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Found 45 results

  1. Seeing if I can use this method on my 450 of securing to in the back of my truck I will not be using the front wheel mount in my truck***. Only used as a test anchor point for pictures and compression. The ratchet strap ends will be attached to the inside of my truck bed. The other end to the blue strap -they will pull down at more if a 45 degree anger, not the 5-10 degree straight down in the pictures so, where i have my blue straps, will that damage the forks, frame or suspension in any way? i have too many cables running on and around my handle bar to strap it down from up there.
  2. Pancho_Jsy

    '07 fork spring swap

    Hi All, I've been using my '07 WR450F for MX duties but the super soft forks are making my life very hard. I have to land every bump and jump on the back wheel, as if I'm riding some 60's scrambler. Landing front wheel first or even large braking bumps cause the forks to bottom out with a loud whack! I've tried fiddling with the oil height but even a max recommended it's still the same. The stock springs fitted are 4.5N. Yamaha max recommended is 4.6N. Surely a 2% wont be enough? I'm thinking of trying 4.8N (6.6% stiffer) I'm not hitting 130ft tables so i dont need it super stiff. I'm about 70kg. What are you guys using? And did you fit more/less preload spacers?? Thanks in advance Pancho
  3. Tldr: look at the bottom, told the whole story of my crash in the first few paragraphs Hey all. I Was riding my 2011 Yamaha wr450f on the road earlier to get to some trails, 10 minute ride on some back roads from the 8-9 acres of private land I offload my bike at and start my day of riding I was riding to my trails and decided to hammer on the gas through a sharp left turn, which I've taken going 50-60mph through a bunch of times. Stupid I'm sure for the curve of the turn and with the speed limit 25 through it, but It's a backroad, not many people go on it whatever. Anyways, to the crash. I take the turn going 50 mph, then speed up to 60mph going through it. I Leaned in to the turn too much, don't have great tires for the road on my street legal wr450f, and was going way too fast so I slid on the left side of my bike on the pavement. I slid like right alongside the bike probably 20 feet. Got some road rash, torn up a bit, most of my body got small things on road rash tbh, mostly my left side. Anyways tldr my long story, crashed my wr450f at 60mph on the pavement, only messed up my clutch lever slightly and got a decent sized hole in the crank case. I rode it home with the hole in the case probably less than a mile as soon as I got up from the crash. I was just wondering, based off the pics I'm posting if I can JB weld it together for a hare scramble I have august 20th, or if I should just get a new aftermarket or OEM one? Any opionions would be great. Pic of the crack in the case isn't great, crappy lighting, but it's maybe an inch, half inch long, the biggest part of the crack to the top of it, right near the shifting pedal, whatever it's called. It bent in and poked a hole in the case. First pic is one of the oil that's leaked on my garage floor since I've had it sitting there for 12 hours, then the other 2 are of the crack in the case, not the best quality like I said
  4. Hey everyone! Today I bought my first WR450F! It's a 2013 plated in California! Super stoked on the bike and already want to get into it and start customizing. Let me know if there is anything I need to know because this is all new to me, my past experience has been with DRZ's so this is completely different. The main questions I have about the bike is about the ecu, programming, and maps. I have never dealt with computers on bikes before so all of this seems like witchcraft to me. The previous owner did the ecu upgrade to what he says is a "programmable YZ ecu". He was an old guy that did very light trail riding and he said he got it tuned for that kind of riding. My plans for the bike is mostly street, i'm going to be purchasing supermoto wheels soon but I also want to do some off roading. I'd say i'm going to use the bike for 80% streets and 20% dirt. Do you guys think I should get the ecu reprogrammed? He gave me the stock ecu aswell, should I put that one back on? I'm used to a slow DRZ so to me its super fast. The bike has a slip on LEXX exhaust from what I can tell. Let me know any information you have about all the Yamaha computer stuff or refer me to any good sites that explain this stuff. Anything is greatly appreciated. I'll provide a picture of the bike and also the current map that is has on it so you can tell me if it's good or not.
  5. Cody Trego

    WR450f 5th gear rebuild

    Need some advice on rebuilding the wr450f transmission after the 5th gear issue showed itself. Just a little background so you guys know whats going on. Its a 2006 wr450f that has (I'm guessing) 6-10k miles. The majority of which have been street and supermoto miles. I was doing a track day at Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson AZ and began to feel 5th gear slip especially under hard acceleration. Immediately after the track day I googled the issue and came upon the 5th ear issue of these bikes. Ive since barely used 5th gear and now have the time to tear it apart and see how bad it is. That gets us to where I am now. I split the cases and pulled out the gears only to find significantly less damage than I was expecting The only very noticeable thing wrong with the whole transmission was the shifter fork (#2 I believe) I was expecting the dogs of the pinion to be trashed but they are only very very slightly rounded To give you an idea of how shallow the marking is on this gear, I have trouble feeling it with my finger nail. Anyways what do you guys suggest I replace and what can I do to stop this from happening? BTW thank you guys for doing all you do! I've gained so much knowledge about my bike from this site and I hope this post can help someone down the road.
  6. I have been riding motorcycles on both cruisers and sport bikes since 1999. I decided to put my Yamaha FZ8 up for sale or trade to get into dirt. I am looking for a new experience and I am just bored with street riding. Anyways, I got contacted by a very nice guy in his 60's with a trade offer for a 2009 WR450F that is barely used. Barely meaning less than 500 miles. The guy sent me pics and and it looks legit plus he owns 11 other motorcycles which you can see in the pictures. I know not to go by speedo readings but for the sake of this argument lets say it is as good as he says it is. Basically, he likes having a collection of bikes and doesn't seem have time to ride all of his dirt bikes. If the bike is good and I have bunch of experience riding all types of motorcycles (meaning good throttle control and common riding sense), is it really bad to go off on a WR450F? People tell me the bike is pretty mellow. Also I am 5'11, 32 inch seam, and about 230lbs. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hopefully I will not have to make any more posts after this but I have questions about the 04 wr snorkel. Before it's suggested yes I did read the free mod guide on super Moto junkie and he shows the snorkel being removed but does not explain or show how. I tried removing the two bolts on top and the battery but it still doesn't even budge after that, is it molded in place? Also what is deemed as a clean or dirty air filter? I don't know what is supposed to be normal, upon looking at mine there was a good amount of thick black grease that I wiped out so I have no idea how long this one has been used or last cleaned. I bought a no toil filter to replace the current one since I just did a rebuild and why not have a clean one in there. But if someone can enlighten me on details it would be much appreciated.
  8. Hi all, Bought a 2007 WR450F a couple months ago. Electric start was working fine, and worked for a few weeks without issue. Recently the red ignition button light stopped glowing when clicking the On/Off button and readying to start. I kick started to get it home without problem, and kicked to start a few time after that without problem. When I got around to looking into it, the battery read at 11V. I replaced the battery and a blown 10A fuse on the positive (right hand) side. Also noticed that the 90 degree inlet on the carb was leaking, so I replaced the 3 O-rings (# 3TJ-14564-40-00) to stop the leak. Upon starting, the bike idled fine, and ran great for about a half mile before dying. Again, red ignition button light stopped glowing. My *assumption* is that the fuse blew again, but I cannot yet confirm. I was on my way to work, so I haven't had time to look into it yet. I'm fairly strong mechanically, but don't know much about electrical. My guess is that this is not an easy fix-- maybe a short, and I'm looking for advice on where to start. I appreciate the help guys!
  9. WheelieWIll

    Need help with wiring

    So as I'm adding more and more auxiliary accessories to my Wr450f, I'm running out of room on the battery terminals to connect things. I've seen some "power distribution blocks" but they're all made for huge 0 gauge wire. Anybody have any ideas of what I could do? Or something like this, but for much smaller wire. Like 20 gauge.
  10. Macombcountyrider

    07 Wr450F onboard computer

    I would like to know if there is a video explanation how the computer and starting instructions on the motorcycle operate? What do the buttons and lights mean for the speedo, trip odometer etc...
  11. Bobby flincher

    2014 wr450f electrical issue

    When the main switch is pushed in, the electrics don't turn on. However, they turn on once the bike is kicked over, and the bike still starts. The battery is new and charged over night slowely. Just don't know where to start looking for the answer.
  12. YzfLogan

    Wheel Fitment

    Hello everyone, looking to convert my 2010 yz450f to supermoto. I was going to order some wheels but then saw a pair of warp 9 17" wheels for sale. They are fitted for a wr450f but I was wondering if they would fit my 2010 yz450f? thanks in advanced
  13. DanLe

    2007 WR450f rear shock

    Hello guys, I've just pick up a 2007 WR450f. Went for fork seal replacement and realized it has been replaced by some older fork (46mm, which I think is from a 2003). Now I also need to rebuild the rear suspension which has a light leaking. So the ODC in me kicks in and now I'm not sure if it's the correct shock from 2007 to find the correct rebuild kit. Is there any way to tell the rear suspension is from which year, and do you guys have any recommendation for rebuild kit? Thanks Dan
  14. Have some damage on the outer / upper fork tubes on a '12 WR450F. New OEM replacements are pricey. Will any older YZ outer tubes work as a replacement? They are (more) plentiful on fleabay. The forks will eventually be fit on a upper clamp of 54mm diameter. So tubes being 54 or 56mm top will both work fine. Thanks.
  15. comp123

    2012 front springs

    Up until now I have only done fork oil changes on my stock 2012 suspension. I am a 200lb B rider and plenty happy with the stock set up. I want to change the springs front and rear. I started by purchasing an OEM rear spring. Once replaced the results were astounding, the orginal rear shock certainly needed replacing. Now I need to order the front. Looking for suggestions before I order OEM.
  16. whiteakita

    oil level problem

    hi everyone, i have recently bought a 2004 wr450f. today i did a engine oil and filter change, im having trouble checking the oil level. the bike is supposed to take 1.1l of engine oil so that is what i put in then ran the engine for 5 mins, upon checking the level with the dipstick in the frame there was no oil on it whatsoever. so i added another 200ml of oil and ran the engine for a few minutes. i have read many times that you should wait 5 minutes after turning the engine off before checking the oil level, but if i do that there is no engine oil on the dipstick at all. if i wait 30 seconds to check the oil after switch off the oil on the dipstick is full, if i wait 2 minutes it shows half full, if i wait 5 minutes it shows as empty ! it seems like all the oil is quickly draining back to the crankcase. do i have a problem ? how long should i wait until i check the oil ? i now have 200ml more oil in the engine than recommended and the dipstick is still showing as empty after 5 mins of being switched off.
  17. Here's a 17 minute video condensed from 20 days of riding the trails of Devon UK troughout 2017. Mostly filmed from my WR250F with a supporting cast of 250Fs, WR450Fs and a sprinkling of orange, red and green. Plenty of dirt, wry observations and general arsing about. Sound required - hope you enjoy...
  18. Seeing if I can use this method on my 450 of securing in the back of my truck I will not be using the front wheel mount in my truck***. Only used as a test anchor point for pictures and compression. The ratchet strap ends will be attached to the inside of my truck bed. The other end to the blue strap -they will pull down at more if a 45 degree anger, not the 5-10 degree straight down in the pictures so, where i have my blue straps, will that damage the forks, frame or suspension in any way? i have too many cables running on and around my handle bar to strap it down from up there.
  19. Seeing if I can use this method on my 450 of securing to in the back of my truck I will not be using the front wheel mount in my truck***. Only used as a test anchor point for pictures and compression. The ratchet strap ends will be attached to the inside of my truck bed. The other end to the blue strap -they will pull down at more if a 45 degree anger, not the 5-10 degree straight down in the pictures so, where i have my blue straps, will that damage the forks, frame or suspension in any way? i have too many cables running on and around my handle bar to strap it down from up there.
  20. WheelieWIll

    R6 Switch on 2012-2015 Wr450f

    Installed a combined start/kill switch from an R6 to my 2015 Wr450f today. Makes the bars look much cleaner in my opinion. I didn't wire it the conventional way, which had 2 problems. The conventional way has the R6 kill switch attached to the Wr's kill switch wires. This makes the flip switch on the bars reversed. So on is off and off is on. Also, you still would need to press the ignition switch by the dashboard to start the bike, which I didn't like. Here's how I did it: So, I attached the R6 kill switch (both pink wires) to the red and brown wire coming out of the original ignition button on the Wr. Leaving the other yellow and brown wire attached will preserve your low fuel light. Next, cut off the Wr's original starter button, and attach the 2 black wires to the R6 starter switch (black and blue wires). Now it's done. Flipping the switch to the run position will prime the fuel pump, and pressing the start button will start it up as normal. It overall looks cleaner and puts all of the buttons in one place. Here's a quick demonstration.
  21. i want to replace the oil plug washer in the next oil change , what is the washer size for YZ450F !?
  22. FatCowKiller

    Wr450f coolant leak

    So the new head I bought is leaking coolant from the bolt that attaches the tube for the antifreeze to get to the engine head. I tried using copper washers as nobody by me sells crush washers but that did not work. I picked up these viton o rings at harbor freight, does anybody think they will melt? I don't race so I won't be redlining it but idk how hot the engine head will get as the o ring will be pressed up against it. I know the coolant won't go above the 250 range so that's not the issue. I believe these are rated for roughly 440 farenheight?
  23. I have a 2005 Wr450f. Runs fine, but with life- I’m finding that I dont have time to ride in the dirt as much. It’s a 80 mile one way trip to decent riding. Becomes an all day affair- and the wife no likey that. To make my 450 street legal would require some work,nothing I can’t do, but I worry about the red tape from the dmv and the $ put into a older bike. That and I really want a fuel injected bike. Ive been looking at the wr250f and CRF250L models. While I would love to get a 450 street legal- most are outta my price range and or it’s hard to find a decent used one. My question is- has anyone gone from a 450 to a 250? Happy? Miss the power? Enough power from a 250 for fun dirt rides and hill climbs at Gorman? i would be 80/20 street to dirt on the new bike. Thankx!
  24. Hey Thumper Talk, New poster here. Pretty much I have an 03 Yamaha Xt225. I absolutely love the bike and how reliable it is. Ive owned it for over a year and put over 10,000kms on it. As much as I love the bike, I would like to buy a larger bike (more power and its quite a small bike for my size). I have left the bike completely stock the whole time I have owned it. I do mostly road riding (90%) but not on highways (only up to about 80kmph). I am considering to upgrading to a 450 or a WR450f to be precise. It would probably be an late 2000's model for my budget. But after reading online it sounds like the maintenace is a lot more work with it. I don't mind a bit of maintenace but it sounds quite extreme. Anyways the question is, thoughts on a WR450f for mainly road riding or is there any other dual sport out there that might be better for me?
  25. I have a 2006 WR450F that has many mods already done before I purchased however I have an issue which I am trying to determine if it is the "bog" issue. I am running a Rekluse Z-Start Pro, rolling down a single track usually in third gear and approach an obstacle. I throttle on sharply to raise the front end and the engine dies. Can also happen from time to time in first and second gear, but usually always from an idling roll. Is this the "bog"? Just trying to determine if that is the direction I should start my troubleshooting with.