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Found 31 results

  1. So, I have a 1998 Yamaha yz80, and it's had a lot of hours on the top end, so it's time for a rebuild. I have a neighbor who is going to help me with it, so i havent taken it apart yet. I'm trying to figure if my bike needs a whole new piston kit, or a gasket kit, or does it need new reeds? So its lost compression. Way less then what it used to be before. The bike is really hard to start, and it fouls my plugs like none other. It doesen't have too much of a power loss, although, the powerband has become weaker. I just want my bike to be running like how it used to be, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. It will start sometimes, but most of the time, it will only bumpstart. I appreciate you viewing this, now, so let me know of what I need.
  2. I have a '02 yz85 and today I replaced the right side crank seal, head o-rings, and swapped out the head for a VHM performance head. I also put a FMF SST pipe on it with a FMF Shorty. The bike has been working perfectly all day, other than running poorly since i need to rejet. But no other problems then that. I came into the garage about 5 hours after riding, and noticed that when I turned the kickstart over, theres some grinding noise. It did not do this after I put it back together, it just started out of nowhere. While I was putting the clutch back together I noticed the shaft the clutch goes on moves in and out, I called my friend who has replaced the clutch on his 85 and he said it was normal and his was the exact same, so I didnt worry about it. After I put it back together it was not making this noise, and didnt make it after riding either. Just started out of nowhere. Heres a vid to show what it sounds like. I don't remember it ever making this noise. I took the clutch apart to make sure nothing was wrong, I didnt find anything wrong except a little gasket maker that got onto the clutch since I put too much. Doesnt feel like theres any resistance while kicking it over, in the video the spark plug is out. Help?
  3. Koray

    yz85 problems

    I bought a 2002 yz85 about 1 1/2 weeks ago and it just isnt running right. Firstly, it never starts without choke, NEVER, my friend has a yz aswell and it starts 1 kick no choke or anything so I know something must be wrong with mine. Once you put the choke on itll start in about 2 kicks. Once its started, it does not idle by itself until it is warmed up good. And it also takes forever to warm up if it is not warmed up it bogs down alot. Once it is atleast a little warmed up you can start to ride it but it bogs alot while driving. But I am confused on whether this is running too rich or too lean, or if this could just be old gas. If it was rich it would start alot easier, but if it was lean I know the engine would get alot hotter quicker rather than taking forever. What could be causing any of this? could it be just old/bad mix gas, a clogged up carb, weak spark, or something with jetting, or could it just be not warmed up good enough? This is my first two stroke bike so I dont know what could be causing this. It also bogs alot while driving.
  4. ThatE30GUY

    YZ85 Clutch Spring Torque

    Hey guys, I bought this YZ85 and came to realise the clutch wasnt working, so I drained the oil (Jet black) and pulled the plates out and cleaned them. I assumed finding a torque wrench would be easier than it has been. Does anyone know how to torque the clutch springs to spec without a wrench? Any insight helps.
  5. neonmarine

    YZ85 MiniGP Project

    Hey guys, I've used this forum as a "guest" for awhile now and I thought I'd share my build now that it's all coming together. The primary purpose of this project is to help me train for roadracing my 2009 R1 at lower speeds as well as giving me a cheap alternative to racing the big bike. Here's what she looked like when I picked it up from a local shop. Paid $800 cash for the bike as you see it with 17' rims, FMF pipe, EBC 250mm front rotor and clip on handle bars. Fits PERFECT! Shake down run at the Herrin Compound last summer: As she sits today:
  6. Hello everyone, I have a 2003 yz85 that seems to have issues at around 1/4 throttle under load. It makes starting from a hill damn near impossible, although starting from flat ground is no problem. Spark plug is fairly new and the color looks good on it. I just rebuilt the carb completely with all new stock jets, needle clip was on the first clip (full lean) so i left it at that. It has a airbox mod, Twin air filter, and Pro circuit silencer so its possibly too rich and needs a larger diameter needle? It idles and runs well, rips really well in the powerband, just seems like it struggles to do hill climbs if it falls out of the powerband while doing so. Also on a unrelated note the clutch arm seems to not want to return fully under its own spring tension unless the clutch is fully pulled in and then released. I think it may just need the spring replaced on the clutch actuator arm but i am not sure. I am also unsure how to remove the clutch arm in the first place. Any help with these issues would be greatly appreciated. Running 93 octane at 40:1, trail riding only no track use. Not sure when the last top end was done on it, it was probably awhile ago but compression still seems good. Edit: forgot to note I am running +1 tooth on the rear sprocket, although now I think I should have added 3 or 4 teeth to it and this wouldnt be an issue.
  7. nickerkx

    Front brake issues

    My had a small spill last week. Every since then his front brake is shit. It first it would work every now and then. So I decided to clean it up and get a master cylinder rebuild kit. Put new front pads on and fresh oil. This brake is completely soft. I feel the caliper pumping but just doesn't seem like there is any pressure. i bought a bleeder hose and decided to do a fluid change on his rear brake and that went flawlessly. I did my other sons front and rear rm 85 zero issues. So I know I am doing it right. but of the life of me I can't figure out what is wrong with this Yz 85. I'm at my wits end and am going to take a match to it soon !!!😡😡😡 any ideas?
  8. Drzjosh125

    Yz85 leaks oil, help!!???

    My 2006 yz85 leaks oil when I crank it up and leaks while I’m riding and after I get done until it eventually stops. It’s NOT the clutch cover gasket it’s the gasket behind that (crankcase cover gasket). It drips substantially (a drop every 30 seconds while turned on, and slowly deteriorates after I turn it off. Is it an easy fix to replace that gasket and is there any way to seal the leak without a new gasket?(although I may get a new one anyways.)
  9. I just ordered a piston kit for my 1998 yz80, and it does not fit into my cylinder. I can't really remember if its a 47.5 mm or 47, i'm pretty sure it's a 47.5 but it just does not fit into my cylinder. My cylinder does have a big groove in it, so do I need a new cylinder for it to fit, or a new piston? Please respond ASAP!
  10. Okay, so I've done EVERYTHING. The carburetor is a Keihin PWK 28 and it PISSES gas out the float bowl overflow whenever I turn the gas on. I've tried everything in the books. The float level is correct, so I know that is not the problem. The first thing I tried: the needle. I turned the gas on with the float bowl off while holding the needle in place with my finger. No leaks whatsoever. The second thing I tried: The brass overflow tubes in the float bowl. I took the float bowl off the carb, and filled it with gas. Not a drop came out of the overflow so I knew that these tubes were not cracked. One thing I did notice..... The bike leaked the least when the floats were at a really low level, however, this caused the bike to run piss-poor, as expected. What is with that? I also cleaned out the gas tank and needle seat and neither of these made any difference, the bike was still pissing gas. Now my garage smells like gas, I am angry, and my dad is pissed because the whole house smells like gas. Literally any suggestions will be appreciated. I've cleaned the whole fuel system, set the floats correctly, checked for any cracks in the overflow tubes, checked the needle rigorously, but to no avail. If you have ANY idea what it could be, please let me know! I know many other people have had issues with these Keihin PWK's, but I read all of those forums and tried everything it said, but nothing worked. I am totally lost and upset because I wanted this to be an awesome bike. Thanks for reading.
  11. Hi, I am 13 years old and I am trying to decide what bike I want to get (two stroke of course). I'm 5'2 - 5'3 tall, and I weigh 125lbs. I'm a beginner at this, meaning this is my first bike but, I have ridden a dirt bike a few times. My choices are the yz85, cr85, kx85, kx100, sx85, and the sx105 (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Ktm). I am not interested in the rm because I just don't like it. It seems like a cheap crappy (sorry if I offended you) and it doesn't seem to have the speed and power that I want ( at least that's how people describe it to be). So please don't include it in. I am going to buy a used bike on Craigslist or somewhere because this is my first year and I'm not the richest of families (in case that helps.) Right now, I'm confused about which bike to get because they're all good brands. I want to be fast on the track (obviously) and I want to be aggressive. Which bike will fit that role? Can some also explain what top end and bottom end power is and what it helps with when you are listing a bike? Can you include the pro and con of it? I'm also not sure if an 85 is the right size for me, as I want to grow into a bike and have it last me. Maybe I should get a 125, if is so, which one (again, no Suzuki rm)? I'm going to a dealership to sit on some and try some (not too sure about trying some) Saturday but I just want thoughts about this. I don't know ANYONE with a dirt bike so the internet is my only friend here so I am really counting on you. My mom doesn't know anything about dirt bikes or the sport so I have to really look at this stuff myself. If you have any tips, please leave some as they will be helpful for me or any other onlookers in the same situation as I am in.
  12. Hi guys I need help. I recently bought a 2003 yz 85 two stroke and know about nothing about it. I stupidly attempted a wheelie and it flipped and then fell on its left side. Later that day I noticed pink fluid coming out of a small black tube in the bottom. The tube lead to the crankcase. Please help. I don’t know why it’s leaking and if it is causing problems.
  13. So I have a 1998 Yamaha Yz80, and I need a new top end. I found a 2002-2017 Yz85 piston kit, for a very reasonable price, and I was wondering if it would be able to fit my 98 Yz80? Would the piston, wrist pin, bearings, rings, Etc be able to fit? And will it work?
  14. joanna jennings

    Yz 85 been sitting over rev

    Ok guys I got a 2002 yz 85 been sitting about 5 years in my friends back yard. Carb looks clean but over reving, any ideas what the could be?? Hoping for a simple fix but maybe vaccume leak???
  15. krook250

    YZ95 Jetting?

    I picked up a pretty roached out yz95 for my kid. Replaced almost everything, rebuilt motor, boingers, brake lines all that jazz. I'm looking for some baseline jettings settings or recommendations. Last time I took him out riding, we went to a play pit area in central oregon. He could ride for about 20 mins and plug would foul? I'd pull the plug, and it wasn't covered in oil like I would expect. (I've been fuel injected myself since 2011 so kinda out of touch with the carbs.) Wasn't light brown though either like it was too lean. I'd throw a new plug in and it would start right up. Gonna pull the jets tonight and see what's in there. But just looking for some baseline settings or recommendations if anyone has any. TIA
  16. I have a 2002 yz85 and when you start it up, it will idle really low then once you rev it up a little, it will start to idle normally but then after a couple seconds it just drops back down to a really low idle like its about to stall out. What could be causing this? After doing some research it sounds like it might be a crank seal leak, but i really hope not. Could it be anything else causing this? And if it is a crank seal leak, would it require splitting cases to replace? I also just cleaned out the carb and put fresh 32:1 in it.
  17. Dylan Kilbride

    maintenance Yz85 03 running problems

    Hi, brand new to this forum so excuse me if this is in the wrong section! We got a 2002/03 (unsure), yz85 a couple of months ago. Very few issues at the start, ran perfect. In the past two months the bike has been very temperamental. It was idling very high when it started but alot of the time it wouldnt even start. Was making very throaty, burpy kind of noises, especially with a bit of a throttle twise to try and get it going. So, after pulling the carb to bits, cleaning all of the jets, itd run once well, then do the same thing again. We repeated this process 4/5 times to date. We eventually routed the cause to a frayed intake boot causing a vacuum leak. So we replaced it. Good as new. For the first run.. kicked like a horse the first time we ran it after replacing the boot. Then today, she's back to her old self. Started fine earlier, and then just went throaty and started to die. Sounded like the plug wasn't firing. So took it out, checked. Nothing, check if there was power to the coil pack, got a spark, so cleaned the plug with a wire brush (b10eg, btw) Away she goes again, for 2 minutes, and dies. Back to making throaty sounds again. The plug is working as of now. The bike would start if the throttle was wide open but be very very throaty, burpy and rough. Carb was cleaned earlier before this. (Today) That's all the detail I can give, any questions feel free to ask me. I've given up on it as I'm all out of ideas. There was a bit of black oily stuff leaking out of the exhaust as well, only noticed as I was finishing up. Any help, ideas, suggestions are welcomed. I have a video of it but can't upload here. Thanks in advance
  18. I'd like to say that I really appreciate all the help from this forum. It is amazing. I tried searching for a previous post on this problem and cure but didn't find a match. Found something close which leads me to think that the fix will be more costly. So I'm asking to see if there's a chance at making this easier and less costly. My son's yz 85 recently had a problem with the clutch not disengaging. Checked the cable and it moved freely but noticed the push lever wasn't always returning back with the spring action. The spring looked intact. Thought there might be something in the clutch keeping it from moving back. Not sure what would do that but took it apart anyway. Everything inside looks good. The plates, fibers, basket, hub both push rods, ball. Some wear on the fibers but good. With every thing out the push lever still wouldn't move freely. So on the left side I took the chain cover off and see that the chain must have gotten so loose that it started to hit the crankcase where the push lever is. I guess it's pushed the case in enough that it's binding the lever. Whose case is I have to change the crankcase. Has anyone ever experienced this and is there an easier/ less expensive fix? I haven't tried to remove the push lever yet. From other posts it sounds like it should come out fairly easy. Thanks for all the help!
  19. Hi guys. I am interested in starting dirtbiking. I have cousins and other relatives who dirt bike and I am moving to an area where it is common to do it. I have ridden four wheelers before and enjoy driving high performance go karts. I am about 4 10 and am torn between a yz85 and an xr100 for a first bike. I wanted a xr100 but my cousin suggested a yz85. I will do both trail and eventually track once I build up some skill. I want a bike that I won't grow out of in 3 months. I am open to other suggestions.
  20. Tommypx1

    Best 85cc

    I am 14 years old and am looking for a bike I am 5,0-5,1 I have a friend with an 07 yz 85 who is looking to sell it to me but I am worried about how it handles and its seat height. maybe a kawasaki honda suzuki or ktm I am also looking at the crf 150r. I want to do some racing and trail riding. I currently Ride a xr100 and love the way it handles on the track and on trails but it lacks a little power. any ideas thanks
  21. Please help! I recently bought a Yz250f and have not been able to start it, it Has spark, but there are many issues with the carby which I wanna rule out before I leap into a rebuild, ( I want to avoid a rebuild if possible as I’m low on cash). The carby at the moment is a complete mess so the usual steps to fixing it might not work. So here’s the deal with the carb: - It’s leaking fuel from overflow ( really fast! ) and when I mean really fast, I mean it emptied my fuel tank in 2 mins. - It has a slow leak coming from somewhere under the float bowl - the air fuel screw is not adjusted correctly - I don’t know if the electrics work on it either - I don’t even know if it’s shooting fuel into the cylinder or not, as after kicking it a couple times and it’s not starting I remove the spark plug and it’s still dry. ( I tried putting fuel directly into cylinder from the spark plug hole but the bike still wouldn’t start) okay so I know it’s a lot but I’m not expecting anyone to answer every single question themselves. If each person could tackle whatever problem they know it would help heaps. Also just want to know what Order to fix things in as I can’t do air fuel until the bike is running and it won’t run unless I stop the leaking and get it to spray fuel into the cylinder. And buying a new carby is not an option ( I’ve got $40 to my name atm). Please help guys thanks.
  22. Tommypx1

    Best 85cc

    I am 14 years old and am looking for a bike I am 5,0-5,1 I have a friend with an 07 yz 85 who is looking to sell it to me but I am worried about how it handles and its seat height. maybe a kawasaki honda suzuki or ktm I am also looking at the crf 150r. I want to do some racing and trail riding. I currently Ride a xr100 and love the way it handles on the track and on trails but it lacks a little power. any ideas thanks
  23. Forrest Sterling Frazier

    Jetting issues

    Hello guys I have a 2017 yz85 and naturally they come very rich from the factory and kept fouling plugs so I jetted it down to a 135 instead of stock 138. It ran great until I put a new air filter on (maxima pro filter) and I blew a hole in my piston. I didn’t think it would lean it out that much. I rebuilt it with a wiseco piston and I jetted it up to a 140 main and I’m not 100% sure on what the plug should look like. Mine looks like this. Any help would be awesome kind of a noob with two stroke jetting.
  24. hi all, I just bought a 2014 Yamaha yz250f that is set up for a 120lb rider. the guy gave me the old fork and shock springs that were for a 180 pound rider. I have a friend who always bottoms out his yz85/105 super mini because the suspension is not set up right for him. Would i be able to put the springs i got into his bike. Both bikes has srs suspension. I know some spring cutting may be required but could it be done? Thanks for any help Luke
  25. michaelchristie207

    Best bike/quad for trails and mud

    Hey I'm 14 and am looking to buy a new quad/bike. I am selling my yz85 currently I'll tell you what bikes I have owned/ rode crf50-xr80-yz144-yz85 kfx50-yamaha blaster-raptor80 and I've riden Polaris 500's and they seem pretty sweet . The riding near my house is, a bog, single track, power lines, mud and sand. I feel like a atv would be better for mud and the rooty trails but I love the 75+ mph speed from bike and being able to jump/throw them around. Some bikes/ quad I've been looking at, keep in mind I have about 1500-2000 crf250x all brand 250f's raptor 700 400ex 300ex another blaster? Please help me with suggestions. I'm 120 and 5'5 and I feel comfortable on a 250f I've riden a few. Thanks