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Found 32 results

  1. Hey guys, noob here. i need help. I had this bright Idea to chop my chinese scooter and install a set of forks+triple tree from Amazon onto the front end. The triple tree install went fairly easy. I have the triple tree mounted. Lets leave it at that. Lol so here is my dilemma. the wheel i had on my scooter was a 13” wheel with the speedometer gyro and spacer making it about 6.25” of axle width between the forks. the new set of forks have a 4.75” fork to fork width for the axle. 15mm axle hole on forks. I originally wanted to put on a max 16” wheel with a street tire. Tire maybe about 100/60-16 I am learning that typical sizes are either 14” or 17” so im opting to go with a 17” wheel/rim. my issue is how do I find out which wheel will work and how to measure for the right spacers? Which will get my disk brake lined up with the calipers? this is the forks: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B07926FZZZ?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_image Originally the caliper was mounted on right side of bike. These forks have a left mounted caliper. Can i flip the caliper mounting plate? My original caliper bolt holes line up. i learned that the forks call for a 210mm disk brake rotor. why am i having such a hard time finding a 17” wheel with a 210mm disk rotor and finding the spacers to work with this fork? Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Does anybody know if a rear wheel from 2015 bike will fit a 2019? I'm swapping from 2015 to a 2019 model, and wondering whether to keep my spare rear wheel or not. I know the front wheel will NOT fir due larger bolt diameter.
  3. I'm curious if wr rear 18" wheels will fit a yz450f. I have a 2016 yz450f and want to put an 18" rear on. I just want a cheap tuff rear wheel. I've compared the OEM parts numbers between 2016 WR450 and YZ450f, they're different but I'd like to know I anyone has tried this or knows of a better way of finding this combo. I've looked on ebay and motosport, rmatv, I haven't found anything that is cheap enough or fits what I want. ANY suggestions appreciated. thanks
  4. Good Evening I'm in the process of converting a RMX250 into a supermoto & was wondering if anyone has already done this & if so what size wheel/tyre they fitted to the rear I'm interested to see what width would fit without fouling the chain ?. I have changed the front from 21" to 18" & am going to keep the rear wheel the standard size of 18" but I have a new rim which is a 3.50 but the question is what size tyre can I use ? Any help advice experience would be great. Thanks in advance Rob.
  5. I haven't owned a bike in years and decided to pick up an 09' YZ450F. One of the first things it needed was a new set of rims so I bought some spokes to go with it and this is my first pass. Do my rims look like they're laced properly? Looking forward to getting back into it and being active on Thumper.. Cheers!
  6. Going to look at a 560 SMR this weekend. I want to convert it to offload use. Who's ready for a easy conversion. I would like to do a complete front end swap and swap wheels. The 560 currently has 17" Excels, brand new Dunlops, Beringer brakes. Everything looks super clean. Let me know what you have and make an offer.
  7. Hey just wondering about some of the ebay sumo wheels out there. I just bought a FE350 and need some wheels to practice on track and to do me on the road as I'm getting ready to join Norasport Supermoto Championship next year. I currently rent a CRF450 with SM Pros on the track and my mechanic is trying to sell me on SM Pros but I just don't have the money for them and probably won't until winter. I've been looking at some of the ebay kits that go for like 450-500 quid which is way more doable for me than 800-900quid from the big brands like SM, Alpina, Warp etc. Only problem is, and this is my question, would the KTM kits fit my Husky? I know that they share a lot of parts/similarities but there's no specific listings for Husqvarna compatibility. If anyone here would just recommend saving up for the big brands then I will. Just generally looking for advice at this point. As a side question, if anybody has any tips/advice for converting to sumo I'd much appriciate it. I'm trying to do as much research as I can but there's always room for more knowledge. Thank you!
  8. Anyone ever have a rim lock fail? My riding buddy had the stem snap off the rim lock. At the low tire pressures we use, this allowed the tire to spin on the rim and tear out the valve stem. Instant and total flat tire that is 100% not fixable. Even if he had had a spare tube, which he didn't, without a rim lock, that would also have been destroyed as soon as it was installed. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced a rim lock failure like this?
  9. Before I start - Supermoto wheels are insanely expensive, and I'm not looking to spend 1000 dollars on wheels. OK... Here's my stupid question- Can I put most normal motorcycle wheels on my dirtbike? I am open to doing mounting modifications for brakes, other bits. (I have a 2013 Husqvarna TXC310r) Any kind of feedback is helpful.
  10. I have had a problem where after I take my dirtbike for a ride and whether or not I wash it or not, the wheels make a very gritty dirty sound (sandpaper) when I roll it around afterwards. It has happened on EVERY BIKE I've ever owned. The only way to get rid of the sound is to go ride the bike down a looooong grass field. That clears the dirt out of (wherever) it is. What causes this noise? It has me dumbfounded and I've been wondering it for years, because I feel like no one else has this problem (or do they?)!! P.S both of my bikes have FRESH wheel bearings
  11. Hi does anyone know or had experience using other brand wheels the reason I ask is I have a frame with no wheels but a mate has a pair of kx rims any help appreciated thanks
  12. I have a 98 cr500. Looking for another rear wheel to keep set up with a paddle. Found an xr600 wheel for sale from the same year. My question is will the xr rear wheel for the cr? Or even fit with just a bearing change? Thanks for the help
  13. I have a lightly used set of stock 2015 gold drz400sm wheels that I'm not using. They're listed in classifieds, but not sure what the going rate is for factory supermoto wheels these days. Any thoughts on what I should ask? And is anyone interested?
  14. I’m sure there are questions about this already, but I am in a hurry to buy a set of Warp 9 supermoto rims for my 2009 Wr250F. However, the rims came off of a 2009 Yz450F and I’m not sure if the hubs will fit on my Wr. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Beta wheel sources and choices???? Im wondering about possibly getting wheels for my bike . Im just wondering what the sources would be and the prices etc. A thread with just wheel choices in one place might be good. Ive been looking at this set on holcombes bike as pretty nice but any and all wheel sets for supermoto to mx to enduro or anything seems good to list here. It’s just so we all can see what would work for personal use. Here’s the set on holcombes bike at the beginning. some initial source links.. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&hl=en-us&biw=414&bih=617&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=NM4uW4fvD4re0gK4mb7ADA&q=beta+rr+aftermarket+wheels+for+sale&oq=beta+rr+aftermarket+wheels+for+sale&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3...19474.40027..40807...0....252.4955.0j30j5......0....1.........35i39j30i10j0i8i13i30j0i8i30j0i24.KfV25bRHpS0%3D Got some Beta wheel sources? Link em up!!
  16. Hi everyone im trying to find a spare rear wheel for my 2008 yz450f, ive heard 06-09 yz450f all fit one another, is there any one yamaha wheels that will fit my 08? i tried looking it up online & im receiving different information. -Thanks
  17. Time Left: 16 days and 12 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • Used - Like New

    Supermoto Wheels and tires from Suzuki DRZ 400. Wheels are Takasago Excel spoked wheels, black rims with gold hubs in great condition. Tires are Michelin Power RS in like new condition. Front tire is 120/70 ZR 17, Rear tire is 150/60 ZR 17. The rear sprocket is 41 teeth for a 520 chain. Everything is in great condition ready to get your bike on the road. Brand new all of this would run about $1400. Get it in excellent condition from me for $700.


    Parker, Colorado - US

  18. Hello, I recently did a mini moto track day with my GF on CRF50's we had so much fun and looked into picking up an XR100 however they are going for $1200+ right now in So Cal. So we picked up a CRF80F for half that. However in stock condition it has a 2.5 x 16 front and 3.6 x 14 rear. What is the best way to get a 16" wheel on the rear? Should I purchase another crf80 front and lace it to the rear hub, should I purchase an XR100 rear wheel? I'm not looking to race this is strictly to have fun with my GF since we live right next to a kart track.
  19. Good Evening I'm in the process of converting a RMX250 into a supermoto & was wondering if anyone has already done this & if so what size wheel/tyre they fitted to the rear I'm interested to see what width would fit without fouling the chain ?. I have changed the front from 21" to 18" & am going to keep the rear wheel the standard size of 18" but I have a new rim which is a 3.50 but the question is what size tyre can I use ? Any help advice experience would be great. Thanks in advance Rob.
  20. Hi everybody!! Finally I bought my WR450f 2004, and I am super happy I wanted to have a spare set of tires only for "the road" and yesterday bought a spare set from a YZ250 in good shape. Evrything looks the same.... Here is my question: Will they match? or be exchangeable? WR450 Front 80/100-21 Rear 110/100-18 YZ250 Front 90/100-21 Rear 100/90-19 If they will fit in your opinion, which set of 100% road tires will fit? Thanks a lot
  21. Okay, have a 07 KX450F that I decided to change the rear hub and spokes, ordered a new tusk oem hub from Rocky and a 19' spoke set. I get it all and try to rim it up and the spokes don't reach. Take a look at the rim and its 19x2.15. Is this not the oem size rim for the KX? I have a feeling someone bastardized the rear wheel from another brand...
  22. Hello all, I am hoping that someone might be able to give me some dimensions on a Behr Germany Supermoto wheel. It came off a 520SX. The part number on it is H2-10225-05.03-E-DOT-D The dimension I am looking for is the difference between the disc brake and the rim. I need this dimension to figure out how the hub is centered in the rim and how offset it may be from BEHR. I'm using this wheel in a custom application and so I am having a local wheel builder put it together. Trouble is I just took the wheel apart to save him the hassle and myself the money and now he would like the original dimension for a starting point. DOH! I know, noob mistake. If anyone can help me out I would so greatly appreciate it.
  23. Starting a thread to see if anyone out there has insights into wheel size selection for the standard Motocross Bike 250/450 DTX Class. It's becoming more and more popular lately go run DTX whether on actual DTX setups or even knobby class. I'm running into tons of people that are starting out because it's kinda hip and it gives an IN to racing to what many people feel that missed out on the motocross years. Also, the costs are much less then MX so MXrs are crossing over and new riders are going right in because used cheaper bikes can have good racing on tracks less then the mile. Personally, I love sliding sideways at speed and the TT is my favorite race in all of dirt riding. That being said, there's some legit setup questions especially about wheels since it's the first conversion before doing full setups with suspension. I rode a top racer's setup with 2.75" front and 3.0" rear on a 1/4 mile DT and it felt like turning a FatBoy, it stuck to the track, but wow did it turn stiff. Things that are stated from the DTX wheel builders: 19 inch are standard, local tracks often let Sumo wheels with FT tires, but AFT requires 19". AFT limits wheel size to 19 x 3.5 in maximum. No specified minimum width. All around track size suggestion is: 19" x 2.15" to 2.50" for front || 19" x 2.75" for rear Standard Flat Track Tires are 130/80-19 Front and 140/80-19 Rear On shorter tracks, thinner wheels give the tire more roundness allowing for better maneuvering while on longer tracks the wider wheel make for a more flatter tire giving more contact area for acceleration, but hinders cornering. Where things are silly on paper. The various DTX tire makers give what they say are the recommended/minimum wheel widths. It seems people don't exactly follow them. for example Shinko says min wheel width for the 130/80/19 is 3.0 and the 140/80/19 is 3.5 . I see people run them on wheels not that wide at all. for other brands: Add in here, gearing, i run my standard 13/50 MX gearing, i 4th gear on the 1/4 mile. I don't have the greatest pull on the straightaway but it is great in corners. On the TT couse, stock gearing feels perfect. I have not put my aggressive coupler on the bike yet, i'm waiting to get things setup and tweaked right before throwing a different power setting. I'm running a stock 2019 RM-Z450 for what it's worth. What are people running and or opinions on wheel widths for different track sizes? What sprocket sizes are people running on different tracks? BTW to ask, any chance of mods putting in a Flat Track/TT category since tons are running over to the sport and thy're all thumpers?
  24. Hey guys! Resorting back to the ol' forum research; I have had my new ktm 500 for about 4 months now and I love it. While the '11 crf450 gathers dust I figured I mine as well sell it and pick up some new rims for a supermoto setup on the 500. I dig the 17" x 3.5" front (more practical tire choices) and I am wondering if a 5" rear will fit with the right tire. Question is, which f****** wheels will fit the 2017 ktm 500??! Been calling all over and lookin up part numbers and doin research online and I still can't get a definite answer so here I am. I don't know what WILL work?! Gonna drop the extra $$ on Marchesini wheels but I can only find info for the 2016 model on their website, not the 2017. Would even consider alpina or excel rims if someone can just lead me to the wheels that will definitely fit!! Getting anxious and really annoyed of the shallow-lean-angle turns on the knobbies! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
  25. Hello everybody. So here is the thing, i just bought a beta 450 2014 but i want to change it to SM. The problem is that i don't have much money and i only want to buy the rims cut my spokes and thats it. The question is, what rims in the market will fit, how to know about the angle spokes? please help
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