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Found 24 results

  1. Hi, I'm interested in buying a new woods and trail bike for around $2,000-$3500. I'm 15, 5'8, and 120 lbs. I ride anything from high speed trails to tight technical single track with lots of rocks and hill climbs. I've been thinking about getting a ktm 200 or 150 but I also saw a pretty nice yz144 for sale. Here are some I've been looking at: https://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2006-ktm-200-xc/6348743941.html https://omaha.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2009-ktm-150sx/6376769988.html https://lincoln.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2006-yamaha-yz125-dirtbike/6364177669.html Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hey Kawi riders! Wondering what upgrades I can do to a new KX100 will give me better performance for woods riding. I would also like to know if upgrading the exhaust/muffler actually increases overall hp instead of just transferring the powerband a bit. The 2014+ models already have 28hp. Hard to believe they can draw that much hp out of 100cc! Which muffler and exhaust would you recommend KX100 woods riders? Thanks
  3. Hello all, I just got my frist KTM a couple of weeks ago, and I am very happy so far! I find the gear perfect for the woods and tight trails, but I also use the bike for open trails, and some times I ride up to 50 km (30 miles) in order to get to the interesting trails, so here comes my questions: 1. Will the bike a loose a lot of torque with a 14 tooth front sprocket? Will I notice an actual improvement in the open trails? 2. Is it ok for the engine to ride 30 miles (and back) at regular speeds (50 mph) before getting the the trails? Or should I be looking very cautious at the amount of hours I put on the engine? I am planning to do oil changes every 300 miles, and regular air filter cleaning. On open roads is the only time that I some times miss my WR 450 F. I was using 14/48. But once I get to the trails, i just forget her completely. Thanks for the advice! Cristián
  4. Hey all, I need some concrete specs on the '08 ktm 250xc. The manual and all the online specs vary wildly. Anywhere from 227 lbs dry weight to 215lbs. And 37.5 in seat height to 36.4 in. Manual says 215lbs and 36.4in height. However this is lighter and shorter than most other years of xc250's. This makes a difference in my next decision, because I am short in stature (30 in inseam) and I want to stay with a light bike. I currently have a yz125 and love it. I race hare scrambles in the rockies (even two endure-crosses) and moto . It can beat me up in some tech offroad sections but is serious fun in single track! Love to scream it and hop/skip it around. Its super fun, and really fits my riding style. I run tubeless and have it slightly geared down. Suspension is stock. And its perfect for the mx I race. I'm 165 lbs before gear. I would just stay with my yz, and maybe have the suspension softened in the first part of the stroke, to help with the tech sections. But I can't help but think about getting a shorter seat height and slightly softer (initially) suspension. The seat height really helps for offroad. My yz is 39in tall. I shaved the seat about 1/2 in but I still cant touch on both sides. And just the tip of my boot on the side that does. For mx it doesn't matter but offroad I have been missing it. I really don't want to go with something too much heavier either. The ktm 200xc would be ideal but they rarely sell in my area and they are ridiculous prices when they do. Even for early 2000 models. So if the '08 250 is actually 215lbs dry and has a shorter seat height....that might be the ticket. Even though I can get buy on big hill climbs slipping the clutch, it would be nice to have more low end. And I could race the more tech cross country races in the series that I have skipped. I really don't want to sacrifice my mx suspension too much though. I rode a '09 250xc-w for one lap on a track and it was adequate on jumps and felt awesome in the whoops. I was actually quite blown away. The suspension was just super smooth/planted and even though it didn't rev, (like I prefer), it could still be fast (by 125 standards). But, it felt heavy. And not near as flick-able. If the '08 is lighter AND shorter, plus more power.....it might be just right. So to recap. I don't want to move away from light/flickable. I like to rev. But I want a lower seat height and slightly softer (initially) suspension would be beneficial. Is the '08 actually lighter/shorter than other years? Who's specs do I believe? Make a switch?
  5. Ok so I'm looking for opinions from those who have been on yz125s and 150 exc/xcw's and maybe the ktm 200's exc/xcw's. You gotta be out there. Here's the deal...I'm 5'7" 165lbs. A couple years back I was looking for a small bike for my wife to learn on and for me to play around with and race. Could only afford one bike. I got a '09 ktm 105 sx. Once I got it sprung for my weight it was great. I have been top five consistently in my local harescrambles B class, believe it or not. Ya, you were not the only ones shocked. And did pretty good in the local mx races as well, junior class up here in Canada. Lack of power was sometimes an issue but I learned to deal with it and just scream, scream, scream! However my wife is a complete beginner and she is scared of it. I have since moved her to a 4 stroke. Just got a mint '01 yz15 mid summer. Like less than 200 hrs! I have absolutely loved it on the mx track. Suspension is perfect and I love the extra power. I had planned to set it up for woods/mx with a suspension revalve. However, did a harescramble race a month ago that was really technical. Granted I have not done anything to the suspension minus clickers, had too much psi in the tires (13 front and 15 rear) (yes I know that's wonkey, I only had time to get a heavy duty tube in the front and had a stock tube in back. Less psi in the back would have been instant pinch flat because its so rocky) and it was running rich. I had to scream the thing to keep it running and even changed a plug mid race. Well I'm sure you can guess but it was the worst experience I have ever had on a motorcycle. The more open sections I passed a lot of people but the tech sections required way more effort than I liked and the suspension beat the hell out of me!!! Like my knees, wrists, and shoulders were just done. (I was out there for three hours). So keep in mind that I just came off a 105sx with suspension mods (set up for woods/mx). I have no problem slipping clutch and shifting precisely, yatta yatta. (I don't think the 105 would have done well here either due to even less power, however...) I've been second guessing fixing this 125 up for woods ever since I rode a friends '09 ktm 250xcw. I rode it on a local mx track. The power was just so effortless and I was absolutely floored by how the suspension worked. I never thought that I could hit the woops that hard and clear every jump on the track on an xcw and feel THAT good! It felt a lot heavier though, and I think the price tag on these things are going to be a stretch. So here's my question. I want the lightness of a 125, but want to be able to race both woods and mx. How does a 150 exc/xcw ENGINE compare to an mx 125 engine? I love the 125 engine, but more low end would be usefull in tech areas. But if there is not a huge difference, I will probably just revalve the yz for woods and go tubless, etc. The 150exc's are so expensive and I hardly ever even see one for sale unless its brand new. I don't want the weight of a 200/250/300. I barely touch the ground on a 125....so it has to at least be light. Is it worth waiting for a 150 engine? Thanks guys.
  6. Hello, All, Just joined the forum after reading for some time. Appreciate the good information here. I'll be escaping New England's late winter to spend the month of April in the Pinehurst, NC area. Been reading here and elsewhere about the riding available in the general vicinity, including some of the pluses and minuses: Closest are Badin Lake and Uwharrie. These seem to be the same place, but can't quite tell; people seem to speak of them differently sometimes. Next closest is Outback, but I don't see much talk about this from the 2-wheeled crowd. Brown and Brushy seem to be the places that people gravitate to -- about 3 hours to the west of where I'll be. But here is the catch: I am brand new to trail riding! Been riding motorcycles for 20+ years, street riding, then to road racing and track days (raced for quite a while -- in fact at the end of this trip I'll be on track at VIR on the race bike), with a smattering of flat-track type training as well (so appreciate some of the ways that that dirt riding, neutral spine/push the bike down, is different than road course), but I am pure novice off-road and will be treating myself as such. The question: do you think I would be able to find a day or two of riding appropriate for me to start my dirt/trail career (like, start on the bunny slope and progress only when I'm ready) or should I leave the new dirt bike at home in New England? Thanks, Dustin
  7. hi all, just wondering i've narrowed it down to these 2 ktm 450 xc f and a honda 450 rx both 2019 all i really need is low to mid power just want to know which one has more low to mid, thanks Archie
  8. Ive had my 2007 CRF450X for about a year now, bought it from someone who was using it for dual sport duty. I basically trailer it and ride singletrack and maybe 10% road so I do not need the DS kit on it. I hate the keyed ignition, the clunky light/turn/kill switch, and the mess of wires behind the headlight. I have removed all the turn signals and the bike has a TrailTech which I want to upgrade. The whole kit seems spliced in and Im not sure I want to just remove stuff and not be able to get it to fire up, Has anyone installed or removed this kit? Does anyone have any suggestions parts-wise for replacing the kill-switch button back to stock and making sure the thing still runs after I take the kit off? I plan to run an off-road LED light bar and just a basic front plate. Thanks for the suggestions!
  9. Done over 20 hours track time on my 2017 TC250 now and rate it very highly, now the tracks are getting far too dry so started riding woods more. Initial thoughts are that i'm in 1st gear where friends are in 2nd (for hillclimbs and tighter sections), this could because they are running 18" rear wheels but would be good to see what gearing options other people are running. Suspension is obviously very hard coming from sand tracks so thinking i'll go for around 141psi in forks and click everything right back on the shock, dont know if its worth changing sag as I am small as hell and gets pretty awkward trying to get feet down at times! Has anyone put a map switch in the crimp connection under tank and noticed a difference? Basically any mods or changes anyone would recommend would be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Ghent's05KDX200

    ohio Tires

    So, Im looking for a good rear tire to put on my KDX200. Ive thought about a hybrid tire but here in Ohio we have lots of mud and loose gravel. I was wondering what tire would be best for loose gravel filled hillclimbs but also works good in slimy type mud. but also works decent in hardpack. Main concern is the loose gravel hillclimbs, been thinking about a soft terrain tire as well such as a Metzeler MC360 Mid-Soft tire which has good reviews. anyone from Ohio have any good suggestions? not looking for a DOT tire though either.
  11. I recently bought a 01 YZ250 for simple trail riding and man I'm am freaking loving this bike. I mean my RT180 is great for ripping around on trails as well but the torque on the YZ is unbelievable. I'm gonna have a lot of fun on this thing as my skillset gains mass. Heres some gratuitous amateur enduro pr0n.
  12. hey everybody I'm in need of wisdom and experience you all have to offer, have a dilemma, I have a 2001 kx250 running extremely well, but i have the itch to upgrade, I do mostly enduro riding, tight wood sections mainly and a few cross mountain trails, I'm unsure weather I should just invest in the kx250 and try turn it into a woods weapon or am I chasing my tale with that idea and should just upgrade to a proper enduro bike? looking for your take on it or if anyone has made a 250 2 stroke woods equipped was it worth it??
  13. Bought my 2003 Kx 250 from a shorter, lighter kid that had the suspension done by EVO for mx. I budget race woods, and the suspension set up for a 140 lbs mx racer actually does alright for me in the woods as I'm around 165 lbs. The foot pegs were welded higher which I took care of, the forks were way high in the triple clamps which I took care of, but the seat sits much lower than I want it to, I can flat foot the bike with about an inch to spare. I don't really know how the work was done, is there a link or something I can just take out to raise it back up or was the shock cut or replaced with something to fit the previous owner? how do suspension shops usually go about lowering a bike? if its free/inexpensive to fix, I would like to do so, but if it cost any decent amount of money ill just suck it up and keep riding. Maybe its just because I'm used to it, but it seems the rear end sticks better when corning compared to my friends bikes ive ridden. but its just too short. Thanks, Jake
  14. I wanted to start a thread were we could talk about all the great memories we've had over the years. I have some memories that truly complete me when I look back, I bet we all do. It'd be cool if we could share some. Funny, painful, stupid, badass, whatever, it belongs here. I have so many I don't know where to start, so I'll start at the beginning. I remember the first time I ever took my new to me RM85 to the track. I was 14. Sandbox MX in Michigan if your from these parts. I practiced on the kids track for like 20 minutes and looked out at the big track and was mesmorized. All those big guys and big bikes ripping that huge intimidating track. I went for it, and my life was never the same. It was so hard but at the same time it was the most fun I'd ever had. A euphoria i had never felt. It was so profound, I was instantly in love. It was better than drugs or sex. The ruts were so intimidating, haha. I remember my face pasted to the window staring at the track as we drove away like "Oh my god that was the best thing EVER!" For months I couldnt wait to go back. That was fall, and the winter between then and the next time I rode was like torture. I would stay up til 2 AM everynight watching YZ125 gopro videos hahaha. We used to ride these powerlines behind one of my best friends house. We ripped the matted weeds down into perfect loamy black dirt, into a whooped out, rutted out oval. It was the perfect practice track. Everyday I would come home from school when I was 16, get on my YZ125, and ride a mile down to my friends house and we would rip the "track" all night. this was the first place where riding actually "clicked" for me. I started to "get it". I remember feeling that feeling of letting it go wide open 6th gear and just thinking "whatever happens, happens" or "F it" and letting the bike work underneath me. Such an amazing feeling. Spent so much time back there, thats when I really started to improve. Eventually the power company rep came back and told me i couldnt ride there anymore (which of course I still did) and then eventually a cop came back and said he didnt care but if the power company tells us to stop again we have to stop. We still rode back there, but it eventually got too overgrown. I'll throw in a few little shits just to bother you guys who are real uptight too lmfao... One time we were camping and my buddy started a huge fire with VP110 and put his back tire in the fire and roosted the shit out of it and made a dirt bike flamethrower. Or the time when we were in the powerlines and my other friend killed a rabid possum raccoon with a huge stick, and I hung it from the powerlines (it was our mark). I remember a time me and one of my best friends were riding the trails and he shot a baseball sized rock off his back tire and i clearly saw it in the air, watched it as it hit my neck, and we kept on ripping the turns 5th gear. That was a good/bad feeling. Second time I took another friend to the track, he tried to hit this step up which he shouldnt have even thought about trying to hit. After you land there is an immediate 90 degree left hand turn. He over shot the step up, landed flying W no hands on the bars, and rode like this into the 90 degree berm which was like a jump face, except steeper. He literally ass seat bounced 20 feet in the air, over the fence behind the turn where there is a good 40 foot drop onto a road. Everyone at the track watched and looked at me and I just started running. I literally ran across the track and said screw the rules, I thought my friend broke his back or neck or something bad. Sprinted as hard as I could in MX boots over this fence (his bike flew threw the fence and made a huge hole which is still there) and I found him with just the wind knocked out of him. I was so relieved that he was alive and not paralyzed. The flaggers and people that saw it couldnt believe it. We all thought he was gonna be messed up. Just a very very sore back. Kinda reminds me of the first time I went to Baja Acres MX and got landed on by a 450. fun times
  15. How does a Suzuki rmz450 make for a trail bike? Overheating, stalling, down low torque, gearing? Nothing super tight and technical, mostly all north eastern trails that are all quad friendly, some mud, hills, and straight aways. I am about 5’10 160 pounds and currently do zero track riding, but would consider it if I got the bike. I can pick up a brand new 2020 450 for $6000 and was wondering if I should pull the trigger on it, or if I should spend the extra money on a 300 smoker. I’m coming off a Honda CRF150 which was perfect for the trails I ride, I just outgrew the bike way to fast. Im not worried about the power of the 450, just how well it would perform off the track. Any input would be very much appreciated thanks.
  16. Good afternoon all! Quick question. Can anyone help dial me in on suspension settings for woods riding for my KTM? Where is the best settings for the forks and rear shock? I just bought it and it was set up for motocross jumps, ie just way stiff. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  17. I have a 98 cr 250 I’m looking for some insight to adjust my suspension for my weight I’m 170, 5’7” I’m a pretty modest rider single track,woods,trails. Mine is a brute to ride. Feels way to stiff for my weight and I don’t know where stock settings.
  18. Hello, just got my first dirt bike (used CRF250) and looking for places and people to ride with. I am 40 years old and not looking to do anything crazy. Mostly interested in fun trails that I can practice on and enjoy. Also getting my son into it (7 year old). Let me know if you know of some places near Raleigh that would be good. I do know about NCMP and other well known tracks. Would love to find some wood trails close by. Hit me up! - Alejandro
  19. How do I make my suspensions softer on my stock yz125 mx bike for an enduro coming up. Do I just mess around with like the clicks. They are labeled as an H and and S on the forks. i weight like around 155lbs. Thanks
  20. I am 5'5/5'6 134 pounds and 14 years old and am looking to get a new bike. I ride trails and might do some racing. I am coming off a klx140l and have outgrow the bike (power and size). I am looking at yz/kx/rm 125 and kx 100. Lots of riders I know are saying get the 125 and grow into it. But it sounds like a lot of bike. Any suggestions on which bike I should get?
  21. Hi all hope summers been awesome for everyone. Im wondering if anyone knows of or has anywhere within a hr or so of the white bear lake mn area . I'm 35 and just finally started riding again after nearly 15 years so I'm just looking g for somewhere that isn't gonna b super busy with GD riders flying by me while I'm triing to relearn everything again. Plus I'm sure they'd rather a squid not even be there haha.. I'd b Willi g to help out with whatever or sign release form. I know I can pay the 30 bucks to ride tracks all over and I have done that but at same time there typically busy when I have the opportunity to go . So thanks and if anyone just wants a riding buddy to maybe help show me some stuff let me know anything is appreciated..
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