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Found 39 results

  1. What year did the xr250 change from drum brake to a disc break on the REAR wheel? I guess, just out of curiosity, what year did the front brake change from drum to disc? But, my main question is about the rear. HB
  2. Jade Helmbright

    Restoring 1987 XR 200

    Hi there I'm currently restoring my 1987 XR 200 wanting to know if XR 250 plastic body kit will fit or what model XR body kit will fit mine cheers
  3. corsair2014

    XR250 New Owner Questions

    So I'm pretty excited, just picked up a '96 xr250 this week as my first bike. Have had a blast the last two days hitting a few trails and forest roads, but man I'm sore now (out of shape haha!). I had a few questions about the bike I am hoping some of you experienced riders can help me with. 1. I'm at 5000-7000ft with free-flowing exhaust, is a 125 jet, needle at 2nd groove from top, and pilot screw 1.25 turns out good? I bought the bike in Phoenix (600ft) and live in Northern AZ so it obviously runs super rich right now. I have an experienced mechanic to help me, but I need to make sure I'm choosing a jet that is in the ballpark. Don't want to run it too lean. 2. The throttle is pretty sticky and makes my hand tired (hard to turn); how can i check / clean out the twist tube? Is WD-40 a bad idea? I know about checking the cable routing etc etc. but the throttle tube has some gummy-looking grease stuff on in and i feel like that's the main problem 3. I want to make the front shocks a bit softer; when trying to turn the adjustment screws on the bottom of the forks they seem to be seized. Is this normal, are they torqued and need to be broken loose or is something wrong? I had the suspension under load when trying to turn the screws (strapped down at the time) so is that the problem? 4. How high are these 250 engines supposed to rev? I grew up with Honda utility quads (250 and 420) and so I'm used to their RPM range... on this bike, it revs and revs and revs and then passes the point of what I feel like a 4-stroke should sound like and I let off because I don't hit a rev-limiter... is there a rev limiter on these engines or will i blow it up haha? 5. Obviously has no gauges, but I kind of want a Speedo and Tach. CHEAP recommendations? Tach is the main one I want; I can use my phone for Speedo when necessary. Also not looking to dump much money into this bike right now, just want to enjoy learning how to ride off-road and cruise around town (yes i'm making it street legal, which is easy here) Thank you in advance for any input or advice and support! In closing, here is a picture of me and my bike the day I got it.
  4. Hi guys! I am very new to thumper talk so i am sorry if i am asking this in the wrong place! I ride a 2007 XR250 motard and it has a VitalSpirit exhaust system (including the header pipes) I found a vid in youtube of a bike with a similar exhaust Just wondering if some one has used a similar one, the pros and cons of it because i was thinking of replacing it with something like a delta barrel 4 Thanks in advance!
  5. Recently purchased a 93 xr250l. Bike starts 3-4 kicks but has very loud tapping sound. Checked the valve clearance and set to 005 for exhaust, and 004 intake and no change at all. Old owner said he ran it low on oil and tapping started. What else should i be looking at? Thanks!
  6. So I went on a 3 hour trek last week to look at this bike and it ran great, looked decent, and had a few minor issues to fix, so I bought it for $1500. I changed the oil, adjusted the chain and tire pressure, checked suspension and brakes. Before the first ride I realized I didn't look at the air filter. What I discovered was shocking. I can't believe it runs at all if any of this filter ended up in the carb. I did replace it of course with an uni filter. Bike is missing the heat shield (the guy said it fell off and wouldn't stay on, which is odd), the frame support bolt that goes into the center of the exhaust, the bars seem to be bent slightly and the tires need to be replaced. My 1995 200R is a lot more comfortable to ride, but I expected the suspension to be a lot better on the 250, but the first ride was pretty rough. I had a bad spill on some rocks and laid it over and fell off down a bank. Got a couple new battle wounds. The whole bike felt pretty squirrely at times, hopefully it's just the bad tires. I'm wondering about the front disc brake guard also, does this year have one stock? My buddy has a 1991 250R with a complete disc guard that goes up the forks about a foot, but I don't see one on the 1997 in the diagrams. The brakes were also extremely sensitive. I'm used to my 200R drum brakes having a lot more forgiveness. I had to be extra careful not to hit the fronts too hard on corners. Anyway from the looks of that air filter I'm wondering how much better this thing might run with a carb rebuild and rejetting.
  7. MyFriendsCallMeRonnie

    xr250 wont start

    So my bike wont start. What happened was I got stuck in some "mud" (it was more like quicksand) and when I was trying to get out I was spinning the tire quite a bit and the engine seemed to be getting nice and toasty; I had been rock climbing trials sections all day so the bike was already pretty heat soaked. After a second or two of spinning my tire I let off the gas and the bike stopped idling and died. I let it sit for 20 minutes or so while I tried to pull it out and the oil cooler seemed to cool down quite a bit. So I kicked it and it started but wouldn't idle. Did it again and same problem. It was at this point I noticed the compression seemed pretty weak and that there was a lot of gas pouring out of my air box. The gas stopped when I turned the petcock off and started when I turned it on. I have read a lot online but haven't found anything that pertains to my bike specifically. I am taking the carb apart this weekend to see what the gas situation is but I am unsure what to do about the engine? Should I check valves or did I just break something? It is a 1986 with a 280 kit and maybe a cam don't know but it was done by xr's only by the previous owner.
  8. Onequick4door

    Happy New Owner

    Have been lurking and pulled the trigger on a super clean, all original, no mods (except bark busters), good service history, 2001 XR250. Haven't had a bike in over 12 years and got out in the woods on it after I went through it. Holy crap, it's a fricking blast.
  9. Ricky Bobby 21074

    1986 xr250R

    I have a 1986 xr250r, I'm interested in converting the rear drum brake wheel assembly to a rear disc brake system. Has anyone done this, and can you tell me what application parts will get the job done. thanks
  10. Andrew Brooks

    Buying a Honda XR250

    I'm interested in a Honda XR250 that I've found on craigslist. The guy that is selling it has it listed that the time tensioner is not set and its not fully put together. I'm new with the bikes and wanted to know if that is a big deal or if it is easily fixable, if so then how do i fix that? I want to make sure I will be able to get the bike up and running for my use.
  11. xrchristopher

    1991 xr250l kickstarter STUCK

    Hi, I have a question about my xr250. Its having problems with the kickstarter and I came here to see if anyone had some insight. I was riding it the other day, and I use it for a sort of long commute so i was going 65-75 for about 30 min. The bike shut off, tires didn't lock up, but i pulled the clutch in and rolled off to the side. tried kicking it over but it was immediately locked. You can see in the picture where the kickstarter stops at. its completely dead locked at that point, no give at all. rolls in neutral still. brought it home, opened up the oil to check for anything strange but looks clean. as far as the bikes condition previously, it has an oil leak coming from the head, i think i did it the few months i had it. the sleeve that holds the exhaust into the head popped off, rode it like that for a few days before replacing the part. a week before this problem. I'm completely amateur to bikes, but i want to take a crack at it and get this thing fixed up. the oil level in the bike may have been slightly overfilled as well. i was topping off because of the leak. where would be the best place to begin here? Thanks for helping
  12. Hello all I acquired a 1995 xr250s import about a year ago now and have had so much fun I can't believe. Only now my regulator "let go" 😪. I've been looking around for a replacement but am having absolutely no luck whatsoever. I thought I'd found one in Italy (eBay) and ordered it only for the order to be cancelled the next day. Where can I get one from or have my old unit "remanufactured"?? The original part number was :-31600kcz003 Part from my bike says :-sh572b-11. Been to Honda, part discontinued. Tried electrex world, nothing doing. Please help. End of tether 😵 Thanks Keith Edit. I'm in UK. Bike is md30. Same as 1996 and on MY. And it's "tri-phase".
  13. Brandon Rowe

    02 xr250 street legal questions

    First off, thanks for taking the time to look at this topic. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to make my xr 250 street legal. I know I know there are a million topics, websites and places to find this info. I have looked at 99% of them. There are a just a few specific things I can't find or still need some help on before I can get my tags in Maryland. Recently there has been some law changes ( http://www.mva.maryland.gov/_resources/docs/Interactive-Title-and-Registration-Manual.pdf ) look at page 131 !! These laws are in place for a reason: So after seeing this most would understand why Maryland is not too keen on having "dirt bikes" on the road. So my list of questions is as followed: 1. I have a title, My step father is the original owner and has signed the title over to me. The title is labeled MC, this is considered an off road motorcycle. Am able to go through the proper paperwork to make my bike legal? 2. If I can even make it legal I know I need to get an inspection, that's fine. All I can find from the MVA is a list of stuff they will look at. The list is simply : • Steering system • Frame • Brake system • Wheels / tires • Fuel system • Exhaust system • Lights • Electrical system • Mirrors • Windshield • Passenger items (hand hold and foot rest) • Body items (seat, engine mounts, stand, chain and guard, fenders) • Speedometer / odometer I don't have nor want a windshield or passenger stuff ( isn't that bike meant for a single rider anyway??), am I going to be OK without or do I need? And how specific are they on certain items. When it says lights I know i need a high and low beam and indicator, brake, turns, but that's about it. Am I missing anything more specific? 3. Every street bike I have owned or rode had a neutral indicator light on the control panel, will I need one also? If so I have not seen a single thing about that item. 4. Is a trail tech spedo ok or does it need to be some stupid hard wire thing? I think that's about it, any more info you have to offer would be awesome and would love to get to know some riders in the Harford County region to ride with. Thanks so much.
  14. flynn chibnall

    Need Help Please Guys :) xr250r

    Hi guys got a 1987 xr250r here and was just going over it after it had been rebuilt and noticed the timing cam was out a little bit so took it off and fixed it up, now i cant seem to get the tensioner back down with the cam and spocket done up. i can get it in while the chain and sprocket is undone from the cam but then it a little bit low for the bolt to go into the cam side of the screw bit.. it is a brand new chain and just wondering what ive done wrong , thanks in advance guys the top pic is the one before i touched it... there must be a way it goes in... i can get it almost all the way in with cam done up but the last bit wont go down, looks like there might be too much tenstion? many thanks
  15. Mark Birkett

    XR250 But what one / year

    Ii im new to this so be gentle ... I have an xr 250 just purchased its got MD301 vin and an MD17E Engine - im trying to work out the model and year. : oil filler is in the frame. Any help would be great to ensure I get the right bits for it .. Cheers all
  16. Finally got around to making another video, and hopefully it's fun to watch now that I know how to ride (kinda) 😁 Faceplanted, went through some puddles, and found the abandoned baseball field. Also flew the drone and got some shweet pics for the Insta (https://www.instagram.com/engineer_and_camera/) What do y'all think of the 3rd person POV? Who else is trying to get in alot of riding before the snow hits?? KML file attached for those who are local and wanna ride here too (Prescott, AZ): http://bit.ly/2GdhNly
  17. flynn chibnall

    1985 xr250r carb clean

    Hi all. carb was leaking a lot out of overflow and had problems idiling , taken it off and seems like the right float is sticking a bit, what do I need to do to fix it? Many thanks . Bike was sitting for 2 years, should I clean whole carb or what? Just trying to learn my way round bikes, many thanks is it sticking on that brown pin? I'm not sure.. need to fix this so I can sell it . Thanks for eveyone who will help
  18. Hi Guys, I have a XR250 Baja black one. Recently noticed that it has a small smoke coming out. Looks blueish color. Does not comes when starting the bike. But after riding 5/ 10 Km starts to smoke. Seems oil also get reduced (not a high amount). Have to check & refill within like 5 days. I use 20w40 Motul oil. Did some research as well. Feels like my piston rings have worn out. I'm planning to replace them. Just like to know whether, is it possible to replace only the piston rings without boring or without new piston. And appreciate your knowledge regarding this. Many Thanks.
  19. Caleb Barger

    Xr400/250 supermotos

    Every one post their pics of your supermoto! I'm just trying to get some ideas on what to do next! I just orderd the 36mm pumper carb from XR's only, and tonight I am going to order some under bar mirrors! Here's what she looks like right now
  20. GJ36

    Exhaust Help

    I just recently bought a 1993 XR250R. I can not figure out the make and model of the exhaust. I also can not get the insert out to repack. Here are the markings stamped on it. 260496(Serial Number?) and H-22(Model Number?) If anyone has help please respond. Thanks!
  21. NEWguyERIC

    Help Getting on the Trails

    Hello All, I bought a 1995 Honda XR 250L cheap from a guy down the street who was moving. The bike ran but not well. When I received the bike it did not run. I do not know a ton about these bikes or dirt bikes in general. I do how ever notice a couple of things on the bike. The carb was dirty and I attempted to clean it. I didn’t notice that the diaphragm thing inside the carb. was rusty and didn’t look to good. I do not however know what it does or if it should be replaced. I then notice that one of the throttle cables was missing. If you are looking at the handle bars it is the lower cable. I went to buy a replacement but I am unsure of whether it is cable A or b. Lastly I noticed that the decompression cable is broken off and missing from the bike. I would like to see if this bike is worth putting the money into. What should the compression be? How do I initially set up the carburetor? Will it start without the decompression cable or other throttle cable? Does anyone have a pdf of the manual or a YouTube channel to help? Thank you for the help guys!
  22. callum mcewan

    Xr250 header pipes

    Hi guys I’m just wondering were you can get some 2007 xr 250 headers ffrom as I just brought it and wanting something a bit cleaner
  23. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    How to brake in my XR250R?

    Hello, I have a 1995 xr250r thats getting practically a new top end. new piston and rings, cylinder honed, new valves, valve keepers, cam chain, and like one or two more things, and I don't have any experience with breaking in engines, so I was wondering if I could get your opinions on how I should break it in? Thanks.
  24. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mcy/6134584879.html I'm looking at picking this bike up and wanted to see what y'all think considering the price and condition. It is an original owner w/ the title and has just under 2k miles. I should be able to snag it for 700. It needs nothing as is. Runs fine with a little tick he said (valve adjustment). It was wrecked which is why the gas tank is beat up but it has been sealed and painted over, no leaks. This will be a fixer upper as time and money flow in but just wanted to get something cheap and reliable to beat around on when I'm up in Boone at my cabin.
  25. I bought a set of ASV F3 shorty levers for my XR250R from ATVGalaxy on ebay for $128.95. They came in a bubble wrap lined USPS priority envelope and the levers are in an unsealed plastic package that's hacked up at the top like someone took scissors to it and it's completely unlabeled except for an embossed "ASV" on the side. No stickers or anything but there appears to be residue of a sticker on the plastic. The dust covers are in a separate plastic bag with a UPS label. The onlly paperwork is a black & white paper with information about F3 and the warranty. There's some defects in the aluminum but nothing that's major except on the brake lever there is some strange polishing marks that don't look normal. Can anyone relay some info about their ASV packaging and the appearance and any experience with ATVGalaxy? I see on a YZ forum some guys had nothing but praise for that seller several years ago.