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Found 11 results

  1. Hello Everyone, First post on thumpertalk but I have been lurking the forums for awhile. I am new to the supermoto world and definitely new to carbed bikes. Came from the supersport world so any help is appreciated. My setup: 2015 DRZ400SM -Full Yoshimura RS-2 Carbon (recently installed) -Stock Mikuni Carb -K&N Air Filter -3x3 Mod (to be completed soon) -JD Jet Kit (also to be completed soon) I live in CT so the bike is inside for a couple months due to weather. I can run it but cant ride it much unless we get a clear day, so I would like to get the jetting as close to perfect as I can on the first go around. Riding anywhere from sea level to a couple thousand feet above sea level max (0-2000ft) Wondering what you all recommend for my jet setting. I have the stock fuel screw as well as everything the JD kit comes with. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hi Guys! I hope I can find someone here who could help me, I've looked everywhere and can't find my problem. I recently bought a Suzuki rmz250 2017, I've done 13 hours on it on track with stock setup and stock mapping. My yoshimura rs4 full system just arrived, installed it, everything is awesome about the pipe. The only problem is I am running lean. I installed the rich mapping plug, but the bike is always backfiring as soon as i let go of the throttle. I thought I could buy a power commander or yoshimura efi tuner, but I can't find any company who makes one. So here I am, racing this weekend, my dealer doesn't know what to do about it, and the last thing I want is to have my bike running lean the whole weekend. Anyone has had the same issue or know what is going on? Thank you so much!
  3. How much of a performance bump is there when putting a full exhaust, ejk, and modding the air box on a crf250l? Are there any dyno numbers?
  4. I'm sure this has been beat to death, but I couldn't find a quick answer by doing a search... I have the Yoshimura RC2 full exhaust being delivered tomorrow. Question: The bike is brand new with only a few miles on it. Can I run the pipe on the stock jetting, a K&N installed and the snorkel removed from the airbox? Will it run okay? Will the plug burn properly? I do have the JD jetting kit and plan on doing the 3x3 cut out. Unfortunately I only have time to install the pipe before I leave for a trip. Thanks for the response.
  5. look-pro-go-slow

    2007 CRF 100 Build

    Here's a few pics of my play bike 2007 CRF100 Crf80 wheels (best mod by far) BBR 120 BBR Web CAM racing stage 2 cam Atx honda 3 wheeler carb 110 main, 38 pilot Yoshimura exhaust (noticeable difference from FMF) Air box mod with big filter BBR frame cradle Tusk HD clutch/ springs (which sucks btw) Stock100 front sorocket, crf80 rear sprocket (this gearing is great) CRF70 oem plastics Custom graphics kit 1 BBR front spring with fresh atf fork fluid ABC slotter pads front/rear Ebay special seat cover lol (last pic is all I have of new cover) Oh yea, she'll run with the stock pipe just fine to keep the noise down for my neighborhood. I tried many modifications with the DB Dawg and yoshi, but it made no difference. I'll post videos later. I absolutely love this bike. I'm 165 lbs, and me and my 2 yr old ride on it just fine. Future mods would be a works rear shock, maybe lightened fly wheel, and possibly ignition if it helps.
  6. MizzouDRZ

    DRZ400SM Exhaust leak

    Bought a 2016 Suzuki DR-Z400SM back in September, put two hundred miles on it or so and then bought a full Yoshimura RS2 system for it. Worked well for about 1,000 miles and then I noticed i have an exhaust leak where the header meets the engine. The local shop says the gasket has gone bad. I looked at the gasket compared to the stock one the other night and noticed the Yoshi gasket is just flat while the stock one has a ridge around the pipe. Anyway, I need to replace the gasket, and I was hoping to just take the stock one off the old exhaust and then put it on the new one, but they dont just slide off. So, how does one change a gasket? Thanks.
  7. ktmyates122

    2013 ktm450sxf

    2013 ktm 450sxf rode it this past weekend runs fine till the decel and start popping but when I pulled my exhaust to pull my back shock out for a stiffer spring I put my finger in the head pip and it's black like jet tuxedo black and was thinking how could it b lean piping if it's running rich
  8. Selling my DRZ400SM and also selling off aftermarket parts. Is there classifieds specifically for the DRZ400? Items I have cant have more than 280 miles on them. They are ALL essentially new. 1. Seat Concepts DRZ400 seat. OEM packaging. $200.00 2. Yoshimura Street SS full system. O2 bung for wideband, new gasket. OEM packing. $400.00 3. PM Luggage rack with optional wide pan. OEM packaging. $120.00 All items are PP F&F plus actual shipping. Fees suck. You can provide you own shipping label if you'd like. Send me a PM if you would like to buy. Thanks!
  9. I am having trouble getting the original inserts out of my Yoshimura RS-9's. Has anyone put the sparky's in these and had success? I bought the spark arrestors from Yoshimura, but for some reason cannot get the original inserts out to put in the spark arrested inserts. When I remove the bolt and nut, the insert doesn't budge at all. These pipes have fragile carbon end caps and I do not want to damage them by using force to try and pry them out. Here is the back of the pipes for reference. Thanks in advance Chase
  10. Hey DRZers. I have a question for those with the experience and knowledge. I have two DRZ400Es('01 and '02). Both have full aftermarket exhausts with spark arrestors. The 2001 is street legal and the '02 is not, as of yet(fingers crossed), I'm in CA. On the '01 it has a full Yoshimura Comp exhaust and I am wondering which set up better or the differences in performance characteristics. I can't just jump on each bike to do testing as the '02 is not registered yet because I am attempting to get it street legal. So I was wondering if anyone on here has first hand experience and knowledge of these two systems on these bikes. I want to take the best off both bikes and then sell off the other once the '02 is street legal. I will note that the Yoshimura system was probably put on the bike back in 2001-02 as the bike was fully set up for desert runs with ProCircuit Suspension tuning, Tokyo Mods Carb work(which was crap) and a Baja Kit light set up. I state this because the Yoshi system is old and must be straight from the designs they made for Mike Kiedrowski and Suzuki's eduro team. Also, the header on the Yoshi is about 3cm larger on the OD than the T4. Here are two photos of the Yoshi system. The T4 muffler is significantly smaller in diameter and rides higher up next to the fender. I'm planning to make sure one of the bikes if fully buttoned up tight for a first time entry into the Barstow to Vegas race in November. weight is of some concern. Thanks guys!!!
  11. Auguste88

    DRZ 400 Rally

    Hi everyone, I am curently building my bike for light adventure riding. I am making a contraption that I would like to call a rally fairing. I am showing you what I have made so far. For the build; - oversize GPI racing radiators - oversize gaz tank - fuel pump - swapping the speedometer by a vapor - custom made bracket for fairing - fiberglass fairing/windsheild I have not adressed the wide ratio issue since I just completely rebuild the engine last winter. I got a 39 teeth sproket for highway speed. I have no experience whatsoever with fiberglass, any input would be apreciated. Thanks for the interest.