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Found 44 results

  1. I'm interested in a Honda XR250 that I've found on craigslist. The guy that is selling it has it listed that the time tensioner is not set and its not fully put together. I'm new with the bikes and wanted to know if that is a big deal or if it is easily fixable, if so then how do i fix that? I want to make sure I will be able to get the bike up and running for my use.
  2. What year did the xr250 change from drum brake to a disc break on the REAR wheel? I guess, just out of curiosity, what year did the front brake change from drum to disc? But, my main question is about the rear. HB
  3. I have a 1986 xr250r, I'm interested in converting the rear drum brake wheel assembly to a rear disc brake system. Has anyone done this, and can you tell me what application parts will get the job done. thanks
  4. Hi, I have a question about my xr250. Its having problems with the kickstarter and I came here to see if anyone had some insight. I was riding it the other day, and I use it for a sort of long commute so i was going 65-75 for about 30 min. The bike shut off, tires didn't lock up, but i pulled the clutch in and rolled off to the side. tried kicking it over but it was immediately locked. You can see in the picture where the kickstarter stops at. its completely dead locked at that point, no give at all. rolls in neutral still. brought it home, opened up the oil to check for anything strange but looks clean. as far as the bikes condition previously, it has an oil leak coming from the head, i think i did it the few months i had it. the sleeve that holds the exhaust into the head popped off, rode it like that for a few days before replacing the part. a week before this problem. I'm completely amateur to bikes, but i want to take a crack at it and get this thing fixed up. the oil level in the bike may have been slightly overfilled as well. i was topping off because of the leak. where would be the best place to begin here? Thanks for helping
  5. Have been lurking and pulled the trigger on a super clean, all original, no mods (except bark busters), good service history, 2001 XR250. Haven't had a bike in over 12 years and got out in the woods on it after I went through it. Holy crap, it's a fricking blast.
  6. Hello all I acquired a 1995 xr250s import about a year ago now and have had so much fun I can't believe. Only now my regulator "let go" ?. I've been looking around for a replacement but am having absolutely no luck whatsoever. I thought I'd found one in Italy (eBay) and ordered it only for the order to be cancelled the next day. Where can I get one from or have my old unit "remanufactured"?? The original part number was :-31600kcz003 Part from my bike says :-sh572b-11. Been to Honda, part discontinued. Tried electrex world, nothing doing. Please help. End of tether ? Thanks Keith Edit. I'm in UK. Bike is md30. Same as 1996 and on MY. And it's "tri-phase".
  7. I just recently bought a 1993 XR250R. I can not figure out the make and model of the exhaust. I also can not get the insert out to repack. Here are the markings stamped on it. 260496(Serial Number?) and H-22(Model Number?) If anyone has help please respond. Thanks! 👍
  8. Hi guys I’m just wondering were you can get some 2007 xr 250 headers ffrom as I just brought it and wanting something a bit cleaner
  9. Hello, I have a 1995 xr250r thats getting practically a new top end. new piston and rings, cylinder honed, new valves, valve keepers, cam chain, and like one or two more things, and I don't have any experience with breaking in engines, so I was wondering if I could get your opinions on how I should break it in? Thanks.
  10. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mcy/6134584879.html I'm looking at picking this bike up and wanted to see what y'all think considering the price and condition. It is an original owner w/ the title and has just under 2k miles. I should be able to snag it for 700. It needs nothing as is. Runs fine with a little tick he said (valve adjustment). It was wrecked which is why the gas tank is beat up but it has been sealed and painted over, no leaks. This will be a fixer upper as time and money flow in but just wanted to get something cheap and reliable to beat around on when I'm up in Boone at my cabin.
  11. I have a pretty crazy problem. This has probably never happened to anyone before, but here goes..... I own a mint 1987 XR250R. The bike maybe has 20-25hr on it. It ran fine when I bought it in the Fall. I pulled it out to start it. It started after a few kicks, however on the return of the kickstarter it somehow rotated internally to the left and now it is caught behind the posterior portion of the frame where the exhaust bolts on. When I say caught, it may be more accurate to say completely jammed.I took off the exhaust in hopes of creating some room to move the kickstarter down and out, but this did nothing to help my cause. I cannot push the kickstarter down any further- it feels locked and I don't want to break or bend anything. I thought to pull kickstarter off and I can't. The top portion of the kickstarter lever is f'ing wedged in behind the posterior portion of the frame and won't allow me to simply pull off the kickstarter at it's base. I can only pull it out so far and then the top part of the kickstarter lever wedged against the frame stops it. I did see the screw on the kickstarter top portion where it attaches to the base of the kickstarter. I took this screw out thinking I could 'tap' the kickstarter's top portion off. The top portion looks like is should come off not problem, but it won't. I'm not sure if it simply slides on or slides on and then locks into position with a twist. If it locks with twisting, I have no idea which way to turn it. I do have the factory service manual, and I'm surprised it shows nothing about the kickstart lever coming off. I've hit YouTube and can't get anything. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. I apologize in advance if this sounds ridiculous or is a purely elementary fix for someone who's very experienced / mechanically inclined. I'll be the first to admit I am no motorcycle mechanic but can usually do most stuff without incident. Warmer weather is coming to Northern NY and I just want to get the bike ready to go. This certainly isn't helping matters. In addition... the bike started and made are really odd noise after the kickstarter got wedged on its return stroke and then died. I'm hoping it doesn't mean something horrific just happened. Thanks in advance for any info. At this point anything is better than what I'm doing. I know being Sunday afternoon, odds of getting responses are pretty low....
  12. Hello All, I bought a 1995 Honda XR 250L cheap from a guy down the street who was moving. The bike ran but not well. When I received the bike it did not run. I do not know a ton about these bikes or dirt bikes in general. I do how ever notice a couple of things on the bike. The carb was dirty and I attempted to clean it. I didn’t notice that the diaphragm thing inside the carb. was rusty and didn’t look to good. I do not however know what it does or if it should be replaced. I then notice that one of the throttle cables was missing. If you are looking at the handle bars it is the lower cable. I went to buy a replacement but I am unsure of whether it is cable A or b. Lastly I noticed that the decompression cable is broken off and missing from the bike. I would like to see if this bike is worth putting the money into. What should the compression be? How do I initially set up the carburetor? Will it start without the decompression cable or other throttle cable? Does anyone have a pdf of the manual or a YouTube channel to help? Thank you for the help guys!
  13. I bought a set of ASV F3 shorty levers for my XR250R from ATVGalaxy on ebay for $128.95. They came in a bubble wrap lined USPS priority envelope and the levers are in an unsealed plastic package that's hacked up at the top like someone took scissors to it and it's completely unlabeled except for an embossed "ASV" on the side. No stickers or anything but there appears to be residue of a sticker on the plastic. The dust covers are in a separate plastic bag with a UPS label. The onlly paperwork is a black & white paper with information about F3 and the warranty. There's some defects in the aluminum but nothing that's major except on the brake lever there is some strange polishing marks that don't look normal. Can anyone relay some info about their ASV packaging and the appearance and any experience with ATVGalaxy? I see on a YZ forum some guys had nothing but praise for that seller several years ago.
  14. I am pretty much a novic when it come to my rear suspension. I am riding a 2004 Honda XR250R which is currently in Panama awaiting my return to ride her through South America. I did Central American with the stock shock and am now going to loader her down even more for this next leg. Id like to beef up the rear shock absorber to take the extra weight but dont have any clue to what is the best route. I weigh about 150lbs and am expecting add another 70-100 lbs. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I apologies for my lack of knowledge 😉
  15. Hi i'm new to the community and i'm having a lot of trouble with getting spark on my recently purchased 1986 xr250r. I've been trying to get spark for a while now I bought a new ignition coil and cdi box but nothing seems to make a difference. The problem is that when the CDI box is grounded to the frame or engine all of the volts go strait to ground, and nothing comes out of the CDI box to the ignition coil. When the ground is detached I get power through the ignition coil but not enough for spark. I've disconnected everything except the components used to get spark, no kill switch, no lights. The bike was converted to be road legal. I'm using a brand new DPR9Z spark plug. this is the CDI unit i'm using: https://www.ebay.com/itm/XR200R-XR250R-OEM-Replacement-CDI-Ignition-Box-for-Honda-XR-200R-250R-1985-2003/163036202797?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 This is the ignition coil i'm using: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192799361454?ViewItem=&vxp=mtr&item=192799361454 Thank you in advance for any help you provide!
  16. Recently I've found myself playing with a few older xr's. Currently I have an 86 XR200 and an 82 XR250 that I ride in vintage enduro events. Most of these shock absorbers are turfed in favour of a later model shock or something 'rebuildable'. The gas canisters appear to be fully sealed and non-rechargeable. I couldn't really find any info on this, so thought it'd be worth posting what I've found here. Rebuilding these is no more difficult than rebuilding any other XR shock. These DO have a schrader valve - it's just hidden under a tamper proof cap. See pictures below. Standard shock canister: The tamper proof cap: Small hole drilled in the cap - just large enough to get a screw driver in there to lever the cap off: Cap off: Bladder 'cap' tapped downwards lightly to reveal the circlip: Bladder removed: The rest of the shock rebuild is the same as any other XR. The canister is the only difference worth noting in terms of seal head replacement between the earlier and later models. I've been unable to find a listing for the shock seal head, but have successfully used All Balls and Moose kits P/N 37-1010. I believe the only reason they don't have a listing is because Honda stated that they weren't serviceable in the early pro-link days.
  17. I'm new in this forum but I've been searching anonymously from long time so its the time I had to create an account to ask a question. I live in the middle east (Bahrain) The Honda XR's are rare here, luckly I found one to buy .. 2000's in a great condition. Now its been 6 months since I bought it. Few days ago I notice it starts weak and low idling, but after riding it for few miles it runs back okay and normal. I'm not an expert in dirt bikes but my guess would be cleaning the carb ? And since I don't know how to do that I'm asking the question here hopefully someone provide me with the right decision. I can post a video if needed.
  18. So I am rebuilding my 1984 xr200r dirt bike, but it has an xl185 engine on it, which i have a 1984 xr200r engine which needs some work done, like new cam chain. I found out that the xr250 RFVC and xr200 RFVC in 1984 shared the same frame and I am putting the 250 engine in the bike however it is not running and I would rather not spend too much on parts, I found a guy selling a bunch of parts from an xl250 and I was wondering if I could use parts from that for the xr250 engine? Is there a big difference between the two? the xl and xr engines are both rfvc
  19. I bought a 1980 xr250 from my neighbor that he used to ride. He set it aside and didn’t start it for over five years. When he sold it to me, it cranked up, but didn’t idle. We replaced the carburetor and it still didn’t idle. Then the timing chain broke so we replaced that, but no dice. Anyone have any idea? This is my first dirt bike, so I’m still learning, and I don’t have a ton of experience with engines so bear with me please.
  20. Hi I've picked up this project an 87 xr250r from my uncle last week The story goes the bike was rebuilt with a fresh bore (bored over a bit from stock) and new piston and rings to fit. It was running before this but smoking like a mosquito sprayer After the rebuild it wouldn't start up and that's how I got it The bike has fuel getting to it and spark but it does seem to have a lack of compression it was reading a hair above zero on the meter when I first tested So it looked like the timing was off so adjusted that, still nothing So I take the valve cover off again and test it thinking it was compression release and boom I get 60psi on the meter I'm about to borrow a leak down tester to get a better idea but wanted to see if any experts knew what was going on Is 60psi normal for the valve cover off? or is it definitely something else causing the lower reading. Could it be anything silly I should check on like the compression release? I'll upload pics but from what I can see it looks like the tensionor plunger is at its limit, would that have any effect? Its weird because the bike was taken apart in running condition so I wouldn't think anything should cause problems besides what was replaced and not put together correctly Thanks, appreciate the help
  21. I have recently came in possession of 3 1984 Honda xr dirtbike’s, 2 200’s and 1 250. The 250 has a good top end however the bottom end is no good, seized connecting rod. I was wondering if a 200r bottom end would work on a 250r top end? Any knowledge on compatible parts between the 2 bikes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  22. Anyone have a stock exhaust diffuser for a 99 XR250R? I just bought the bike and it's been removed...way too loud for me!
  23. Hi all, I have a 1989 XR250r and do not own a manual for it, I need to no whether you are meant to screw the dipstick in or leave it sitting on top to check the oil level. would love your help, cheers
  24. I have a 1992 xr250L project bike and am thinking about doing a ground up restoration/customization. The bike runs but frame has some pretty good rust and if I can find a deal I was gonna start with a better condition frame. Just checking to see if anyone has a roller, or frame for sale. If it has a title that would be great, but it's not necessary. If you know of anyone other years of frames will work I'm not afraid to alter a few things to make it work. Let me know, Located in OH.
  25. Hey guys, Just came across all of these old school slide shows. They take awhile to record and upload to youtube. But I'm trying to get the good ones done first. Full of info and fun to watch. This one is all off road models cr500r cr250r cr125r cr80r cr60r as well as xr200 xr250 and xl600r. Also there is a test at the end of part 2 so make sure you study hahah. part 1 part 2 I'm about to do another from 84 street bikes 🙂 going to be fun enjoy!
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