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Found 140 results

  1. I recently bought a 1987 cr125. I've noticed after it has gotten cold outside, it hardly runs anymore. When you start it up, the engine revs to full throttle. I have tried everything I could think of and I can not get the revs to climb back down. I've went through the carb multiple times.
  2. Brett Gossel

    yz 125 leaking gear oil

    i just bought a 2002 yz 125 and its leaking a very little bit of gear oil around a gasget there is not even any on the floor, would it work to put tranmission fix into it or not im kinka new to the sport so dont know much
  3. Colt Hillis

    Sponsorships in ohio

    I'm looking for a motor builder that could sponsor me, something along those lines thats close to ohio. I currently race a yz 125.
  4. Beast Mode YZ400

    YZ400D Skid plate?

    Hello, Does anyone know if they mad an oem or aftermarket skid plate for the YZ400D? I understand that it was not originally equipped with one, I am wanted to ride up the hills and want to protect my engine etc from rocks and logs. My bike is a 1977 YZ400D 2 stroke, thought maybe could use the IT400 77 or 78 skid plate? However not sure if it would bolt up the same etc. Please advise. Thank you
  5. Do y'all know any good dirt bike mechanics .. expert with 2 strokes in the Long Island area?
  6. Doing the top end on my 2009 and noticed this symmetrical wear. I think the parts are fine but I would like a second opinion. By the way the bike was running absolutely perfect when I dissembled it, was just due for a check-up. Thanks
  7. Bikelife Bradley

    2001 yz250 stuck in 2nd gear

    I have a 2001 yz250 that was running fine but had a water pump leak, I ordered a water pump replacement kit and replaced it. when i crunk up the bike it wouldn't go into 1st gear, But went into 2nd gear and wouldn't go back into 1st or neutral. So now the bike is stuck in 2nd gear I thought it was because I had a brand new shifter on the bike but it has grip and won't budge. I don't know what caused it to jam in gear. Looking at others with this problem it might be the shift forks. Do I have to split the cases to change it?? ...or what's the easiest way to find out what the problem is and fix it??
  8. Hey guys, I'm always up for feedback and if you enjoy the video, please subscribe on Youtube + check out our other videos via this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdmeXD1_Or_fle3VVeM01RQ
  9. 125's

    Yz 125

    Okay so I'm new to dirt bikes I was passed down a old 2003 yz 125 all I did was adjust the floats and it started first kick I had sat it up ( in a shed ) and pulled it out 3ish weeks later it wouldn't start for some reason it turned out the fuel was t getting to the boal then wasn't being sucking into the cylinder after that mess it worked great we went out and rode ( on a trail ) it was running fat I'm guessing i fouled a plug but any help on anything to make this bike work? I grew up with my step dad watching this bike back in 03 in motocross and he has abused it. The engine is all nasty looking any tips on how to run it better and up date the look?
  10. Ghent's05KDX200

    Transmission Oil

    My manual says to run oil 10w-30 or 10w-40. What brand makes the best clutch oil for a two stroke? What oil do you guys and girls run in your Two stroke dirt bikes? any particular ones to stay away from? Also, semi synthetic, full synthetic, or non synthetic?
  11. luke8500

    1994 YZ125 CDI

    Hi all, I have a 1994 yz125 that has a problem thats got me stumped. It went from running great to only hitting powerband some of the time and just gargling and bogging the rest of the time and now it will only run for 5 minutes at best before it dies like someone hit the kill switch and like it lost spark. Then it wont start back up till it sits for a few minutes then itll only run for a few min again. The engine was rebuilt over winter and still starts cold in a few kicks. Ive replaced the coil and tried unplugging the kill switch. The carb was super cleaned and completely rebuilt with new parts. Ive tried many new spark plugs also. Im thinking its either the stator or the cdi box. The only cdis i could find for that bike were used and on ebay and way too expensive. My question is could i take a cdi off a different year and modify the wires and plugs to fit or do i have to find a cdi box from a 1994. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated Thanks Luke
  12. Yamaha fan number 1

    98 yz 250 power valve

    I have a 1998 yz 250 powervalve is not opening.okay so this is what ive done so far. Took power valve out and cleand/inspected it, inspected govenor that operates power valve behind the clutch cover, inspected the arm the hooks up to the power valve that operates it. Everything looked fine and i can mover power valve with my hand just fine. It just dosent open on its own when reving the engine. Whats the next step. Thank u for any help.
  13. Rettich333

    Yz 250 swaying idle

    Good evening guys, I have a problem with the idlespeed of my 08 yz 250. When the bike is cold the idle is constandly up above normal speed, if it gets to operrating temperatue the idlespeed hast somesting like a step when the engine rewing down.Afte about 8-10 seconds the idle drops below normal speed. things i've checked/ changed: -Airfilter -checked for sucking in air from outside carb. -cleaned carb -brought carb to stock adjustments ( needleclip, airscrew 1 turn out) -reeds checked -crank seals done today -piston is about 10h's old A big confusement for me : pilot jet is #50 ( stock is #52) and the bike is still running too rich when reving it from the low ildespeed. does anyone have an idea ?
  14. 83 yz250

    PLEASE HELP 1983 YZ250

    hey there I've got a 1983 yamaha yz250. this is my first bike and I'm the third owner. the second owner i bought it off off believes the engine was rebuit because the motor pulls stong he says. by the time i pulled up to his house the bike wouldnt start and he said the carb is really clogged up and its been sitting for 8 months. i managed to get him down pretty low so i bought it. $460 CAD so this is the problem. i got my friend to clean the carb since he knows how and it took him about an hour. we then put it back together. we completely drained the fule and went and got premium fuel and i think we used a 40:1 mix ratio. we also flushed the coolant and replaced that with new coolant. we then tried starting thr bike and it didnt start. we thought maybe the engine was flooded so we took out the spark plug and it was wet. sl we dried out the engine and then tried starting it again. it started after about 30 or 40 kicks while holding full throttle. at this point it was about 9pm and we were tired. we drove it around in first gear killed the bike and gave it two kicks and it started up. we then shut off the fuel while and let the bike shut off so we dont flood the engine again. a week later we go to work on it again cause the idle wasn't the best so we cleaned the carb completely, put it back on and it took about 30 mins of me and my friend taking turns kicking the bike to start it up. once it started up we let it warm up gave it a few revs amd then went onto drive it. im new at dirtbiking so i stalled it. gave it two kicks right away and it started we drove it on my street in first gear only and brought the bike back. i stalled it coming to a stop but then gave it 1 kick right away and it started up right away. i then let it idle for a few mins then i stalled trying to move the bike. i was talking to my friend for about 1 minute and kicked it again and it didnt start. we had to spend another 30 minutes kicking it to start it again. and once we started it we did the same thing. drove it then killed the engine and gave it two kicks right away and it started. after that we killed it waited 1 minute and it wont start again. so basically once the bike is started after an exhausting amount of kicks. u cant shut it off for more than one minute or it won't start again... yes the bike has compression. brand new fuel. brand new spark plug i got it the same day it took alot of kicks to start it. also we tried starting it with the air filter off incase it was dirty but its pretty clean. any help at all will be appreciated and i hope u guys can help me fix this! thanks for your time
  15. Going to buy either a 2004 kx250f or 2004 yz250f. Just looking to get some opinions. They are each going for $2100 (Canadian). Only reason I am skeptical on kx250f is 2004 was its first year of production. I don't race competitivly but I do ride the track and trails weekly with buddys. Thoughts?
  16. Rmrider144

    Rm125 upgrades

    Hi I was just wondering what upgrades I can do to my 2004 rm 125 (144 bored) that would be cheap but make the bike look amazing
  17. My freshly rebuilt YZ was running funny, backfiring and such. I suspected the timing chain was loose or had skipped a tooth so i removed stator side cover. The nut that holds the rotor magnet to the crankshaft was completely loose... ok that makes sense. I completely removed the stator to inspect it, replaced it and the magnet, and put the nut on with some red locktite. I waited 24 hours for the locktite to set. I came back the next day to test ride it and I kicked and kicked but she didn't want to start... I have heard to remove the stator again and sand it with some very fine grain sandpaper and try again. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Time Left: 7 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I am selling my 2001 yz426f(As is), I bought it used from private seller back in 2011. I rarely used it at first, playing around in dirt areas and local OHV trails. I began using it for bigger trail rides like Gorman in Hungry valley. I hated the manual decompression. In 2015 I bought Hotcams stage 1 intake and exhaust cams for the auto decompression. I had Motorcycle Tech in Upland, CA do the install. They also installed a new Piston Ring and Intake valve. Have work order paperwork and old parts from the job. Last big ride was 2017 September, Kennedy Meadows. Put on new tires before this ride along with fresh oil/filter and new air filter. Bike ran like a champ and we made it up some some pretty nasty climbs first try The Hand Grips are new. The front and rear fenders along with radiator shrouds are a year old. Side # plate cracked as seen in picture. Still an awesome ol' powerful bike. Negatives are a heavy clutch pull and a grabby clutch. Selling because I've replaced it and have no intention of using it anymore. Pink in hand. I'm asking $1,200 OBO for the bike as is. No trades. Cash only please. Serious inquiries only. Thank you.


    Fontana, California - US

  19. Okay, so I've done EVERYTHING. The carburetor is a Keihin PWK 28 and it PISSES gas out the float bowl overflow whenever I turn the gas on. I've tried everything in the books. The float level is correct, so I know that is not the problem. The first thing I tried: the needle. I turned the gas on with the float bowl off while holding the needle in place with my finger. No leaks whatsoever. The second thing I tried: The brass overflow tubes in the float bowl. I took the float bowl off the carb, and filled it with gas. Not a drop came out of the overflow so I knew that these tubes were not cracked. One thing I did notice..... The bike leaked the least when the floats were at a really low level, however, this caused the bike to run piss-poor, as expected. What is with that? I also cleaned out the gas tank and needle seat and neither of these made any difference, the bike was still pissing gas. Now my garage smells like gas, I am angry, and my dad is pissed because the whole house smells like gas. Literally any suggestions will be appreciated. I've cleaned the whole fuel system, set the floats correctly, checked for any cracks in the overflow tubes, checked the needle rigorously, but to no avail. If you have ANY idea what it could be, please let me know! I know many other people have had issues with these Keihin PWK's, but I read all of those forums and tried everything it said, but nothing worked. I am totally lost and upset because I wanted this to be an awesome bike. Thanks for reading.
  20. johnny125aao

    ktm 250xc vs yz250x

    Ok im debating on getting a trail 2 stroke. Now i want some opinions on what you guys think of the ktm250xc vs yz250x. Also what are some good years for the ktm? and what would have to be done to make a yz250 into a yz250x?
  21. So this is a question i have been wondering about for a while. I have seen on youtube many people blow their 125/250s up flying down the highway and let off the gas(coast) and not use the clutch. So my question is, is it harmful to engine brake a 2 stroke while woods riding? Might seem weird but i need an answer. I trail ride and ride some technical stuff on a TTR230. A lot of it's tight and open straight away's into corners and up and down steep hills (So i won't really be getting into higher gears, rpms as say you would like on an mx track). Say i am flying through the woods down a straightaway into a corner, i only use my front and back brakes, no clutch, is that bad for the engine? Also going down a hill, locking up the back wheel, feathering the clutch, is that bad for the engine? The questions i asked above may be stupid but if someone with some experience riding woods on a 2stroke could fill me in, i would definitely appreciate it. thanks TT!
  22. Na Bikes

    Dirt bike wont start!

    Hello everybody! I just picked up an 03 yz250 and I have my first problems (my fault). Upon inspecting the air filter, I found that it was probably the original one from 2003. After clearing it out by hand, I put a clean rag in the air box for the time being. I drained out the mystery premix that was left in the tank, and added a gallon of yamalube 32:1. It started right up, and I wanted to clear it out a bit, so I floored it in first gear. Like an idiot, I completely forgot I had stuffed a rag in the airbox. It got sucked all the way in, and suffocated the bike after I floored it. I pulled the airbox, unclogged the rag, and checked the intake side of the carb as well as the reeds. Everything was clear of debris/ rag remains. Now I cannot get her to start. Starter fluid wont work. Fuel poured in the cylinder wont work, and I am baffled. I have spark when kicking it over and grounding it on the case. I even replaced the plug, hoping it had been fouled/flooded when the bike suffocated. Anybody have any ideas or suggestions? Is there a procedure I could follow to make sure its not flooded/ to drain it? Thanks in advance Nate
  23. Hey guys I just bought a bike last night. So the seller said the bike will turn on but then die. We didn't try it because it was really late at night and it was raining (seat was wet). But he said if you bump start it, it will turn on and ride. So what do you think the problem is? I just want to make sure it runs... I probably won't be able to bump start it till Saturday (rain)... It's a four stroke, and I know absolutely nothing about them. Thanks.
  24. Hey guys, so ive got a 2017 YZ250f and ive just brought an FMF f4.1 Titanium full system exhaust for it and i cant find any recommended ECU settings from yamaha or magazines to run with an aftermarket pipe. Ive found one for a 2016 YZ250F but i think there might be a bit of a difference from 16-17. Cheers
  25. I got a new to me 2001 yz 250 which has a healthy motor and jetted properly for my elevation. The problem I'm having is when I'm in gear riding and push in the clutch the rpms don't drop to idle but if I give it gas it doesn't slip and revs freely. I can start the bike in gear fine and looked at my clutch already which has plenty of life left and my clutch basket is in good condition to. I adjusted my clutch freeplay which was already in spec. It has aftermarket clutch lever and I maxed it out as far as it can go outwards but the rpms still wont drop to idle when im trying to coast in gear. Another weird thing is if I'm stopped in gear with clutch pulled in it is at idle speed. Any suggestions is appreciated because I don't know what else to check.