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Found 25 results

  1. I have a 98 cr500. Looking for another rear wheel to keep set up with a paddle. Found an xr600 wheel for sale from the same year. My question is will the xr rear wheel for the cr? Or even fit with just a bearing change? Thanks for the help
  2. Fellow big bore brothers, I have uncorked my XR650L with Dave's Carb Mod, popped the top snorkel on my air box, Free Flow filter, and finally wore out my stock Bridgestone TW knobby trash tires and put on Mitas E07 front and rears. I am now searching for an exhaust kit that compliments the bike aesthetically, gives it a good bark at idle and highway speeds, and still delivers good power. I have been considering XR's Only header and slip-on but haven't heard to seen too many reviews for it... but like the price I have also considered FMF since I was never disappointed on my 2 strokes or my previous CRF450X... My ears and mind are open to suggestions... what is everyone using? I am budget conscience but more so concerned of getting a kit that may need re-jetting due to the existing Dave's Mod. Thanks -Risty
  3. Auto-Decompressor Question - 1995 XR600R (Single Carb model) I'm perplexed how the auto decompressor system works - is the fact that the first several kicks are compression-free, indicative that my system is working as it should? The previous owner removed the manual decompressor cable - so that is not operational, but apparently the auto decompressor is operational. For the first 4 or 5 kicks my bike has no compression. Then apparently the decompressor disengages and on that 6th kick, there is full compression for a couple strokes, then back to no compression. The bike starts very well - in just a few kicks, runs super well, and has amazing power. The lack of any compression for four or five initial kicks though confounds me. I experimented and found that if I loosen the right side exhaust valve so that it is apparently appropriately gapped to the top of the decompressor mechanism instead of the top of the cam lobe, I get full compression on every kick, but the apparent valve lash makes an awful racket - so obviously I know I need to keep the valve adjusted in relation to the camshaft lobe. Other possibly related conditions: 1) When riding, I notice a minor occasional misfire - which makes me wonder if the auto decompress is intermittently engaging during riding. I don't think its a bad seating exhaust valve, due to the aforementioned valve adjustment test. 2) I've taken the head cover and cam off and noticed the cam lobe contact surface for the exhaust valve rocker arm next to the auto decompression assembly has had scoring.
  4. So I recently acquired this 1986 xr600r in non-running condition on the good ol' craigslist. I managed to get it running (it helps when a decade's worth of varnish is cleaned from the carbs) and she purrs like a kitten. It's titled and street legal here in Washington. I'm just trying to pin down a fair value for the bike, so any input or comment is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. i have a 1985 xr600 that i have had for a year that i am trying to sell and the title issuse is giving me such a problem, i dont have one it is a clean vin as well, some one please help, im a 16 year old that has been working on vintage bikes since i was 10, and i have never had this much trouble with i bike, i just want it out of my hands i would like a bike just to ride with my friends so if any of you guys have any info to help me obtain a title that would be so amazing
  6. Hi, anyone got any tire recommendations for the original 21” and 18” wheels on the XR600/650? I’m personally looking for some street tires, fitting the original wheels. Also, who knows the maximum tire sizes on the OE wheels, both maximum for the wheel and for the swing arm. thanks, Jakob
  7. Alright team, I just bought a clarke tank on craigslist for $75 and it is in perfect condition. I swapped the petcock and mounted it tonight and everything went well until I went to put the plastics and the seat back on. The back lower profile of the tank doesn't mate with the plastics and the slope of the tank where the seat mounts is WAY steeper than my old tank so you can actually see light between the seat and the frame right at the bend of the seat. See pictures below. So my question is, did I just get a great deal on the wrong tank? If this is for a 650, will a 650 seat work on a 600 frame to get the interface correct? I don't mind hand trimming the plastics and having a less than ideal finish there but I don't want to blow out the seat. Any insight here is appreciated
  8. Ok so I have been asking questions about this bike for some time on these forums, just thought I would give an update along with some more questions. It was running great (although a bit rich) a few weeks ago. Would ride all day at the trails but would eventually foul the plug after about 2 hours of riding. I tried to adjust the fuel mixture down but I had it all the way down to 1/4 turn out so I am ordering some smaller jets for it now. It is also having a starting when hot issue which I know its always hard to start a hot 4-stroke compared to a 2-stroke. But I know this is directly caused by my valves being tight, which is weird because I just adjusted my valve lash. I intend to adjust the valve lash again but maybe go one size bigger for both intake and exhaust to make them not as tight, is this a good idea? The last time I went riding, I was coming back after mabye a 20 min stint in the woods when the bike just died. I pushed it back and checked the plug expecting it to be charred but it really wasn't too bad. I cleaned it with brake cleaner and put it back in and tried starting... nothing... Pulled the plug and checked for spark and nothing! This bike has a brand new stator (checked Ohms, stator is still good), and a brand new Coil. I suspect some other wiring issue but I am still not 100% sure. I ordered a new CDI just to eliminate that if it is the issue as well. Electrical things I have done to this bike that may have caused issues: Installed LED lights (rookie mistake, LEDs wont run on AC) this fried some wires which I have since repaired. I have chased and checked ground and power wires and nothing seems wrong there. I can take apart an engine and rebuild it from the ground up but wiring is not my strong suit so that is why I am asking for your help! Thank everybody for all the assistance. I really like this old bike and I don't intend to give up on it any time soon!
  9. hello all, i'm looking for a build thread concerning putting a nx650 cilinder on a xr600 engine. Does anyone know of a build thread here, which includes all the modifications needed. Thank you very much
  10. I'm thinking about using high heat powder coating (rated up to 1200F) to powder coat a XR600 engine. To powdercoat, I will have to bake the side covers / head / cylinder at 450F for 20 min in an oven. Will this warp and permanently damage the head / cylinder? I'm not too worried about the side covers because I can actually use normal low temp powder coat and thus bake them at 375F. But I am worried about the head and cylinder because I will have to get them to 450F. What do you think? Will this warp the cylinder/head? Its an old beat up XR6 that I'm restoring, not to worried about it, but would rather not buy new parts. Thanks.
  11. is there a way to get a taller 5th gear on my xr600 tranny like the nx gear for the 650l's my other option seems to be a 650l tranny with the nx 2/5 swap. the modded 650l tranny would give me a wider spread between 1st and 5th correct?
  12. HI, I have a Honda 2001 xr250 . I'm needing to know if there is any other year/model Honda XR parts that will fit my bike. Thanks
  13. I have a 1990 XR600 with a shot shock - pitted shaft, no good for rebuild. From reading other posts it looks like a 1993 XR600 rear shock will fit with no modifications. I read a post from elsalvadorXR6 with a photo that i believe is the exact sawp but not quite sure. Can anyone confirm that I can swap these shocks? thanks, John
  14. Hello all, I was just wondering as I've seen a few for sale, if a 600 or 650 rear shock would fit my 250 all from same year model but not to sure if it would fit. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I recently got an old beat up 1996 XR600 for cheap. I want a project bike to completely tear down and learn on, so I figured I would start here. I am an engineer and mechanically inclined, but I am not a mechanic. I lack the experience to identify potential issues as being problematic, so I would like to post pictures of what I find and ask you experience guys to help me out. Here is what she looked like when I bough her: With the exception being that the cylinder and head were attached (but not the head cover). The bike is actually pretty much complete, everything else (engine side covers, seat, plastics, etc) are in boxes. The previous owner said he got it for a trade for doing some work, he started to take it apart, didn't have time, so left it and sold it to me for cheap. Upon examination, there are some things that worry me. The rocker arms and sub rocker arms are the most destroyed I have ever seen. They are toast right? I bought all new rocker arms and sub rocker arms. What would cause this to happen? The wear is where they come into contact with the cam right, so does that mean the cam is toast too? Here is the cam: It looks pretty bad, flash makes it looks worse tho. What would cause the rocker arms and cam to look this bad? Ran with no oil, over heated, normal wear since 1996? Here is the cylinder: So this is where I absolutely have no idea. How do you tell when its bad? It feels smooth to the touch, but there are the vertical scratch marks and what looks like water marks/blotches? At what point do I have to toss it or get it resleeved? Any rules of thumb I should follow? I plan to hone it with a little drill attached honer, I will do the proper research to make sure I do it right, hopefully this will be enough? Here is the piston: Again, there are vertical scratch marks, but I dont know at what point it becomes a problem. This seems a little worrisome to me. Here is the rod: So.... is it supposed to be discolored like that...lol. I worry that in the past it got really hot and caused the rod to become discolored. If this is the case, what else could be affected that I should check? Do I have to split the cases and replace it? I would prefer not to, but this is purely for the sake of learning, so it might be a good opportunity. Here is something weird: Notice how the rear shock reservoir is hose clamped to the frame? As soon as I removed this hose clamp I could rotate the entire rear shock on its axis by probably 3-4 inches at the reservoir. So I could grab the reservoir and move it away from the frame (to the right) about 3-4 inches. The entire rear shock assembly rotated with it. However, there is no vertical free play at all!? So I could grab the rear wheel (suspended off the ground) and move it anyway and it didnt have any slop at all. Whats going on here? A bushing or something worn? The front forks seem a little rusty up by the seals, its worse in real life than in that picture... anything i can or should do about that? With the given info above, here is what I am in the process of doing: All new rocker and sub rocker arms, cam chain, cam chain tensioner and guide, top rear shock bushing (it was cheap, idk if it will help tho), cylinder honed, new piston rings, new plunger/spring (this was just missing? maybe someone ran it without the plunger and that caused the rocker arm / cam wear?)... And thats about it, will this be enough? Any theories on what happened to it and what else I should inspect? Cosmetic: And then for fun I'm going to make her look as beautiful as possible. I have a home sand blasting / powder coating setup that I got for cheap for the sake of learning. I am going to try powder coating pretty much everything on her. Here's what I've done so far while waiting for parts: After sand blasting: After powder coating: Granted my DIY powder coating setup is a little ghetto, but it does the job. I need a bigger oven to fit the cylinder and exhaust in tho. Everything is pretty much off now: I'm still waiting on stator wire, epoxy, and gaskets to come before putting things together / fixing. I am planing on learning how to rewind the lighting coils on my stator so I can put an led light bar on it, like my 400 ... and honestly... I have only really needed to use the light bars and pod lights a handful of times. But for like 70$ on amazon for all 4, you cant really go wrong lol. Side note, does anyone know what the baja designs regulator/rectifier is rated to? Max watts? I would prefer not to blow it. Thanks for any help or input on what I should do and look out for, I really appreciate the help
  16. Hey all, just finished up a CRF450 fork swap on my 95 xr600 and wanted to share my results and build with everybody in case anybody is looking to do this and needs some inspiration. This is my second xr600 in my 23 years and I love these pigs. Project started when I traded an xr120 build of mine for a project 02 crf450 kx500 swap that was complete but needed a frame repair. Sent it to a conversion specialist and after 5 months of waiting and 500 bucks he told me he couldn't fix the frame and I was frustrated so I cancelled the build. Had no luck liquidating the chassis so decided I wanted those forks on the 600 rather then let them lay. Not wanting to pay almost 200 bucks for a conversion stem, I disassembled both front ends and hit the crf triples and XR steering stem with a micrometer and ordered myself some bushings to fit the XR stem in crf triples. It was really as simple as that. Pressed bushings into both crf triples and "machined" lower bushing to retain press fit of the steering stem. I also took a 9/16 tap and threaded the existing hole in the stem on the bottom end, that way I could throw a retainer bolt with a large flat washer in to hold the stem in the lower triple in case my press fit were loosen up and fail. Finished that with new stem bearings and races and turned out pretty nice! Less the crf forks, I only have about 25 bucks in the swap as I ordered 4 of both bushings in case I had to use some trial and error. This method required to modifications to OEM parts on either bike it can all be switched right back. I am sure there are better ways to go about swap, but I'm just a young snot nosed punk and I'm pleased with my results and wished share. If anybody would like the bushing diameters or wishes to critique my method please feel free.
  17. I have been over everything I could find.. for days on end.. and could not find the answers to the simple question of can the cr or crf wheel be adapted to the XR600. These measurements were taken from a drum brake swingarm and I have no idea if the disk brake swingarm is different because I don't have one in my hands yet. Well I found a local racer that sold me his old loose spoke 07 crf wheel set for $60 and off to the measurements we go. Is there any chance I could talk someone into taking some measurements off of a disk brake xr600 or a 650l and give me an idea of the amount of space taken up by the spacer and the brake side of the arm? Swingarm to sprocket and outer hub hub width brake to swingarm now the crf wheel in the swingarm in close to position sprocket roughly aligned with factory spacer disk side no spacer ... Shows gap that would need to be overcame Alignment is not close enough yet
  18. I picked up a new to me 97 xr600 that ran fine when I got it(hard to start but it would start). I got it home and immediately started doing some maintenance things. I couldn't open the airbox when I bought it because it forgot my tools. But the guy is an engineer and seemed to have taken good care of it, so i figured all was well inside the airbox. I was wrong. The filter crumbled apart in my hands into this oily bastard of a mess. The airbox was covered in this caked on oily dirt. Needles to say I was a bit upset. But I pressed on and cleaned the airbox and put on a brand new uni filter and now the bike will not start. I kicked until my leg hurt and barely got anything. I didn't touch anything setting on the carb or mess with the fuel system at all. Is it possible that the carb was choked for air so badly and was adjusted accordingly that now it wont start because of too much air? It has the mikuni 41mm flatside carb on it. Which only has an idle screw adjustment on it. Please help
  19. Dear fellow enthusiasts, Over production years, have there been changes to front brake calipers and the forks? I have a pair of forks and original front brake calipers that don't seem to fit by about half a centimeter length wise. If the top fixating hole of the caliper braket is aligned with its respective match on the fork, then the bottom holes don't connect because the calipers are resting on the disk brake. I'm wondering, what's my best solution.. which year fork / brake caliper should I proceed to procure? According to this description, these calipers should fit all production year XR600's: LINK to EBAY Is that legit at all? Price is good 🙂 Can anyone share their knowledge in this regard? I cannot safely say which years either of these components are, as I am going through a difficult restoration. Pictures are attached 🙂 cheers!
  20. So I recently acquired a 1994 XR600R. Throttle action is nice and smooth and easy when the engine is not running. But as soon as you start it up the throttle becomes stiff making low speed riding snatchy and quite fatiguing on the wrist. At first I assumed it was the cables or twist grip needing attention but I then noticed that it is only bad when the engine is running. Its as if the vacuum pulled by then engine is is causing the slide to stick in the bore. Never encountered this before and I'm not that familiar with carbs so I thought I'd seek counsel here before I open it up. Any suggestions? Here's a pic of the carb :
  21. Hello everybody. My 1987 XR600R is having a slight issue with not wanting to start once it has run a while. It also doesn't really like to idle once it is hot. I make sure it has enough oil in it every time I ride it. I really love this bike even though I haven't had it a while so I would really like to get it to run well for me. I know these twin carbs have an adjustment for the opening of them but I don't know how to mess with that to try to fix it. Any information would be helpful.
  22. Ok folks, I've read forum after forum asking this same type of question without any definite answers. I'll try to phrase the question specific to my case. I have a 1995 Honda XR600. I need a new rear wheel (p/n 42650-MAG-305). In the forum's I've read that the Honda XR650L rear wheel isn't interchangeable due to the size of the axle, which in turn would point to bearings, collar and possibly other parts. The forum's have also stated detailed information such as the diameter of the axle, ID and OD of the bearings, the different size of the brake caliper. This information supposedly came from microfiche. I've seen references that the XR650L rear wheels (p/n 42650-MY6-326) are interchangealbe from years 93 - 07. These wheels are abundant on eBay. The XR600R wheels are non existent except 1980's models. Finally my questions. Where can I find definite information regarding the sizes of the various parts for the wheel assemblies ? If the sizes of the inner workings are different, could I canabalize the inner workings from my 600R and fit them to a 650L ? This would also be dependent on the brake caliper dimensions, OD diameters of bearings, and possibly bolt hole patterns of the sprockets and caliper. Thank you in advance for your knowledge and information on this subject.
  23. So I put this Baja designs kit on my street legal xr600r and after it sat for a few years the battery pack for the kit doesn’t hold a charge anymore. lights work when bike is one just doesn’t hold a charge for more than 2 seconds after shutting the bike down. anyone know where I can get a new battery pack for this? Or even make one?
  24. Hi all, I just purchased a nicely taken care of 1988 Honda XR600R here in my home city of Boston. The bike has a street title in RI from previous owner so ultimately I will be getting it registered as a motorcycle and plated for the streets here in MA. The kid I bought it from did not register it in MA yet or alter the title at all so I don't anticipate any problems. Although, the kid I bought it from in Boston never registered it and rode it off-road only. He has told me that previous owner told him he had put a baja designs kit on it. The headlight is there and it looks like it has a nice xenon lightbulb in there, there but it's not plugged into anything and that's the only electrical components I've found traces of so far. It doesn't appear the OEM or any other wiring harness is still in place. I would like to put some really nice lights on this (LED)... ...do I want to do a rickystator 200 upgrade but would the bike already have an upgraded stator / lighting coil if the previous owner did run the full baja lighting kit? I am familiar with the wiring harness on my 6v 1978 DT175 but not this xr600r... obviously, much different and I am going to research XR and will figure it out... but I wanted I'd start by asking if anyone has any general advice on what exactly I should be looking out for to see what kind of wiring the bike already had on it... if it has the infrastructure in place for LED lights / blinkers / etc... much easier than going from scratch. Thanks, Steve
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