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Found 43 results

  1. Thumper Talk, I need some wisdom about which bike would be a better fit for me. My Background: I have always wanted to ride dirtbikes, and I purchased a cheap Chinese 140cc pitbike (now broke) a year ago to teach myself how to ride. I'm not interested in MX racing, just mainly trail riding. The two bikes I'm interested in are; a new YZ 250x and a new TTR230. Is the YZ 250X too much for me? Will I get bored with 230TTR after a month or two? Im 6ft 185 The dealership still has a 2016 YZ 250x for about $7300. How should I negotiate a better price? Your guidance is much appreciated...
  2. Cook07

    2016 Yz 250x

    First off I'm a mid pack b rider from Ohio that races hare scrambles, my weight is 170lbs. Problem I'm having on my Yz 250x is it is washing out in the mud, straight lines the front end is a sled, other wise feels great in dry conditions. Race sag at 108, was at 105,tried forks 5mm up in triple clamps, that helped alittle but then I felt like it was nose diving. So it's back flush now. Was running front compression at 10 and rebound 9. Shock 10c, 9r. I did take 20cc out of each fork leg so I can run the compression in more. I was out today and tested it multiple ways and the only way I got it to track descent in mud was forks at 7c 7r and shock 6c and 5r. That is way off from what manual states and if it's dry out those setting will fill like shit. Help please what is everyone else running there clickers at on the Yz 250x. Thanks
  3. chizznasty

    Which Yamaha is right for me?

    Hello all! First post on TT... be nice! I'm buying myself a new dirtbike - and I'm stoked. I haven't had a bike for 6 years, I'm now 22 with a fairly good job so it's time to treat my self. But I've been having a difficult time deciding on what kind of bike. I've got it down to a Yamaha - YZ250X, YZ250FX or maybe even a WR.... I'll be doing strictly woods/trail riding. About a 50/50 mix of tight woods/open logging roads. I'm also currently teaching my girlfriend how to ride! We picked her up a 2014 DRZ125L the other day, so the catch is I'll need to be able to putt slowly enough to stay nearby her... The last two bikes I've had in my riding days were a Suzuki RM250 and a Yamaha yz250f, and loved them both. I'm fairly neutral on 2 stoke vs 4 stroke (maybe someone will help me decide). The other thing is, I don't NEED insane amounts of power. I can't afford to hurt myself... lol. That being said though, if I come across a gnarly hill - you know I'm going up that sucker. I loves hills lol. What do you guys think? YZ250X? YZ250FX? Or should I be looking at something else? Cheers. - Ryan
  4. Hello everyone, I know that there are several other posts asking if certain bikes are not right for people but i couldn't find one for this. If there is one, a link would be appreciated. I have a 2014 yz125 that i race woods with, I've been racing the past several years on it but I believe its time for an upgrade. This year I'm moving up to B class so I was looking at a 250, sepcifically a yz250x. The only thing is that I weigh 155lbs w/o gear so i was wondering if anyone has any input on a similar bike, if it was too much power, too heavy for woods, etc. Thanks!
  5. JohnP

    New (to me) YZ250x

    Hi All, First post here as a new ThumperTalk member. Sorry if this post is redundant, but I just spent a weekend with my son riding at Durhamtown and had to share. tldr; We had a blast, the new to me YZ250x was wonderful. Here's some background on how this came to be. A couple of weeks back, my 12 year old son outgrew his CRF125F small wheel and claimed my wife's TTR125 "large wheel". The TTR was really too small for my wife, anyway, so she took my trusty CRF230F leaving me to find a new bike. I happened to come across a local 2018 YZ250X with low hours on Craigslist. The price was right, so we brought it home. I'm going to admit, even though the YZ is about 25lbs lighter than the CRF230F, its seat height was a bit intimidating. But after setting the 4" of sag on the rear shock, I could comfortably put my feet down. Before taking the bike out this weekend, I changed the transmission oil and went through all the suspension settings. Not really knowing how to customize the suspension for my riding, I simply went through and verified that each clicker was set to the factory settings as described in the manual. The only setting I ended up changing was to soften the compression dampening on the fork one click since I knew I wasn't going to be taking any big hits this first weekend out. Where to start? The suspension is great. Rocks and tree roots that threw the CRF230 around were consumed by the YZ. I don't know how to describe it, but where I would normally have slowed down and carefully picked a path with the Honda I now just rolled-on the throttle and powered through. It was a lot fun. The rear brake is strong! 'Where's that skidding sound coming from?' I asked myself as we first hit the trails. 'Oh, its the rear tire.' I'm going to have to re-calibrate my right foot. Especially with riding boots on, I had to baby that brake pedal. This is not necessarily a bad trait, just something I'll have to get used to. Initial throttle response kept me on my toes. The Honda was very forgiving when the clutch was dropped just after feeding in a bit of throttle. The YZ, in most circumstances, only needs a slight roll onto the throttle while the clutch is fed out. Anything more and it will pull abruptly. 1st and 2nd gear blips of the throttle also elicit an abrupt pull. Again, not really a bad trait, but this bike wants you to pay attention to what you're doing. Other than that initial hit, power delivery is wonderfully linear. Winding out in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears is - at least for me - breathtaking. I took the bike out on Durhamtown's GP track to see what it would do. Wow. Rolling on the throttle in the high-speed corners and blasting into the straights was a riot. I'm actually not sure if I ever made it into 5th gear, or not. The bike communicates well if it needs to upshift or downshift, so I just kept it in whatever gear it was happy with. I let my son lead most of the time on the trails. Normally I lead, but I think the smoke bothered him. At least I was getting regular reports from him over out helmet communicators on how the smoke smelt at that moment and how thick the cloud was . I want to find a sticker for the rear fender which reads "Smoke Bomb". Speaking of the helmet communicators, my son repeatedly told me to stop yelling. I kept raising my voice over the sound of the bike. I guess noise cancelling technology has come a long way from when I first started riding back in the 90s. He could hear me just fine without me trying to out shout the bike. The bike vibrates more, or maybe, just differently than I was used to. Its not bad. I noticed the vibration at first, but soon forgot it was there. I've never really jumped dirtbikes before. Every now and then I would with the Honda, but, regardless, any jump took careful planning ahead on that bike. The YZ? Well, it doesn't take much more than a quick twist of the throttle at an opportune moment to separate oneself from terrafirma. The bike really had no bad tendencies in the air or on landing. But my jumping is pretty tame all things considered. I'm 5'9" about 170#. The ergonomics, and the bike as a whole, was very comfortable. I could move around and the controls were exactly where expected. Clutch pull was as light, or lighter than the Honda. My natural tendency is to use two fingers on the clutch, but I found the clutch lever would press against my wedding ring when engaged. Not wanting to sound like a wimp, but this was surprisingly painful. So I just switched to using three fingers on the clutch. No big deal. In case it matters, the previous owner had swapped out the stock clutch lever with one from WC. I don't know much about it, other than it looks cool. I have no plans to change or modify it, but need to do some more research. Starting the bike was not problem. First start of the day after a night in the 40s? Pull the choke, two or three kicks where the start of the kick is on compression, and it fires up. Firing up when warm? One kick 95% of the time, two kicks otherwise. Kicking 10 times with no joy? Turn on the fuel, check that the bike is in neutral, and kick again. Its also appropriate at this time to wave at everyone watching you in the campground and act like you meant to do that. What to nitpick? Well, if I had any quibbles it would be up shifting from 1st to 2nd and ending up in neutral. Or downshifting from 2nd to 1st with and ending up in neutral. This situation happened on a few occasions over the weekend. While not terrible, it did catch me off-guard. The previous owner installed a TM Designworks chain guide and rear brake guard, Acerbis hand guards, the WC clutch handle, and nitro mousses in the front and rear tires. I'll probably add an hour-meter and skid plate in the near future. Otherwise, I don't plan to do add any other parts. Maintenance wise, after washing the bike this week I plan to pull the spark plug. It seems that's the best/Yamaha approved way to check if the bike is running too rich or lean. I'll change the trans fluid every 10-15 hours and adjust the suspension as needed. Other than that, for my style of riding, I'll check the fasteners, clean and oil the chain, check the brakes, and adjust the suspension - if I want to experiment - before each ride. Please let me know if I'm missing something that could effect the safety or performance of the bike. Anyway, thanks for reading. I look forward to participating in the forums. -JP
  6. Hello all! First post on TT... be nice! I'm buying myself a new dirtbike - and I'm stoked. I haven't had a bike for 6 years, I'm now 22 with a fairly good job so it's time to treat my self. But I've been having a difficult time deciding on what kind of bike. I've got it down to a Yamaha - YZ250X, YZ250FX or maybe even a WR.... I'll be doing strictly woods/trail riding. About a 50/50 mix of tight woods/open logging roads. I'm also currently teaching my girlfriend how to ride! We picked her up a 2014 DRZ125L the other day, so the catch is I'll need to be able to putt slowly enough to stay nearby her... The last two bikes I've had in my riding days were a Suzuki RM250 and a Yamaha yz250f, and loved them both. I'm fairly neutral on 2 stoke vs 4 stroke (maybe someone will help me decide). The other thing is, I don't NEED insane amounts of power. I can't afford to hurt myself... lol. That being said though, if I come across a gnarly hill - you know I'm going up that sucker. I loves hills lol. What do you guys think? YZ250X? YZ250FX? Or should I be looking at something else? Cheers. - Ryan
  7. Hi all, I live in San Diego and am somewhat new to the forums here, not new to riding, but new to desert racing. I have been trying to research how to get into the District 38 races that are held in the Imperial Valley area but to not much avail. Can any of you guys that race in the district/are more in the know than I am help me with a little guidance? I picked up a 2019 YZ250X recently and have have been bitten by the race bug after running that thing through the desert. Any information helps, and thank you in advance! Jake
  8. NEGbrap

    YZ250 with slight rev hang

    Hi All, I have a 2016 YZ250x with 12 hours ( I know, ride more!) I'm running a lectron and it feels really good. Had some initial struggles but now it seems to be dialed in. This is my first two stroke and I feel like it has some rev hang. When I'm on the trail I haven't really felt it but noticed yesterday after a good wash down. Started up, warmed it up, and still getting some rev hang. Check the video out yourself and let me know. thanks
  9. Red Lightning

    YZ250x and TE 250, which to chose?

    Hello everyone, So I'm looking into a new 250 2 stroke for riding/racing. I do lots of hare scrambles and come closed course and sprint enduros. I have a woods ready YZ 125 but i think its time for and upgrade. Right now I'm between a YZ250x and a TE250. Any input of both bikes would be awesome. If anyone has ridden both I would love to hear the differences and which is better at what. Lastly any input on any other possible bikes is also appreciated. Thanks!
  10. 1970 Jawa CZ 250 and 1974 Yamaha yz250, were some of my favorite bikes I rode for years... A long time ago. I'm looking to get back into it, in a much slower pace of coarse ! I think 2 stroke might be my choice... but I open to some good advice. The 2 stoke yz250 and the yz250x , not much difference ? What about the 3 other 4 strokes ? yz250f, yz250fx and thewr250f ?? No track, no competition and so on, just good old fun cause I'm just too old ! Thanks guys !!
  11. Hey guys, i just bought my first brand new dirt bike, a 2018 yz250x. Unfortunately here in Michigan our riding season is about over so i would get to ride it this year. Ive read alot of fourms about new bikes and how you should take many parts apart and re grease them and re torque them. Im really wondering on my break in time. Manual says 15 mins 25% throttle - 15 mins 50% throttle etc etc. then tear the motor apart and check or replace the top end. Now the dealer said after the break in i should at least replace the rings. Any thoughts on this? My buddies who have bought new bikes say dont worry about it just re torque your head and your fine. What would you do and why?
  12. I have a 2016 YZ250X and am wanting a pipe guard for it. It is the stock exhaust and still in excellent shape (just want to keep it that way). Any of you running the stock exhaust have a picture of what guard you are using and fitment issues of any kind. I hear the PS3 carbon fiber fits and works and the aluminum guards can be shaped to fit it just fine. Just looking for those that are running one and what it looks like. Thanks.
  13. SAMCRF35

    New YZ Help

    MY bike now is a 2006 CRf450r, i want to go to a 2 stroke i have the chance to buy a 2018 yz250 for 5,625.00. Im a woods rider and wanted the yz250x but they dont have any, so what is the main different between the yz250 and the yz250x. Can i get most the parts on the 250 as the 250x has? I can also get a yz250fx for 20 dollars more than the yz250. I mainly race harescrambles, Ride single track and harder trails. just checking before i jump in over my head. Thanks
  14. I searched and only saw posts from a few years back or older model year YZ250s so I thought I would post this. I have a 2018 YZ250X and based on suggestions from a thread I posted on "what YZ250X mods out of the gate?" I'm looking into adding a flywheel weight. This Steahly model comes in 11 or 13 oz. ... and this MSR model comes in 9, 11 or 13 oz. Any suggestions, especially on how much weight, would be much appreciated. Also would appreciate any install tips on the simplest tools needed for install, e.g., is spark plug stop the easiest? Thanks!
  15. knowlimits

    YZ250X first top end questions

    Hey gurus and especially YZ DOC Doing my first 2 stroke top end, bike has 110 hours, 40-1 yamalube 2R. 90% singletrack and trail riding in Colorado. How does this cylinder and piston look? I'm replacing the piston and little end piston pin and bearing. Normal wear? Looks like the PV was wearing on the piston a little but the jug looks good. Replace piston and ride? Or should I worry and/or do more? Thanks for any helpful advice!
  16. Coop39

    YZ250 Head milling.

    If anyone is needing head milling on there YZ let me know. Coop39 coopsclutchmods@q.com
  17. Clutch250f

    Lighting for a YZ250X

    So here is a interesting question, I have the 2016 YZ250x, I am planning on going up to Goldendale Washington for the 25 hours of Starvation Ridge as I haven't done that race since I was in Middle School and I have been bragging about it to my buddies who also want to do it. Now here's the question, I'm on a budget, aka i'm broke and I'm trying not to spend a ton of coin to get a good ridge. I found a bunch of LED lights and LED bar on Amazon and a buddy of mine runs them on his WR. But since (at least to my knowledge) I don't have a stator on the bike. So does anyone know of a cheap stator, or know of good wiring so I could possible run a external batteries for these lights? Thanks in a advance guys!
  18. Had my first real ride this weekend on my '18 250X. I switched to this bike from the '16 Beta 430RR. I wasn't terribly unhappy with the Beta overall, but the biggest component I couldn't live with was the suspension. This YZ is night and day better for MY riding. With the low snow totals we've seen in Colorado, we were actually able to ride at 8500-9000' with ZERO snow. It was a great 46 mile trail/two track day with traction challenges and hill climbs, mixed with whooped out high speed straights and tons of corners. Overall, NO REGRETS with my decision. The 250X handled everything I threw at it with ease and never responded unpredictably. The suspension is AMAZING, as expected. The luggability is great, and with some clutch work it's darn near 4 stroke like. I think a 13T front or maybe just a FWW for the more technical single track may make things simpler. I hit reserve at 39 miles on the GPS which was about 2.7 hours on the hour meter. Rode to the truck without issue for a total of 46 miles. I was nursing the throttle for the last 15 miles, and figured I would try to do a clean out run after refueling at the truck. Well, after changing clothes and then starting the bike, I fouled a plug after hitting 4th gear. I'm happy with that, though, as I wanted to be a bit rich for the first 5 hours or so anyway. I'll drop the main and see how it goes. She runs clean and crisp on the bottom, and I ran it at 1/3 or less throttle most of the ride. Anyone on the fence about these bikes, just do it. You won't be sorry. Super light, awesome handling, predictable manners, incredible suspension, and I think it took 20 years off my age. LOL! Love this 2 stroke!!!
  19. Hey guys, Im looking to buy a new Yamaha 2 stroke within the next couple weeks but i cant decide whether i would be happier with the 2018 yz 250 or the 2018 yz250x. Heres my riding background. Ive been riding for 15 years, I raced in the A class for 5 years until money got tight and i gave up racing all together. Since i then I realized how much fun single track riding is and just free riding with the buddies. I still occasionally ride tracks but about 80% of my riding is trails. I live in Michigan and if you have ever ridden in Michigan then you know the trails can get as rough as a motocross track. My local trails have sand whoops that i would compare to REDD-BUUUDDDS sand whoops. Ive never owned a "trail" bike ive always taken my race bikes and made them into "trail" bikes. My last bike being a Yz125. That being said i know all the mechanical and technical differences between the 2 bikes. Im a bit worried that the 250x just wont have the racey feel when im riding. Im also worried then when i do take it to the track the suspension will be a bit soft and the mellow hitting powerband will not allow me to seat bounce the big whoops. But now the standard yz250 might not have enough low end to help me skate through wet black slick dirt and the suspension might be a little to "non responsive" per say in studder bumps. Can you guys give me any sort of guidance. If you would like to check out my riding style on YouTube check out : "Yz125 2 stroke Shredding Michigan Enduro Trails." Thanks Guys
  20. Sitting here on a flight jazzed about my new YZ250X and to satisfy my desire to get riding on it soon, I'm reading the owner's manual (same as with the YZ250 also), only to discover, wow, they recommend some serious break-in procedures. It is making me nervous I should have bought the FX if this level of maintenance / inspection is required. I suspect it is not, hence this post seeking real-world experience from others. Worth noting: I have no intentions of "racing" ... just fun riding trails and amateur MX tracks with my two sons. Per the attached images from the manual, here is what really stood out for me and which I question: First, though not as unreasonable, is the running, stopping, cooling, checking the spark plug, and repeating that for increasingly higher engine output (though it doesn't say what to do if if results are not as should be). Does anyone recommend following that procedure? Or just go ride the dang thing? (not sure my boys would survive waiting for me to perform this procedure LOL) Second, and seemingly far more involved, is pulling the head to check the piston and using wet sand paper to remove any carbon deposit. Should I really do this? And if so, does pulling the head require changing the cooling fluids? (not sure if the cooling fluids circulate inside the head or not)...or replacing any gaskets? Thirdly, the scheduled maintenance suggests inspecting the piston every 2.5 hours. Granted, that's under racing conditions, but even still, my plan was to check it closer to never, other than perhaps an end of season inspection or something. I had RM and KX bikes as a kid and did none of these things. Maybe I was naive. I could go on and on about some of the other inspection suggestions they list, but I suspect opinions on these will inform the others. Thanks!
  21. I believe I’ve read that the stock YZ250X squish is over 0.10” and so I am presuming I need a solder thicker than that. I just so happen to have the solder in the attached pic on-hand. It measures 0.1150” in diameter. I presume that’s baby bear: not too thin, not too thick? I squeezed it with a wrench and while it’s certainly malleable, I wouldn’t call it “soft.” Any reason to be concerned over how easily it deforms? I don’t want to damage the piston or head.
  22. NEGbrap

    YZ250X suspension

    Hi All, Just got new springs for my YZ250X to fit my 200 lb weight. With gear im right at 105mm of race sag. Took it on some enduro trails the other day, mix of rocky, rutty, rooty, and earthy double track in New Hampshire. Overall the suspension feels good, but still feels really harsh over roots. Current settings 320cc of Pro Honda SS7 5w Fork - Spring 0.46 kg 15 out rebound 15 out comp Shock - Spring 5.6kg 14 out rebound Low Speed 11 out High speed 1 3/4 turns out I emailed FC and talked to someone and he said go 22 out on compression on the forks..............but they max at 20? He also said to go 2.5 turns on the HS comp........but it maxes at 2?????? Am I talking to the wrong guy? thanks in advance for the help
  23. Marcus Privitelli

    WR450F rim work with YZ250X hub?

    Just curious if i was to buy a wr450 rim would it be compatible with my yz250x hub. I know both bikes come with an 18x2.50 rim and i don't like the chrome rims on my yz so instead of powder coating them i was curious if i could buy a wr rim and swap them. thanks
  24. Recently picked up a brand new YZ250x 2017 and this is my log on why i think this is the best Motocross and Endrocross 2 stroke out there!
  25. Mad Mark

    Yz250x Kickstarter stop?

    Just bought a brand new YZ250X and the kickstart goes to far forward and hits the case. Three other Yz250x’s I looked at on the showroom floor had a similar problem with kickstarters getting hung up. Any idea what this problem is? Feels like it’s barely grabbing a stopper then slips off and goes forward. Really rather not take in my brand new bike to get torn apart.