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Found 1 result

  1. I started the process of rebuilding the Xtrainer shock. I've been doing DIY suspension service for years, started on road bikes in 2000'. I'm an average rider and an average mechanic and not an experienced suspension tuner. I highly recommend the Racetech Motorcycle Suspension bible if you've never rebuilt suspension before. It has a great illustration section for how to disassemble / assemble standard forks and shocks. I picked this up on a whim and enjoy the book. The Olle / R116 shock seems more similar to a KTM type non-pds shock as it uses a piston (not a bladder) in the reservoir, but there is no bleed screw in the top of the shock. Disassembly Process: Standard. It disassembled like a normal shock. If you need step-by-step with glossy pictures this is detailed in the Racetech book for a standard shock (pp 200 +). Remove spring, depressurize reservoir, remove dust cap from bottom of shock body, push seal piston down into shock body, remove circlip, remove shock shaft, seal piston, etc as a unit. The reservoir piston isn't threaded, not sure of the best way to remove it (if I wanted to). For assembly I'm going to push it all the way down and assemble the shock per racetech standard instructions. (fill with 50 psi, assemble shock shaft into body, depressurize as pushing shock seal down). Once the shaft / valving is out you can re-shim if desired. The shock uses standard 12MM ID shims and a traditional valving setup. For shims: https://mx-tech.com/shop/valving-shims/12-mm-id/ Assembly is the reverse, ensuring that air is bled from the shock is a critical part of the assembly process. I'm not there yet. Outside of being a little thinner diameter body than a traditional shock, the unit looks to be reasonably built and capable of tuning / adjustment. It is using single stage stacks. The valve itself is Aluminum (edited). It looks to have relatively restrictive porting compared to other design's I've seen. The shock fluid is relatively thick compared to other fluids I've used in shocks. I ordered redline 5wt for this and it is thinner than what is in there. My guess is 7wt. If anyone wants to, please provide feedback for potential mods while I have this apart. I'm going to stew on it a little, no rush to get it put together (it's snowing). I'm 205lbs with gear, have a 5.6 spring in the back. My Feedback on the stock shock: For my skill and riding level not bad, I ride tight rocky single track, ATV trails and connecting roads. It has enough rebound dampening stock for the uprated spring and enough compression dampening. If anything it feels sluggish. Rebuilding the forks on this bike is mandatory, but the shock I'm doing more for fun and to see if I can make it better, it was adequate for trail / light enduro work (for me)... now that said I've never ridden a fox shock on the bike so maybe I have no Idea what good is ??? My current thoughts for modifications: -Thinner Fluid: I plan on using Redline 5wt fluid, as I saw another rider swapped to this fluid and had success - drilling out the valve for more flow: This combined with lighter fluid should help higher speed harshness - Uprating the shim stack: Not sure here what I want to do, comments welcome. Not sure I want to do too much at once. Shim Stacks: Stock Compression Stack 12MM ID 34 x .15 32 x .15 30 x .30 28 x .20 26 x .30 24 x .30 22 x .30 22 x .30 20 x .30 22 x 1.0 clamp Stock Rebound Stack 12MM ID 34 x .15 32 x .15 30 x .30 28 x .20 28 x .30 26 x .20 26 x .30 24 x .30 24 x .30 22 x .30 22 x .30 20 x .30 22 x 1.0 clamp