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Found 30 results

  1. Madmike84

    Valve cover assembly question

    Does it matter how the valve cover goes back on? I'm going to take it back off and redo as the manual says, but I didn't think it mattered. FSM says to install with the lobes down and I'm not sure if I did that. I'm having trouble finding TDC on comp stroke and was wondering if that would cause that problem. Also I get to a point where all my valves in. And ex. Are open at the same time.
  2. Why|did|they|stop|making|XRs

    How to brake in my XR250R?

    Hello, I have a 1995 xr250r thats getting practically a new top end. new piston and rings, cylinder honed, new valves, valve keepers, cam chain, and like one or two more things, and I don't have any experience with breaking in engines, so I was wondering if I could get your opinions on how I should break it in? Thanks.
  3. I bought a set of ASV F3 shorty levers for my XR250R from ATVGalaxy on ebay for $128.95. They came in a bubble wrap lined USPS priority envelope and the levers are in an unsealed plastic package that's hacked up at the top like someone took scissors to it and it's completely unlabeled except for an embossed "ASV" on the side. No stickers or anything but there appears to be residue of a sticker on the plastic. The dust covers are in a separate plastic bag with a UPS label. The onlly paperwork is a black & white paper with information about F3 and the warranty. There's some defects in the aluminum but nothing that's major except on the brake lever there is some strange polishing marks that don't look normal. Can anyone relay some info about their ASV packaging and the appearance and any experience with ATVGalaxy? I see on a YZ forum some guys had nothing but praise for that seller several years ago.
  4. CatXR

    2001 Honda XR200r Rebuild

    I bought a 2001 xr200r bike as a project and am in the process of rebuilding it. I have never rebuilt a bike before, only automotive engines and was intrigued by the versatility and challenge of doing something I've never done before, plus who doesn't want a dirt bike? I have been told that I can bore out the cylinder in order to accommodate an xr250r piston. I have done research on the differences between the two motors through schematics and specifications, but I still have some questions and concerns. 1. Is an xr250r top end compatible with an xr200r bottom end? 2. Is rejetting the xr200r carb enough or should I upgrade to a xr250r carb and fuel tank? 3. Can it remain a two valve system or would I rebuild the whole top end with a xr250r 4 valve? 4. Dry sump vs. wet sump? 5. Is it worth the power difference? 6. Higher performance bearings in the bottom end to handle the power difference? 7. Available kits or call a machine shop? Like I said, this is the first time I have ever done this so inexperienced is a kind way of saying I'm pretty in the dark here, but looking to learn and build a beautiful machine for next season. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hi, I am replacing my cover on my XR the valve pivot bolts 2 seem bigger than the other 4 but I was wondering what the torques are on these bolts because I want to put some locktite on it too and get them torqued down properly. Also the cover bolts there is 3 different types around the cover and I want to find out the torque for those (I have the honda parts photo of all bolts etc.) but I don't know if their torque is the same too, I just wanna do it and not worry about it for a long time again as its my first time getting into any engine related work, any help would be appreciated guys.
  6. Dan huss

    Xr250r cam help!

    I have an 1989 xr250r that had an oil issue that I already fixed but my camshaft is rocked one of the lobes messed up and I can't find another. My question is can i use a 1996 or later cam on it they look the same but I was hoping someone knew thanks
  7. Went riding on Christmas Eve everything was working fine went through some mud and slipped dropped my bike tried to kick start it and the kick start went limp pushed it back up got compression again kicked it over a bunch of times started to run again rode it for the rest of the ride with no problems then on the way back on the road I gave it fill throttle and it died hasn't started since and now has little compression. Replaced the spark plug and changed the oil and filter and adjusted the valves but still very little Compression and won't start. Any ideas?? Would greatly appreciate
  8. Hi, I ride a 2001 BMW F650 Funduro but I want to get something that is more enduro capable and that is not a drag when I drop it. The past few days I searched for bikes that were in the range of my criteria: Lightweight: I will probably drop it a few times. I've dropped the BMW a few times and it is NOT fun to pick it up, I'm always scared I break something on the thing because some things stick out. Durable: I'm not THAT mechanically-savy but I'm willing to learn. However; i'd rather ride than wrench on the bike. I'm not looking for something that needs adjustments every time I've ridden it. Low maintenance: same as above. In my search for a nice dual sport/enduro bike I've encountered a lot of these nice sounding 2 cylinders but a lot of people say that you can't really ride those on the street to the woods (around 200km/125miles) because it will need service intervals really fast (top end rebuilds etc). I don't want that. I want it to be able to take a few stretches of road (nothing fast) but also dirt/woods/enduro paths/trails etc. Easy to work on: IF something happens it would be nice that the bike is easy to work on. What it needs to do: ride some road (about 70 miles to and from location). I want to ride in some sandpits, woods, tight trails, and want to see if I like enduro. My country is really flat so we don't have a lot of hills unfortunatly but to give you an impression of what i'd like to do: So far I've pretty much narrowed it down to the XR250R, a 1994 model that I've seen on my local ebay-like site. However, the KDX250 keeps popping op in my head ('you like the sound of a 2 stroke, its faster, broaap'). In comparison to the XR250R, how low maintenance is the KDX250? Is it one of the typical dirt bikes that you should load on the back of your truck to ride to the destination and even then have to do all sorts of maintenance on it to make it rideable again? Or is it like the XR250 that you can practically ride to the destination, ride it there, ride back and pretty much change the oil and air filter once in a while (or so I've heard?). Oh, and anything I need to look out for on the XR250R? Thanks in advance guys, I'm really looking forward to getting one of these bikes!!
  9. spezza-125

    Seat height 1985 xr250r?

    What is the seat height on a 1985 xr250r?
  10. Hi there, So I am starting racing with a new bike, 1985 (rfvc) Xr250r. This bike is a race bike, however I was wondering how to keep it cool as it is air cooled, now the oil I use doesn't tend to overheat too fast however after a full day of racing i'm sure it will. How can I install an oil cooler? I have read article about people modding the xr200r (Rfvc) to have one. But not how to do it... So How do I do it?
  11. Neal Hendes

    1991 250 xr braking system

    Hello, I have an xr250R and need to replace to front braking system in its entirety. Im UK based and im finding it hard to get hold of what I need. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?
  12. My engine is missing the circled valve cover bolt. From the manual I'm pretty sure it's an 8mm bolt. Does anyone know where to find specs on length and thread pitch? Is prefer not to have to pull the cover off to spec it out but might have to anyway if the reason it's missing cause someone stripped the threads or some such. Thanks y'all
  13. So I went on a 3 hour trek last week to look at this bike and it ran great, looked decent, and had a few minor issues to fix, so I bought it for $1500. I changed the oil, adjusted the chain and tire pressure, checked suspension and brakes. Before the first ride I realized I didn't look at the air filter. What I discovered was shocking. I can't believe it runs at all if any of this filter ended up in the carb. I did replace it of course with an uni filter. Bike is missing the heat shield (the guy said it fell off and wouldn't stay on, which is odd), the frame support bolt that goes into the center of the exhaust, the bars seem to be bent slightly and the tires need to be replaced. My 1995 200R is a lot more comfortable to ride, but I expected the suspension to be a lot better on the 250, but the first ride was pretty rough. I had a bad spill on some rocks and laid it over and fell off down a bank. Got a couple new battle wounds. The whole bike felt pretty squirrely at times, hopefully it's just the bad tires. I'm wondering about the front disc brake guard also, does this year have one stock? My buddy has a 1991 250R with a complete disc guard that goes up the forks about a foot, but I don't see one on the 1997 in the diagrams. The brakes were also extremely sensitive. I'm used to my 200R drum brakes having a lot more forgiveness. I had to be extra careful not to hit the fronts too hard on corners. Anyway from the looks of that air filter I'm wondering how much better this thing might run with a carb rebuild and rejetting.
  14. Hey gang, Been lurking in these forums for a while now as a non-user and am excited to join the club now that I've started my first project. I picked up a used 2000 Honda XR250R from a guy in San Antonio for a fair price as the bike seems to be in good condition and has had fairly moderate to light use on his farm for the past few years. Anyway, I'm in the process of getting the title in my name while I wait for some parts to make the bike street legal (as well as a helmet). I've owned a few bikes in the past but have never had a bike that I've intended to maintain myself (which is the whole point of the purchase). It's intended to be as much a learning experience as it is a utility as I will be using this as my DD. I'm mechanically inclined but know that I have a lot of learning in front of me. Exercise 1 - I've obviously fired up the bike quite a few times since purchasing it about 3 weeks ago and, since then, the sweltering heat has rolled into Texas. The bike, unfortunately sat in the shed for the past week and a half as I've been waiting for my helmet to arrive at my doorstep. In trying to fire the bike up after sitting, the bike was staring at full choke but then puttering out after 10 seconds (which is expected based on my research). At half choke, however, the bike was continuing to putter out after about 20 seconds, but with some throttle, I was able to warm it up at half choke then go fully off and ride her around. That said, once I got to a stop sign the bike puttered out in 1st. So I fired it back up, got home and started doing some research. My findings yielded that maybe the spark plug needs to be inspected, maybe the carb needs to be cleaned, maybe I should dump/clean the gas tank, maybe I should buy a bus ticket to Mexico and never come back, etc. Before diving head first into any of these approaches, I pulled the bike out today and tried to fire her up. She idled at full choke and then puttered out, but when I went to half choke and tried to start her, nothing. The service manual recommended pulling the decomp lever, opening the throttle and giving it a few kicks. Still nothing. I went back to the internet and found a guy talking about adjusting the throttle stop screw and upon inspection, it looks to be screwed all the way out. Is this normal? I was hesititant to begin playing with something that I don't fully understand, so I let it be. Sorry, I know that this is a lot to react to and I'm sure that this will elicit a few chuckles in front of the screen, but I'd really like to work through the problem instead of throwing my hands up and brining it into a shop. Any thoughts would be very appreciated. Cheers.
  15. MyFriendsCallMeRonnie

    xr250 wont start

    So my bike wont start. What happened was I got stuck in some "mud" (it was more like quicksand) and when I was trying to get out I was spinning the tire quite a bit and the engine seemed to be getting nice and toasty; I had been rock climbing trials sections all day so the bike was already pretty heat soaked. After a second or two of spinning my tire I let off the gas and the bike stopped idling and died. I let it sit for 20 minutes or so while I tried to pull it out and the oil cooler seemed to cool down quite a bit. So I kicked it and it started but wouldn't idle. Did it again and same problem. It was at this point I noticed the compression seemed pretty weak and that there was a lot of gas pouring out of my air box. The gas stopped when I turned the petcock off and started when I turned it on. I have read a lot online but haven't found anything that pertains to my bike specifically. I am taking the carb apart this weekend to see what the gas situation is but I am unsure what to do about the engine? Should I check valves or did I just break something? It is a 1986 with a 280 kit and maybe a cam don't know but it was done by xr's only by the previous owner.
  16. Does a XR250L have the same voltage regulator withR version? Can anyone show me a picture of it. Thank you.
  17. Hi guys i have my pumper carb cleaned and ready to be assembled,iv forgotten where to insert the 2 spring washers and plastic washer on the top link arm/throttle drum.Any advice help answers suggestions Thank you in advance.In the diagrams for both xr250r and xr250l nothing about the spring washers.Although the plastic washer is in the 250r diagrams,im thinking mine was a hybrid,mostly they say the pumper carbs didnt have the jet needle adjustable mine is .................il post up everything all pics and steps so anyone who opens their carb will have no issues at all.
  18. flynn chibnall

    Float hitting on carb

    Basically this is causing my carb to overflow as it gets stuck on this brown pin, how and what do I need to do to fix this, many thanks
  19. Ricky Bobby 21074

    1986 xr250R

    I have a 1986 xr250r, I'm interested in converting the rear drum brake wheel assembly to a rear disc brake system. Has anyone done this, and can you tell me what application parts will get the job done. thanks
  20. xrchristopher

    1991 xr250l kickstarter STUCK

    Hi, I have a question about my xr250. Its having problems with the kickstarter and I came here to see if anyone had some insight. I was riding it the other day, and I use it for a sort of long commute so i was going 65-75 for about 30 min. The bike shut off, tires didn't lock up, but i pulled the clutch in and rolled off to the side. tried kicking it over but it was immediately locked. You can see in the picture where the kickstarter stops at. its completely dead locked at that point, no give at all. rolls in neutral still. brought it home, opened up the oil to check for anything strange but looks clean. as far as the bikes condition previously, it has an oil leak coming from the head, i think i did it the few months i had it. the sleeve that holds the exhaust into the head popped off, rode it like that for a few days before replacing the part. a week before this problem. I'm completely amateur to bikes, but i want to take a crack at it and get this thing fixed up. the oil level in the bike may have been slightly overfilled as well. i was topping off because of the leak. where would be the best place to begin here? Thanks for helping
  21. Hey, new member here, my name is Josh. Been looking to get on a bike as I'm growing tired of only having the blaster, so been reading on here about a good beginner bike for myself, and started looking for xr250s. I ended up a project 1994 xr250r, with a broken kick start return spring. (According to PO). He said he picked it up as a project himself but time got away from him. Many oil leaks on this thing during the time I did get it to fire... all valve adjustment caps on rocker cover, oil line fitting at oil cooler, all engine mount bolts loose, 2 hex caps on inside of cyl head by spark plug leak, missing rear brake pedal, kickstand. Also Found a pile of JB weld on clutch cover right above kickstart. (Covering g auto decompression shaft orifice).. I Pulled the cover, and find spring is not broken, but installed on opposite side of casting boss in crankcase. Auto decompression parts Missing in crankcase it seems as well?. Well after I pulled out kickstart shaft to reseat the spring, noticed a bolt was missing from bracket that mounts toward rear of engine and holds the tab on the kicker shaft... Started feeling around with a magnet through the crankcase looking for the missing bolt, and pulled this part out.. what am I dealing with here? Seems like I may need to pull motor and go through it huh... Can anyone ID this small piece and recommend where to go from here? Working with different cars over the years it almost looks like a relief valve plunger for the oil pump... Anybody confirm?
  22. Honda XR250R I ordered a new Ricky stator (150 volt) to run my tusk light kit off. I installed it and it seems to me there is only one way it goes in so I'm pretty sure I did it correctly. I also got a new reg/rec to switch to D.C. I have the tusk kit, battery and USB charger all wired into the main supply out of the reg/rec. The original head and tail light I have running directly out of the reg/rec. Everything seemed to be working (turn signals, USB charger, headlight but it seemed a but dull). I took it for a spin and the headlight would dim all the way off when I accelerated. I thought it was I wiring problem but after testing all the wires it looks to be a problem with the stator. I'm getting 8 watts straight out of it then 0 while accelerating. Anyone have a similar problem or know what's happening to the power?
  23. flynn chibnall

    Need Help Please Guys :) xr250r

    Hi guys got a 1987 xr250r here and was just going over it after it had been rebuilt and noticed the timing cam was out a little bit so took it off and fixed it up, now i cant seem to get the tensioner back down with the cam and spocket done up. i can get it in while the chain and sprocket is undone from the cam but then it a little bit low for the bolt to go into the cam side of the screw bit.. it is a brand new chain and just wondering what ive done wrong , thanks in advance guys the top pic is the one before i touched it... there must be a way it goes in... i can get it almost all the way in with cam done up but the last bit wont go down, looks like there might be too much tenstion? many thanks
  24. Honda XR250R I ordered a new Ricky stator (150 volt) to run my tusk light kit off. I installed it and it seems to me there is only one way it goes in so I'm pretty sure I did it correctly. I also got a new reg/rec to switch to D.C. I have the tusk kit, battery and USB charger all wired into the main supply out of the reg/rec. The original head and tail light I have running directly out of the reg/rec. Everything seemed to be working (turn signals, USB charger, headlight but it seemed a but dull). I took it for a spin and the headlight would dim all the way off when I accelerated. I thought it was I wiring problem but after testing all the wires it looks to be a problem with the stator. I'm getting 8 watts straight out of it then 0 while accelerating. Anyone have a similar problem or know what's happening to the power?
  25. Hey everyone, New member and totally new rider in general here. I bought my first bike a month ago, a 1986 XR250R. The previous owner says that he had just rebuilt the top end, and to my knowledge he was telling the truth. The carb is very clean and set to spec, it starts in a kick or two, cold or hot. My problem began today. I had been riding out in the woods on easy slow terrain for the first few weeks on my bike, but today took it out on a road to get home quicker. I rode for a few miles at 50-55 mph, which is the fastest I'd taken the bike so far. When I entered a town I pulled in my clutch to shift down, accidentally still had the throttle engaged a bit so it revved loud and then shut off completely. I rolled the bike to a stop nearby and could not get it to start again. Tried to let it cool off, kicked through with decompression pulled and fuel off just in case. Couldn't get it to start. Had to get hauled home, which sucked. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be going on? I'm at a loss and pretty bummed. Just want to ride the bike. Thanks!