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  1. I am running the Northeast 24 hour Challenge again this year but I am over using helmet lights. I ride a 2017 YZ250X. I am thinking of getting a light bar but obviously need a way to power the bar. What experience/luck have you guys had with battery packs to power small light bars? Task makes a battery pack system but I'm looking for a battery pack that is a little cheaper so I can buy several as backups.
  2. Well I did the powervalve mod only because I was chasing a strange squealing noise. Let me backtrack some. At the five hour mark on my new 2016 YZ250X upon starting her on a cold (35 degree) morning and about 20 sec into warmup I heard a somewhat loud screeching noise coming from the bottom end. I shut her off immediately and restarted about a minute later. No more noise and never did it again until about the 11 hour mark two weeks ago. Exact same scenario. Well enough was enough so I took the covers off both sides and inspected. Couldn't see anything wrong. By the way I changed from the factory oil at the 5 hours mark, due to noise, and saw no shavings of concern and the proper amount of oil came out. About 700-750ml. So I drain the oil, coolant, took of the kickstarter, brake pedal, exhaust, and side cover to inspect a little more closely. All looked well, primary nut hadn't back it's way off and was tight, clutch pack looked good clutch action was fine. The only bit of smudge I saw was around the kickstart area perhaps the idler gear. No play in felt in bottom end either. Mind you this is still after almost two years a relatively new bike. Currently has 11.8 hours. I know I know I need to ride more. So since all was apart and I really had wanted to try that powervalve mod I did it. So I put it all back together, refilled the coolant,put in new oil (a little more this time 850ml) and made sure all was buttoned up good. I know I am above the limit a smidge on the oil. My gasket didn't tear and is holding well. Started her up a few days ago on a cool morning 45 degrees and no noise as of yet and rode her around my 4 acre field for almost an hour. She ran great as always as my jetting is pretty well dialed in. I loved the way she ran before the mod with the softer transition from mid to top, but absolutely love the lack of that now! Hard to believe one 0.8mm washer can make such a difference. Same linear feel but holy heck more lively. I tend to want to moto mine more than singletrack her and this mod made me very happy. Now I just hope that noise will stay away. By the way thanks to those who mapped out how to change the powervalve and which washer to pull. I just researched the threads on how to do this and "bam" it was all there. It wasn't to hard and I am ways off of being able to split cases and stuff.
  3. Greetings, Thought I would post here as I seldom do and need to get away from my echo chambers. Hopefully you will give me a fresh viewpoint. I'm torn on a purchase of a Yamaha yz250x. Everything is ready to go, all I have to do is give the go ahead. Done my research, I know what this bike is about. Everything except actually riding the bike, there is no one with a demo day around here. Here's my problem, I have a 2014 ktm 300xcw. Am I going to be disappointed by the Yamaha? Will it be a step sideways for me? I know my ktm is pre engine counterweight era so I won't mind some vibration in the Yami. KYB is fantastic I hear, albeit 38mm tubes. I don't see the yz competing with the 2018 ktms, and I'm not sure it wants to. I don't mind not having a electric starter but the small tank worries me. Any advice? Cheers
  4. Just bought a brand new YZ250X and the kickstart goes to far forward and hits the case. Three other Yz250x’s I looked at on the showroom floor had a similar problem with kickstarters getting hung up. Any idea what this problem is? Feels like it’s barely grabbing a stopper then slips off and goes forward. Really rather not take in my brand new bike to get torn apart.
  5. Hi All, Trying to start a suspension collective, Year and Model Valving (Factory Connection, Racetech, stillwell, etc.) Class (AA, A, B, C) Terrain Weight Springs Rider sag Clickers Comments on feel Ill start 2016 YZ250X Valving - Stock Class - C Terrain - New England woods, single track and hare scrambles Weight - 200 lbs of glory Springs - Shock 5.6kg Factiory Connection , Forks 0.46kg Factory Connection Rider sag 105mm Clickers - Front Comp 15 out, Rebound 15 out - Shock Rebound 14 out, High speed 1 and 3/4 turns out, Low speed 11 out Just changed settings as the factory 12 and 12 were too stiff for the roots and rock gardens. Felt amazing in the turns and on fast and flowy. Just upgraded springs to weight appropriate - will update once I ride Wednesday.
  6. Just curious if i was to buy a wr450 rim would it be compatible with my yz250x hub. I know both bikes come with an 18x2.50 rim and i don't like the chrome rims on my yz so instead of powder coating them i was curious if i could buy a wr rim and swap them. thanks
  7. So I have been using Thumper Talk for a while to find answers, but never created an account. Anyways, I figured it was time to start contributing to the forum and it gives me a chance to show off my new ride. A couple weeks ago I picked up my first ever brand new dirt bike! This will be a documentation of what I do to it. First off, the bike felt a little cramped. I'm 6'1" and ride standing up a lot so risers were in order. I wanted risers that would also put the bars forward to keep my weight distribution where the bikes stock form intended it to be. Not many options out there but Rox Speed FX recently came out with a new product I like. They give the bars 1 1/4" of rise and move them 1" forward over stock. I really like the risers and my body position feels a lot better now. The stock cables work fine with this set up, but I had to take the clutch cable out of the guide to have enough length.
  8. Recently picked up a brand new YZ250x 2017 and this is my log on why i think this is the best Motocross and Endrocross 2 stroke out there! Currently the bike is all stock! I've made a few adjustment for my carb such as a 172main and a 48 pj. right on the mark for main jetting in Colorado. Power is nothing but smooth and predictable one of the best 2 stroke iI've ever rode! As time goes on i will add parts to this bike and keep you guys updated on what they do! hope everyone's excited! If you like to sponsor the bike or have a product you like tested please contact me at tatmanjosh@gmail.com
  9. Recently picked up a brand new YZ250x 2017 and this is my log on why i think this is the best Motocross and Endrocross 2 stroke out there!
  10. The factory plug for my YZ2050X is a BR8EG. I've got my jetting much better although a bit rich on the pilot (45 with 2.5 screws out still), but the rest seems to have been better. As I'm not racing this bike but doing woods riding and rarerly hard in the pipe, I was wondering if using a BR7ES or EG as it will burn hotter and all the fuel pumped into the cylinder. Anyone running a 250 on a BR7? Interested in your feedback.
  11. I am picking up my new 2017 YZ250X next week and I am wondering which pipe I need to put on my Christmas wish list. lol. I have seen 3 different flavours of the Gnarly, Torque, Woods, and Desert. I trail ride so I'm automatically assuming either the Torque or the Woods. What is the difference between these? Thanks guys.
  12. I've read here and there about regular greasing and lubing on the YZ250 / YZ250X, as well as noted the recommendation in the manual (same manual for both bikes, see image), though I do not think it consolidates all of the grease and oil points into one checklist, hence this post. As a sort of newbie getting back into dirt bikes after a long time (as a kid I only fixed things after they broke), plus being new to the YZ250 platform, I'd appreciate any suggestions one what you grease or lube and how often (and maybe even with what product). Thanks!
  13. I am the proud owner of a new 2018 YZ250X. (Thank you to those who helped me affirm my choice on this thread: went in to get YZ250FX, left with YZ250X) In all of my research, one thing was clear: there are a few strongly recommended modifications. I figured now -- while the bike is new, the weather is bad, and my motivation is high -- is the time to ask this question: what mods should I do right away? Here are the categories that seem to be most prevalent... Carburetor Jetting? I live in Atlanta and will be riding primarily at around 700-1,000 feet above sea level. Any suggestions? (I've worked on 2-strokes before, but not for years, so a bit more explanation than some of the jetting shorthand in posts I've seen would be much appreciated!) Hand Guards? I don't suspect to be doing much bashing through trees, but it's hard to even find a picture of a YZ250X without hand guards. Any suggestions for versions that do not require moving levers and switches? And since they are just a metal bar and a piece of plastic, any reason not to go the eBay route like these? Skid Plate? Again, not planning to bash on rocks any time soon, but maybe this is an easier addition on a new, clean bike? (and helps protect for resale?) Spark Arrestor? My sons and I (they are on TTRs) will be mostly riding Durhamtown and Highland Park to start, but maybe eventually we venture further. Will I likely need one? I ask because maybe this should be done at the same time as (if) rejetting the carburetor so that doesn't have to be done twice? (presuming done at all, this post says not near sea level) Anything else? Thank you for any suggestions, especially any specific recommendations on any of the above or anything I missed.
  14. I went to my local Yamaha dealer planning to buy a YZ250FX and walked out with a YZ250X. Hoping I made the right choice (and probably not too late to change mind as you will see). I had been going back and forth over text with a local sales guy on getting 3 dirt bikes, one for me and one each for my 14 and 12 year old boys so we can start making riding dirt bikes a father and sons activity. I rode smaller RM and KX bikes as a teenager and now that my sons are nearing that age I figured it’s time to introduce them to the sport. Other than owning an ATK600 when I lived near Tahoe for a couple of years, I’ve really not ridden much off-road since a teenager (other than my mountain bike LOL). We live in Atlanta now and will probably ride Durhamtown and Highland Park mostly, so lots of trails plus ample MX tracks of various types to choose from should one of us so desire. Hence my thinking a bike that is MX capable without being full on MX. Long story short, so that I wouldn’t be negotiating with my boys present, I worked everything out remotely with the sales guy (so I thought) other than needing to check sizing with my two boys. I showed up and they had all the bikes for the boys to try ready, plus the 250 for me. We sort out which bikes fit the boys (TTR125 and TTR110 if you’re curious) and it’s only when he’s pointing out the features do I realize they’ve built up a 2-stroke YZ250X instead of the FX. Apparently, I accidentally dropped the “F” in my texts. They did not have an FX in stock so it was take the X or wait. His opinion was "take the X, you'll love it." Of course, he also wants to sell a bike that day. He took me to meet one of their technicians who has the FX who said he’s been drooling to switch to the X. Indeed the guy shared with me he’s modified his FX as much as possible to make it closer to how the X rides, whatever that means. I also thought, hey I’ve worked on 2-strokes before, so that will be easier (and more fun?) if I have to do any wrenching or mods (though it's so loud, not sure I can even start it with neighbors around!). So anyhow, I ended up being comfy with the X and we brought all 3 bikes home. But while the ink might be dry, considering I have yet to ride it and the cirmustances of the confusion, I suspect if I were to change my mind they would let me pay another $500 and swap for the pricier FX. But once I take the X out for a ride, that’s it for sure. I have read some of the posts herein comparing the two bikes and I hate to rehash the same question, but for a dad looking to do trail riding in the woods with his boys and then occasionally hit some MX tracks for fun (with whatever modest skills I can rekindle or improve upon), any reason to not be content with the X? For sure either bike will be way better than any I've ever owned, but I cannot help but ponder. PS cost of ownership does not figure in (we won’t ride enough and/or I’m lucky enough that the difference won’t matter compared to my satisfaction) Thanks for any thoughts!!!
  15. Ladies and gents...First post and I will keep this short as possible! I recently bought my kids (7 y/o boy and 8 y/o girl) a Honda CRF 50 to play on and they are really taking to it, especially my son. I live on some land in West Texas and already have a decent trail layed out for them. Currently chasing them on my ATV but am now looking for a dirtbike for myself. A little background on myself. I am 36, 6'3" 215lbs and workout a minimum of 5 days a week. I have been a competitive mountain biker (downhill and enduro) for the past 8 years. I grew up riding but never racing dirtbikes, and my last bike was a 1995 Honda CR250 I had about 13 years ago! I have had numerous street bikes since then. I discovered that there is a nice and tame local motocross track about 15 minutes from my house and we watched a race a few weeks ago and was bitten by the bug. We also have an amazing ranch about an hour away that has held some national level enduros with tight, super rocky trails. Some of my coworkers ride and all have 250 or 300 2-strokes (KTM/Husky). Now onto the bikes. I might play/race occasionally at the local track. I will definitely be trail riding and possible hare scramble/enduro with the guys and chasing my kids. I also foresee some trips into the mountains of New Mexico and CO fairly frequently (currently do this with mountain bike). I think I want to get a new bike just to keep from getting someone else's problems. I have located a leftover 2016 Yamaha YZ250X for $6,000 within a few hours drive. I have also found a 2016 KTM 250XC for the same price. My other option is a Yamaha YZ250FX. The maintenance and cost has me leaning toward a 2-stroke plus that is what I know from my CR days. But I have to admit a modern FI 4-stroke is intriguing (and what my local shop is pushing me towards). I feel I will pick up on riding pretty quickly, and I want something fun over outright speed, but not something I will outgrow and want to upgrade quickly. For someone of my size what would you recommend for an all-around bike? I also am considered a KTM 300XC but 250's are much better deals and I can always convert to 300 later. From all my reading as far as the 2-strokes go, it seems that the KTM has the advantage of E-start, hydro clutch, wired for lights, larger gas tank and possible a better fit for a taller guy. Yamaha is simple, bulletproof and better suspension. Due to the MSRP on paper the 2016 KTM 250XC is the much better deal, but I am kinda digging the yamaha after reading reviews. Please HELP!!
  16. Hey guys. I recently purchased a 16 yz250x and the first 2 rides i LOVED the suspension. Then the day before a race i reset all my clickers to stock and everything felt like crap. No plushness at all and deflected off everything. I now have a 5.4 shock spring for my 190 pound weight and dialed in sag. Any recommendations on where i should go from here? Right now the fork is 12 out on comp and 15 out on rebound. Shock is 1.75 turns out on hsc, 14 out on lsc, and 18 out on rebound. Any help would be appreciated!
  17. I got my 19 YZ250X a few days ago, have been struggling with it to run right. First off it would not idle, now the idle screw is all the way in but hey it idles now, i don't think the screw should have to be all the way in for it to idle this calls for a leaner pilot correct? Next i'm not sure if it's me but right before she really starts singing there seems to be a bog? I'm aware the bikes need jetting right way, One guy on here has helped me a crap ton but i hate to keep bugging him. As for the jets and everything in the carb its all stock if that helps.
  18. Decided to pull the trigger. I've been looking pretty hard for the last 2 years (was contemplating the 250x when I bought my Beta). I think this is a little bit of a return to the basics of having fun on simplified machine. Just bare bones high performance fun times. Pretty excited! My '03 YZ250 I had was THE most fun bike I'd ever owned. I'm hoping I can say the same thing about this '18 X.
  19. I have a '16 YZ250X and out of haste I purchased a YZ250 TC2 from ebay that indicated it worked for a 250X. I have been seeing posts that indicate there is a specific TC2 for the X and that the YZ250 specific one will not work as good. Is there a big difference? Mine fits fine and seems to work okay. Maybe a little loss of top end power due to the spark arrestor but perhaps not as I am not able to tell by seat of the pants impressions. It's slightly quieter than my stock pipe but not by much. For the record I have the stock pipe and no other mods. I am just wanting to be legal in the forests and obviously get the most out of my X.
  20. ..........what followed me home today:
  21. Has anyone tried a lectron carb on a yz 250x? How did it work out?
  22. It is entirely possible (or probable) it is me, and I am also breaking in new boots, but on my new 2018 YZ250X, I am finding my shifts to 3rd sometimes result in -- much to my chagrin -- still being in 2nd. And on a few occasions, when my attempted shift to 3rd has left me still in 2nd, even a hard pull up on the shift lever is not resulting in the shift to 3rd. Anyone else experiencing this problem? If so, any tips?
  23. Hi All, I have a 2016 YZ250x with 12 hours ( I know, ride more!) I'm running a lectron and it feels really good. Had some initial struggles but now it seems to be dialed in. This is my first two stroke and I feel like it has some rev hang. When I'm on the trail I haven't really felt it but noticed yesterday after a good wash down. Started up, warmed it up, and still getting some rev hang. Check the video out yourself and let me know. thanks
  24. 1970 Jawa CZ 250 and 1974 Yamaha yz250, were some of my favorite bikes I rode for years... A long time ago. I'm looking to get back into it, in a much slower pace of coarse ! I think 2 stroke might be my choice... but I open to some good advice. The 2 stoke yz250 and the yz250x , not much difference ? What about the 3 other 4 strokes ? yz250f, yz250fx and thewr250f ?? No track, no competition and so on, just good old fun cause I'm just too old ! Thanks guys !!
  25. MY bike now is a 2006 CRf450r, i want to go to a 2 stroke i have the chance to buy a 2018 yz250 for 5,625.00. Im a woods rider and wanted the yz250x but they dont have any, so what is the main different between the yz250 and the yz250x. Can i get most the parts on the 250 as the 250x has? I can also get a yz250fx for 20 dollars more than the yz250. I mainly race harescrambles, Ride single track and harder trails. just checking before i jump in over my head. Thanks
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