosmetic differences are allowed as well as minor component differences so long as there is no performance advantage. " It seems to me that A CRF230f meets the reqs for ; "Non-Current class will include motorcycles originally sold as 1998 and older (and like design) models. Classic Non-Current will include motorcycles originally sold as 1990 and older (and like design) models. Non-Current Classes 36. 125cc Non-Current - 122cc-125cc 37. Open A Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 38. Open B/C Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 39. Vet 30+ Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 40. Senior 40+ Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 41. Classic Non-Current (1990 & Older) Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days https://www.amavintagemotorcycledays.com/page/vintage-off-road-2017/ AMA Vintage off road rules - pg117
  4. Jimmy Pascol

    Rear Brake Help

    So I wanted to increase the rear brake effectiveness on my XT. They're good as they are but could always be better if somebody is laying on the track in your line. Then it hit me like a two-ton heavy thing: Swap the rear brake arm! That's a remedy for touchy brakes that lock up too easily as well as for bikes needing more stopping power. Experiment with different lengths until you find one you like.
  5. I tried to walk away from this old girl but fate would not have it. I threw out my top comfortable offer which was well shy of the asking price and rambled off why this bike was "rough" and gonna take some time and $ to get what it needs. The owner didn't even counter offer, or try and think of a way to make it work. I came up to my " I probably shouldn't do this" top offer as a last stab, still a good bit low of the asking price. I was completely comfortable with walking and half hoping he didn't take the offer cuz i wasn't sure i even wanted the bike for that much. He squirmed for a bit and didn't seem like he could do it then out of his mouth came the magic words.... "Hey, I have another bike in the shed, how bout both for my asking price?" I did what any fan of motorcycles would do, i said, "lets go check it out" The 2nd bike was a tricked out pit bike 155cc, neglected a bit mechanically and cosmetically but all in all in decent shape and not a bad machine I have no real interest in a pit bike but figured, crap, i can clean that up and sell it for a few $$$ no problem and let that pay for the stuff the old IT needs. So instead of coming home with 1 bike that needs work, i came home with 2 Either way, check out this gem. Not the right tank, seat needs cover but all in all foam is ok, needs new fenders, the one number plate will clean up, other is cracked, rear rim is missing a few spokes, they might be seized up so might need a whole wheel, front wheel is decent enough, gonna need new rubber all around, brake pads, and a few rear brake mech parts just to name some of the obvious. The good... well it starts and runs and shifts through the gears Some engine noise, not sure if an issue or common on these old bikes. Time will tell. Pit bike in second pic.
  6. Stupid of me to even ask, cause I just got burned with buying stolen, bike,. But I'm buying another vintage 250, ( cause I'm old too!). , , but just photos and video, cause it's 3 hrs away,. Before purchase, before it even gets delivered to me,,,,,,I all ready know he doesn't have title, but has had bike long time, would asking him the VIN number help me?
  7. Heres the noise. Sounds like its coming from my top end..,
  8. Illuminated onyx

    1980s dirtbike

    Did kawasaki use asbestos in brake shoes during 1980 on the kdx 250 and 400s?
  9. Eric Finck

    1973 KD 125 Restoration

    Well, just got a KD125 (Im pretty sure it is). Its a 1973, didnt run. Had been sitting for a while, i sprayed some carb cleaner in the intake and kicked it over a few times. On the 8th or so kick, it backfired right out the intake. So im guessing it was pulled apart and the rotary valve was installed backwards. My trouble right now is finding parts. I know im going to need a clutch, and probably a shift lever assembly (The end where the shifter goes on was bent, im guessing the bike was dropped). I will upload some pics as soon as i can. If anyone knows where i can get parts (A parts diagram with numbers would be amazing) let me know.
  10. loosechange

    yamaha TW 200 scrambler build

    Ok just bought a tw200 2007. Have a few mods that I plan on making, turning her into a scrambler/tracker, would love any suggestions or tips. Chopping the frame (any suggestions?) New tank (thinking xt 500 1977) new flat styled seat (custom made) new swing arm (open to any suggestions) don't like the extended japanese look but would like to fit a more modern mx look, even if that means losing the fat tire. front fork air filter new front and back fenders (custom made) New exhaust (have the header pipe from xr 225 stainless steel but need the rest) mid pipe and muffler. Help!!! Smaller Battery to make easier to hide but need enough power to run everything. Help!!! Headlight I'll be removing all the plastics... I will be selling mostly all the parts off my bike.
  11. Illuminated onyx

    A piston for a 1980 KDX 400

    Does anyone know another bike that has the same bore x stroke as a Kdx400? The KDX is 80 x 78. Im looking for a piston that will fit in it fairly easily..
  12. I’ve got this 85 yz 250 with a odd rev problem, it starts and runs fine, good compression but when you Give it wide open throttle in newtral the bike will rev to around 5.5 k rpm like platow for a bit there, once you’ve waited a few seconds there for it to clear itself out until it reaches its max rev whatever it might be 7k rpm even happeneds when the bike is defenetly warmed up after a wide open pull. But it doesn’t bog at idle to 3k. The trotte response when riding seens normal. However i don’t feel that the motor is getting its full potential. Honestly I’m just confused on what’s goin on and i need some help
  13. ShredderX

    1982 Suzuki SP 250

    I recently got an old SP 250 on the cheap and got it running. However now that I've made some progress I'm looking for some/any information on the bike. When I got it running it had a light tick, so I adjusted the valves .003 intake and .006 exhaust and the tick is even louder I can't find a manual for the SP and I'm even having trouble finding one for the same year DR 250 which has the same engine. Somewhere in the past someone got creative with the wiring, no idea why and none of the lights work (this is a bike with 6v system) though I had to remove the battery that was in it because someone had used a metal bolt as a plug on the battery - you can imagine what that looked like. Anyway the way the bike was wired back up, I have to have the key and kill switch set to off.... its kind of funny. But I'm having a bit of a challenge tracing the wiring without a schematic or unwinding the harness. Any help or guidance at all would be appreciated. Beliw is a link to a YouTube video of the bike running. 1982 SP 250 alive!
  14. Hi, have an 84 pe 175 and really struggling getting the bike to run properly. Carb was thick with crud, so replaced the pilot and main jet, along with the needle valve assembly. Set the needle midway and mix at one and half turns out. Didn’t run great and raised the needle clip up to lean it out, and 2 and half turns on mixture. Runs ok, but does have a flat spot from close throttle to full open and is dumping fuel back into the box and leaving a puddle. And I can’t understand why. As I said replaced the usual suspects, checked the float and level and all seems good. And although the carb looks good, can’t determine if this worn out, Reed valves or I’m Just being stupid? Any advice would really help, as its doing my nut. Cheers
  15. Dean William

    Electrical issues

    So, I'm new to this and dirt bikes in general. I did small engine repair in high school, so I'm not full on retarded in that respect. But I digress. My dad recently have me a 1980 Honda XL250s Dual sport bike. It's got the 6v system, and goofy 23" wheel. When I got it, it had sat for a couple years, but nonetheless, I had it running in no time. Then a month later, it was fine tuned with the correct filter, carb rebuild, etc. So it runs fine, no problems there. So now I'm onto electrical; blinkers, horn, things to make it road legal. So after I bought a brand new 6v battery, charged it, I was going through the lights. Headlight runs off stator, so that's fine, tail light runs off both, that's fine, turn signal switches are good, but lights stay solid. Horn switch doesn't work, but I haven't tested the horn itself. Most instrument lights work, but there may be an issue because I used LEDs for that, and when I hit the turn signal, the light comes on, but shuts off neutral light. Today I got all 4 signals to light up, after I grounded the rear lights. But now they don't come on with just the switch on. Only when the bike runs. And I'm only getting 3v at the battery when it's running. I feel like I just made it worse when I "fixed" the rear turn signals. And to make things worse, my 6v trickle charger doesn't work anymore.
  16. Illuminated onyx

    Custom expansion chamber kdx 400

    Does anyone know a company that has decent prices for custom expansion chambers? My kdx 400 expansion chamber is cracking and I’d like to get a new stock one made same as the oem just fresh metal. Any suggestions would help alot!!
  17. So, This really isn't too much of an issue, but I have a 75 Suzuki RV125. I bought a rebuild kit (keyster) from Sirius consolidated in Canada. I couldn't find another rebuild kit anywhere except there. Have done business with them before and have been happy. The issue I ran into - upon pulling the old carb apart, I noticed the pilot and main jets that were in there did not match what the OEM manual said is stock. The rebuild kit also had jets that did not match. I want to say off the top of my head, the installed pilot was a 20, the kit came with a 30, and the manual calls for a 25. The screw wasn't set to the stock setting (it was turned in richer and about 1/2 turn from seated) so I did go with the slightly larger pilot in hopes to get the screw to a more in-between location instead of almost seated. The main - I had a 110 installed. The manual calls for a 92.5 I believe and the rebuild kit came with an 85... I left that completely alone and left the 110 in since the bike was running fine and the issues I was having was likely a leaking left hand crank seal. I was really confused by all of this and went to bike bandit and here: http://www.suzukipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/suz/50d3a2d6f8700229982f4f9a/carburetor and noticed that even the parts diagrams calls for many optional jets.... Can anyone lend some insight as to what would actually be stock? As a side note - I ordered the left hand cover gaskets from my local shop because they had some on hand - but their computer system didn't even show a RV125...I lucked out and since the TC125 shares the same engine, they were able to get the gaskets... Maybe I need a newer bike
  18. VintageMoto

    Where's my VIN?

    Hey guys, I bought my 1987 rm125 (1985 rm125 motor) a while ago and I want to run the vin since I only bought it with a bill of sale. First off I'd like to ask where the vin even is. There's a number on the engine and that's all I've found. That number gets me nowhere when I run it through a vin website. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  19. motorhog

    What kind of bike is this?

    So I was cutting my neighbors lawn when i came across this bike in my neighbors barn. They said i could have it for free and i thought it would be a great thing to try and fix up. But after looking at it and doing some research i cant find what it actually is. I believe it is a 1985 YZ 125, but i am not sure. Anyone know what it is and where i might be able to find some parts for it? Or if it would be better just top sell it for parts. Thanks!
  20. bush turkey

    kawasaki oem nos parts

    hi 2 stroke lovers , im restoring my 93 kx 250 and im trying to use nos oem parts , where is everyone getting their vintage nos parts from these days , iv been scouring ebay , facebook , and a few other sites and been able to track down a few bits and pieces , i know there getting old and parts are hard to find but i know theres still a lot of good stuff out there its just knowing where to look , any help appreciated , if anyone one on here has any nos parts for sale let me know , thanks for your time
  21. FightingRed

    New guy/Old bike

    Finally getting around to finishing up this project this winter. The bike started as a 1982 Honda XL100S. It had already been stripped of all electronics and battery and did not run. Replaced points and carb and got it running only to find out clutch was smoked and some of the clutch cover screws already stripped. Ended up putting on a cheap ebay carb and it inhaled a loose screw off the choke plate (not peened over as it should've been) and chewed up the valves and seats. So I pulled it all apart and had the frame, tank, and various parts powder-coated black. Swapped front end from a 2000 XR100R and used tapered bearings. Alloy mini high bars, mini levers, Acerbis headlight. I rebuilt the engine as follows: KG Clutch Factory HD springs and kevlar plates (replaced all clutch cover bolts with stainless allen bolts) Honda TrailBikes 58mm cylinder with bungs for oil cooler BBR 58mm small dome piston (120cc displacement) ShiftUp Spartan big valve head (28mm intake/23mm exhaust) Kitaco Stage 1 hollow core cam Keihin PZ27 carb (23mm slide) (going to try a Mikuni) UNI pod filter Moose magnetic oil drain plug EMGO HD ignition coil/NGK boot and plug I've still got the stock pipe on it if I want to ride it on the trails but I know its choking back the big valve head. Looking at a low pipe from an XR75 possibly. I'm also waiting on an ATOM ignition module to bypass the points and let it rev better hopefully. I have old stock steel wheels on right now but I have a set of XL hubs and BBR aluminum rims I need to have laced. I made the entire trials/tracker style seat using fiberglass for the pan and heavy backed vinyl for the cover. I'm going for an old school simple and reliable small woods and trails bike. I will post more pics later today when I get home.
  22. VintageMoto

    Please Help Me Find This

    Im looking for a front brake caliper rebuild kit for my '85 RM125. I can't find anything besides an incomplete kit on eBay which lacks some of the parts I need. Does anyone know of a kit that will fit my bike or a company that still makes a kit for it? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  23. Hi all, I'm new to the thread and pretty new to dirt bikes in general. Got interested when my dad started restoring Lambretta scooters. So I've taken on an old '76 Kawasaki KE 175. When I got it the carb was destroyed, CDI was bad, but other than additional aesthetic issues everything else seemed to be fine. Replaced the CDI and carb, tank and petcock. It starts, but only seems to keep running if I physically lean the bike to the left. I've done all I know as far as float adjustments and jetting. I appreciate any patience you can give me and am ready to answer any more specific questions. Is there anything that immediately pops into anyone's mind on why it would do that? When I've actually tried to ride, it's almost like riding a horse. Cuts in and out. I'm guessing it's a fuel issue but I'm a novice and at a loss.
  24. Illuminated onyx

    Side to side play on a piston?

    So after listening to a tinging noise in my top end for a few days I pulled it apart finally the piston has alot of side to side play on the rod, the bottom end has a small amount of side to side and no up and down, is it normal for a ton of side to side play in the wrist pin area, its an air cooled 80' kdx 400. Also im not replacing the piston/rings because it had plenty of compression/lack of availability is there a break in period for the needle bearing/wrist pin?