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Found 105 results

  1. Robt85

    yz450f YZ4ME!

    From the album: My rides

  2. I start my motocross challenge with 2011 YZ450F . although i had many years experience with heavy cubic MC , from the first start i underestand it have so much power . and the first try MX track was scary and i decide to sell it . but as i am a stubborn person , i keep pushing and learning whit this bike . + mapping it as soft as possible and now i am getting better . last weekend i tried a rmz250 and was amazed how well i can drive it, but i didnt like it there was no power in it . now i need help : my friend suggest me to change to a 250 2 stroke : so how dose it feel to change from 450 4t to 250 2 stroke !? it is getting even harder !? or should i just not give up and keep pushing and learning with a 450 !? or maybe i just go to 20 4 stroke !?
  3. More of a Yami promo commercial, but a good watch none the less.
  4. Hi I’m new on the forum and I was wondering if a 2001 Yamaha YZ426f clutch is interchangeable with a 2002 Yamaha YZ426f clutch thanks , Coleman
  5. I didnt know there were different versions of the MX FCR carb. I have a Gen III and didnt know the valve seat was pressed in. I just thought it was hard to get out like everything else (bike had been sitting for years). So i drilled the seat out thinking that i would replace it. Now i cant find a seat. Is there any way around this without buying a new carb?
  6. nate9521

    what bike is this?

    I was told this bike was a 426 but looking at the 426 carb diagram makes me think different. The carb on this bike is the fcr 39. not the fcr mx39. the serial number is jyach01c5wa003652
  7. Bout a 03 yz450f from a guy. he said the cam slid over. he was right but he didn't tell me he turned it over after the retaining clip fell down in the engine. Flywheel is completely destroyed. Stator doesn't look damaged. With the flywheel and stator off the crank turns easy and doesn't make any noise. Is it possible for the flywheel metal shavings to cross over the bearing and get in the crank and tranny? and is it possible that my stator is good?
  8. I'm curious if wr rear 18" wheels will fit a yz450f. I have a 2016 yz450f and want to put an 18" rear on. I just want a cheap tuff rear wheel. I've compared the OEM parts numbers between 2016 WR450 and YZ450f, they're different but I'd like to know I anyone has tried this or knows of a better way of finding this combo. I've looked on ebay and motosport, rmatv, I haven't found anything that is cheap enough or fits what I want. ANY suggestions appreciated. thanks
  9. This year at the age of 35, I start Dirt-Bike . My start was with a 2011 yz450f . i trained 2 or 3 time per week in the deep sands or the woods. getting better give me confidence to think about riding on track. my first experience on the MX track was a disaster, i have done the first lap and barely could corner correctly and stall the bike 3 time and a bad jump and .... then i rest for 30 min and 2nd lap(run) was not better either. my thought : Okej, i just simply cant . But i keep training for the next 2 months in the sands and woods + 1 month ago i sold my YZ and bought a 2013 CRF450F . the difference was obvious, immediately found CRF an easy bike to ride and fell comfortable on it ( except the &%$#@!ing clutch ). 2 weeks ago i was on MX track with my friends , and i was surprised . i could drive easily compare to my YZ and do the cornering and jumps , or do 12 laps in my last run and the best part was that i enjoined so much and had a good feeling. During the week i was talking about it with my friend and conclude its mostly the CRF (70% ) and my improved riding skills(30%). Today we went to the Track, and deep down i had stress that i might &%$#@!ed up on a powerful bike like KX or YZ . Fortunately my friend let me to try his bike ( 2014 kx450f ) , and i was shoked on the bike .... !!!!!!!!!! i felt good from the first touch of the gas to the last corner . Damn it was me as a rider which had the most improvement rather than the bike effect on my riding. of course, CRF good handeling and drivability helped me to gain my confident + i have no reason to blame the bike and I worked on my driving skill . I am a YZ fan and still Love YAMAHA brand... i will put more hours on my CRF before moving to a 2016 YZ450F(I already decided what to buy ) .
  10. I have a tuner for my 2010 yz450f, I am looking for mapping recommendations for racing in the desert.
  11. With the timing marks at the cams positioned to tdc and verifying the cam lobe positions, i noticed the mark on the flywheel was clockwise, one tooth. Question, can i just loosen the timing chain and rotate the crank back to tdc counter clock wise one tooth so the crank and cam marks are back aligned? After i replace the chain.
  12. YzfLogan

    Wheel Fitment

    Hello everyone, looking to convert my 2010 yz450f to supermoto. I was going to order some wheels but then saw a pair of warp 9 17" wheels for sale. They are fitted for a wr450f but I was wondering if they would fit my 2010 yz450f? thanks in advanced
  13. Hopefully I will not have to make any more posts after this but I have questions about the 04 wr snorkel. Before it's suggested yes I did read the free mod guide on super Moto junkie and he shows the snorkel being removed but does not explain or show how. I tried removing the two bolts on top and the battery but it still doesn't even budge after that, is it molded in place? Also what is deemed as a clean or dirty air filter? I don't know what is supposed to be normal, upon looking at mine there was a good amount of thick black grease that I wiped out so I have no idea how long this one has been used or last cleaned. I bought a no toil filter to replace the current one since I just did a rebuild and why not have a clean one in there. But if someone can enlighten me on details it would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi there, I just bought a Keihin FCR (I don't know if it is a 39,40 or 41mm) taken from a 2004 YZ450F motocross. I would like to know exactly whatI have to buy to make this fit on my drz, and how to know if it is a 39,40 or 41mm. Also, I would like to know which jet I should buy according to this : 500ft over sea level, 3x3 mod, MRD exhaust, KN air filter. Here are some picture of the carb. Thank you for your help !!
  15. joshstefan

    08 Yz450F

    Hello everybody, Im looking to purchase an exhaust sometime this summer for my 08 yz450f, mainly so i can get a spark arrestor & do some woods riding & also make it a little louder. Ive been looking at GYTR & also bills pipe, im looking for a slip on but if theres a good price on a complete exhaust ill spend the extra money. Whats everyone running on their yz?
  16. it seems they have totally different opinion that the other shoot outs . you can read the full article here : i like the way they described each bike http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2018-450cc-motocross-shootout
  17. Hi all, first time posting. Have read many, many posts. Im buying a used bike and have maximum $3500 to spend. What should I get? Last bike I owned was a 96 rm250. Bought bikes for my kids beginning of last season now looking for mine. I'm 40yrs old I used to race motocross (novice) but have been out of the scene for 15 years. Plan on riding with the kids and occasionally hitting a track. Torn between 2 stroke & 4 stroke & year & mfr. thanks in advance for opinions.
  18. Mikem3574

    08 yz450 misfire

    I have an 08' yz450f that is having bogging/misfiring issues at 1/4 throttle. Bike chokes and then catches up beyond a 1/4 throttle. I had valve clearances adjusted, adjusted air/fuel screw, and rebuilt carb with moose rebuild kit set with stock size jets. Today im going to change my plug and drain gas with a refill of racing fuel. Air filter is 3 rides new. If the plug and gas doesnt resolve the problem, any ideas what it cld be? TPS? Accelerator pump? Thx.
  19. Hello everyone, I have a 2006 yz450f and I am looking to make into more of an enduro/trail bike. I am looking to make the clutch lever a little easier to pull and anything else that would help with enduro. Any suggestions for modifications would be greatly appreciated.
  20. To all yamaha and RayanFan No. 2 joined Monster yamaha
  21. So apparently some mx fcr carbs have removable valve seats and some dont. I didnt know this and just thought mine was really stuck in there so i drilled it out. Was going to replace it anyway. But it turns out that i have the model that is not suppose to have the valve seat removed. or so i think. Is anyone aware of this difference between the same carb. Do you know where i can get another valve seat? its off a 2003 yz450f
  22. Hey all - I recently picked up a 2003 YZ450F, runs like a top, I've been a road bike guy forever, but decided to get back into riding on dirt. I've been looking high and low for some parts, specifically for example a Timing Cover Gasket, I can't seem to find a website which has a pretty good selection or pricing, I am here in the States, where is a pretty decent place to get parts? I've looked on Zilla, Cyclegear, RockyMountain, etc. and none of them had the Timing cover gasket, and I'm betting there are a lot more parts missing that I haven't thought of needing yet. Thanks!
  23. Alright, so I have recently been considering converting my 2017 yz450f into a semi-practical/street legal supermoto. It would be great if you guys could help me out. Thanks! Questions: Is there a way to install a lock on it? What else do I need? I know I need: tires, rims, brake disks, brakes, sprockets, headlight, horn, blinkers, speedometer, external battery, stator, brake lights, a plate.
  24. Rad199

    99 wr400f cam mod

    I have a 1999 wr400f really nice shape but I would like to be able to keep up better with my 450 friends, I have a pdf file giving the details on the cam switch out with a yz450 or wr450, but it always referances with the 2000 model wr400 will this work with the 1999 model?
  25. I've recently bought a brand new 2017 YZ450f and I have troubles starting it. It takes around 3-7 (very hard) kicks to turn it on, even when it's hot. I was expecting a one kick start up, but maybe i'm wrong. I am also 5'9 and kicking so the bike is even more of a pain to kick. I normally ride lower bikes. Are there any methods I should be using? Or is this a normal thing? Thanks for any advice.