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Found 161 results

  1. Hi, Had my '07 YZ250 engine rebuilt about 5 hours ago by a shop which has since closed. Doing an oil change on the weekend I was surprised to see something attached to the end of the drain bolt (10mm socket for reference). It's difficult to identify what pin this is, but I think it could be part of the YPVS Governor. I found another thread on this forum that starts with the discovery of a different pin but also ends up finding one that looks just like mine. So before I start taking things apart, I have some questions: What is the role of this pin? Is it the pin in the attached diagram? If so, being part of the governor assembly, is it likely to be related to a weak top end? That would be my only complaint of the engine when i received it back. Riding this bike back to back with an '08 , theirs felt terrifying. How could it have come loose? Installer error? Should I be concerned it will come loose again? Is there anything I can do to prevent it coming loose again? If it shows no signs of damage, is it safe to assume the internals (i.e. the parts that would require a case split to inspect) have not been damaged during its journey to the drain bolt? If not, what specifically should I check? Lastly this post hopes to serve as a bit of a reference for anyone else who finds something similar. Thanks guys
  2. I would like to know if a yz125 2002 models cdi unit fit a yz250 2003 model if so can you plz say it and would any modifications be needed.
  3. 1970 Jawa CZ 250 and 1974 Yamaha yz250, were some of my favorite bikes I rode for years... A long time ago. I'm looking to get back into it, in a much slower pace of coarse ! I think 2 stroke might be my choice... but I open to some good advice. The 2 stoke yz250 and the yz250x , not much difference ? What about the 3 other 4 strokes ? yz250f, yz250fx and thewr250f ?? No track, no competition and so on, just good old fun cause I'm just too old ! Thanks guys !!
  4. I am the happy owner of a 2016 yz250. I love the bike, the stock motor was great but I wanted something a that was a little bit faster. I gave millennium technologies a call and they told me for my needs I would want the 295 kit ported for mid to top end, milled for pump gas. I got it together 3 weeks later. No fitment or quality problems. Got my lectron carb tuned up for it, and I was in for a nasty surprise. The motor signs off after half throttle. I road the bike for 4 months, I only put 15 hours on it. The kit was a disappointment. It made no top end power at all. My brother has a 2017 250sx and his bike pulled on mine like I was on a ttr 125. I called millennium and they told me that my jetting was off, and I was running too nice of fuel. Didn't know 100 octane hurts motors. And lectrons don't have jets. The bike ran great, it had a lot of bottom to mid power and was very smooth. It just wasn't what I was looking for. They did not advertise it at all for what it is. I bought another cylinder and it is on its way to Harris Performance right now. I'm not a woods rider, the 295 is perfect for slow technical riding, but it isn't perfect for me. I'll be posting a review of the HP ported and milled mod 250 engine. I plan on making it a top end screamer cause that's what I've been missing over the past few months.
  5. Hi Everyone! First post although I have been reading and enjoying for a long time. I came across this post today, and thought I would use it as a test case to learn what people's thought processes are as they evaluate a potential restoration project https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/mcy/d/1998-yz250-yamaha/6521904558.html From what I see, this is either a 1998 or '99 YZ 250. The year is significant because the motor changed between the two years. The tall bars and cut airbox lead me to believe that it belonged to some sort of Freestyle MX person in the past. Stock pipe and black (painted or aftermarket?) wheels are other clues that I can see. Long story short, what would you pay for this bike, and what other clues would give you the most idea of what you are in for? I see a $1000 full motor rebuild, $150 silencer, $250 for plastics, $50 for a new air box, and probably another $3-500 in misc bearings, chain, sprockets, front tire etc. Assuming that I would enjoy the rebuild process and resulting bike, would you pay anywhere close to the asking price for this thing?
  6. Just wanted to share a video I saw recently of some guys riding their two strokes. Videos like this help me get through the winter haha!
  7. idratherberiding

    2 Stroke Winter Jetting

    Just bought a 2007 YZ250, my first 2 stroke. Want to stud the tires and ride it through the winter. Elevation is about 300m above sea level. Temperature ranges 0 to -20 degrees Celcius. What should I jet it at for these temperatures? Do I change needle position also? Not sure what current jetting is, oil ratio is 32:1 and tons of spooge out the exhaust pipe. Thanks!
  8. Well the iggornant 17 year old that I am decided to rip the carb off without checking the service manual first for proper removal of the TPS connections. instead of discounting the connector at the wire harness I unscrewed the torx head screw to remove the whole thing. When I put it back together I noticed I wasn't getting the normal amount of power. Kinda suspected I didn't get somthing right in the carb. So I took it back off again the same way I took it off and double-triple checked my work and still had the same issue. So after further research in the manual I noticed that it said removal of the TPS was a no no cause it would result in loss of power. Is there a proper way to reinstall the tps sensor? I've searched numerous times on the topic of install but could never find a direct awnser. Any help you could give me would be appreciated thank you! I can awnser any questions you may have
  9. Je55e1996

    Oil seal help

    I need a crank oil seal, process seems simple enough with the write ups but the kit comes with a few seals in it. What seals are they for and is there anything else I should replace while it's opened up? And is the basket holder tool used in Rocky Mountains video necessary?
  10. anthonyquags12

    Clutch problems

    Hey guys, jut did a bottom end on my 04 yz 250, and the clutch won't engage. What I mean by this is it will start in neutral, and once I drop it into first (with the ever pulled) it stalls out. When I depress my clutch lever the actuator is fully engaged, so I don't see that being the issue, I've read that sometimes after you take out or put in clutch plates they stick because oil hasn't flowed through the plates all the way yet. I'm at a loss, any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance
  11. my yz250 will idle good and through 3/4 throttle runs alright, not very responsive though. once i get to 3/4 throttle it will start poppin real bad and wont rev any higher. im thinking the main jet is too big, main jet is 340 and pilot is 40. im very new to 2 jokers (my first 2 stroke). it has the mikuni TMX btw. i have checked the reeds and they look great.
  12. Jaker1996


    I took my pipe off the scrape some mud off the engine below the exhaust port that I couldn't get to with the pipe on it sat with the pipe off for almost a week in my garage I just put the pipe back on went to kick it with the choke on and it kicked four times and now the kicker is locked in place mind you it was running flawlessly before I took the pipe off I have no idea what would cause this to happen I'm absolutely stumped. 07'yz250
  13. Mikethe80srocker

    Crank bearings , what one's are best ??

    I'm goning to be starting on my engine rebuild soon and i was wondeing what brand of crank brg is the one to go with ?? Factory bearing in my bike was a Koyo 6206c3 , my local bearing guru tells me that a FAG brand is a better choice , or a SKF ... Is he right ?? I only want to be inside this engine once ... Opinions wanted please !! Thank you .
  14. i have an 03 yz250 that i just put a new top end on. it was dropped in the mud while running and the kid kicked it over 100x to try and start it and wore the rings flat. it starts and runs fine for about 20-30 seconds and then the idle starts to get higher and wont come back down, if you give it throttle it will die out. i just went through the whole carb, cleaned the reeds, unplugged the tps and im out of ideas at this point. if you give it some throttle it will rev and then hang but after about 10 seconds come down and surge and the process will repeat every time you give it some throttle. i have 100 octane mixed 32:1 for fuel. any ideas would be appreciated
  15. 2003 YZ250 ridden at Glamis in sand with paddle tire. burrned up piston going up Oldsmobile hill. I run 40:1 mix. Pilot jet is 50, main jet is 182. Am I still too lean?
  16. I have never ridden 2t dirt-bike , i start my dirt bike adventure this year with a 4t yz450 and i love this sport. now am interested to test 2t cross and want to use it for enduro and MX. are this bikes ( yz250) good for both enduro and MX use !? i heard that yz250 is the same from 2006 up to 2016 and have no change . what about honda cr250r !? which year and model of this two brand worth owning !?
  17. NEGbrap

    YZ250X suspension

    Hi All, Just got new springs for my YZ250X to fit my 200 lb weight. With gear im right at 105mm of race sag. Took it on some enduro trails the other day, mix of rocky, rutty, rooty, and earthy double track in New Hampshire. Overall the suspension feels good, but still feels really harsh over roots. Current settings 320cc of Pro Honda SS7 5w Fork - Spring 0.46 kg 15 out rebound 15 out comp Shock - Spring 5.6kg 14 out rebound Low Speed 11 out High speed 1 3/4 turns out I emailed FC and talked to someone and he said go 22 out on compression on the forks..............but they max at 20? He also said to go 2.5 turns on the HS comp........but it maxes at 2?????? Am I talking to the wrong guy? thanks in advance for the help
  18. To all yamaha and RayanFan No. 2 joined Monster yamaha
  19. Hi all, first time posting. Have read many, many posts. Im buying a used bike and have maximum $3500 to spend. What should I get? Last bike I owned was a 96 rm250. Bought bikes for my kids beginning of last season now looking for mine. I'm 40yrs old I used to race motocross (novice) but have been out of the scene for 15 years. Plan on riding with the kids and occasionally hitting a track. Torn between 2 stroke & 4 stroke & year & mfr. thanks in advance for opinions.
  20. Let's race! Post your loop times, trail head to trail head or loop to loop. It's honor system, but feel free to post video or tracking screen shots. Here are the categories. Even if you don't want to compete, still useful for folks to see this info. So please post what you got. We have a fantastic resource at Wambaw, so it's important to have an active community that we can mobilize if we need to. WHICH LOOP: South Loop, North Loop, 5 Mile South Loop, 15 Mile South Loop, etc. NET TIME: BIKE: TRACKING SOFTWARE: How did you track your time and speed? Recommendations for good software. Tips for analyzing, etc. AVERAGE AND MAX SPEED: You may have to do a little math to get correct average if you start your tracking software before leaving the parking lot or don't turn if off when you return. Just use distance divided by time and you'll have the correct average. AVERAGE AND MAX HR: TRAIL CONDITIONS: WEATHER: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'll start us off. WHICH LOOP: South Loop (trail head to trail head) NET TIME: 48 Minutes (fast for me) BIKE: 2005 YZ250 TRACKING SOFTWARE: Used Wahoo Fitness app then exported as "FIT" file to my PC. Opened it with RideViewer, a great free visualizer for those who don't own one. Didn't have my heart rate monitor or there would be a lot more info on there. I usually average HR of about 150 and max out a few times at 180 (probably restarting the bike after a get off). Amazing how taxing picking up and starting a bike can be if you already cranking out energy on a nice run. AVERAGE/MAX SPEED: 23.57/55.3 mph AVERAGE/MAX HR: 150/180 TRAIL CONDITIONS: Smooth except for power lines, which are whooped. Trail just groomed about a week ago. Sandy and dry. WEATHER: 80 degrees, dry and clear, beautiful spring day. A few people on bikes and quads (on a Friday) Short 3-minute video. Pilot circuit is slightly rich, but bike running great.
  21. Coop39

    YZ250 Head milling.

    If anyone is needing head milling on there YZ let me know. Coop39 coopsclutchmods@q.com
  22. Allooushh

    Yz250F won’t start

    I bought a YZ250F yesterday and the previous owner said apparently it runs but they weren’t strong enough to kick it. I couldn’t kick while there so I took their word for it and bought it. I’ve been trying to get it to fire all day today, there are 2 chokes and I’m unsure if the air mixture is correct, so would be nice to know what I should do, it’s hard to adjust the air screw when the bike won’t even run. I noticed the spark is kinda low, I don’t know if it’s normally supposed to be like that or not. I can see a blue spark but it is very small and crappy, I’ve had thumpstars that generated stronger spark, I changed the plug it’s still the same, so maybe could be an electrical problem, the only ground connection I could find was for the ignition lead which I filed down to bare metal so I’m pretty sure that connection is good. Anything else I’m missing? It’s very hard to kick and I can feel the compression out of the exhaust so I don’t think compression is the issue.Just wanna know what I should do, haven’t owned a yz before so I could be not using the choke right or something. Thanks
  23. Found this good looking 2008 YZ250 on craigslist in my area for $2500. Guy says it runs good, very powerful. Has full FMF exhaust, suspension done by factory connection, protaper bars, cycra probend guards, restyle plastics kit, and oversized gas tank. Theres a photo. (only one he posted) Is there anything bad about the 2008 yz's? 2006 and up has the SSS forks? I have been scouring for a 2stroke forever.
  24. Hi, I'm thinking about picking up a Lectron carb for a 06 YZ250 2 stroke. I'm seeing somewhat mixed reviews. Some are saying it's better then sliced bread and others can't seem to get it to work. So... before I jump into it.. I want the real scoop from folks that have put on on and ride with it. 1. Is it better? Better throttle response? Crisper... an improvement? 2. Or did it not perform better? 3. Did you by a 36 or 38?? Honest real world performance opinions please!
  25. Hi i am around 5’11” and 80kgs (around 180lbs) i am of average riding skill and was wondering if i should get a yz125, yz250 or a yz250f for trail riding which i will mainly be doing. i have road a 250 2t and 4t before and were wondering what people thought would be good for my size and riding terrain. cheers