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Found 13 results

  1. Hello guys, I’m Marco from Italy, it’s a long time that I’m reading various posts here in the forum, they are very helpful, so I’ve decide to ask you for some suggestions. . I'm writing brcause ask for advice for the Showa 47 ex CRF450R that I took to mount them on a Beta Xtrainer (which as you it comes with poor suspensions). The Beta as long as you go slowly behaves very well, then as soon as you get up the pace becomes not very stable, so I found these Showa close to home very well placed at an honest price and I decided to buy them. What has been done up to now, as well as a complete overhaul, has been to shorten the stroke from 315 mm to 280 mm to respect the original geometry and replace the springs with 0.42 kg / mm. Now, I imagine that the hydraulics, is quite sustained so before installing them I wanted to put my hands on the shim stack but without spending a lot of money since I use the bike only on the weekend and I do not have to race, the initial idea was to copy the pyramid crf250x but I thought that maybe intervening on the shims present you can do something without upsetting the configuration too much (like removing or moving shims). This is my basic configuration, http://i63.tinypic.com/9qgw48.jpg, if you have any advice on how to move it would be welcome, even combining preload spring and oil to be inserted into the forks. What I was looking for is to get a slightly softer fork in the first part of the stroke and reading around I seem to have understood that already intervening on the bypass something is obtained. To finish weight about 72 kg without enduro garments, so around 80 kg dressed in overalls protectors and boots. Thanks a lot in advance and happy holidays to everyone.
  2. JRobby24

    2017 Beta X Trainer


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I am selling my x trainer, it is an amazing bike with smooth power delivery. Almost impossible to stall! It is all stock and original I just added the handguards. It is a 300cc 2 stroke, perfect for a beginner or someone that wants an agile bike for hard enduro/ singletrack riding. Very well maintained only has about 35 hours on it and kept in a climate controlled garage. Only reason I am selling is because I will be getting a more aggressive bike for doing xc racing in Louisiana where they don't have much for technical trails. Please email me with any questions about the bike I will get back as fast as I can. Thanks for looking. Price is $6500. I do not need help selling.


    , New Hampshire

  3. I've been researching bikes and I see over and over that the suspension on the Xtrainer starts to get overwhelmed at "higher speeds". Knowing that one man's hard trail is another man's Sunday stroll, what speed (MPH/KPH) is it that the suspension starts to fail?
  4. I am 49 years young, about 85 kg and never have owned a motorbike and have virtually no riding experience. I have always wanted a dirt bike for the frill of it, but with no friends riding I have just not got around to it. Have my learners and getting my provisional in next few weeks. I am now biting the bullet and weighing up which bike to buy. Single trail, dirt roads, forest trails, riding parks is where I am guessing I’ll be riding. But to be honest, not really sure of where, but it will be somewhere close to the Gold Coast where I live. I have been educating myself with all the online reviews and think that I am on the right path, but with so much info available it is difficult for one without bike experience to siphon the truth from the BS and agendas. One example is whenever I have called a KTM dealer, and said I have been considering buying a Beta, every time they pretend they have never heard of Beta. This is obvious sales propaganda from KTM and that pisses me off. Anyway, I have been set on 2017 Beta xtrainer or rr250. Reviews suggest that the 250 is easier than the rr300 and has better suspension than the xtrainer. The 2017 KTM 250 exc was considered but cost too much. So I was seriously considering a new rr250 with 12 months rego for $11,600, $770 more than xtrainer at $10,830. Now I just found out that the local ktm dealer has the 2017 ktm 250exc on sale for $11,945 with 6 months rego. The only downside seems to be the Mikuni carb. Is the ktm worth paying the extra $400 over the rr250, and $1,115 over the xtrainer? Or should I just buy the easier to ride xtrainer? Can anyone set me free from this too hard decision?
  5. I'm thinking very hard about getting this bike, new('17). It will be supposedly for my wife, but her son and myself(mostly me) will ride it. Is this bike REALY good for true beginner to experienced? She's coming off a CRF230, and doesn't do much more than cruise around fields and fire roads, slow. Her son is fit, young(28), 180#'s, I do some hare scrambles type riding,'07 crf450. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance, Nick
  6. Just curious if the Xtrainer grips are two parts (hard cap on the end) or do I need to drill out the ends to install wrap-around hand guards? Thx! --Joel
  7. I just picked up a new 18 Xtrainer and I must say, I'm Xcited for spring. I drove it home through yesterday's east coast snow storm. While waiting on the certificate of origin from the dealer, I'm going to be working on installing turn signals to get it street legal here in VA I have a set of 12v LED strips that I think I want to mount on the hand guards. I originally bought them to use a turn signals, but I think I want to use them as running lights. After looking at the wiring diagram, I think the best option for getting power would be the parking lamp in the headlight. Does anyone have any better suggestions?
  8. Oh no, not another XT suspension thread! I enjoy every bit of my new XT'17, my first serious dirt bike. Previously I only rode Chinese 200cc 4T joke of a bike. XT feels like from another planet. Anyways, I have read that XT suspension is quite plush and tailored for a slow technical riding. I dunno what "slow" and "technical" means exactly, but as a newbie I assumed that I'm pretty slow and it will take time for me to reach stock suspension limits. But this two frames are from my today's little "jump". It's obviously very low, and it was at like 8-10mph speed. Still, rear shock is bottomed. I felt nothing at the "landing", it was nice and plush. So I suppose it was not truly bottomed. But I can see a bit larger jump will eventually bottom it out. I weight around 160lbs with the gear. My rear race sag is 3.08 inches, which is ~28%. So I wonder, is it normal? Is XT suspension is that plush? Also, is there any danger in such extreme shock travel? I do not plan to land big mx jumps, but I really do like such little whoops. Would be a pity to broke smth on a 20-hours-old bike. I will try to add more compression dumping to the shock and see if it will help. Do stiffer spring is an option? I suppose with stiffer spring I will not be able to achieve 30% rear sag. Is it ok to ride with say 20% rear sag?
  9. I think Beta should build a 200 4T or/and 200 2T Xtrainer for a true entry level bike. Maybe if enough people whine about wanting one, they will consider it? If they made a XR200 clone with all the goodies the Xtrainer has on it, a lot of people might want one. I'm sure I'll enjoy my Xtrainer, but riding a little thumper in the hills can be a lot of fun if you aren't in a hurry like me. Beta, I'll make you a deal, build it and I'll buy one! The 250 4T engine might work, but if I remember right, the XR200 had a physically smaller motor than its bigger brothers?
  10. Xtrainer as a Dual Sport Review. I plated my Xtrainer last year with a restricted plate here in Idaho when I first got the bike. The Restricted plate allows me to ride anywhere except on Freeways/Highways unless the posted speed limit is 45 or less and within 3 miles of an established city. That would have been good enough but I live about 10 miles out of town and I have to use the highway with a speed limit of 60 to get there. Along with other off-road designations I would use the Highway to get to I needed the unrestricted plate. My wife works for the DMV, she got me the proper paperwork for the unrestricted plate. She also got to look thru the “Dead” plate list and found me MTN 208, 208 is our area code. I added the turn signals and a mirror so now my bike is legal for any state anywhere, just as if it was a factory street bike. Insurance is only $75 a year. List of modifications. Cycra Probend 1” bar risers. FMF Spark arrestor. Hammerhead brake pedal. Generic Turn signals for the front and LED strip for the rear with LED Flasher. JD Jetting and slightly lower Float level. Everything else is stock, tires, gearing, suspension, ETC. Pavement Ride report. Nice and smooth in the 30 to 60 Miles per hour range. It will run 70+ but the engine is singing along at that rate. Trying to ride 25 or less at a steady pace was not as good. The bike didn’t like the lower steady RPM. It would gurgle and surge. This was a bit better than before I had the JD Jetting. Plug still looked rich, black. Adjusting the Air/Fuel screw didn’t change much. Off-Road the bike performs great, just as it should. Plenty of low end grunt. Varying the throttle off-road the low speed gurgle isn’t noticeable. Pavement Ride Report with Float set even lower, about 1mm. WOW much better. Low end gurgle is pretty much gone, just a slight amount but livable. I rode it 30 miles on pavement and it didn’t miss a beat. It is very comfortable at 50, the motor is running smoothly, about 1/4 throttle at this pace. Very little spooge out the muffler but it might because of the high revs I was riding at. Lowering the float a bit probably is the best free mod to do to this bike. It now is a very good Dual Sport especially compared to my old Dual Sport bike I have owned. Past Dual Sports include 1982 Yamaha XT200, 1996 Yamaha XT350, 1988 Honda NX250 and a converted 2001 WR426F. If I was to ride more on the street the 430 or the 500 would better but I think the Xtrainer is the best for the little amount of street riding I do and its off-road ability is fantastic. If you need to travel on pavement to connect trails I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Xtrainer as a great all around bike. It even does well cruising downtown.
  11. Frankfurter

    2017 XT hanging idle

    I'm new to 2T and mostly new to engines ... But I can fix things when I have directions! The bike started hanging on idle 20 minutes into my last ride. I'm a bit baffled by it. I have ridden these trails at this temperature and elevation before (approximately 400m and 4 degrees - within the stock specs for jetting I think), and I haven't changed anything on the bike - it's still stock. There's 10 hours on it. This sounds like an air leak to me but there was no other performance issues that I could detect after it started doing this (but I'm also a new rider - so I don't know what I don't know). The only issue that predates this is that it gushes gas from the float bowl overflow at the slightest provocation - I have reviewed the threads and see that this is a known issue so I will be tackling that. Any chance this wonky idle is related to the float height? Here's a quick video clip of what it sounds like:
  12. Nkz

    What beta to buy

    This is my first post so hopefully I have this in the right area. So I'm looking to buy a new bike in a few months and can't decide what Beta to buy. I am going between an xtrainer, a 300rr or the 390rs. I know they have slightly different areas that they excel. I am coming from a 1998 xr400 and an xr250. My question is do any of these new bikes I am looking at have good off idle torque, like slow speed tractor torque. Both my xr's could chug along and climb almost anything but they are heavy and getting older. I dabbled in trials for a bit so I really like the low end pull of thoses 2 strokes, but I also have had a few mx bikes that had nothing down low. What are the beta 2 stokes like. Also does the 390 have a pretty low first gear if I go the 4 stroke route. I ride some pretty rough single track in Georgetown ca if anyone is familiar with that. Lots of switch backs and no room to get speed over some of the obstacles. I am more of a technical rider, don't do much high speed stuff so I'm not to worried about the soft suspension of the xtrainer. For backround I am 200 lbs, 6ft, I'm a decent rider but don't race or anything. I have had loads of Japanese bikes and I am wanting to try out a European enduro, this would be my first new bike. Hope the post isn't to long. Thanks
  13. I have seen all the videos and read reviews. I am 58 yrs old and 5"9'' and about 185lbs. I stopped racing hare scramble and enduros in 2012 as my vision is getting pretty weak. My pace in the woods has definitely slowed. I never made the A class but ran up front with B riders. I still enjoy riding a nice pace and do some technical slower stuff as well, hillclimbs etc. The smaller size and weight is what is appealing. I have a real good Beta dealer about 1.5 hours away. So I am currently riding a Yamaha WR250. I tend to be a much smoother rider on 4strokes. Less rear wheel spin and more planted front end keeps me from bouncing off trees. I I test road a friends 17 300RR. Different bike setups and front end pushed too much. Probably resolved with setup. I am thinking a 250 Xtrainer but do not consider myself a beginner. The smaller frame size is what I think will help my aging body. One of my Beta riding buddies suggested lowering a 250RR. he did not think I would be happy with x suspension. The smaller frame size of the x is what is appealing so lowering a full size bike almost defeats purpose. I have an even better KTM dealer 20 minutes away so lowering a full size I can get that in Orange. I really like the 250 4strokes in the woods it is plenty of power. The 350s I rode are still way more power than I need. I am going to test ride the xtrainer next month. Also have to look at the difference in 250 and 300 xtrainer. Anyone care to comment as I am on the fence. really interested if the size of the xtrainer best suits me for next bike and others who made the switch.