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Found 590 results

  1. Picked up a 05 yz125 recently and I have noticed it accelerates quite hard but maxes out quickly. It has 13/50 gearing and I was wondering how much of a difference going to either a 13/48 or 14/50 would make, could go possibly taller gearing. Cheers
  2. Hi all, I have a question that i haven't found some clear cut info about. Id just like to hear it from the community.... my mate and i are honda CRF boys , and sadly when we were recently on an out ride in the South African landscape, his engine came to a halt & seizure! what a day it was getting the bloody thing back to the car! Anyway we are young adults at uni who dont really have a lot of mony spare! we managed to find a way to rapidly replace the bike and to save money. We found a running 2004 yama yz250 2t and the guy traded us a seized 2005 crf250 for this- he specialized in chop shopping Honda and obviously saw value in this trade. it obviously came with its quirks.... this yz250 has: -1998 yz 250 motor -CDI from an 80cc yz When we first took the bike to the track it would not start. I noticed the following: -small holes in the expansion chamber (a few, none bigger than the tip on an Aux jack)- what is the impact of these small holes on the bike? ( i will use fire-gum to fix) -muffler does not tightly fit to the end of expansion chamber. FYI, fuel mix was 50:1- recommended by the oil we used- i have been told that old Yamaha are better with more oil? 25:1? So leading up to my question: when we eventually got the bike started (Bump start) it really ran lumpy, and bogged when the accelerator was pulled and eventually died. when i get the chance to look at the bike, what is the impact of holes in an expansion chamber?- could this be a reason for starting and power issue and bogging under acceleration?? Could this be because of a CDI from an 80cc? Could this be Fuel Mix? Spark Plug? apart from those questions, i am going to change the spark plug anyway- i can assume that maybe this could be due to a faulty plug?- maybe?? anyway, this is what i know. perhaps you guys would be able to add to my theories or tell me something more that i could investigate? thanks, Luke
  3. Hey, I have a question. But first let me tell you that I am new to dirt biking, so I don't know anything. I purchased a 2001 YZ 125 in October and the seller said that he just changed the Piston and Clutch. I took it out in Gorman (OHV Riding Area) and like I said I am new, so I kept stalling the bike because I was learning and just let go of the clutch. But then when my dad got on, he said it is my fault for just letting go of the clutch lever, but also the clutch plates are a little bad. I can start the bike, let the clutch out 90%, and ride. Like shouldn't it start to move when I am half way of letting go of the clutch lever? I've seen videos of people holding their clutch lever half way and are moving 10-15mph. I can ride it perfectly fine now... But just wondering, what's wrong with it?
  4. Hey guys, thought i'd share this video i found the other day of this fast rider on a 450. Sounds like he's having the time of his life lol. Check out 2:25 - Insane!!!
  5. Hi I have a 2016 Yamaha YZ 85 and it seems in lower gears if you give it some gas the throttle seems to stick. Like a cruise control on a car. But the throttle doesn't physically stick. Anyways does anyone know how I can fix this?
  6. Hey! My name is Kyler. So recently my bike overheated like 3 times, then finally one day it quit on me. After draining the oil, it turns out there's shredded metal everywhere. So I tore it all down. Now I'm not sure whats the problem. So far all that I found is the little rectangular reed valve was missing 1 out of 2 screws, and around that area down there is where I found the most of the shredded metal. also, I'm not sure if its a problem but the actual shaft on the crank has the slightest bit of play. Mainly I just don't know what to replace so please help! I don't want to put it all back together and not replace the main prob. Thanks in advance!
  7. I went out riding for the day and on the way back home i fouled my plug so i walked it the rest of the way and i took a wire brush and cleaned my plug and it started first kick. I noticed it was a bit rich on the pilot so i adjusted the fuel/air screw and got it running really good but then i saw coolant steaming out of the radiator cap so i quickly turned it off and later in the week i diagnosed it as a blown head gasket so i ordered it and replaced it and didn't start but it backfires out the exhaust when i kick it. I even tried bump starting it towed behind a quad and still nothing but i heard it fire every so often but didn't start so then i started tearing the bike down cleaned the carb really good got all the jets, replaced the pilot air screw since it was missing parts, got a new spark plug cap since it was rusty inside and the plug was loose in there, took apart and cleaned the power valves, cleaned the spooge out of the expansion chamber and silencer but still wouldn't start so now i don't know what to do i think it might be a timing problem since its backfiring but i really need some more opinions before i start f-ing with it.
  8. This is the saga of my poorly maintained 2003 YZ250 that I bought about a year ago. I added a few mods last summer to help me get by then deployed to Africa for 6 months. The poor bike was riddled with SAE hardware, spray foam where there should have been gaskets, and ziptied rear fender, a horribly cut seat, and plenty of other unspeakable things. However, it came with a title and the engine did run pretty strong at the time...even though it had a hint of engine noise. Over time, the noise progressed and I knew what had to be done. While I was away, I coerced my wife into sending a used crankshaft i bought out to Mr. Crankshaft so I'd have a spare for a quick swap... This is it after I replaced the fuel tank that had a split in it and put a lectron carb on. It still wasn't that smooth and the wheel/tire combination were unforgiving, plus, the suspension and rebound were set for a wanna-be-freestyle MX rider. This is the transition to where it was before I really dove in GT216AA Front with Nitro Mousse 18" Rear with Shinko 505 Cheater rear and Nitro Mousse Low Enduro bend Flexx bars (eventually putting steering dampener on) SSS Forks and suspension done by W.E.R. DEP Armored Enduro Pipe Steahly 9oz Flywheel Weight Devol Skidplate IMS/Zipty tank Non-cracked white rear fender Tall seat...I forget who made it, but it does what it do and fits well. Head cut by 218 (head was cut after this photo was taken) rock kickstand During this ride, I had next to no bottom end due to a stuck powervalve. This was my first ride since I came home. I never really tore into the engine, so I got in there, cleaned it up and replaced a broken powervalve pulley and a few areas where parts were missing from the previous owner(s). Two weeks after this picture, I took it out to the mountains for the fourth of july and it started to get real nasty sounding and not in a good way This is why: While I was in there, I figured I'd send the top end out to Eric Gorr...and since that has a 2.5 week lead time, I might as well get the frame in order. Now my bike looks like this. The frame was spray bombed over who knows what, which was over the the original finish. That is being re-mediated. To be continued...
  9. So I live in Cook County and i was looking into buying a dual sport, however i wont be driving on roads until i get my license(1year). So i was wondering when i buy the bike do i need to get insurance for it anyway and license and all that. Or I dont need to, since ill be only riding on private trails and forests. Im thinking of buying the Yamaha 250r, 2016 or 17.
  10. Okay, so I've been researching and craigslist/eBay surfing for about 3 weeks straight, and I've settled on these three. Now for some details: Husky - 2008 TE510 (Street Legal) $3550 asking price Approximately 120 hours; forks have been overhauled to fix persistent seal leaks; replaced faulty stock odometer; claims that there are no EFI or electrical problems The guy said he checked the valves 500 miles ago and they were perfect. Recent oil change, has the Arrow exhaust. This bike comes with both a supermoto wheel/tire/rotor set and a dirt set, in addition to extra plastics, extra shifter, oil filter, lights/blinkers, extra 3 gal tank, extra sprockets, extra batteries, stand and loading ramp, etc. --- tons of extras. This is also the only bike I will be able to see physically as it's the only one even remotely close to me. I have heard these bikes have bad rod bearings and it's just a matter of time until they let go. I've also heard of all the electrical gremlins and EFI problems. Yamaha - 2006 WR450F (Not Street Legal) ~$3750 with shipping This bike belongs to a member on advrider who would be willing to ship. This one has 0 hours on a fresh top end rebuilt by "race engine tech" plus new valve springs. Rebuilt and cleaned carb with JD jet kit, revalved forks and shock, new brake pads, several other farkles. This one is not currently street legal, so I would have to go through the process to set it up for D/S. Pretty much the only downside to this one as far as I can tell. KTM - 2005 450EXC (Street Legal) ~$3750 with shipping This one is being sold on eBay by a guy who owns a small motorcycle repair/renovation shop. Verified VIN, have spoken with him on the phone -- seems to be legit. This one has been completely gone over by his shop. Adjusted valves, rebuilt forks (stock specs), greased bearings, new brake pads, 'ultrasonically cleaned' carburetor, custom skid plate, custom LED headlight and mount. A few other things but you get the gist. The engine is stock as far as I can tell. The guy made a video of the bike running and riding around. The engine sounds great, no weird noises or anything. Definitely seems to be as advertised. SO... What would you guys do here? I like the idea of the tappet valve adjustments on the KTM. I like the fuel injection on the Husky. I like the completely new top end on the Yamaha. They all sort of speak to me in one way or another. I'm afraid of the longevity of the Husky, and parts availability, but I'm tempted to go that way just because I will be able to test ride it first, something I won't be able to do for either the KTM or the Yamaha. I plan to do mostly trail riding, but the only trails near me are about 20 miles of pavement away. I like the idea of not having to trailer the bike, but I am not looking for a bike that will amaze me with its road capabilities. I also am planning to do a week long, 500-750 mile trail ride sometime this summer. I'd like to do more adventurous rides like this from time to time, but most of the time I will be just taking day trips to nearby trails. What do you guys think? PS Sorry this got incredibly long, but I've really been wracking my brain on this one. Thanks in advance for any help! EDIT: Oops, forgot there is also a 2012 KTM 450XC-W with rekluse/rad guards/steering dampener/radiator fan and only 30 hours on a top end rebuild only about an hour away from me. He's asking $4200 which is a bit out of my budget, but it may be worth it to stretch for such a newer bike? I would also have to convert it to street legal, though, so it seems like this one would end up being way more expensive overall.
  11. A 2003 yz450f or a 2006 rmz 450? And how do the bikes compare in general? Just finished a yz basketcase, now starting on the rmz.
  12. kadkme1

    rocker stripped?

    hey guys. got a 04 ttr 225 here and alot of ticking in the head. went to adjust valves and intake checked out ok. exhaust on the other had is messed up. the little adjuster bolt thing with a square head wont thread in the rocker arm any more. it threads so far untill it just starts to stick out the bottom of the rocker then stops like it wont go any farther. almost like stripped or wrong bolt or something. very frustrating. it will run but with the most god awful head noise in the world!
  13. Hi, I just found a great deal for an 06 yz 250 online, and was just wondering, if I'm about 5'10, how would I fit the bike?? I was wondering if I could get two feet on the ground, control it well and stuff like that. Thanks for reading!!
  14. so i can trade my 04 yz250f for a 2002 rm125 i ride mostly all trails. i am tired of my 4 stroke because it's nickle and diming me. i have a few questions about the RM. How is the reliability on 02 rm125/ Your opinions of bike Will the rm125 be easier to maintain than my yz250f? What problems will pop up on this bike or common problems, what should i ask the seller about the bike?
  15. Has anyone installed and used a Checkpoint impeller? I see dirt rider had an article about them and I've been curious about them. I've been having overheating problems recently and after spending well over $200 on brand new radiators I've discovered the radiators weren't the problem. So I bought new piston rings since they were out of spec (supposed to be like .15 and they were .5) and then thought about buying one of these aluminum impellers to help the problem instead of keeping the flimsy plastic one. I've read mixed reviews about them. Has anyone had any luck with them or is it basically just paying for the same overheating problems to happen?
  16. im am 13, 100 pounds (with gear) and currently ride a 08 yz85 and am looking to move up. first off im not rich and i have to pay for my own stuff, i am not going to be racing i mainly just ride track and trails here and there also some desert sinlge track. i am debating on witch i should get next a yz125 or a yz250f. i can handle the power i have riddden both a 125 2 stroke and a 250f and i basically fell in love with both so i am in a predicament on what whould be best. anything helps
  17. I am looking for a YZ125 and have found a 99 for 1300 and an 03 for 1600 both in pretty nice condition. Obviously going to negotiate the prices down however I was wondering which one you guys would suggest. Ive been doing research and know that the 03 is lighter with a modified frame though it has a 5 speed. The 99 motor is well liked for the power and reliability. I will be doing strictly trail riding so whats the better option here?
  18. So I was cutting my neighbors lawn when i came across this bike in my neighbors barn. They said i could have it for free and i thought it would be a great thing to try and fix up. But after looking at it and doing some research i cant find what it actually is. I believe it is a 1985 YZ 125, but i am not sure. Anyone know what it is and where i might be able to find some parts for it? Or if it would be better just top sell it for parts. Thanks!
  19. so i have a 1990 yz80 and it wont kick start when it is cold so i have to bump start it but when it is warm it kick starts first or second kick. It will bump start the first push but no kick starting. CAN YOU HELP ME!
  20. 2008 crf250r, in the process of finishing up a top end rebuild, and after installing the timing chain onto the cam I deciding to hand crank the engine slowly with the kickstart to see if everything was alright. There is a distinct knock that sounds like it is coming from somewhere in the cylinder each time I turn the engine over. What would be causing this sound?
  21. I got a full engine rebuild done 3 hours ago now there's scratches on the piston by the exhaust port. What could the cause be?
  22. I got a new to me 2001 yz 250 which has a healthy motor and jetted properly for my elevation. The problem I'm having is when I'm in gear riding and push in the clutch the rpms don't drop to idle but if I give it gas it doesn't slip and revs freely. I can start the bike in gear fine and looked at my clutch already which has plenty of life left and my clutch basket is in good condition to. I adjusted my clutch freeplay which was already in spec. It has aftermarket clutch lever and I maxed it out as far as it can go outwards but the rpms still wont drop to idle when im trying to coast in gear. Another weird thing is if I'm stopped in gear with clutch pulled in it is at idle speed. Any suggestions is appreciated because I don't know what else to check.
  23. So I have a 2007 Yamaha YZ450f that I bought a few months ago. I took the bike out to desert for the first time, it was running PERFECT I was riding it for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden it just started popping and was backfiring no matter what RPM I was at. I came to a stop and it just died, I started it up again, and I found the only way to keep it alive was by using the throttle. When I got home (sea level) I looked at the carb and noticed that the fuel screw fell out and was MISSING! I figured it must have fallen out while I was riding, So right away I bought a new Factory Effex fuel screw. When my new fuel screw arrived I installed it, and adjusted it 2 turns out. When I started the bike up with the new fuel screw, NOTHING CHANGED the motor wouldn't idle unless I had my hand on the throttle and was constantly backfiring on every RPM. So now I have the carburetor removed and taken apart, I could clearly see all the jets were clear. There is one thing that I noticed, a piece inside the carburetor was chipped off. When I took apart the carburetor the chip never fell out so I'm assuming whoever was working on the bike last must have dropped the carb and chipped it. After that I unscrewed the sparkplug, the sparkplug came out WET with fuel, figure this is due to such a rich mixture. I'm beginning to think that when the fuel screw fell out a piece of dust may have gone in it's hole and gotten into the circuit. Here's a picture of that chipped piece I was talking about. The fuel inlet needle looks good
  24. I just recently went with a friend to purchase an '01 YZ125. The bike had just had an engine rebuild and a clutch replacement. I'm new to two stokes, and this is the first one I have ever ridden/worked on, so this is all new to me. When we were in the process of test riding the bike, I noticed that every time we fired it up, pulled the clutch in, and shifted into first gear, the bike would stall. The (previous) owner had said that the bike probably wasn't warmed up yet, and "sometimes" did that when it was cold. I had to give it about quarter throttle when I shifted into first gear to get moving. I also noticed the clutch was pretty stiff, but that could be due to new springs? The bike shifted through all the gears fine, and the clutch seemed to work when I shifted back into first and came to a stop (bike didn't stall). Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm going to disassemble the clutch and check it out. We just got the bike, so I haven't done much testing/diagnosis yet. All I know is that my four stroke never stalls when put into first, even if it's not warmed up at all.
  25. Greetings, Thought I would post here as I seldom do and need to get away from my echo chambers. Hopefully you will give me a fresh viewpoint. I'm torn on a purchase of a Yamaha yz250x. Everything is ready to go, all I have to do is give the go ahead. Done my research, I know what this bike is about. Everything except actually riding the bike, there is no one with a demo day around here. Here's my problem, I have a 2014 ktm 300xcw. Am I going to be disappointed by the Yamaha? Will it be a step sideways for me? I know my ktm is pre engine counterweight era so I won't mind some vibration in the Yami. KYB is fantastic I hear, albeit 38mm tubes. I don't see the yz competing with the 2018 ktms, and I'm not sure it wants to. I don't mind not having a electric starter but the small tank worries me. Any advice? Cheers
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