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Found 22 results

  1. orbea8

    xr200r XRM200

    Had to post a few pics of a project I have been working on for the last few months, Not 100% done, needs jetted and fine tuned.
  2. Hey guys new to Thumper Talk this forum is awesome from what I have seen so far. So my grandfather has a 1983 xr200r he bought brand new and has been through him and 2 grandsons so its a very strong and dependable bike. I have so many memories on this bike and it has sat in his woodshed for about 10 years until 2 weeks ago. I nudged him to lets get it out and get it to running again and we had to replace the rear tube and replace some spokes. After that I took it to my second job and have been working on it by myself to surprise him. I have cleaned it up and sprayed all the plastics with plasti dip(white). The headlight and tail light does not work and was very dim when I rode it years ago and this is where I need help. I wanted to replace the headlight and taillight with led stuff (bulbs or new headlight) due to the fact I would like to make it street legal just for around here but would be later. How and what parts do I need to replace the headlight and taillight because I don't know what led headlight will work or if it would be better to just put a led bulb in it. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated and if you could add parts numbers or links to the part that would be awesome. Thanks in advance, keep riding and stay safe. God bless.
  3. poemason

    unknown motor problem

    I've recently been struggling trying to get my 1982 honda xr200r running again. I have tore most of the motor down and put it back in time. Everything seemed perfect until it wouldn't start. Of course you haven't lived till you try to kickstart one, so this is where i noticed a big problem... instead of kicking this bike over and over I decided to push start it. get a run and go on my concrete drive way and hop on and dump the clutch... nothing.. no, literally nothing. time and time again even had a friend pull me with a 4 wheeler once. the wheel locks up and will not turn the motor over. you can put the bike in gear and kick it over and the bike will move. but no matter if you take the spark plug out, and put it in a high gear(went through all of them) it will not turn the motor over. i have worked on alot of motors in my life and this has me going... huh? i hope i gave a good enough run down of what is going on for someone to help me.
  4. badweatherbiker

    XR200R frame needed

    went down a few years ago on the 1st ride after a complete suspension overhaul, new chain sprockets and tires and bent the subframe. I am finally getting around to working on it and I want to replace the frame. I have a 1991 XR200R and I am looking for one that will work with it. Will an XL250 frame be compatable so I can get it street legal? Regardless I want it going by this summer, thanks!
  5. Hey everyone, new member here. I recently traded my 2001 Honda 250EX for a 1985 XR200R. The bike is tight all around and looks like it wasn't used much in its life. However, there is a noise coming from the engine that's not from the crank. It's up in the head somewhere. I adjusted the vales and started the bike up, only to hear a slightly quieter noise which led my father and I to believe that it's the Cam chain. If the bike ends up needing one, where can I find an aftermarket chain? I've checked eBay, xrsonly, and the normal part sites and I am not able to find anyone who has a chain in stock. I called my local dealer and they said they could get one for $70, but I just think that I can find it online for cheaper. It doesn't have to be OEM. Thanks
  6. CatXR

    2001 Honda XR200r Rebuild

    I bought a 2001 xr200r bike as a project and am in the process of rebuilding it. I have never rebuilt a bike before, only automotive engines and was intrigued by the versatility and challenge of doing something I've never done before, plus who doesn't want a dirt bike? I have been told that I can bore out the cylinder in order to accommodate an xr250r piston. I have done research on the differences between the two motors through schematics and specifications, but I still have some questions and concerns. 1. Is an xr250r top end compatible with an xr200r bottom end? 2. Is rejetting the xr200r carb enough or should I upgrade to a xr250r carb and fuel tank? 3. Can it remain a two valve system or would I rebuild the whole top end with a xr250r 4 valve? 4. Dry sump vs. wet sump? 5. Is it worth the power difference? 6. Higher performance bearings in the bottom end to handle the power difference? 7. Available kits or call a machine shop? Like I said, this is the first time I have ever done this so inexperienced is a kind way of saying I'm pretty in the dark here, but looking to learn and build a beautiful machine for next season. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. jbailey89

    1983 XR200R Jetting

    Hi guys, I just bought an 1983 XR200R that was pretty much a basket case. I am at approximately 5,000' (Denver) The motor is freshly rebuilt with every seal replaced, new carb, valves good, etc. I tried to use the carb settings from the previous owner (112 MJ, 35PJ, Middle clip, 2.5 Turns out); With the (112 MJ, 35PJ, Middle clip, 2.5 Turns out) the bike starts perfect, first kick every time idles strong but revs slow and hesitates to return back to idle, riding underpower the bike bogs very hard. I have read that this is probably a lean condition(which makes sense because the 112MJ is 20 points lower than what I should have). No combination of leaning or richening the air screw or clip position have helped very much. I have tried Eddie Sisneros's method of figuring out what PJ, I start getting pops at around 3/4 turn out which means I need a smaller pilot which seems strange to me due to the strong idle and otherwise (possible) lean condition Since the 1983 XR200R isn't supposed to have a pilot jet does that mean remove it and it's good? or plug the hole? I was unable to get the bike to start for any reason with the PJ just removed. According to my correction factor I should be using a 132 Main jet and according to my manual I should not have a pilot jet. I am going to try and find a 132 MJ in the area tomorrow, what should I do with the PJ? Is there anything else I could be missing? My timing is set to my |F mark on the flywheel, could advancing or retarding it help? Thank you, JB
  8. D Punched

    XR200R running rich

    my 96 xr200r has is running rich also has an uneven idle it idles up and down and take a good 5 to 10 seconds to idle down from riding. It has a run tong Keihin knock off it starts first kick but runs rich and breaks up mid range Ive adjusted the float and its helped a little but but im not sue what else to try i cant tell if the main needle says 195 or 105 if it is a 195 i know its to big and that's why im running rich i have a k and n air filter with stock exhaust and the snorkel piece removed from the air box i just did a timing chain replacement on it and bottom and top sprocket tensioner ext made sure timing is correct and valves are in spec anyone know what else it could be?. Does any one know of a good place to get jets or a replacement carb for around 35 or less preferably just some jets
  9. KENC195

    Mid to hi RMP sputtering

    1981 XR200R around 2/3 throttle I get a sputtering and loss of power. Not an outright back fire. Timing? Starved for air? starved for fuel? Gap wrong? Bought it as a basket case so I don't know if it eas ever right.
  10. spezza-125

    1984 xr200r

    Looking for a 1984 xr200r engine (dual carb) or the whole bike for sale... runnin or not will trade xl185 or pay $1500 looking for one in canada or northern america
  11. ShaneXR200R

    Post your XR200R ride videos!

    I know I'm not the only one that takes a gopro or similar device along for a ride. So lets see 'em! Figured we needed a thread for the vids like we do for pics. Last weekend was finally a good one for riding so my boy talked me into chasing him around the local trails. So I showed him that the XR200R even at thirty years old ridden by a 47 year old could out fox the hare; a 20 year old on a '08 KTM 200 XC 2 stroke. Well you'll see for yourselves as most of the footage on these two vids show from his POV. We both have new sets of Vulcanduro tires, VE33 rear and VE32 front, nothin' better for the Brown Ice we have here.
  12. In my ongoing pursuit of a lighter xr200, I had been eye balling the aluminum core-pressed steel outer sprockets like the supersprox and the twin rings for awhile. An all aluminum sprocket in my opinion isn't worth the weight saved vs the longevity, or lack thereof. I hadn't found anyone who had reported any weight differences so I bought a supersprox. They don't make one for the little 200R's directly so I ordered one for a wr250. I weighed my 47t steel sprocket that came off the bike, at 1lbs 11oz. The 48t stealth supersprox.... 1lbs 8oz. At about double the price of a steel sprocket and $20 or so more than an aluminum, I'm not sure if I would consider it a win. I wish the outer rings were replaceable
  13. I have a 1997 xr200r and ive only had it for a few months. It seems to run pretty perfect has good compression goes through all the gears good and all that. Last time I went to start it it fired up first kick with choke all the way on then died shortly after which happens kinda often so i wasnt too concerned. Then i turned it to half choke and tried again which usually works but it didnt and after i few more kicks it made a loud popping backfire sound from the muffler. Now when i try to kickstart it it wont start and only backfires after few kicks or so. I recently crashed into a tree and put a pretty good sized dent in the muffler which caused the baffle to come loose so I ended up removing it. Im not sure if this is what caused it or not but it's the only mod I've done to the bike since getting it and it happened a few rides later. I have now removed the carb to check it out and clean it but other than that I'm not sure what to do. Any tips or input would be awesome. Thanks!
  14. JFoVStar650

    XR100 Jetting

    2003 XR100. Installed new FMF exhaust, new carb (OEM size) with 105 main and 40 pilot, and UNI pod filter. Started up first kick and will idle but won't rev up. I referenced the jetting chart on BBR website. Confirmed choke is off. Bike idles smooth and will rev if teisting the throttle slowly, but nothing if twisting the throttle fast. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance,
  15. I have this 95 XR200R that was smoking so I got a piston and cylinder kit off of eBay for cheap claiming that it'll work for it. Here's a link to one that looks identical to what I got. http://m.ebay.ca/itm/Cylinder-Kit-223CM3-for-Honda-ATC200-ARC-XL200-250cc-Piston-65-5mm-Rings-Gaskets-/191596280447?nav=SEARCH Now that I'm trying to get the cam chain back on I've noticed a couple of things. The replacement cylinder block is 7.5 mm taller than the original and there's a spot for a cam chain tensioner on the back where it's not located on this bike. I figure I can make a plate to block off that cam chain tensioner hole, but I'm now worried about the cylinder being taller. Will this affect the compression? The piston is 11mm down from the top of the cylinder at TDC. I'm not sure what it was stock. Also I'll need a new cam chain that's longer for it to fit. So did I goof up and buy something that's not actually going to work? Or can I make it work out with a bit of work?
  16. I have a 1997 xr200r I am currently doing a mild rebuild. I found a set of forks on ebay but I have noticed that the rear shock is not readily available like the forks. Is there an alternate route that I could take that would work with my bike?
  17. Nostalgically bought this bike because it’s same model/year/size of what I had as a kid in the early 90s. I should have looked closer but was blind to its issues. Kid before removed tailpipe and put on a silly silencer which I just threw in the trash. Thankfully he kept track of OEM tail pipe but cut the end off of it.. I can only guess to make it louder. I have pipe back on bike but back pressure not good and sound not as tight as it should be. Does this need packing? Can I get a retrofit tip for the jagged 3” end?
  18. Nic_W

    91 XR200R Rebuild Help

    Hi iv been looking at the forums for a few years and finally decided to make an account. I just took apart my 91 xr200r for the first time because of low compression (60-70psi) and i was scraping off the head gasket and some of it went into the stud/bolt holes. Im worried it will block the oil passage ways. Can anyone tell me how i should go about cleaning these out or can i just leave it as is (does not seem like a good idea). I also have some marks on the cam journals if that's the correct term and should i be worried about this. The surface is still smooth and i cant see it causing any friction. Any help or tips on reassembly or just any tips in general are greatly appreciated,thanks. Here is a diagram of the oil passageways i thought others might find help full .
  19. I recently bought 1988 xr200r forks to go on my 2002 xr200r (got them revalved for my weight and riding style), and I only bought the fork tubes. As I was trying to put them on l, I realized that they do not fit in the triple clamps of the ‘02 xr. What do I do? Please help!
  20. I got 2002 XR200R and I got ‘88 forks for it and they will not fit into the triple trees for they are too big. Do I need the triple trees off a ‘88 xr or is there something else going on with this. P.S. I’ve checked part numbers and everything is correct.
  21. Guy's, After cleaning carb. When running at idle I'm getting a surge. I can lean the bike to the right & the idle decreases. Leaned left it increases. This is after cleaning the carb. Throttle is not binding, cable is routed properly, slide is in properly, no timing issues, no valve issues, filter is clean, fuel is new, spark is good, it runs good, plug is a touch on the rich side. My thought is float level off? See a video of this phenomenon at https://youtu.be/K9p4UFtbA4o
  22. Gentlemen, I have an opportunity to buy and ATC 200x motor for $80 all in one piece. It is not free its locked up. I hear these motors were better than the ones in the XR200R. Will this motor mount right in an XR200R without a lot of modification? I have a Plan for this thing once I get it. I have been following the TT and am starting to get the disease. I have a 1990 200R I am in the process of rebuilding. It has been a long process so far as I have had the bike more than 2 years. I am doing the forks with Bruce Triplett, the rear shock and all the other stuff everyone does to give it more Pwroll with Terry, and a better ride and making it lighter. I look forward to hearing for some of you. Thanks again.