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Found 17 results

  1. Trying to remove and replace the water seal and bearings on my 03 rm85. Had a hard time getting the seal out. Can't get the bearings out. How should I go about removing them? Any advice would be huge! I don't want to do more damage
  2. Lukebemis

    CRF250R HELP

    I need help. One of my water pump seals went bad and I had coolant in my transmission oil. Ordered a new shaft, impeller, and water pump rebuild kit. Replaced everything then I had coolant coming out of the weep hole. Ordered another rebuild kit and it stopped leaking from the weep hole. A week later I put on a boysen super cooler (which didn’t fit) and it started leaking from the weep hole again. What is going on?
  3. 2001 200 exc, not 250. Asking for a friend... He needs new water pump housing and impeller for his 2001 200exc. I told him to just figure out the part number and search it on google... but then I did some searching and I cant find a gd part number myself. Am I a little special or do these not have part numbers? I'm not a ktm dude so I don't know the ins and outs here but it seems like a lot bikes from the same era all shared the same water pump housing at least - just from visual inspection of ebay listings. Can anyone explain what's going on here and where I could look to find a replacement impeller and housing cover? Also - thoughts on buying a second hand water pump cover for $8 off ebay? seems fine to me...
  4. So I bought a used 2014 Honda CRF450R for my son. Replaced engine oil and gear oil before our first ride, only to discover gear oil was milky and dark grey coming out of the bike. Engine oil was dirty, but fine. Called local shop to ask if the milky grey transmission oil was evidence of coolant in the oil, and they said maybe: change the oil out, go ride for a few hours, and empty oil out again. If oil is just a little grey colored after riding, that can be OK: the steel clutch plates can turn the gear oil a bit grey in color. If it's milky again, they said I've got coolant in the oil -- and first suspect is water pump shaft/bearings/seal. SO, I follow their advice, used Honda oils, and we go for a first ride. 80 degree weather, and got into some gnarly rocks in a canyon (unexpected) at about the two hour mark. Slow speed 1st gear stuff, lots of clutch work to get through some tough sections with boulders, and my son stops and says that clutch seems grabby and he's having a tough time. I get on the bike myself to get it through the section, and see if in fact it's not behaving well, and sure enough the clutch is kinda grabby and seems a little finicky as I try to get it out. Hmmm. Once out, I stop and inspect: bike is dripping same grey colored milky oil through the tranny breather tube onto the dirt. Bike is hot, which could be why clutch is acting up. However, nothing coming out of water pump weep hole, and no coolant drip. We decide to let the bikes cool down, and after enough time I open radiator cap and sure enough the coolant is low, not even showing coolant at top of fins. I assume there's a coolant leak mixing into the transmission oil, so we ease the bikes back to the trailer and head home. Here's where it gets interesting. Tonite I drained both the engine oil and transmission oil. Both looked completely fine, fresh and barely dirty. No milky grey color gear oil, not milky at all. Inspected clutch plates, they look fine too. I then pulled the water pump cover and the propeller off, and while I didn't pull the engine case off and inspect the water pump shaft (because kick start lever was frozen on and I couldn't get off), shaft did not appear loose to me. It could be leaking coolant through seals, I suppose - but if it was, the gear oil would be milky again (right?)... which it wasn't. So - I've concluded, correctly or incorrectly, that the milky oil from the engine case breather tube (emptying out below swing arm) that was dropping milky oil on the ground in the canyon was residue leftover from old oil getting pushed through the tube. I've assumed this because new tranny oil was clean and not milky or grey colored. I'm not sure where else it would have come from, since both engine oil and transmission oil were like new... but I'm scratching my head as to where the coolant went, why the loss. I checked the coolant level before we rode, and it was just above the radiator fins before we started, but was below fins after our ride. Anyone have suggestions or ideas? I'm not sure where to go from here... thanks for any advice you can offer. (I'm not much of a mechanic, pretty inexperienced, and maybe the problem is obvious to those with more experience).
  5. So I got it all apart and got stuck here: Are these bearings supposed to come out easily? They sure aren't. I had to tap the impeller shaft our with a mallet, but these guys wont budge. Is there a secret? Should I scrap it just buy the whole part? lol Any feedback appreciated
  6. BTW, I'm new to two strokes, haven't had one since I was a kid and dad did all the work. Ok, so I've searched and not found what I'm looking for so figured I'd ask here. Recently picked up a 2000 yz250 that supposedly has a 295 or 300 big bore kit. It ran strong so I didn't fret too much over the little things. Paid $1500 and took it home. Drained the gear oil and it looked a bit odd to me. I refilled with Rotella, ran it for about 15 or so minutes out back. Drained and it looked the same. ? Could this be water getting into the oil? Read somewhere that it should look like this but seems odd. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Gday, I'm restoring a 1985 cr125. Like many others my clutch cover was corroded beyond repair and I did get a 1986 replacement but would really like some input on what i found next. The 1985 cr125 cover I have has 600 stamped on it, the 1986 one is slightly wider and has 700 stamped on it. This added width means the 1985 water pump shaft does not quite fit right. It's very hard to find information on exactly this point, there's plenty around about repairing covers and what not, but I can't find reference anywhere to the changes in the water pump shaft. My measuring was done poorly sorry, but the 1985 shaft is 75mm in length, I expect the 1986 is about 3-5mm longer. The 1986 shaft is the one with the plastic insert/ramps, the 1985 is the one without. This checks out on the honda parts manuals so I do believe I am right. My issue is I need to find someone with knowledge of this and am trying very hard to find a 1986 cr125 shaft to physically measure and see if it fits. If anyone has any ideas of somewhere wrecking a 1986 that I can buy this part from please let me know! I don't understand why people say the 1986 cover is interchangeable with the 1985 and don't mention the shaft needs to change also, maybe I'm just a dummy but it has caught me out. The only actual pictures I can find of the 1986 shaft are those attached named WP-Shaft... Anyone with any info on this topic I'd love to hear from you. Sorry for all the pictures, I hope this thread can be of use for people in the future so I've included as much info/pics as I can. Thanks a heap, Bogrolls.
  8. Hey guys, so I’m at the dunes and I notice some drips coming from my weep hole on my water pump. I just replaced the seals myself. So I’m like no problem it’s a slow leak so I’ll just refill my coolant here and there to get me by for The Weeknd. I check my oil level and it seems fine. As I look into the sight glass it looks a little milky on the glass. So I drain my oil and it just looks like regular oil. It’s not white at all. Is it normal for the oil to be a little thinner and watery at high temps?? It gets a little bubbly but there’s no milky or white substance that is insanely noticeable. There’s definitely white crap comin out of the left case over flow hose for the oil. Not sure why but my oil is completely normal and not white at all!
  9. Currently rebuilding my CR250R 03 that has been sat not used for maybe 8-10 years so far inspected all of the top end cleaned it up rebuilt the sus everything on the bike looks great i have warnededto keep an eye on the oil seals such as sprocket shifter etc but not heard anyone say to check out the water pump. Should I open th water pump casing just to check for signs of wear or maybe even rust I imagine that could form in there? Or would this just be a waste of time and money on new gaskets? thanks ash
  10. Low and behold, this SOB bike has done broke down on me again. This time the water pump is leaking out of the weep hole. I ordered an Athena reseal kit and have it now and was thinking of installing it tomorrow (that is if I'm feeling better from this damn flu I caught). I only ordered the seal and gasket kit, as the bearing isn't making any noise. But, now I'm wondering if I should replace the bearing while I'm in there. The reason I hadn't ordered a bearing was because I was under the impression that the bearing actually sits in the crankcase oil. And, unless completely neglected and abused, most times oil soaked bearings don't typically go bad. Also, because the seal kit comes with everything you need BUT the bearing. Is my thought process correct on this? Or does the bearing need to be replaced as well. Also, I've never messed with a bike W/P before. Is there anything special I need to know or do to complete this job successfully? The service book isn't very detailed or descriptive for this particular job. Thanks in advance.
  11. I just got done replacing the head gasket and rings on my 2008 ktm exc and when I started it up for the first time it was blowing a lot of white smoke out the exhaust and even continued for a minute after shutting the bike off. I know thats typically a sign of a bad gasket but I just replaced it. I torqued all the bolts down corrrectly and I saw no problem with the head. Could it be something with the water pump? Or maybe i still screwed something up when putting it back together.
  12. Andrew Hanson

    05 RMZ540

    To supercool or not to supercool? The top bolt to my oil filter cap has been stripped. I'll temporarily drill and place an insert to fit the oem diameter of that bolt. Who has had long lasting effectiveness? Also what if anything can be said of boyesen super cooler on this model? Thanks
  13. Hey guys, I got a 2002 rm125. I recently rebuilt the top end and water pump. For the first start of the bike I only idled it for about 1 minute or even less. No throttle at all. I put the bike back in the garage and came back a couple days later to see all the coolant in the bike was spewed out of the overflow. When I rebuilt the water pump, I spun the impeller while it was out of the bike and it had some resistance to it. Anyone know what is could be?
  14. I need to replace the lower right bolt on the water pump cover. I think they are called flange bolts. Does anyone know if these are the correct ones? https://fortnine.ca/en/motion-pro-flange-bolts
  15. (Just to clarify I have never owned a 2 stroke so I don't really know what I am doing but I am pretty mechanical so putting stuff together and rebuilding stuff if pretty easy but NORMALY on a 4 stroke) Hello, So I recently purchased an 04 ktm 65sx as a pit bike for myself and there seems to be an issue with it somewhat bogging up hills I say somewhat because it doesn't feel or sound like normal bogging. So basically what happens is it feels like it is pulling me fine up the hills at first then the "braaap" sound that the 2 strokes make will go away and come back over and over again. when the sound is off there is basically no power I am just kind of rolling is what it feels like then the sound will come back and I will feel the power that it is supposed to have. Also when I am driving it on flat land it kind of does the same thing it is just in a smaller fashion. So I am thinking it might be something to do with the compression which is less than adequate (I don't have a compression tester I'm just guessing from the feeling of the kick). So it would be really helpful if someone that knows about this could point me in the direction of what I should do, maybe get new piston rings or new piston entirely or new head??? Also when I got it and checked/ replaced the oil it was very milky so I have a new water pump seal coming in. I NEED HELP and this is above my 2 stroke knowledge any help would be nice and if someone wants a video or a picture of something specific please tell me!!!!
  16. ALL HELP appreciated. Bike: 2006 CRF450x Supermoto Back story: about 3 weeks ago went down on the pavement the bike landed on the left side, nothing broken other than bent shifter and a broken foot peg bolt. [to what I can see]. Rode home the bike (in pain) the bike sat for about 3 weeks while I let my body heal and worked on getting out the broken bolt and replacing the bent shifter. [Bike and Body ready to ride again] The following ensues. Day 1: Started the bike up no problem using the electric start (seemed little bit louder than normal) rode down the street after about 5-6min of riding bike started to bog and wanting to die after slowing down for a red light the bike died. Would not start electric start or a kick, had to do the walk of shame and push the bike out of the road traffic. Got the bike started back up 5 mins later with choke on and on the ride home the same thing happen once more. That night did a oil change and looked at the coolant [ full to the brim] Day 2: After thinking about it... thought maybe my idle screw messed up from the crash. started to messed with the idle and the fuel screw. This seemed to some what help and got a quick 15min ride in no problems running a bit rich maybe had some backfires. Day 3: Added slip on FMF muffler that I ordered to replace the other crappy aftermarket muffler. took the bike out side and the electric start didn’t work just clicked away.. the bike started with the choke on using the kick start. [did not want to start as easy as it always does AT ALL] bike idled high for 1 min while I tinkered with the idle and fuel screws again, noticed smoke coming from the water pump area [front lower right] a plastic tube was touching the water pump maybe causing the smoke. turned off bike immediately. after the bike was off a small bit of white smoke was coming out the exhaust [not like oil smoke like (fire-ish) smoke maybe due to the brand new slip on.] So... what does everyone think whats my next move. Did I clog up my radiator when I a crashed? Break my water pump? Is the bike overheating? mess up my fueling? Please let me know! thank you.
  17. Ok guys, this is my first time posting here on thumpertalk, i’ve got a 1989 kx250 with a water pump that needs some new parts. i found all the parts i needed in the oem section on motosport, except for a plastic gear. The short name for the gear is shaft-comp, pump, the part number is 13234-1079 and it’s discontinued so i can’t find it on any website, if anyone has one that they would sell to me or knows of where i can get one, it would be greatly appreciated.
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