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Found 90 results

  1. I'm interested in a Honda XR250 that I've found on craigslist. The guy that is selling it has it listed that the time tensioner is not set and its not fully put together. I'm new with the bikes and wanted to know if that is a big deal or if it is easily fixable, if so then how do i fix that? I want to make sure I will be able to get the bike up and running for my use.
  2. I've seen a couple forums about converting an xr600, but i want to ask a few specific questions. First of all i'm a new rider and i'm looking at getting a 1994 xr600r and converting it to a dual sport. I will be doing quite a bit of street riding, commuting back and forth between work most days and some off road on the weekends. 1. Should i change the gearing? 2. Is there a cush drive I can put on the xr600? 3. What other advice do you have for converting an xr? exauhst? suspension? jetting? etc. thanks!
  3. I have a 1997 xr200r I am currently doing a mild rebuild. I found a set of forks on ebay but I have noticed that the rear shock is not readily available like the forks. Is there an alternate route that I could take that would work with my bike?
  4. Here is my XR100R build from a barely running and slightly crusty parts getter to a fully capable woods machine. I have a ATC200X carb with drilled out exhaust and intake, custom made lift links (I have posted about these before), Battery powered LED headlight for night riding. I am really happy with the way this bike turned out and I wanted to share it with you all. Let me know what you think. I have a picture of it sitting next to my YZ250F and my XR600R so you can see how it sits higher than a normal XR100. I will be taking it out riding the next couple weekends to torture test the lifting link and will take pictures and post more updates of how it goes. Thanks for all of you who have continued to show interest and support to this project, you guys made me fall in love with this little bike and its probably my favorite of my three now and has sparked more ideas for other modifications and even put some visions of creating a business making these components into my head. [I have also received requests for people wanting to purchase the lifting link, I am working on making a large batch of them and will keep everyone interested updated]
  5. Hi All, My front left indicator has decided to stay on when I try to use it, the rear left indicator doesnt light up at all when I use it. The flasher relay doesnt make any sound obviously, when I use the right indicator it works fine. All the bulbs are the same wattage. I have kicked over the bike and check with a multimeter to see if there are any issues with voltage drop. My front left indicator runs around 14.5V the rear only gets about 9v, I thought this was weird. I then pulled apart the switch assembly and cleaned it all out, I checked the indicator switch and also tested it, on the left side the wires for the left indicator also read 9V. Could there be an earthing issue? or a frayed wire? It seems weird and a while ago the switch did the same thing and after a clean and lube it went back to normal, could the connection in the switch be the issue or has someone had this before and fixed the problem. I really want to fix this myself and not rely on someone else to do the work for me. Any help would be great Thank you
  6. So to simplify this, I'm getting an XR100 like next weekend and I was looking for upgrade parts to make it competitive with a crf125, or just make it go faster 😏. Ive heard of many of the mods already but i have a very tight budget. Is there any other rejetting or other things I need to do after installing these? I'm thinking FMF header, atc200x carb, bbr120 kit, and modded air filter/ intake. (wanted a hotcam camshaft too but may be out of budget). I really only have about 350 to spend. I was also wondering if the cr80 throttle and cable are really needed for the atc200x catb. And the big question is if i buy these is there anything id have to buy to make them work or fit? nothing worse then brand new parts you cant use... also is this the 200x carb? http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/301891165034?chn=ps&dispItem=1
  7. Hi all, long time stalker first time poster. Had my xr600r a few years now brought it with everything done lucky. Anyway it has sat in the shed for 3 or so years regoed and ready to Roll just to lazy to get my Lience. Now have it and I'm riding it to work Everyday saving ks on the car doing about 200 250 km a week, Loving the bike hasn't missed a beat but doing 80% of that Highway I want to set up for 100% road. I have picked up a set of cbr600 rims done some maching on them Got them to start fitting and taking shape but gave up on the idea Now I have my Lience it's back on. Has anyone on here done it? how much work is realy involved? Is the Juice worth the squeeze?? Ect ect. Send in your pics cbr rims or not show me your rigs!! I will have plenty more questions to ask you all that have Cheers.
  8. so I bought a 1986 xr600r a few months back. Third owner of it now. the bike ran for a good month or two, but then shit hit the fan. it started just fine but when i went to ride it it would randomly die. i would let it sit for a bit thinking that it was overheating then it would turn start again. that went on for about a week. then it just wouldn't start at all, no spark. so i took it into the shop, not being skilled with wiring. they charged me 300 buck to fix a couple bad wire and connections. so i picked it up and got it home. started it a couple times because i was to busy to ride but wanted the keep it alive. then same shit. no spark again. so this time i was like &%$#@! that I'm not paying to have them fix a couple bad wires again. so i checked the connections they looked good i replaced the ignition coil and the rectifier because they were giving me bad readings, and now I'm stuck because the shop said the stator was the first thing they checked and it was fine so what am i missing. Please help!!!!!
  9. Hi! Does anyone know how many ohms the (black+red & brown) wired must have? Mine is 600 omhs,I think it is too much but I have spark , it is repared and I DONT REALLY WANT TO GET THE CDI DAMAGED ! THANKS
  10. Bought a 95 xr 600r a while back and notice that there is no filter cover box. But It has a no toil Is this normal or is the dang thing missing Thanks
  11. 2003 XR 100 was sitting for about ten years, pulled from a friend's barn. Did the normal carb clean and got her to where she was running ok with stock jets and pipe except it would surge on idle. It wasn't excessive but definitely wasn't normal. Then I put a pro circuit T4 pipe on it and it started running a little rough so I decided to try to go back to stock settings. During this time I went as high as a 38 main and a 98 pilot. I decided to try to go back to stock settings and remove the pipe. Now I'm back to 95 pilot and 35 main and the bike idles high, runs rough, sputters when I twist the throttle and fouls plugs quickly. Is this an air/fuel screw deal? Or do I need to re-jet? Please help me get my stepdaughters bike to riding condition. Thanks in advance. CT
  12. Auto-Decompressor Question - 1995 XR600R (Single Carb model) I'm perplexed how the auto decompressor system works - is the fact that the first several kicks are compression-free, indicative that my system is working as it should? The previous owner removed the manual decompressor cable - so that is not operational, but apparently the auto decompressor is operational. For the first 4 or 5 kicks my bike has no compression. Then apparently the decompressor disengages and on that 6th kick, there is full compression for a couple strokes, then back to no compression. The bike starts very well - in just a few kicks, runs super well, and has amazing power. The lack of any compression for four or five initial kicks though confounds me. I experimented and found that if I loosen the right side exhaust valve so that it is apparently appropriately gapped to the top of the decompressor mechanism instead of the top of the cam lobe, I get full compression on every kick, but the apparent valve lash makes an awful racket - so obviously I know I need to keep the valve adjusted in relation to the camshaft lobe. Other possibly related conditions: 1) When riding, I notice a minor occasional misfire - which makes me wonder if the auto decompress is intermittently engaging during riding. I don't think its a bad seating exhaust valve, due to the aforementioned valve adjustment test. 2) I've taken the head cover and cam off and noticed the cam lobe contact surface for the exhaust valve rocker arm next to the auto decompression assembly has had scoring.
  13. Hello. Just got my fire bike ever. Super excited. It has a small oil leak coming from the bottom of the engine. I would say about 10 drops of oil are coming out per day. I'm guessing it needs a new gasket. Is replacing the gasket the first thing I should try? Could there be any other reasons for this leak? I have heard people say opening the engine will just cause more leaks in the end, any truth to that? Thanks!
  14. I have a 2003 xr100 that I’ve had for a while and ever since I’ve had it, it has never idled. I have cleaned the carb and the jests are spotless and unclogged. If you have any suggestions they will be definitely welcomed!!
  15. I've had my 96 XR600R for almost a year now and am by no means an expert mechanic, but I know enough to do basic-intermediate maintenance. The most recent issue I've had involves what I believe to be some sort of electrical issue. First things first, it has been running obscenely rich despite downsizing to a 62 (stock) pilot jet and 155 main at sea level with upgraded muffler. This made me suspicious of some electrical issue that prevents a full spark from getting to the spark plug. It wasn't until after 20-30 mins of street riding that I noticed the rpms at idle begin dropping at idle. Finally, they dropped too low and the bike just died at a stop light. I waited about 5 mins and will a little more effort than usual was able to get the bike started in 2-3 kicks and got it home. The insulation on the prongs of the ignition coil is cracked pretty bad and there is a fair amount of dirt and dust in that area directly under the tank. Other than that, the insulation for the wiring looks solid. I just checked the valve clearances today (had similar symptoms from tight valves months ago) and they're in spec. Bike starts first or second kick every time and has no issues until the bike gets hot and the rpms drop. I've noticed when cruising the bike seems like it misses a fire and the bike jerks ever so slightly, but other than that it has power and rides well and rarely backfires. Does anyone have any advice for narrowing down what is causing the issue or has had similar problems and knows a solution?? I know stators are known to go out on these old thumpers but it seems like that would also lead to problems when the bike is warming up? Are stators known to lose power when the bike is hot? Could it be the CDI? Ignition Coil? Any help would be appreciated!
  16. I've always been a large man, 6'4" 275 lbs and im looking into getting a decent bike for hard enduro. I understand that light is better however I have a chance to pick up a 2013 honda xr650l for only 3k$ and was wondering if it would be an ok bike for this type of riding. We also have roughly 150+ miles of goverment maintained trails where I live and would like to take it out on those to (id probably ride it to work on overly nice days). Is this a decent bike for hard enduro at my size? Would I need to purchase a new suspension or can I tune the current one? Is this bike even worth the 3k$ he's asking? (I constantly see the same bike from 2002-2008 run at this price where I live) What are good cheap mods to do to it if I do get it? (Already has the carb mod/welded subframe/egr removed) What should I look out for when buying? What is the rebuild mileage? He has roughly 9k on it, I dont make great $ and im paying for school at the same time so I'm looking for very low maintenance (besides oil/filter swaps every few rides)
  17. Finally getting around to finishing up this project this winter. The bike started as a 1982 Honda XL100S. It had already been stripped of all electronics and battery and did not run. Replaced points and carb and got it running only to find out clutch was smoked and some of the clutch cover screws already stripped. Ended up putting on a cheap ebay carb and it inhaled a loose screw off the choke plate (not peened over as it should've been) and chewed up the valves and seats. So I pulled it all apart and had the frame, tank, and various parts powder-coated black. Swapped front end from a 2000 XR100R and used tapered bearings. Alloy mini high bars, mini levers, Acerbis headlight. I rebuilt the engine as follows: KG Clutch Factory HD springs and kevlar plates (replaced all clutch cover bolts with stainless allen bolts) Honda TrailBikes 58mm cylinder with bungs for oil cooler BBR 58mm small dome piston (120cc displacement) ShiftUp Spartan big valve head (28mm intake/23mm exhaust) Kitaco Stage 1 hollow core cam Keihin PZ27 carb (23mm slide) (going to try a Mikuni) UNI pod filter Moose magnetic oil drain plug EMGO HD ignition coil/NGK boot and plug I've still got the stock pipe on it if I want to ride it on the trails but I know its choking back the big valve head. Looking at a low pipe from an XR75 possibly. I'm also waiting on an ATOM ignition module to bypass the points and let it rev better hopefully. I have old stock steel wheels on right now but I have a set of XL hubs and BBR aluminum rims I need to have laced. I made the entire trials/tracker style seat using fiberglass for the pan and heavy backed vinyl for the cover. I'm going for an old school simple and reliable small woods and trails bike. I will post more pics later today when I get home.
  18. I have a 2016 XR650l just bought a XR only slip on muffler have tried several aftermarket and the stock clamp but can't get a snug fit. I am trying to connect the XR Only exhaust to the stock header pipe. The exhaust is leaking pretty bad. Does anyone have any ideas or ways to help fix this? Thanks for the help!
  19. Hey I have my old xr250 1984 dual carby which has been sitting in the shed for the last 10 years, I am after some advice on where to get parts for the motor some new plastics & Brakes. it was still working when it stopped however the motor was in poor shape with a friend pulling it apart and from memory advised it had Worn cams Worn valves the Piston was still okay however I’d probably replace it anyway, he noted it had a Clattering sound in the top end almost like a metal tink tink sound Appreciate any help or advise and looking forward to having it back up and running again just wondering where to start !
  20. Hi, I have an Xr250r with a buckled/ wobbling front wheel, after trying to true the rim i have broken a spoke. I am wondering if it is possible to lace any 36 hole aftermarket rim to the oem hub, also will i need to buy an xr250r specific spoke set. also could i take a 36 hole rim from another front wheel and lace that up???? thanks
  21. I recently bought 1988 xr200r forks to go on my 2002 xr200r (got them revalved for my weight and riding style), and I only bought the fork tubes. As I was trying to put them on l, I realized that they do not fit in the triple clamps of the ‘02 xr. What do I do? Please help!
  22. I got 2002 XR200R and I got ‘88 forks for it and they will not fit into the triple trees for they are too big. Do I need the triple trees off a ‘88 xr or is there something else going on with this. P.S. I’ve checked part numbers and everything is correct.
  23. Ok so I have been asking questions about this bike for some time on these forums, just thought I would give an update along with some more questions. It was running great (although a bit rich) a few weeks ago. Would ride all day at the trails but would eventually foul the plug after about 2 hours of riding. I tried to adjust the fuel mixture down but I had it all the way down to 1/4 turn out so I am ordering some smaller jets for it now. It is also having a starting when hot issue which I know its always hard to start a hot 4-stroke compared to a 2-stroke. But I know this is directly caused by my valves being tight, which is weird because I just adjusted my valve lash. I intend to adjust the valve lash again but maybe go one size bigger for both intake and exhaust to make them not as tight, is this a good idea? The last time I went riding, I was coming back after mabye a 20 min stint in the woods when the bike just died. I pushed it back and checked the plug expecting it to be charred but it really wasn't too bad. I cleaned it with brake cleaner and put it back in and tried starting... nothing... Pulled the plug and checked for spark and nothing! This bike has a brand new stator (checked Ohms, stator is still good), and a brand new Coil. I suspect some other wiring issue but I am still not 100% sure. I ordered a new CDI just to eliminate that if it is the issue as well. Electrical things I have done to this bike that may have caused issues: Installed LED lights (rookie mistake, LEDs wont run on AC) this fried some wires which I have since repaired. I have chased and checked ground and power wires and nothing seems wrong there. I can take apart an engine and rebuild it from the ground up but wiring is not my strong suit so that is why I am asking for your help! Thank everybody for all the assistance. I really like this old bike and I don't intend to give up on it any time soon!
  24. So i Just recieved a 85 honda xr350r for free from my dads buddy unfortunately it does not run atm. And by that I mean the motor is almost completely disassembled in a box lol... and that's how my dad's buddy had bought it. it was taken apart due to a faulty bearing is what he was told...which one I'm not sure(couple pics I'm pointing to the bearings I need) but guys i need info I dont know where to get these bearings or what the part numbers are and i really wanna replace all the bearings in the engine so if anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. Overall the bikes in great condition for the year! The cranks nice and tight even the piston and the rings look good, so im fairly positive it was a bearing because 1 or 2 of them barely turn and stick.i woukd really like to bring this beast back to life so if anyone has any info about where to get those parts or part number or another motor I could interchange parts from that would be awesome!! Thanks guys!
  25. I recently broke my kill switch on my Honda Crf50 Pitbike. A replacement is on it's way, and I'd rather fix it myself than pay $48.00 of labor... (rip off). Does anyone know how to properly connect the new kill switch? Is the connecting piece behind the front number plate, or do I have to take off the gas tank and seat to wire to the CDI? Thanks in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **(I was going to upload some pictures so you know what I'm working with, but I can't seem to download the pictures. I'll upload them if I can figure it out.)**
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