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Found 12 results

  1. Brillot2000

    xl600r 1985 XL600R With Hot Cam

    Hello All, I put together a 1985 Honda XL600R engine that was done previously by an amateur, too mistakes had to be corrected. The seller of this bike said that he had head work done by XRs Only, installed a Wiseco Piston and a hotter cam. The exact manufacturer and model of the cam are not known. I am sure that he bought it from XRs Only. I did not see a cam on their website for this particular bike. They only cam they have is for 1988 and up XR600Rs, I am assuming that's the one that he got for the bike. I put the engine back together to factory specs, however I used the unknown hot cam. The bike is hard starting, when it does start up it, the idle is erratic and constantly fluctuating. Adjusting the fuel mixture screw on the carburetor has not effect on the engine speed. While kicking starting it, I noticed that the sounds coming from the intake and exhaust do not sound normal. There's like popping sounds coming from the air box. I also placed my hand over the muffler's opening while kicking it over many times. I noticed that I feel it "Sucking" briefly and then blowing later on. While on my 1987 XL600R with a XR600R motor only blows from the exhaust when I do the same procedure. This is quite discerning. Again, I only rebuilt and repaired this engine as it was presented to me. I do not my heart set on keeping this cam, I only want this bike to be easy to start and run good. As stands now, it is not doing none of that and has an unknown variable to me. I do have a stock cam and other top end parts from another engine. I am considering pulling out that unknown cam and install the stock one in its place. That way I would have something that is more known and I can do the cam timing to the Honda factory specs. I managed to find the attached image of the top-end with the cam installed. I hope this image can help someone identify this cam. At this point, I am not sure if I want to proceed with continuing to use this cam. I would appreciate any insights or guidance to see if my thoughts regarding the unknown cam is the source of my issues. Also going back to "Stock" is my best course in this situation.
  2. Hi all, I have a 1993 XL600R which has a snag or maybe 2. The engine has recently been fully rebuilt, but the problem existed beforehand and was not the reason for the rebuild. I mention this so that we can discount any mechanical issues. Fault symptom#1, The bike will start and run no problems whether hot or cold. It performs really quite well apart from a couple of issues. I have noticed that if I really snap the throttle open quickly, the engine will bog momentarily, (and would probably die if I didn't close the throttle), so for example if I was riding along in 1st or 2nd and wanted to get the front wheel up to pop it over a log or something, unless the bike was up at mid range RPM, the engine will falter and die, and I have to close the throttle and then open it more progressively. It will even hesitate at mid range revs, but not significantly. Not much use off road! Carbs have also been fully rebuilt and jets sorted etc. It will also do this with the choke on, so I don't think it is a lean cut or carb problem, also doing a plug chop and the plug is a perfect colour. I'm thinking ignition and not enough advance? Fault symptom #2, The bike doesn't like revving out in top gear, although sometimes it will! It will hesitate and I have to back off the throttle and maybe then I can get it to rev out. However sometimes it just revs cleanly right through... I have measured the stator resistance and that is within 80 ohms of where it should be. The pulse generator on the other hand is down at 380 Ohms cold, and 450 hot, the Honda book says it should be 510 - 570 but doesn't say hot or cold. Is mine showing too much of a difference? I have no way of testing the CDI box and it is an early one with the circular plug. How many £££ to replace it :-/ Anyone shed any light on the problem? Thanks in advance, Mark.
  3. I know this isn't an XR but there isn't an area for XL's so here goes. If there's any better place for or other places to post this please let me know. ANYWAY, I have recently taken up the project of making a rack for my XL600R to mount a helmet box and some custom Pannier boxes, out of a shopping cart. Yes, a Walmart shopping cart. Currently I have cut the hand-hold of the cart down to be the base and to attach to the frame (kind of looks like a Foot box wheelie bar), and two pieces of flat from either side of the cart. Pictures should be attached.
  4. Hello Everyone, The rear brakes on my 83 aren't very good. I read that its wise to replace the shoes because the old ones are, well, old. I couldn't find any recommendations using the search function and wondered if anyone had any thoughts. I don't care if I have to replace them every few thousand miles, I just need the best stopping power I can get. Thanks, Joe
  5. Hey guys, Just came across all of these old school slide shows. They take awhile to record and upload to youtube. But I'm trying to get the good ones done first. Full of info and fun to watch. This one is all off road models cr500r cr250r cr125r cr80r cr60r as well as xr200 xr250 and xl600r. Also there is a test at the end of part 2 so make sure you study hahah. part 1 part 2 I'm about to do another from 84 street bikes going to be fun enjoy!
  6. I've got an 84 XL600r which has a very annoying random stop feature. It will idle a while at any time but there will be a random mechanical clunk and it stops. It will start again, but with only my right leg for starting it does get a bit tedious. Have rebuilt carbs, replaced coil, plug and stator. Have disconnected the 2 decompressors. Have serviced the old girl including checking valve clearances. Haven't swapped out the CDI as it cost a packet. Apart from this it works fine and next weekend we're doing the Taffy Dakar but I know by the end of the weekend my leg will be suffering. Any ideas? Or things to check before I pull out the engine and do a rebuild Thanks Pete
  7. Hello, New to the forum. I picked up a 1983 XL600R in fair condition - it has been running well until today the ignition cluster was literally smoking when I pulled into work. shortly after stopping the turn signals and horn stopped working as well. Im thinking short somewhere near where the smoke was but was also having stator problems at one point and wondering if maybe its sending way too much voltage through? Electronics are foreign to me, so please dumb it down if you have any suggestions. Thanks y'all.
  8. Boneyfreak

    xl600r 1987

    So I got this xl600r and going over it replacing this and broken that. Tail lights, brake light all work great-13.7+ V @ battery But @ a/c regulator only 6-7v A/C and same at headlight connector with lamp still plugged in. Headlight only lights when @ 1500rpm or greater and only like it would if starved of Vac. a/c Regulator tested and no short Stator headlight winding to ground test 3.1 ohms Headlight dimmer switch just completely cleaned (taken apart) and ohm'd out prior to reinstall Wiring harness connections gone over and cleaned Stator need replacing? Anyone ever have a weak hdlight output due to the stator windings building less resistance?
  9. Hi everyone, I bought a ’87 XL600R running and riding about two weeks ago. A few days later I was struggling to start it. I checked for spark which it didn’t have and while doing some diagnostics I found the stator had low resistance (140ohms vs the range in my manual 230-320 ohms). I picked a new one from RickyStator and threw that in with no luck. I then got some advice from a relative and replaced the spark plug wire which did fix my problem, I fired up the bike and took it on quick rides upwards of six times that Sunday (new bike, woo!). Monday I go to fire it up again and the bike refuses, no spark again. Tuesday I clipped the end of the wire and got it to spark again but not start. And today, Friday, I’m stuck with no spark. So to cap this all off I have a couple of questions: 1. The manual I have says I can check the primary and secondary coil resistances for the ignition coil but its for an 83-84 and the coils changed over the years, so I have no idea how to check it. Guidance on how to check these values with a multimeter would be great. 2. Is there anything else you would try? Ive seen lots of talk about faulty CDI’s but it never seems to be the final problem with no start bikes. If so, steps to check this unit would also be greatly appreciated. 3. A fresh link to a free download a more current manual would be fantastic… if there is one. Thanks in advance, Ben D.
  10. Kenmir

    1986 XL600R hesitating

    Hello all! So I'm having some issues with a 1986 XL600R. Bike is new to me. Has an aftermarket muffler (No idea what), and factory air-box. Bike had 120 main, 115 secondary, 65 main and factory Needle settings. previous owner said he had just checked the valves and had "Drilled someone in the choke" to make it start better. It always starts on the second or third kick, runs great in neutral. Starts a little harder when hot but that's pretty normal. The issue I'm having is that at medium throttle riding down the road it hesitates very slightly, and at high RPM in basically every gear it hesitates like its hitting a rev limiter/ loosing spark. I've checked the plug and its never looked super lean, or super rich. Now for what I've done. Figured its got a loud aftermarket pipe on it so its probably jets. Bought a kit that came with some different jets and tried it. These were a 134 main, 130 secondary, 68 main and some shims to lift the needles a bit. This did nothing. I had as well bought a new CDI (With a higher rev limiter) and a new coil, I like being prepared. So i tried installing these. No change. I went back to original jetting, no change. I then checked the ohms through the stater for the spark circuit and the pulse ohms. Both were maybe 20 high but I'd blame that on a cheap multi-meter (But maybe I shouldn't). I also threw a adjustable spark checker and set the gap to around the 1/4 inch the manual says it should throw a spark and it seems to do that fine. It has fresh high octane fuel in it as well. So basically all I have left is to double check the valves, but it runs so well otherwise I have hard time believing that the valves are off or that the cam has jumped a tooth or something but I'm open to suggestions now! That's all I can think of now, thanks ahead of time everyone!
  11. I have an 86 XL600R and I have difficulty starting it when it's very cold or inbetween "room temperature" lets say, and hot. Meaning if it's hot I can start it right up, and on a nice spring morning, i can start it with a kick or two. BUT if its hot and I park to have lunch or stop for a half hour or so it is unbelievably hard to to get re-cranked. Since I have removed the compression release from the kickstart lever it is unbelievably easier to start in any condition, and I have heard of drilling out the choke jet for a little more fuel from it (this taken from a video, i only thought the choke was an airway thing. Any help wold be appreciated, i have no info on jet sizes in it now or anything like that, it is the stock XL600R carb. I also am wondering what you guys would recommend for Modifications for the bike. IE Guage Change, Exaust, headlight, brake light, ETC. I already have LED blinkers, Pro Taper bars, Partsguy Bark busters, And a UNI-filter air filter. Thanks, Jack
  12. Jonathan Wall

    1986 XL600R No start

    Hi everyone I just purchased a 1986 XL600r that was running ok when I bought it two days ago, but would bog down around 1/4 throttle. I drove it around some yesterday staying off the throttle, and she did fine , but not running quite right. At one point after shutting her down in town, had a real hard time (10 minutes) trying to restart her. I finally got her started and got her home. I tried to fire her up the next day in order to try and tune the carb for the altitude Im at. Long story short, she just wouldnt start (wheras before it was very easy to start) - almost like she wasnt getting spark. Well I pulled the plug wire boot and the wire was completely disconnected from the coil! I figured this wire having been super loose while riding was likely the poor throttle issue I was having. Well reconnected to the plug wire to what I think was the coil, then pulled the plug to check that it was super black and sooty. I replaced with a new plug and.... still nothing. Not even close to turning over. Whats going on here? My next step is replacing the ignition coil and wire with a new one, but anything else I'm missing here? Thanks. edit: this bike had a new stator installed last summer.