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Found 156 results

  1. Josh the squash

    yz125 2001 yz 125 build

    I bought a 2001 yz 125 for $700. Plan to tear it down and see what's going on inside this baby. Depending on how bad the engine is I'll ether keep it and have it be my race bike for next season or sell it and try to make a couple hundred and get a little better one. I bought the bike like this with a box of parts along with it.
  2. Hey guys I saw that a bunch of people on ThumperTalk have the 2015 Pointed Front Fender. So I went on eBay and look for one. I found a Cycra Front Fender (Pic Below) and bought it. I have a few questions. 1.) Will it fit my 2001 YZ 125? 2.) Does the color match with my OEM tank and plastics? 3.) Is their logo removable? 4.) Is there pre-drilled holes?
  3. 505 YZ125

    Added grip....

    I added skateboard grip tape to the frame by my pegs and on the subframe for extra grip.
  4. I currently have 05 yz that I just dumped a ton of cash into. I was searching for a set of 06+ forks and I found a titled 13 yz125, the guy say it runs like shit,has a cracked case, needs chain, sprockets and probably a bunch of other shit. My plan was to swap my motor and all the other new parts over to it since my bike doesn't have a title. Is it worth 1500 and a 6 hour round trip?
  5. Posridin559

    2006 yz125 base gasket blowout

    So I went and rode my 2006 yz125 at a track recently and sure enough it looks like I'm leaking coolant from my base gasket. This happened one other time and I'm wondering what the problem is. I have a few theories, 1. My fat @$$ is too much for my bike and it's working too hard heating up and burning the gasket. 2. The mating surfaces are uneven. 3. My exhaust o-rings are bad and it's blowing super hot exhaust/premix all over the gasket. Any insight as to what might be going on would be greatly appreciated because although it's not complicated im getting Tired of tearing this thing down. Thanks in advance.
  6. Today I bought a 02' yz125. For cheap, knowing I'd probably immediately have to work on it. I test ride it for about 5 minutes. When I get home, the air filter was all bad from sitting and it looks like some pieces were sucked into the carb. Do you guys think a simple carb clean will do the trick, or should I just get to rebuilding the whole engine(friend is MMI grad, helps me on weekends). Bike doesn't start after getting home by the way.
  7. Zachhanus2

    4 vs 2

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy a bike again I'm currently saving up, prob gonna go on Craigslist should I go for a yz 125 or yz 250f, if I were to get a 250f I'd spend around 3300 is my budget, and goes for a 125 as well, I kno most of the differences but from any of your guys experience what would u say
  8. Hello guys! I`ve made a little raw 2-stroke video of me and my gang riding back in the days. Its actually old footage but its quite good because of the camera I used. Raw 2-stroke videos are popular so I thought I could make something out of the footage I had. It’s nothing special but you might like it if you are a two stroke fan And if you are 2 stroke fan and have Instagram, check out my newly made account: @mxjan_77 and send me a message Going to post pics lots of 2 stroke stuff on that account. Regards Jan Link:
  9. So today was a fairly productive day. After I got off work I went to the local Lowes and picked up a socket set and a few box wrenches to see if anything was loose on the bike. There was a lot of bolts loose and i found some that were stripped out in the engine cover... How bad is this? I bought the bike for 1000$ off of craigslist and am begining to think i may have gotten jipped, none the less looked at the air filter it looked clean and did have some oil in it. How much oil should the filter have in it? Should it be soaked or just enough to coat the whole filter? I also mixed my first tank of gas today 1 gallon of 93 to 3 oz oil, seemed to run good. The exhaust did not smoke as bad as it did before might be because of fresh gas? But one thing that scares me is that once the bike is put into gear from me holding the throttle at an idle it sometimes dies. But after it is put into gear its a 50/50 shot of getting the bike back into neutral sometimes it goes right back into neutral it took me probably 5 min at one point after stalling to find neutral again. Any words of wisdom or possible solutions are greatly appreciated.But after finding netural again i was able to feel out the clutch a little bit and was able to ride A WHOLE 15 FEET haha This was the first time i have ever made a dirt bike or any other vehicle with a clutch move and I could not be more excited. Something so small as to learning to feel for the bike for all 15 of those feet was super cool probably the highlight of my year so far. Thank You to all of you that have left me comments I have read everyone and truly appreciate the overwhelming kindness help and motivation from all that have helped me out. Be safe. God bless
  10. cancer stick

    What to get next?

    Hi i've been riding a 400ex with a 440 kit in it and fmf powerbomb headers in it. and i wanna sell it and buy a dirtbike and i wanna get a yz125 but i have no experience with 2-strokes. I guess my question is do you guys think i can handle it? Oh yeah, if you think i cant handle the yz125 i would really like to get a 2-stroke dirtbike so if there is an alternative let me know. I am 13 years old 5,6
  11. 125 yamaha guy

    dirt wont move

    i bought my yz125 from a dealer and they said that the clutch was broken so i bought it and it worked fine it would run move and everything and then it started to act up and now only first gear works barely though. when you put it in first it acts like its bogging down but its not and when you go into gears 2-5 it wont move i dont know whats wrong with it im assuming the clutch is slipping or something if you know please leave me a comment
  12. I have a 07 YZ 125 that's been collecting dust for the past 8 years. I'm looking to get back into mx, so I'm thinking of getting a new bike or rebuilding my YZ. I've considered the KTM 150 SX but am heavily leaning towards the 125. My YZ is in decent shape but I want that new bike feel. I'm contemplating on doing a full rebuild on the 125: engine, wheels, body, suspension revalve, controls and other pieces. What I'm looking to do will probably cost me around $4k, roughly. The new KTMs are around $7600 OTD last time I priced them in Texas a few months ago. If I take that $4k and sell my YZ I'd have a little over $6k. What should I do? Buy a new bike or rebuild? If I buy a new KTM I'd wait for the 19 model. (I don't race, just ride for fun)
  13. Hey guys, I thought I'd show this video explaining how I've saved a ton of money with fixing my YZ125 by buying used parts! I explain what I bought and how much money I saved!! This was done mostly through the course of converting my bike from a '95 to a '01-'04 hybrid Hope this video helps a lot of you!!!
  14. Andrew Brandenberger

    Cylinder power valve cover leak?

    I have an 02 yz125 I have started to notice a leak from the upper cover (power valve cover the one you can't get to above the exhaust port?) it's doing a little more then Weeping not much more but yea. Was woundering if this could be looked past for awhile or should I replace the gasket right away?
  15. Does anybody know of any wireless headlights that mount where your number plate goes where you don't have to wire anything? Kind of just like push a button and it turns on type of light thing? I would also need it to fit my 03 cr125. Thanks for looking!
  16. Goon Rides

    Any new upgrades?

    Hey guys I just wanted to show off my bike and show it to the world lol What is your opinion on it. God or bad, please be honest. I am open to all comments and suggestions. Any upgrades I should do to make it look better and/or faster?
  17. Drumgar

    linkage bearing slop

    I know this has been discussed before, but I didn't want to resurrect an old thread. I have an 08 yz125 that has been a project bike to work on while I ride other bikes. The swing arm had play in it so I decided to change out the bearings. Lots of grease in these so they had been serviced before. The PO gave me an all balls linkage kit with the bike which was nice, and also a lower shock bearing kit. I ordered up an upper shock bearing kit. The all balls kit did not have all the correct size bearings which I found to be strange, I just cleaned up the 2 missing bearings they appeared to be in good shape with plenty of grease. The kit had all the sleeves, I have no explanation for that. After reassembly and torquing I still had slop but less than before. I ordered up a Yamaha swing arm bearing kit, and the missing bearings with Yamaha bearings and seals. Assembled it all and now slop is worse. Seems like there is too much clearance between the bolts and inner sleeve as I see the movement of the slop in the linkage mount to swing arm, and the L shaped linkage bolts.I estimate about 2 mm movement at rear wheel. Im thinking about removing the all balls stuff and just ordering all Yamaha parts. Sleeve clearance to needle bearings seemed tight. Anyone else have this kind of issue?
  18. Goon Rides

    Where can you ride?

    Hey guys I live in Cali and I need green stickers to ride during summer. Not only that, but a spark arrestor is required. I just want to know something. Where can you ride without a sticker or spark arrestor? Maybe even on the streets?
  19. Hi guys, I'm new here and bought a have 2001 a month ago and the engine is almost down in pieces, need the flywheel puller that's ordered and the parts needed for the rebound of the engine. I'm also ordering Haynes YZ manual as I think it will be a good buy for me. Anyway, the VIN strarts with CE08CE I think... on the back of my cylinder there where some mechanic had written with a marker pen -01 125. It seems like there have been a major failure before, as the head has small dents in it, and the cases are clearly not the same as the one with the VIN is much much smoother in the inlet and crank case. Engine VIN is E111E I think, or something very similar to that. It has a white Airbox and floating front brake, I've read on other threads here that that was a new thing for -01, is it? Fast help would be much appreciated so that I can order parts as soon as possible. BTW, here a rebuild with wiseco crank, all seals, new main bearings, new ring and all new gaskets cost about 500$. Just the crank at Yamaha was 1,200$ at the local Yamaha centre so you all should count yourself as very lucky! Thanks for help! I'll post other threads soon as I'm at the beginning is going to post the cases for a smoother flow and have complete HGS system. I really would love to have a 144 but I guess that will cost me insane money as everything is more expensive here, and I also guess sending head n cylinder to the U.S. would cost way to much too... So I'll, be doing what I can on my own and that's the cases for better flow and matchporting it to the cylinder. I much appreciate any help! Thanks!
  20. I noticed some oily residue on the bottom of my case below my water pump, checked coolant level and it was just as It was when I refilled it last. I followed it as best as I could and it appears to be coming from the rubber gasket on the bottom on the power valve what does this indicate??? Again it's a very slow leak nothing is dripping I just noticed oily residue.
  21. Hey guys, I just want to know what happens if you ride a two stroke on the streets? I've heard it puts a hole through the piston, but a lot of people disagree with that. I honestly just wanted to self-advertise my YouTube channel lol, but please answer the question, right after subscribing YouTube Channel (Please Sub, I would really appreciate it... let's see how many subs I can get from TT, currently I have 538 subs): https://www.youtube.com/goonrides Street Riding Video:
  22. So I want to share a solution I discovered today for what seems to be a somewhat common issue. First a little background, I ride a 2007 YZ144 set up for the woods and I had recently started to develop some slack in the rear end, so I had a buddy help me look and sure enough it was moving in the linkage. So I just received my new bearings and went to press out all the old bearings today. Using all-thread, some thick washers, and some nuts I was able to press out all the bearings in the linkage reasonably quickly (once I figured out to use a smaller socket so I wasn't hitting the shoulder). But then I ran into a dead-end.. the connecting link, dog bone, wish bone etc. has a shoulder, or raised sleeve, between the two bearings preventing you from pushing them both out one side. Now from my understanding this isn't the case on every bike, some bikes don't have a shoulder and the bearings in the connecting link can both be pressed out one side but my service manual clearly showed a shoulder. After some searching nobody really had a great method for removing these bearings except for buying a blind bearing puller. So I bought a cheap blind bearing puller from Harbor Freight but this did not work for me, it was slightly too large. So back to the drawing board.. then I discovered this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YRA3nhzXX0 Essentially, these races can be hammered out from the opposite side using a concrete expansion anchor that cost $2.69 at my local Ace Hardware Store. The one I found and used was slightly different from the one shown in the above video but there are many different styles that would probably work. Mine was luckily just the right length where I didn't need to use all thread or anything. Just slide it through to the race on the opposite side and expand it once inside (remove the needles before hand by the way). Once I had it in there and expanded, a few solid hammer blows (with wood underneath) and it came right out. See below for pictures of how it works. I've seen the question asked on these forums several times with no solution other than "buy a blind bearing puller" so hopefully this helps some people out.