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Found 56 results

  1. Attempting to change the fork seals due to a leak in one fork on my 1984 Honda XR500R with Showa mg3-771 forks. My dust seals don't look anything like the youtube videos, photos, forums that I have researched. Also researched this specific fork and found nothing. Also I can only find information about models relatively close to my bike(XR350, XR400, XR600), but not exact. My dust seals seem to be permanently attached to the inside of the fork tube, probably some adhesive and has a foam ring underneath it that is deteriorating, hence the leak. Anyone have any ideas how to change the fork seals without removing the dust seal? Also noticed that the foam ring should be under the white plastic washer, not on top of, when compared to my other fork tube that is not leaking. Left Fork: Leaking, foam ring on top of white plastic washer Lef Right Fork: Not leaking, foam ring under white plastic washer
  2. Travis Frank

    XR 350 1985 XR 350r

  3. Robert1Stock

    650L dies randomly

    Took my bike out the other day and it made it about an hour and a half before dying as I was coming to a stop. I got it running and going around a hard corner it died and started leaking fuel out the overflow valve. Took the carb out on the trail flipped it upside down blew into the fuel line and was blocked, put it right side up and could blow into it freely. Now it dies intermittently, no pattern whatsoever. I managed to get it back to my truck but it was dying at random regardless of RPM, speed, hard bumps, if I was at WOT for more than 10-15 seconds it would die. I've got it home and taken apart but everything looks great except for the diaphragm, which I've never had a CV carb before so I'm unsure how it is supposed to look. This seems worn out to me, could I get a second opinion? I've checked that the float isn't filling up (is air tight), was adjusted correctly etc... The oddest part is a buddy I was riding with had a problem with a sticking float while we were out as well, but a few taps with a wrench freed his up and he was on his marry way...
  4. honuki250

    Clutch Basket whobbles

    My clutch was slipping on an 86 xr 200 I just bought so I bought a new clutch to put in. Once torn apart we noticed the clutch basket had a wobble both front to rear and left to right. Took it off and found washer were in put in place properly. Put it back together in the right order but still have a small wobble. How do I fix this? OR should I not worry about a little wobble and ride it? Any advise would be great as I can not find anything on line about this issue. Thanks. Going to run this at Mid Ohio I hope so 60 days to go.
  5. Hello everybody, i recently purchased an 84' xr350r and i'm slowly restoring it. In the process i noticed that the carb insulator boot (connects from carb to motor) was damaged severely. My question to you all being, does anybody know if an xl250r insulator boot could be made to work on my xr350r? Because as you are probably all aware finding that specific part is very difficult and the only luck ive had is finding a relatively cheap insulator boot for an xl250r that looks exactly the same as the one on my 350 (from the picture at least). Or if anybody has any ideas on a mod that would work. Thank you
  6. mfarr

    Xr400 pumper carb

    Hi all, I just installed mikuni pumper carb on my 1999 xr 400. Performance is much better and starts easier if not dropped. However I dropped the bike a couple times today and when starting it afterwards I ran into same problem as my stock carb-many kicks-too many to count, and lot of wasted time and energy to get it to fire up again. Anyone have same issue? If so, any thoughts on how to get it started easier after its fallen on its side? Thanks
  7. FlynDutchman

    Cargo rack wanted

    I am looking for a cargo rack for an 650R that’s not going to break the bank, new or used. Budget is very near and preferably under $100.
  8. KC@CRF450r

    00 XR650R - Pro Tips

    I traded my motocross-style bike for a 2000 XR650R yesterday, and am now looking for some general tips on ownership (apologies if this question is covered in another thread, I did not find exactly what I was looking for) Some questions I had to get the tips going: 1) Any performance increasing mods i should consider, or is it already an animal stock 2) Has anyone recently made a bike like this street legal in California - is it a painful process (DMV part, not really the electrical install part) 3) The electric start option looks expensive and not worth it - or might it be worth it if the bike gets difficult to kick start at times? 4) What is the best riding style/terrains for a bike like this (I already crashed hard cornering a berm on it, and thought I should start riding different terrains - like not a motocross track anymore) 5) What are the basic guidelines behind Routine Maintenance on this XR650R 6) I think I need new Sprocket and Chain - any tips on the sprocket tooth ratios (Previous owner is my friend and trusted mechanic. He put a White Brothers exhaust and really dialed in the jetting, so that is one area I did not feel the need to immediately address. Also has a stabilizer which seems pretty valuable. Other than that I do not know much about the bike yet) Basically I want to ensure I am getting the most out of this new bike, even if it means changing everything about my riding style... those questions will help guide me in the right direction Some pics attached - thank you !
  9. TheAirborneCheese

    CRF80F Replacement Stator/Rotor Kit?

    My 2007 Crf80f threw a chain and broke the pulse generator off its mounts, also the flywheel came out of true as a result of the impact. After surfing the "wide and wondrous web" for a few hours I came across this kit that Tbolt makes. http://tboltusa.com/store/trc-outer-rotor-ignition-br-ultimate-full-system-p-650.html It comes with a flywheel/pulse generator/stator combo, a CDI, Ignition coil and some other harnesses, etc. It says in the description that it is compatible with CRF/XR 50's and 70's and I wanted to know if it is compatible with my 80. I would assume that the flywheel on the 70's and 50's is the same (or at least the kewyay/etc. is). Also it is a lightweight flywheel so i figured it would fit because its smaller. Just looking for some feedback... -Sincerely, Airborne
  10. Been riding my XR hard for a few years now and have not shown it the love it deserves. Simultaneously, I'm a junior M.E. student and the South Dakota School of Mines has taken everthing but my bike. That said, I'm looking for a used Aloop kit or any parts thereof that anyone is trying to get rid of. Also ISO 36mm pumper carb for about half of what XR's only has them for. Any other input/leads welcome.
  11. Hondaguy946

    1984 honda XR 500

    hey all, im fairly new to riding and just kind of stumbled across thumper talk, i recently purchased a 1984 honda xr 500 and was wondering if anyone knew of any common problems or things to watch for. the bike was rebuilt and set in storage before i bought it so im not expecting any failures but im wondering where a guy could find parts for something this old. if anybody has some old pamphlets or knows where to find the owners manual too that would be awesome thanks.
  12. Hey Guys. I have a Honda XR 250r 1999 that i have just rebuilt. I got the piston and barrel done in a shop along with the valves. The bike is running well but has a issue with burning oil. The decompression valve on the engine was jammed but we managed to free it up but the bike has lacked compression since it was freed. I have no issue starting the bike but would a broken/stuck decompression valve be a reason behind the burning of the oil and lack of compression? I started with a synthetic oil but was advised to use a mineral so did a oil change and now have 20w-50 mineral in the bike but have seen no change.
  13. I just bought a 2002 Honda XR200 that was hardly ridden at all and has lived most of its life in a storage locker. I already cleaned the carburetor and replaced some of the jets. I also replaced the air filter. I have checked to make sure the pep cock is clean, and even replaced the gasket that goes between the exhaust pipe and the engine. It starts up on the first kick, but when I turn the throttle more than 1/4 the way, it dies. Any ideas that you have would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Caleb Barger

    Minuki pumper carb running lean?

    I can't really tell, is this looking lean or rich?
  15. Caleb Barger

    xr400 supermoto kickstand?

    Does any one have any suggestions on an aftermarket kickstand thats about 2 inches shorter than stock? im on 17's and i always have to find a slight angle to position my bike so it doesn't fall over.
  16. eggerxr93

    XR600R - new video

  17. Sarulicious

    Considering a 2002 Honda XR 200

    I roll into the parking lot at work this week and there sits a 2002 Honda XR200. I have been a long time VFR pilot with limited trail riding experience. A couple years ago I refurbished a TTR-90 for my 10yo and have been looking for a trail bike for myself. As a Honda fan I am familiar with the XR but it is rare to find one like this that someone is willing to let go. Spoke to the owner, he is willing to sell for $1000. The front fork seals NEED to be replaced, and the rear shock is leaking significantly and requires repair or replacing. Due to this is a limited time offer, and I have limited knowledge in this realm... I am looking for insight and advice as to if this is a diamond in the rough or more trouble than it's worth. Any and all guidance, advice, and knowledge sharing will be greatly appreciated!
  18. Caleb Barger

    Xr400/250 supermotos

    Every one post their pics of your supermoto! I'm just trying to get some ideas on what to do next! I just orderd the 36mm pumper carb from XR's only, and tonight I am going to order some under bar mirrors! Here's what she looks like right now
  19. Wescrf

    Crf80 stalling

    I was going down the path on my 2004 crf80 and all of a sudden the bike acted like it was out of gas so i put it on reserve and that didnt help so i came home and put gas in it and still did the same thing. So i cleaned carb, cleaned the spark plug, cleaned the air filter, adusted the valves and cam chain and none of it helped. When its sitting there idling it runs fine but when i put it in gear and ride it and give it throttle it has no power. It acts like its out of gas when its not and i know for a fact that its getting gas cause i made sure. Maybe someone up here has had the same problem and can help me figure this out.
  20. I have a pretty crazy problem. This has probably never happened to anyone before, but here goes..... I own a mint 1987 XR250R. The bike maybe has 20-25hr on it. It ran fine when I bought it in the Fall. I pulled it out to start it. It started after a few kicks, however on the return of the kickstarter it somehow rotated internally to the left and now it is caught behind the posterior portion of the frame where the exhaust bolts on. When I say caught, it may be more accurate to say completely jammed.I took off the exhaust in hopes of creating some room to move the kickstarter down and out, but this did nothing to help my cause. I cannot push the kickstarter down any further- it feels locked and I don't want to break or bend anything. I thought to pull kickstarter off and I can't. The top portion of the kickstarter lever is f'ing wedged in behind the posterior portion of the frame and won't allow me to simply pull off the kickstarter at it's base. I can only pull it out so far and then the top part of the kickstarter lever wedged against the frame stops it. I did see the screw on the kickstarter top portion where it attaches to the base of the kickstarter. I took this screw out thinking I could 'tap' the kickstarter's top portion off. The top portion looks like is should come off not problem, but it won't. I'm not sure if it simply slides on or slides on and then locks into position with a twist. If it locks with twisting, I have no idea which way to turn it. I do have the factory service manual, and I'm surprised it shows nothing about the kickstart lever coming off. I've hit YouTube and can't get anything. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. I apologize in advance if this sounds ridiculous or is a purely elementary fix for someone who's very experienced / mechanically inclined. I'll be the first to admit I am no motorcycle mechanic but can usually do most stuff without incident. Warmer weather is coming to Northern NY and I just want to get the bike ready to go. This certainly isn't helping matters. In addition... the bike started and made are really odd noise after the kickstarter got wedged on its return stroke and then died. I'm hoping it doesn't mean something horrific just happened. Thanks in advance for any info. At this point anything is better than what I'm doing. I know being Sunday afternoon, odds of getting responses are pretty low....
  21. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mcy/6134584879.html I'm looking at picking this bike up and wanted to see what y'all think considering the price and condition. It is an original owner w/ the title and has just under 2k miles. I should be able to snag it for 700. It needs nothing as is. Runs fine with a little tick he said (valve adjustment). It was wrecked which is why the gas tank is beat up but it has been sealed and painted over, no leaks. This will be a fixer upper as time and money flow in but just wanted to get something cheap and reliable to beat around on when I'm up in Boone at my cabin.
  22. So i Just recieved a 85 honda xr350r for free from my dads buddy unfortunately it does not run atm. And by that I mean the motor is almost completely disassembled in a box lol... and that's how my dad's buddy had bought it. it was taken apart due to a faulty bearing is what he was told...which one I'm not sure(couple pics I'm pointing to the bearings I need) but guys i need info I dont know where to get these bearings or what the part numbers are and i really wanna replace all the bearings in the engine so if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. Overall the bikes in great condition for the year! The cranks nice and tight even the piston and the rings look good, so im fairly positive it was a bearing because 1 or 2 of them barely turn and stick.i woukd really like to bring this beast back to life so if anyone has any info about where to get those parts or part number or another motor I could interchange parts from that would be awesome!! Thanks guys!
  23. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    How to brake in my XR250R?

    Hello, I have a 1995 xr250r thats getting practically a new top end. new piston and rings, cylinder honed, new valves, valve keepers, cam chain, and like one or two more things, and I don't have any experience with breaking in engines, so I was wondering if I could get your opinions on how I should break it in? Thanks.
  24. I recently bought 1988 xr200r forks to go on my 2002 xr200r (got them revalved for my weight and riding style), and I only bought the fork tubes. As I was trying to put them on l, I realized that they do not fit in the triple clamps of the ‘02 xr. What do I do? Please help!
  25. Isaiah Villarreal

    Xr100 BBR front forks make chunk noise

    Hello. So ive always stalked this page but this is my first post. I recently just bought a 2002 xr100 and the thing is great. I wanted to beef up the suspension so i picked up and installed the BBR front springs and rear shock. Rear shock was a b**** to install myself but it got done. However, the front springs are were im finding an issue. Theu were easy to install, and i added 15w belray fork oil. The bbr springs were about an inch bigger and required some compression to close the fork cap. The front feels stiffer however, it now makes a loud CHUNK when going off jumps or bumps. I dont know much about the science about suspension but id assume The rebound is too fast? Ive looked into and ive heard different things, such as, changing the oil to 20w, (which i will do next) cuting some of the spring off and adding a pvc spacer. I plan to minimoto this xr100 and abuse this bike...but not willing to pay top dollar. What can i do? Does anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.